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  1. wow, i can keep my bluebrints, thy....i have no blueprints, i have bought ships, buildings, all have drm. I have invested 20 billion quanta in schematics.... im a dealer, mission flyer, and i do factory, so i can start from square 0 and buy the ships and buildings again, lol. do a full wipe or no wipe, thats fair for all. and pls say something, what you have planned for the health of the economy, for the oversupply of ores, for the unnessesary to fly to asteroids. why you plan to introduce a scrambler bringing components out of destroyed things back instead of ore? componets can use only a few ppl, ores are better to use or to sell. thy for open communication.
  2. So to be productiv, not depressive : Voice quality of answering ppl is lousy. T5 Ores are to much, all ores are to much. Pls NQ find something that uses more ore, expecially T5. One Idea was to go to player driven Schematics, and i you want to produce a t3 schematic, you have to destroy x t2 schematics, that uses ores. And if schematics are not permanantly e.x. only for xxxxxxx uses you have to craft them again, and it uses ores again. Other solution : Take out t4 and t5 ores from planets, so players have a reason to fly to asteroids or to aliencores. there are many ideas but do something for the econmy!
  3. important questions for me: 1. whipe : yes/no, when 2. new roadmap? 3. what new game loops are coming soon? 4. what do you do for economy healing (consumption?!) 5. schematics what is your plan? if you think i pay until december whithout knowing if wipe, youre wrong. Only reason i am here , there is no other mmorpg i am interested in yet.
  4. combat free timer after win a defence for 1 week!
  5. go play single player game, some end content in mmorpgs are only for large groups and thats the right thing.
  6. DU is not Minecraft, DU is Since Fiction in space and therefore it is a niche game. But yes there are many things that would enrich the game and also attract enough players to make DU something bigger. But NQ has to go its own way and not copy things from other games. But how long should this take, if NQ already discusses about the wipe or not wipe months, how long do they discuss about new features. I have the feeling that NQ also lacks imagination, manpower and that they have wasted too much time for changes to the old features (such as the former mining system) and changed it for the worse. Where is the new roadmap anyway? or do they not dare to show it anymore because it is not feasible? There is too much ore, asteroid mining is superfluous, the sales bots should be taken off the market, players should be able to produce bluprints in some way, Consumption must be created, etc. Before NQ have not implemented a working economic system, NQ really do not need to think about new features or a wipe, even a release, oh i forgot, they need money. It's sad when after 8 years not even the core features are fully implemented in the game.
  7. maybe NQ should go to politik, consult over weeks and months....Simply ridiculous and stalling tactics to now still collect the money to wipe and release. How can it be that in 8 years of development the game is so unfinished, has no one from NQ fantasy or played other games?
  8. Well I don't want to say that 2FA is bad, just that no one cares at the moment until it is clear if a wipe is coming or not and what it looks like.
  9. *sarcasm on* the most important and crucial question is now solved: there is 2FA for Dual Universe. Thank you for this very important news. If there is any other great news, I will be glad to hear from NQ again. *sarcasm off*
  10. lol another thread with, you can wipe "if can keep" this or that........ full wipe or no wipe
  11. Your argument is lagging because what do we have now? No margins, an oversupply of ores, elements that are sold below cost, and if everyone can make everything, there will be no more trade. Corps always have advantages over single players and so it should be, DU is not a single player game. If you have to destroy a certain number of Schematic to be able to make a better one, then the ore price would rise, while many Materials are consumed and not everyone can make everything, there would be much better trade.
