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  1. Will the regular blue prints (not the master ones) be unique? Ie will they stack, will we be able to put them in dispensers as currently we can't.
  2. A lot of the time I can't read the text when i am in my factory and place mouse over an container, machine etc. If there is a bright background colour, bright daylight or artificial light etc, the white text is unreadable. is there a way to give the text a dark shadow around it so it is readable? If not would this be a good idea to add to the feature vote?
  3. So, you are forcing solo players to either play with an org or give up mining? Yes it is a MMO, put there are still a lot of players who prefer to play solo. They pay their subs, they play the game like the rest of us. They can’t be cut out otherwise you lose a lot of potential customers which games require to keep being updated and maintained, and you then start developing toxic mega orgs which force their game style because if you aren’t with one of them you can’t get much out of the game.
  4. How about make PvP slower. This way PvPers will actually be doing more than searching for ages, then a quick fight killing a defenceless trader. It also would mean that there is time to pull in reinforcements from an org, or to turn on a beacon saying I am under attack, please assist. People may come to help, more or different pirates may come to join in the battle. Could be done by increasing hit points of ships, or reducing the damage of weapons. If this idea doesn’t fly, how about having a ship have a cool down of ten minutes or something before it can be claimed.mduring that time it is broadcasting a distress signal so others can arrive to join in, or the owner has time to try and arrange a response. Would definitely increase the amount of PvP for those who say there isn’t enough.
  5. Non consensual is the first issue. Who’s going to enjoy mining on a planet for three days just to have all there work taken off them in the five minute trip back home. It is not realistic that in the future a L core heavy 10KT ship has no way to defend itself from a little XS core ship. if PvP was that popular there wouldn’t be a shortage of consensual targets out there. Non consensual is just going to push away players. This far into the future there would also be very good sub atomic marking. Every item of ore, every ship element would be marked. Already in the real world we track materials from source, through production, through to sales. This is to ensure working conditions, illegal activities like out of area fishing etc. why would this stop rather than getting a lot better. Any material, and ore, and element which comes from a non consensual sale should be marked as stolen. Regular markets should not accept it, it should only be tradable person to person, and maybe a few black markets. The tag should stay, somany item made with stolen material is still market. it has no effect in its performance, but any simple look at the item will show it was stolen or built from stolen material. lots would be fine with that and buy it for the cheaper price, others would have morals, and some would have no morals but don’t want to be seen with materials marked as stolen. now that would be balancing!
  6. The problem is most PvPers who are complaining don’t want a fare fight, when somebody comes hunting for them they run away. They want a fat trader who can’t even get within range to attack them. if there was a big PvPer community it wouldn’t be a problem as they would have lots of other skilled pilots to fight against. Doesn’t seem to be what they want though. As for warp being the solution, yes god for established players, but really sucks for new players. Do we really want a game where if you are a new player you will be Insta-killed the second you leave the busy low resource safe zone and there is nothing you can do about it? That’s going to kill a lot of players interest on their first trip to space. New systems not having warp beacons on the planets could be interesting, then you’d want to be rich or part of a org so you can go and fight your way to the safe radius, then set up a station and place a beacon.
  7. Yip, ED, once you land, your ship is taken underground and parked. Then have a bulldozer come along and shove everything not parked correctly and stored underground off the pad.
  8. If the people who took down the market didn't use an exploit to do what they did, but just took advantage of badly set RDMS, than this is completely unacceptable behavior. The people who did this should be taken to task for their action and forced to apologize for any grief they caused any players. It is very clearly stated in the exploits section that stealing stuff because RDMS is set wrong is NOT an exploit, and will NOT BE PUNISHED. NQ should apologize and unban the players who got banned. They should apologize to the player base for setting rules and then acting in complete opposition to what they set. It was an unpopular rule in the first place, and now they should realize why themselves, and either change the rule, or at least make the RDMS a lot more friendly, including some warnings after setting them what the consequences of the setting are. As for the players, this is a beta, they found an issue which needs to be addressed, they are doing the job of a beta tester. They should get to keep their loot, as after all that is what the rules set down by NQ state. When player markets are started, they should have a head start, as they already have the terminals. The fact that it broke a lot of links and market orders etc were lost, good; player markets are planned, and NQ now realize if they continue to do the linking that way, a lot of people are going to be very upset when they breakdown their market to move it somewhere it breaks so many things. NQ are now very aware of it thanks to these idiots, and hopefully will save a lot of grief when player markets show up as NQ have now got time to reconsider the approach to markets, orders, linking etc. but what would I know, I'm just a beta tester wondering if I do my job and find a problem will I be rewarded or banned! NB:. not associated with the people who did this, didn't recognize the username as anybody I play with.
  9. Re the exploits, we are in beta, now is the time to find them. in the outer planets can you surface collect higher tier ores? If so, maybe once mined out that is the solution and the market price will have to adjust for that speed and quantity of supply.
  10. I like a good hover, but I keep hitting hills which are two sharp etc. If the player of a hex was willing they could dig a whole through any rough terrain and make a smooth path even without the assistance of extra roading tools. itmwould be nice though if there were roading options like roads, lighting etc which could be layed down outside a core, as otherwise you are looking at nine or so large cores just to cross one hex straight for a road. though I suspect the biggest problem would be getting enough players on board to make a good road system. After all, how many hex’s are probably occupied by people who don’t even play anymore. Guess St there is no future for hovers on non flat planets?
  11. It’s not player vs player when one person is flying a murder ship and is skilled out in combat skills and the other is just a hauler. Real PvP is a challenge fighting people in ships which want to participate in PvP. if you are not finding enough people who want to participate in PvP with you than the problem isn’t warp destroying PvP, it’s a lack of people that want to be involved in PvP. Warp isn’t free, it has a cost. These traders are making a decision, risk getting into a fight they have no chance of competing in, or add the cost of warp to there overheads. combat ships murdering traders rather than offering them a charge to escape etc., that’s what is killing PvP as everybody has to use warp or just be killed.
  12. So... a Assembly Hub which links up up to ten assemblers like a container hub links up up to ten containers. Then when config a recipe, all machines work together on the project as one large machine; either with the output of ten machines, or possibly faster production? I could go for that, I have a lot of machines running the same recipient often.
  13. I think the data storage required to store factories would be pretty trivial compared to other things being recorded. Some of these things would make factories easier for the player, but that would take the fun out of it for people like me who really like the joy from getting a very complex system up and running smoothly.
  14. I don’t really see cores as an issue data storage wise they wouldn’t take up much. holes on the other hand, the main planet must be like Swiss Cheese underneath these days, I know the hex’s around me are. Recording every vortex for ever alteration, hole, tunnel for the hole planet would be much more data. I think they should have weekly earth tremors which gradually restore tunnels to a non adjusted state.
  15. If that is all you use them for your factory isn’t big yet. I have scores of them running. When you have items in containers which are being requested by 30 or 40 other machines in the factory, then you will fall in love with transfer units and not even blink at the price or hav g a dozen or so in storage for when you quickly need them. Their primarily use is when a container runs out of out going links for the single item it holds, you then have one set up to move stock to a second container for another bunch of out going links. In some cases this is now set up to feed four containers in some of my processes and will probably increase. All hale the mighty transfer unit!
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