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  1. Job well done. The bug fixes and performance improvements are greatly appreciated. Honestly that alone would have made for a good update but you managed to include some new features too. I do hope you take a little time off to celebrate a bit, especially considering the upcoming 2 year anniversary. Maybe order some cake, just remember to share it with the server hamsters.
  2. Sorry if I gave you that impression Rokkur. That is absolutely not what I said nor what I wanted to convey. My advice to you was on how you could improve your stance and associated arguments without needing to resort to "negativity". In addition to that, your still relatively new to DU and I don't want your impressions of NQ to originate solely from other players and their interpretation of past events. If this is how you feel based on your own observations and conclusions than that is perfectly fine with me. As for your points 4-9, this is really just you attempting to justify a negative outlook. Again, there is another way to get your point across and I do wish you would give it some more thought, but the choice is yours. Yes if the world was perfect then we would all be singing kumbaya down by the lake, but that is sadly not the case. There are issues and when those are resolved there will be new ones to replace them. There will always be something players want/hate, that's normal, but we can't have the default reaction set to public outcry and developer insults. No one is going to want to take part in a community centered around such negativity and the devs will quickly learn to tune it out.
  3. Blaze, I know you are a smart fellow and very capable of reading between the lines so please give some thought to the entirety of what I have said here. This is not really about whether today's weather forecast is right or wrong. Its about the attitude by which it is given and the impression that is left behind. Words can affect perception and words can influence others. They can inspire and they can destroy. Take care to choose yours well as one day they will form the world around you.
  4. If this is truly the conclusion you have reached then so be it, but I would offer you a word of caution. Be wary of speculation and those who promote it. Its a tool often used by people looking to manipulate public opinion by appealing to cognitive biases rather than facts. If your not sure what that means then I strongly encourage you to look it up, there are countless examples. Also take a look at some of the common logical fallacies as that will help you identify flaws in reasoning and manipulative behavior. Truthfully, there are many possible reason's for NQ's current stance, or lack there of, but they are not supported by factual evidence and therefore only serve to detract from your argument. Your actual criticism here is that the lack of information is unnerving and harmful to the community. Make that your focus, provide concrete examples and suggestions for improvement. Put in the effort, a hundred weak statements and offhand comments will never match one well written argument. Also keep in mind that any support you gain from being disrespectful or cheeky is short lived as those same people will have very little respect for you as well. You clearly have passion for DU and care for the community so I hope you stick around and manage to keep out of trouble. Just stop throwing tomatoes at the devs. Its not helpful to your cause and will only lead to NQ being more reserved and less forthcoming with information. The community needs to maintain a healthy relationship with the dev team and if you want to act as a negotiator then put down the fruit and instead make yourself open to discussion.
  5. You are effectively arguing for financial compensation for loss of opportunity, brought about by your decision not to participate in a paid service despite continuing to pay for it, out of concern said company's next press release might upset you. Honestly, this sounds ridiculous. If you don't like the service or your not enjoying DU then unsubscribe. If you can't handle uncertainty then I recommend you don't signup to play games still in development. Regarding your other posts, its clear that you are pushing for an immediate answer to the wipe topic and I presume that was also part of your motivation for making this thread. I get the frustration and I sympathize with you, but the last thing we need is a kneejerk reaction. Give the devs time to decide and plan an appropriate course of action then you can review it and provide constructive/meaningful feedback. At this point even if you were successful in forcing a status update it would just lead to more questions and more player unrest. We are better off waiting until NQ has enough confidence in their plan to be willing to share it with the playerbase. Simply put a pressured response is unreliable, be more patient.
  6. If the intention here is to start a discussion on Nicodemus's recent deep dive video then could I trouble you to provide a link to it in your opening post alongside your thoughts/insights. It would also be nice if you could elaborate a bit on the alternative ideas you are alluding to or provide links to where we can read more about them. I know its a bit of a chore but your a forum veteran so I figure you could lead by example and show the rest of the playerbase how to write good topics that elicit or convey constructive criticism/feedback. As to the topic at hand, Blundertwink made a good point that it has a low initial development cost since it just makes use of existing mechanics. I think its worth giving the exchange an honest try and then adapting/modifying it as needed.