  12. Wipe Whole or not at all. But not without changes! NQ has made many wrong decisions in my eyes. - Mining units: way too much ore, no need to fly to asteroids anymore. In my opinion the system with meganodes was the better one. You could have ressettet the tiles after a time, of course without restoring the meganodes. Then the tunnels would have been gone too. And you could have let asteroids fall on planets by chance every month, so that new meganodes are created and a new scan is worthwhile for everyone. At least one should ban T5 ores from the planets, if not even T4. Then there would be like the one reason to fly to the asteroids. -Schematics : If these are taken out of the game, I'm out. Then everyone can make everything again and there would be no more trade. Why don't you make it so that players can make Schematics by destroying 5 T1 Schematics to be able to make a T2 Schematic? Then massive resources would be consumed and you would have to specialize. -Consumption: Please finally create a consumption in the game except warpcells and fuel. E.g. destroyed components, engines that lose their power after x hours, schematics with which you can only produce a certain number of components or similar. -Player market: nice that there will be a new space market, but I would prefer a system where you pick up the stuff directly from the player and can be listed worldwide, where players can advertise their stores ingame etc.. -Aliencores : The first really good change, a possibility finally as ORG to do something together, even if cheaply made, honestly mining units in space? Could have been better sold, and the T5 ores..well could have been replaced by something else. - Missions: also a good change, although the solution is not exactly the best, I would have liked a system like in Archee Age better, so everyone flies his own mission and a collaboration, is no longer necessary. Just My 2 Cents Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  13. full wipe or no wipe.... keep Blueprints good for builders they "only" loose Time Ship Builders : they loose time and the possibility to sell their ship again, cause everyone has the bluebrints already. Idustrials loose all Time, Quanta, Schematics If full Wipe : give The Ppl who payed accounts free play Time for the lost Talent points. Dont revamp Schematic or make Schematics Player craftable (for Resources e.x.), and not Endless, so you have to get a new Schematic after quite a time. And insert a Consumption for the economy!
  14. Ever heard of Player HQ Tiles? Or Tiles on Santuary? there is nothing deleted on it, if you want to take a time out for more than 3months, without paying your tiles, its now possible. Well i dont want a Wipe too, but NQ needs Money, and if they think they will get more players than loose with a wipe, they will do. (my opinion). And NQ dindt talked about the future monthly price, would be nice to hear their pricepolicy too. But the time of betakeys has to come to an end for the ingame wealthy and for the Development of new futures and better game server.
  15. It's funny what players sometimes have for thought processes. The limitation of the core slots is of course for the future and completely independent of whether a wipe comes or not.
  16. My FTU was so bad 8 Month ago, i wanted to quit, but got help from the communinity, and im still here. It took me over 6 hours to complete the long tutorial. Especially the voxel tutorial is rather confusing for beginners. And then you need concrete to build the house and there is nothing to buy on sanctuary. I hope today's tutorial looks different.
  17. 100% and if the beta ends most ppl with 10+ beta key disappeared.
  18. Hey Oliver, mit meiner Aussage wollte ich dich eigendlich sensibilisieren, dich zu informieren, nicht dich zum quitten bringen. Aber naja wie es scheint färht NQ jetzt DU eh gegen die Wand. Falls Du doch noch mal vor release reinenschauen willst und Quanta oder Hilfe brauchst, kannst Du dich Ingame gerne bei mir melden.
  19. if You have no skills, and the new player has no skills its not regardless..... how gently from you. your org has to craft the sanners first, but yes new player are perhaps not so fast, but they can scan too. shure there are some friendly orgs. shure but new player has the chance to get a market tile if wipe..... This is a thing that comes from itselfs, but normally you want to learn the game for a few days or weeks and then join a guild you prefer.
  20. you have to ask NQ. Their resaon in my opininion is to get more ppl to the Game then loosing with a new start. The only valid reasons I've heard from pro-people is that players have unlawfully enriched themselves through exploits and bugs. Personally, I don't care. Another reason often given is mismanagement. The would be in my eyes but again after a short time there. No matter whether there are now a few less free betaaccaunts or not. Missions are flown and thus there will always be too much money in the game. Ore will again be in oversupply there (unless 10K new players come) But as long as no consumption there, the 10k Player will eventually be supplied. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  21. sure here are some things where new players have disadvantages: - new players can not craft things to make profit from them, because they lack the skills and the prices are partly below production prices anyway (oversupply of items and ores) - new players find it difficult to get good ore tiles - new players have a harder time to get Quanta - new players can only look for their home away from the markets Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) -
  22. the question is not how many players you lose through a wipe, but how many new players NQ can gain through a wipe.
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