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  1. i asked yesterday in the help chat. The answer was: Ask aphelia. With a little luck she will answer.
  2. Yep. Seems those people played wrong in terms of persistence.
  3. I played with a large group of friends (1000000+ people) and we only come back if there is no wipe. Lmao.
  4. The talent reset isnt live yet, or i am wrong?
  5. No. It is not a question of pro or contra wipe. It's about the fact that you infer more from a statement that is not contained in the statement itself. That is a logical mistake. False implications are a problem in discussions.
  6. Your argumentation is very flawed. Your quoted sentence proves only the "knowledge is advantage" part. The rest is just dogmatic opinion.
  7. shiiit. I played wrong the whole time. Did some farming and shit and didnt make blueprints. Damn
  8. Oh another topic. You interrupt their heavily ongoing discussions when they need to close another topic!
  9. Pretty sure NQ finds a valid solution for this. Dont worry. They discuss this internally. Really really difficult discussions.
  10. Well, the argument was that they already knew there was going to be a wipe. It's only the conditions that are being discussed. (Statement by Blazemonger) But officially it is only known that they are weighing up the pros and cons of whether there will be a wipe. No Wipe is officially still an Option...isnt it? So I'm not the one accusing anyone of lying. I'm just trying to classify it.
  11. I am so glad they are not lying! Thanks for the info. Really relieved right now. I thought they were discussing whether there would be a wipe, and if so, what kind. But Blazemonger is sure that there will be one anyway. But as long as they're not lying, then everything's fine
  12. Nah, if wipe, then everything. Change LUA APIs (heck, why not remove LUA and replace it with Javascript), and randomly change the recipes of the items and the flight model again, so people cant even transfer knowledge to the afterwipe. Fairness for new Players. And we need more Limits. Its not good that everybody can create unlimited BPs. We need a skill for this. 5 Tiers. All 5 Tiers at Level 5 and you can maintain 25 BPs. When you create a new bp over your limit, a random core bp will be deleted. And the next slot with an item next to it. And the same for LUA..or JS. Implement Script Slots! And disable clipboard. No lazy copycat!
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