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  1. Thank you Zarcata. I still think taxes were the most effective solution but I do understand your points much better now. Hopefully NQ adds a delay for HQ tiles and inactive accounts so players can still take short brakes. I also really like your idea of eventually scaling up the universe. Fingers crossed on that one.
  2. Hey Zarcata, I can see how the talent method could work to prevent land hording but could you please elaborate a bit on the other two methods. How do you connect an active subscription to limited land ownership? What part of owning land gets too expensive when you limit mining calibrations? Sorry Jake but am having trouble seeing how the new tax system makes territory ownership more lucrative for land hoarders. Could you elaborate on this further?
  3. I realize that you are looking for a more official response but I believe I can address your questions/concerns to some extent. Do keep in mind that I am not speaking on behalf on NQ here. My aim is solely to provide additional context so that you can better understand NQ's design decisions and the motivations behind them. It is possible that you will strongly disagree with my points, and that is perfectly fine. Just take them into consideration and use them to enhance the quality of your own feedback and suggestions. The devs knew that players were going to hate taxes but determined that it was a necessary evil to prevent land hording. Official context for this decision was provided in the territory upkeep devblog and NQ-Sesch also commented on it during the November 10th Demeter Q&A vlog. If that is still insufficient, my most recently forum post also details the rationale. Now there has been debate about whether the current tax value is disproportionate, but NQ are monitoring the situation and so far it seems players are managing to turn a profit. It is by no means a perfect system, but it gets the job done. There is a lot of misinformation being tossed around on this topic. First let me clarify that exploiting is when a player knowingly takes advantage of an unintended game mechanic or bug for personal gain (see this NQ support article). Some would have you believe that you missed out, and that everyone else has amassed billions upon billions of quanta through exploiting. While I fully admit that there were exploits and exploiters, the overall wealth disparity was primarily brought about through differences in progression scaling and not the abuse of exploits. I fully acknowledge that said players had it easy but that does not automatically make them guilty of exploiting. The old mining system and the schematic free industry system were both intended game mechanics in their respective times. The real issue you are highlighting is that NQ has raised the progression curve, thereby making it much harder for newer players to catchup. This is a very fair criticism and as far as I know NQ have not directly commented on it yet (please try and be patient, you may need to wait till after the holidays). In my personal opinion, this difficulty spike boils down to DU slowly transitioning out the beta phase (hurry up, reach endgame, test stuff) and moving towards release (slow down, don't burn yourself out of content before we can add more). Now I am in full agreement that the wealth gap needs to be addressed but I believe raising the progression curve was the correct decision from a design perspective. Sure, starting out on a capital sized ship wielding the holy sword Excalibur sounds great, but true enjoyment comes from overcoming hardship and earning that reward. Its a classic example of how game developers protect players from themselves. Yes there have been many mistakes and many band-aid solutions but that is exactly what beta is all about. The current objective is to push out game features as fast as humanly possible with the intention of performing cleanup and polish later. Yes the devs could work on streamlining the talent queue system but is that more important than adding a space map?
  4. The devs briefly mentioned this in a devblog but I will elaborate here for those interested. Prior to Demeter, there were cases whereby some individuals and organizations owned several hundreds of tiles each. A very impressive feat, considering how prohibitively expensive claiming land could get, coupled with how little value it held. The ones who did this were gambling that its worth would skyrocket with the introduction of auto-mining and territory warfare. A very logical conclusion since the devs would need to add incentives to territory ownership in order to make said features viable. Then Demeter came and owning territories became profitable. The developers introduced calibration limits to put a cap on how much quanta you could extract, but this alone was not enough. Players had already shown they were willing to spend vast amounts on land when it was worthless, what do you think they would do now that it had actual value? Territory taxes and the associated reclamation system were not introduced to cleanup constructs but to prevent an uncontrolled land-rush. Without these measures a single player could (in theory) slowly work their way up to owning a whole planet. Now a more interesting question is why did they remove the scaling costs for claiming tiles, isn't that counter productive? I suspect this was in future consideration of territory warfare. Losing a single territory would be far too punishing under the old system and therefore disincentivise pvp.
