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  1. Forcing T4&T5 production into PvP zone, removing outer planets from safe zone. All this would be doing is trying to force PvE players into PvP. Which successful games out there which aren't just PvP games have worked doing this? (serious question) You don't build up one by trampling on the other. If there are so many people out there wanting PvP, why is it that every single alien core is currently controlled by one alliance, Legion. Are they the only PvP players, or are the others not really looking for a hard fight, but targets instead? If they are the only PvP players, maybe they are the problem, and they need to disband, so there are more PvP groups fighting each other. After all, there can't be conflict if everybody is on the same team. I'm not a PvPer. So I don't get the best resources; the asteroids with the high yields of high tier ore, the plasma from the cores. Take away the outer planets, you won't then get to fight me, I'll just retreat to the inner planets. But if you keep trampling on one player base to help the other, eventually we'd get sick of it and leave. So back to how I started, don't trample on one to build up the other. Build both, help both.
  2. Yes, I believe schematics should come from a game loop not just a quanta drop. But you talk about how much quanta a factory cost, look at the price for a warp beacon schematic, then compare that to an entire warp beacon line without schematics; suspect you could buy then entire line and maybe even have change. Thus the issue, if no schematics then maki g big factories is so much easier for lots of people, not just the very focused industry ones.
  3. Have all holes slowly regenerate unless they are within the area of a co strict build zone. You want to keep that bridge you made from sand, out a core there. You want to keep your underground bat cave, out a core there. No core, any digging slowly reverts to original status every maintenance cycle.
  4. I want that. I want it to be a serious investment in all three of time, quanta and talent points to get a nice factory going. Just like I want it to be a significant invest in all three to become good at PvP or being a top shelf cargo/mission hauler. if it is two easy to become good at a role then it takes the value out of the role, and makes it less fun for the people who really want to focus on that role. If you are fantastic at PvP, you should have a sucky warp factory. If you Rock at getting heavy ships out of atmosphere then, you should be doing less damage with your weapons. if you want cheap parts, so you can do PvP cheaper, it should be teaming up with somebody who does industry, not easily being able to do both. if you want a huge factory, you need to take time working on it, or team up with others in that field.
  5. While it would be cool to be able to make water tight areas, and have water pumps, suspect way two much coding apart from maybe a costly expansion one day
  6. @NQ-Nyota, in the idea forum, can we at least get a like or a reply from NQ so we know they at least read them?
  7. Earlier was probably not a good time, but now the last big patch has been placed, and it is minor patches before release then now is the ti e for controller and joystick input. It’s a flight game, so really needed for some of us which aren’t very dexterous on the keyboard.
  8. Don’t remove schematics, but do remove them from the bot market place. Make it that when using a industry machine, there is an option to place it in schematic creation mode. You then select the schematic you wish to create. The components used, and the time taken for a run is the same as making the item. After the time has run, there is a random chance (maybe %10) that the desired schematic is made, otherwise the components are just used and you have to try again. once you have made a schematic, it is your choice wether to use I, or sell it on the market. Currently there is no market for components. For example you can’t make money selling screws; but I bet there would be a market for component schematics, as some people will still want to buy the schematics rather than research them. now there is more items in the market, there are more ways to gain schematics!
  9. We need Lua for Dispensers! set contents, set price, and events transaction made, or transaction failed. Was really hoping this time when the post said new Lua functions 😩
  10. Trim back the autominers so you bring in just enough to do what you enjoy
  11. Container hubs only take ten inputs, so if you want to stock a dispenser with more than ten different items, which most ships for example require; you need some tricky (ok not that tricky) Lua to have the transfer units load the hub in the first place. Problem is Lua is Client side, and some items require a lot of time for transfer units to load.
  12. Find a game loop you enjoy to source income without mining units?
  13. Currently Dispensers only give out items and take quanta. can we please have two additions... 1. Dispensers which take items and give out quanta 2. Dispensers which give one item in exchange for a different item (no quanta in exchange). it seems obvious we aren’t getting player markets any time soon so how about give us a little more wiggle room with what we can do with dispensers. Also for dispensers... - let them be fed by more than one container for complex orders like a ship BP and all it’s items - let more than one dispenser be connected to the same container so for example you could set up a row selling different quantities but all feeding from the same supply box.
  14. Every component, every element have its own talent 5/5 etc. everything currently have schematics like at present, it they are not made by bots, they are created as part of industry somehow. maybe yes if you refine 10,000 coal in your nano pack you get a coal refiner schematic, maybe some other system; but remove schematics as a bot item. If there is a sexy stick for sale on the market, it is. Cause somebody made it and they don’t want it (as much as the quanta).
  15. Deeper sink for industry, so increase specialist. Ie have a talent for screws, uncommon screws, advanced screws. Have a seperate talent for every component and element. That will help specialists.
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