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  1. Login Credentials are currently stored in the main client settings file (don't worry the password is hashed): %localAppData%\Local\NQ\DualUniverse\settings.yaml If your dual universe installation is not correctly retrieving this information then that is likely because the DU client is lacking privileges to access this windows directory. The typical fix for this is to right click and run your dual-launcher.exe as an administrator so it can self-restore any missing access rights. For the cases where this still fails to fix the problem you have either a corrupted windows account, (make another windows user account and try again) or a corrupted dual universe installation (reinstall after running the dedicated DU uninstaller and then deleting C:\ProgramData\Dual Universe as a precaution). Contact me in the official DU discord if none of the above solutions works for you and I can take a closer look at your logfiles to see what is going on.
  2. I understand this was not really the point of the discussion but I just wanted to clarify that the cost for TCU deployment is actually quadratic and appears to follow Cost = (120E3)*x^2-(240E3)*x +120E3 where x is the total number of TCUs you have deployed including the one you are about to deploy. In theory that would lead to an overall cost of $1,944,720,000 for 37 active TCUs. With regards to the actual topic I think its fine to make an inquiry about it, but be aware that the developers might not be able to comment right away since it is a weekend. Try to keep the speculation to a minimum for now everyone.
  3. Congradulations Yama! The work you have done over these years is truely commendable and I wish you the best of luck in your new role. Keep aiming for the stars and following your dreams.
  4. You pass the minimum 8GB RAM requirement for pre-alpha as described here https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002021534-Dual-Universe-system-requirements . I don't think you will have any issues with your current setup. Also I can't say for sure that the requirements will be lower upon release but I think that it is very likely. Hope that helps.
  5. I am not 100% sure what you mean by "reflection on virtual realities and communities which grow online", it certainly sounds off-topic so you are in the right place but could you clarify what exactly it is you wish to discuss? Are you looking to talk about things that influence online communities? How to keep online communities happy and health? In regards to this forum, you are probably already aware but just in case you can find the rules in this thread https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/8-forum-rules which goes over what content is considered unacceptable (ie: real life politics, ideology and religion) be sure to give it a good read if you haven't already. If you are still unsure whether or not the topic you wish to discuss is allowed or not just pm one of the forum moderators, I am sure they can help you figure it out.
  6. Yup that would be a fine solution. Once the NDA drops and the client becomes publicly available I expect a lot of effort will be put forth by the community to make it happen. Linux users will band together and find a way even if we have to go through hoops to do it, this game is simply worth the effort. If successful it could also greatly help the developers with their own implementation so its a win-win situation. In the worst case scenario that we fail to accomplish anything, I still have faith that NQ will be able to pull it off given enough time. As previously mentioned they use Linux too and I am sure they are doing everything they can to plan for Linux compatibility as they go forward so their life is easier later on. Also @Jenshae please stop hating on other operating systems, everyone has their own preferences and your just going to spark an argument going about it like that. Your not the only one that wants Linux support and this is not the first time this topic has cropped up. Don't worry the devs know and while they can't make promises right now give them a little credit. With the Linux community growing the way you describe it I am sure they are not going to ignore that consumer base. Dual Universe will have a Linux client its all a matter of time just be patient.
  7. Thank you Hades I will ask them about it as soon as I get the chance. Thank you as well Felonu for the warning, I will remove the part about my personal experience. My sincere apologies to NQ if I stepped over the line.
