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  1. Yes a lot of people are waiting for June 17. I’ve heard of whole orgs planing their migration. Somthe big question is, what would, and what could NQ pull out of their hat before the 17th that could slow this tide. I think a completely revamped PvP system might do it, but can’t see it before 17 June (or the end of the year really). Any idea what they could pull off in that time to slow down the drift? Not sure if missions by themselves would be enough ☹️
  2. Pretty good improvement. I would only change one thing personally. I would have a dock element for ships. If you don’t have one you can’t dock. It would be like a door which acts as a tether between ships. If you had a carrier you would install dozens so you could dock dozens of shuttles, fighters etc. if you were a shuttle you would just need one.
  3. It’s just balancing to get it right. I like ESO and fall back to it every now and then. They have a huge PvE environment and story etc. But they also have a completely seperate area where all the PvP folk can go and have fun. Sure new PvP players have to suffer through ten levels of PvE before they can enter the PvP zone, but apart from that they are off. Every now and then a DLC will make it that the best kit for PvE is only available in the PvP area, or vice versa. But then it’s a matter of how much you want the absolutely best vs how much you want to avoid the other
  4. Odd, I never seem to have issues using my own construct keys (in live) while many others do. What I would personally like is to be able to change the expiry time on keys. When you have a ship for sale it would be nice to be able to make a one week key. Then store it either in a dispenser, or if not possible in a container accessible via Lua tricky. This way ship builders could sell their ships as tokens without having to make the token on the fly. of course it would have to be made that you can’t make a new key until the current one has expired.
  5. You are always going to have mega factories, the question is balance. With balancing you can determine if it is possible with one person vs a small group vs a large org. So the decision they need to make is what level they are willing to accept them and then do balancing; either talents, schematics or a system completely different to achieve this. They just have to make sure they don’t break small factories for small or new players to try and slow down advanced players. As for talent respec, I suspect we will have a few more before we leave beta. They will p
  6. Not sure about PTS, but on live respawn doesn’t delete them. The normal way people delete them is currently put them in a container, go to VR, put in nano pack, leave VR. That currently kills them. Hope that hasn’t changed
  7. I know it hasn’t changed, but when the Kickstarter came out they really really pushed the PvP aspect of the game. I saw it, I figured this wasn’t the game for me, thus why I don’t have alpha under my name. when beta came out, there videos had changed, and PvP was hardly mentioned, they pushed hard all the other stuff. That’s when I said, that’s a game I’d like to play so I subbed. That is the issue.
  8. CoyoteNZ

    pay to win

    Since talents train passively rather than while actively playing, yet having a bunch of extra toons training can give you an advantage in industry. Other than that, extra toons don’t give a lot of advantage. Yes i I admit I brought some beta keys with in game quanta, and because of that I have two characters who have focused fully on mining skills and one who has fully focused on industry. Yes that gives me a slight advantage; but I could just have easily focused only on mining with my only character and had a org mate start up factory machines for me.
  9. There needs to be hundreds of more industry talents to slow down mega factories. Currently a small group can cover a large bunch of the talents from ore to finished product to easily. Since if you had a person buying ore and selling pure; a person buying pure and selling alloy... etc. up the chain, each step wants to make a profit on their contribution. This would work,if it was hard to become good at each part, but since it isn’t two hard for a small group to cover all the talents from ore to product, they aren’t going to outsource. If if there were a lot
  10. Yip, I get that a bit; real pain. I have gone to setti g the claim limit to 9999 rather than 0, as it seems better at remembering that.
  11. Actually no, that is what was advertised to you back in alpha. When they went to beta their marketing had changed a whole bunch; they were pushing creation and city building. They changed what they were advertise Between alpha and beta And here lies the problem for you. Let’s be honest, if this game does get released, it’s got another year or more in beta. guess what their income is for that time? It’s funding from VC, and it’s the beta players subscription. Alpha players aren’t paying anymore until release. All they are doing is taking up server resources. The money is com
  12. I think they want autominers so we put less holes in their planets killing their data base. It won’t really work though. It will be great for casual players, as they will log on for a couple of hrs three or four tines a week. They will have a bin fill of ore they can either play with or sell so they can do activities other than mining. Hard core 8hr a day miners aren’t going to change. Sure they will place down their maximum number of auto miners and workout if clearing them is more or less profitable that mining all day. If there is no limit to how many they can have t
  13. That’s what I liked about exploration ships in ED. If you managed to jump, you could usually out jump a combat ship as they were specked for a different task. Exploration ships were made to be light as possible, suck in a fight, often had no weapons, but man could they make some distance. The combat ships were a lot heavier, weapons, heavy armour, shields, but they just did t have jump range. Two have meaningful PvP it can’t just be if you aren’t a combat ship and you get caught you’re dead. Different builds somehow need to have different options. Maybe power manageme
  14. When you are in build mode you can rename elements with right mouse button options. Not sure what you are saying otherwise.
  15. It’s not really a PvP vs carebear argument, it’s Alpha vs Beta. Alpha were promised and paid for a heavy PvP game. Beta players were promised a building and social game. Somebody said maybe NQ built the wrong game. Yes they did, they didn’t build the game they promised the Alpha players who initially supported it. By the time they went to beta the marketing was different; so you have people with completely different expectations. Can they bring them together, maybe; hope so, as other wise one of the two groups are going to be very disappointed, and they
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