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  1. thats not axiomatic. You can apologize for the way you said something but still argue politely for your point of view. As long as a discussion is polite and everyone try to recognize the arguments of the counterpart, everything is fine. I really like the "Principle of Charity" for discussions.
  2. Eve has the same skill system, there you can buy skill points with ingame money. Maybe DU offer this possibility too in the future. However, you don't necessarily need a catch-up mechanic, because you don't get stronger with more skill points, but only more versatile. You specialize, and after a relatively short period of time (which can be weeks in games like this) you can show the same skills in this area as someone who started years ago. This system has advantages and disadvantages. Not everybody likes it.
  3. you are right. Its a sad message, but i cant deny the truth of it.
  4. the relevance is not great, but it is there. If the behavior is so toxic that the majority is deterred, the playerbase may not be large enough to keep the game lucrative for the company, and then it dies. But i got your point with the sandbox.
  5. Whether pvp is broken or not, this is just stupid childish behavior and says a lot about their personalities.
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