  5. Whatever the devs say is, and will always be, subject to change. This is an immutable fact brought about by the nature of game development and no amount of whining will change that. The more the playerbase insists that NQ honor each and every spoken word, then the more careful NQ will be, leading to far fewer and less detailed communications. The roadmap serves as the traditional middle ground to this delicate dynamic. We get to know where the ship is headed but the captain still has flexibility to decide how to get us there. I believe the reason players are crying mutiny is in large part because this critical piece of information has become outdated. PS: If you wish to debate this further please consider sending me a DM on the forums. This could be Megabosslord’s last post and I would prefer to see it filled with words of support from the community.
  6. It is always sad to see these posts. While things have drastically improved, it is true that the development process can be very hard for players. In the very early days I saw many get frustrated by bugs and leave. The ones who stayed, the ones who put up with those hardships, those dark days, did so because they saw the sun on the horizon. We are now reaching the end of the current roadmap and it has once again become harder to see the future (even for the devs). Many will get frustrated precisely because they don’t know what comes next, they don’t understand why some changes are being made, or when to expect their desired feature. That fear of the unknown is real but help is coming. The decision is yours, but if you can, I encourage you to hang in there a little longer. If not, then I thank you for everything you have done for this community and wish you all the best.
  7. I really like this change, from a gameplay perspective it adds another great layer of unpredictability. Right away this removes any time-zone bias for players targeting soon to be abandoned territories. It also adds some spice when territory warfare gets implemented, as corporations with knowledge of the enemy tax cycle could easily schedule their operations on days where opponent funds are naturally lower. Just to clarify, are tiles claimed in the future going to be included in this 3 day window or will they be distributed throughout the week based on when the territory first goes active?
  8. Hello FoolsFolly, don't worry you still have time. I suggest you submit a ticket to the support team via https://support.dualthegame.com. It may take a day or two but they know all the intricate details about the launcher and will be able to walk you through a fix. I strongly recommend you wait for official support if at all possible, but I am also going to provide you with an unofficial workaround to your issue. By default the launcher stores temporary files in this location before extracting their contents to your installation directory. %AppData%\..\Local\NQ\DualUniverse\Temp\ Updating will fail if there is insufficient storage space in this location. As of writing, it is non-trivial to change this working directory so instead I am going to guide you through a direct download and manual install of the game. How to Perform a Manual Game Update: The download link changes with every patch and I don't think NovaQuark would appreciate me publishing it here. Instead I will explain how you can find it yourself. First run the launcher as usual and let it start downloading the game. Close the launcher once you see it has started downloading. Open an explorer window and enter the following in the address bar to access the launcher logs directory %AppData%\..\Local\NQ\DualUniverse\ Left click the logfile called out-daemon.txt to open it in notepad You will see a line labeled "Downloading Whole Game Archive" followed by version and checksum information along with a link to a "Dual.zip". Use that link to directly download the game files ("Dual.zip") to any drive you have sufficient space on. Once the download completes, extract the zip contents to a Game subfolder inside your DU installation directory like this: C:\ProgramData\Dual Universe\Game\<Bin+data> Note you will need to create the Game subfolder yourself if it does not already exist. Now create the following text files in your installation directory: C:\ProgramData\Dual Universe\Game\Bin\version.txt C:\ProgramData\Dual Universe\Game\Bin\sha1.txt Copy and paste the version and checksum you found in out-daemon.txt to the newly created version.txt and sha1.txt respectively. To give you an example, we are currently on version 0.27.8-Demeter which has checksum of 9a5da5a9028d3f3568a73d91c823ac02f7d65a76 so that is exactly what you put in these text files (do not add any spaces or newlines). After that you can launch the game and if you did everything correctly the update button should turn into a play button. Please play cautiously for the first 30 minutes (ie: avoid flying). Performing this workaround bypasses the launcher's built-in integrity checking, meaning you could be playing with a corrupted game client if any files did not download or extract correctly. This would cause client instability, resulting in graphical glitches or random crashes. The third party anticheat system (EQU8) performs passive checks on file integrity and will let you know if it detects any issues but you need to give it time to work.
