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  1. player markets will be a hard thing to do. If you just let player make Markets like the NPC ones, all of a sudden your market search will have hundreds of different markets on Alioth. How will any of them be able to get on top; if they don't then we will keep going to market 6. NQ are going to have to look very long and hard to workout how to make markets. As for orgs, vs free enterprise; that depends on what players want. Not every player wants to mine, set up a factory, and sell their goods until they have a mega factory and a mega shop. Some just want to
  2. Screw food, I want to plant a forest on Feli so one day I can wander around not wearing my helmet!
  3. The PTS is open, we know how much the schematics (may) cost, we need to know what you need to make them (currently). This gives us enough to save up the quanta for the schematics, have the production lines ready and at the point that all re have to do is plug in the schematics and press start. I know it doesn’t go all the way, but it means you can be ready to press fly to the purchase point, purchase, come back and press start. That’s not the same but pretty close right?
  4. And the answer is? I need a Big hauler 😃
  5. She keeps buying ore (not as much now the market is crazy) I always figured she should sell the same amount she buys on a different planet at a higher cost. But yes being able to select from a list of rewards would be cool. Include schematics (or parts of for the big ones), ores, elements and maybe even an unknown asteroid for example
  6. To do that system they could let you mine any asteroids you feel like, but 24hrs after people put holes in an asteroid, it collided with a different one and destroys itself and all its tunnels from the database. If the field ever got depleted they could have a game event of a small stray moon drifting towards the field, and after a week it collides, kills any bases left on it and respawns the field of asteroids 😃
  7. The first version will be terrible. They will I’ll put something in the test server to play with, but they won’t put everything in as they want a surprise on patch day People will give lots of feedback, none of it will be taken into account for the first version as it’s already pretty much set by the time it makes it to test server some causal with only two or three hours of game a session will find one an hour before he is finished. Figures well at least I’ll get one hour to mine he will get there and find that either the scanner range is way t
  8. The problem they are trying to solve is nested orgs getting cheap hex’s; seems simple, if an org doesn’t have a player as a super, you go up the super chain until you run into a real player as a super. Now for any org, you base the price for the next TCU placement based on the supers org TCU count. If he has 11 TCUs over various orgs he is the super for, then simple the next hex which is claimed by one of the orgs he is super ofmcounts and costs as number 12. No problems.
  9. You may need to make contact with a factory guy if they are not on market; or even worst buy a higher grade than you require if they are available. I think a lot of people make advanced and don’t bother with uncommon industry 😩
  10. Still motivates me, but I’m not rich. If I got rich then hard to get elements or ores would be cool.
  11. Don’t you pirates already get all the elements (apart from core) and what honeycomb is left? How much do you want?
  12. 1. Community, helpful 2. Industry, could be more complex but it’s fun 3. In game help channel, both @gm and other players 4. The various ships, from container with seat up to OMG I want!
  13. Problem is unless your an experienced ship builder, how would you know, and if you are, you probably wouldn’t be buying 😩
  14. That’s nothing, just over two days log in payment to make M containers, sweet. Now try to buy the schematic for a warp beacon 😩
  15. It would mean a lot of u der staffed, overgunned ships would be out patrolling calling in gun crew as soon as something was found. what I’d like is to be able to run factories and stuff while in VR so I could do something during those long trips. That may get even more ships out into space. What would be fantastic would be since your ship is still moving, Bri g able to access your ships HUD while VRed away.
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