  7. We have given you advice on how to resolve your issue and NQ support has likely done the same. There are many other modern games that also require specific versions of MSVC++ to be installed so your criticism holds no weight. If you are still serious about wanting to fix your setup then contact me on discord (msoul#5459) and I will help you diagnose your system and guide you through the repair process. If you are unable/unwilling to fix the problem on your end then my only remaining suggestion would be for you to consider playing DU on GeForce Now. If that also does not appeal to you then I bid you farewell and wish you all the best.
  8. Some CSS is allowed but screen units using HTML (especially with animations) are not very efficient performance wise and last I heard are actually being phased out. If you plan to make use of animations or if you want to add interactivity then I highly recommend you learn to program your screens in lua. See this forum thread for some developer examples on how this is done.
  9. I think that this is actually the real motivation for the exchange. While it is cool to see so many player creations and shops, the districts were at times a complete mess and GMs like Nicodemus were constantly having to perform cleanup. You know how it is, everyone wants the premium spots close to the market entrance to throw up their flashy signs. There were quite a few times where this has caused logistical issues and it also naturally inflates the core count in those regions reducing performance. The exchange can help alleviate this problem so it has my full support.
  10. Looks great. I do have a couple quick questions: Is the exterior parking at the exchange also subject to the mentioned parking rules? You mention that store lots are currently first come first serve but can we still submit applications after the first 16 are already filled or do we need to wait for the next round? Will store owners be permitted additional storage space for their merchandise or are they limited to whatever they can fit on their XS core?
  11. This is actually not the first time we have had talents send back into the pool and if the procedure stays the same then you can expect the following: A reduced personal construct slot count does not trigger any abandonment timers and you will still be able to use all pre-existing constructs normally. Creating additional personal constructs will be restricted until either your construct count falls bellow your current core count limit or you retrain said talents to raise said limit to that point. Note that with zero talents you will still have 10 construct slots. Skills affecting core size limits behave in a similar way. If you had a large dynamic construct then you will still be able to own, operate and edit it even after losing that skill but you will be unable to deploy or redeploy large cores until you retrain your talents to once again meet that requirement. Obviously organization constructs are a different story and they will be subject to abandonment after a certain amount of time has passed. The default window for this is 14 days but NQ might extend this to give the more inactive players additional time to react.
  12. The decision to wipe has not even been finalized yet so naturally those details are not available either. I could speculate here but I think it would be better for you to keep an eye on the DU news for updates directly from the devs. Once the decision is made details on how to procced will be provided too.
  13. I would also like to point out that calling the majority of the playerbase "cheaters" is a severe mischaracterization of the situation. A cheater is someone who takes advantage of unintended mechanics for personal gain. Yes there were a small number of players who exploited to duplicate assets or make themselves invincible in pvp but the vast majority are innocent. What has occurred here is just changes in circumstance. The game's various features have evolved since the start of beta and some players therefore had an easier time than others. This does not constitute cheating as at the time they were merely using the gameplay features as intended. Please understand that this distinction is important and also one of the reasons why the decision on whether or not to wipe is not easy to make.
  14. Common now your being overly cynical here. Encouraging new players to join is something both NQ and the community want regardless of the wipe outcome. Furthermore extensive testing is needed to ensure the new FTUE is suitable for release and that the player density issues we encountered during beta start have indeed been resolved. Honestly its free game time, there is no situation where this is bad thing. Please invite your friends and be sure to let them know about the wipe possibility. Even if a wipe occurs at least they got to try the game at no cost. Whether they choose to subscribe afterwards and restart is their call but don't deprive them of the opportunity.
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