  9. That is a very good question. Ultimately its up to the GMs to decide if someone is in violation as well as what level of corrective action is warranted (relocate, delete, etc.). There is probably a degree of leeway if the player owns said territory but I don't know for sure. Just apply common sense for now and if it becomes a problem then the CMs can provide clarification. If I had to guess, a single AGG ship parked a tile away will likely be overlooked or at worst moved elsewhere. Giant walls of constructs placed parallel to the market hex are probably getting bulldozed without compensation. That was unexpected. As an alternative you could submit a report the old fashioned way using coordinates and pictures of the constructs for reference. However since you found quite a few it might just be better to let a GM know via the in-game help channel. If you are lucky they may just take care of it right away but more than likely they will get to it during the next market cleanup pass.
  10. First off, I am glad you managed to dodge it . The reason why the platform in question becomes invisible while at the market is because your client prioritizes the rendering of nearby constructs first, and there are generally a large number of constructs at the market. As you move farther away the level of detail is reduced and thus your client can thus handle more of them. As for the platform itself, the rule is that airspace within 2km of the market building must remain clear. I encourage the original poster to submit an in-game report if you think that this platform is violating market airspace. The forums are a great place for player discussion and development feedback, but a formal report is the best way to get the attention of the GM team. For those interested, the current market parking policy is summarized here: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/23459-market-clean-up-updated-oct-20-2021/&tab=comments#comment-169840
  11. Welcome back. This support article explains how you can submit a request to have your construct excavated. https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/4409055364114-Demeter-Excavation-process
  12. For anyone who did not recieve the email, you can also view the newsletter on the main webpage via this link. https://www.dualuniverse.game/news/newsletter-december-2021 If you are an existing player and are not recieving these email updates. Double check your notification settings by logging into the forums and clicking the planet icon to the right of your name.
  13. This fixes some issues but I think any new sanctuary moon should be postponed for the official release. Things are still changing right now and the players that join during official release would likely prefer a new untouched place to call their home. Personal opinions aside, here is my objective feedback on your proposal. Hope it helps. 1) From a pure development stance, it would be much easier to just create a second sanctuary moon rather than going through the hassle of repurposing an existing location. What is the benefit of using a preexisting location? 3) One of the reasons you can not move your sanctuary unit is to preserve the purity of unused tiles for new players (ie avoid: abandoned constructs, terraformed runways, tunnels, etc). If you want NQ to consider your proposal then you should include suggestions on how to address this issue. 4) These proposed changes are easy to implement but some strongly affect game balance. Remember sanctuary is the new/casual player zone. There needs to be some limitation on what you can do on a sanctuary tile to encourage and reward players for leaving it. For example, a player who builds a remote factory in the pvp zone should have some advantage in order to preserve risk vs reward gameplay. What limits would you impose to accomplish this?
  14. Engines can produce both torque (used to rotate your construct) and force (used to move your construct), whereas adjustors exclusively produce torque. Thus it is currently possible to create a ship that utilizes engines in place of adjustors. This is sometimes used on bigger ships since they need large amounts of torque and we do not currently have an XL adjustor. With that said, please keep in mind the following points. Engines have significant fuel costs while adjustors are cost free. Engines have a warmup-time which causes a delay before activating (increases with engine size). Since engines produce force, you need to ensure that you balance your rotational engines to cancel out translational forces. Failure to do this will cause your construct to also move while rotating, which makes flying really complicated. Adjustors are not sensitive to this and any imbalance just means you spend more time turning one way than the other. Engines are auto-configured for directional movement control using the keys W, Alt+A, S, Alt+D, space and C corresponding to forward, left, backward, right, up, and down respectively. In order to utilize an engine for rotation you will need to first right click it (while in buildmode) and enable torque. Then modify the engine tags to mirror adjustors (with the appropriate lateral/vertical/longitudinal tag based on orientation). This should allow you to use the standard controls but you can also create your own control scheme by giving the engine a custom tag and then activating it using "unit.setEngineThrust(tag, power)" in the lua code.
  15. These devs put their heart into this game and do not deserve to be ridiculed like this. Please reconsider how you frame your argument. Its fine to be critical of NQ itself, but these are people that deserve our respect. I have seen countless examples where they have gone above and beyond to advocate for the playerbase and fix issues on their own time. Hate the game all you want, hate the company all you want, but please give the individual devs your support. They need it now more than ever.
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