  8. As an avid Linux user myself I figured I should chime in with my two cents on the topic. While it would be amazing to see Dual Universe have native Linux support I do agree that it should not be a top priority at the moment. I want DU to succeed and to me that is more important than getting all the features that I want implemented right away. There are core features that must be in the game for it to become the smash hit we want and Linux support is not one of those features its a bonus. Although you raise the argument that lack of this feature locks out part of the demographic I do not feel that is the case. Most Linux/Mac users acknowledge that their OS selection is limiting when it comes to playing games (slowly changing but still a long ways to go) and so many compromise with various alternative solutions like dual booting or emulation. I also fall into this category, personally I dislike windows but I simply liked DU much more so now its running on a dedicated windows SSD with nothing but dual universe and discord installed. Sure some might have extreme views and condemn the game for a lack of Linux support but this is a small number of people and I am willing to bet most will bend their ideals in order to play the game. I do hope that NQ tries their best to incorporate additional OS support in the future but I feel their target should be a quality working release first and then add in features afterwards. I like your idea of showing our desire for additional OS support financially but I still feel that all funds should go towards a strong foundation first. The main reason I feel this way is because history has shown that when devs delay their release to cram in more features it just makes the players unhappy and gives room for the competition to walk in with some other amazing game and steal the show. For now I think we should focus our efforts towards assisting alternative OS users with the conversion as much as possible. Speaking of which I keep hearing these rumors of players successfully getting DU to work with wine, if anyone happens to know where these geniuses are please get them to contact me, perhaps together we could create a guide or better yet a convenient package for running DU on Linux.
  9. Hey Feral, Welcome to the community, always great to see new players discover the game. If I may ask how did you find out about DU and what was your first impression like? What attracted your attention? Any grand plans once you get started in Alpha? Your testing experience will probably come in really handy, its not always easy to reproduce an issue perhaps you could even teach us a thing or two.
  10. Can confirm that it is a very friendly hangout with some really great people. If your at all new to DU or have any questions I encourage you to stop by and say hello, you will always find someone willing to help out inside.
  11. @Felonu We seem to be on the same page, I wish more people were as understanding about this issue as you. I think part of the problem is all this text based communication going on nowadays, its impossible to discern the tone of a conversation anymore. Anyways, we are all used to living on our own side of the fence so of course some of our ideologies are going to clash. However as you said at the end of the day NQ will have to make the tough decisions, all we can do is offer our advice and suggestions. I have stated my position on topic but unfortunately I don't have any great revolutionary ideas to offer on how to solve the actual dilemma. Eve tried to handle things by offering layers of security in the form of high sec, low sec, and null sec. It was somewhat of an effective approach but it had its share of problems too. Perhaps we need a more modern implementation. Maybe integrating it with your idea of manipulating the attack and defend ratio somehow. I don't know, its very hard to give everyone what they want. I'm just going to leave it to the experts to figure it out, besides I think my perspective already has plenty of representation. @CaptainTwerkmotor You can be very blunt and rude at times but I do agree with your stance, appreciate what your trying to do and I especially like your persistence. I don't really have the right to complain especially considering you are going around doing the work of 10 men, but could you try to be a little more patient with people? Not everyone is blessed with as much experience in pvp as you have and we don't want to scare away new blood.
  12. @Felonu I understand you concern, in the past eve did had a reputation of being a bit rough at the start. In fact I remember it being portrayed exactly as the image twerk linked. This was kind of a double edged sword, it both attracted and repelled people from the game. Many including myself wanted the high skill level, deep combat mechanics and freedom but others wanted a simpler game where things were more forgiving and got discouraged because of the abrupt difficulty spike. Nowadays I think things have gotten a bit better, CCP itself and a number of player made corporations have acted to help ease the problem by introducing a better tutorial system and guiding players a bit better in their early days. They maintained the high level of difficulty but helped new players overcome it by educating them better (exactly as Lethys has pointed out). I would like to see DU take a similar path because I want to experience the thrill of overcoming impossible odds and fighting in crazy and unpredictable scenarios. For me eve scratched that difficulty itch where if you knew what you were doing and were good at it then you were often rewarded and I loved it for that. I am all for making that graph a little more linear for the new guys but I still want to experience the top of it and I think a lot of people feel the same. Putting a shield on things might be a good solution for protecting the new guys and that's fine with me but I am a little worried that if implemented poorly it could also lower the top and take away from that experience. Your idea that their should be a price for attacking is not a bad one, but keep in mind that attacking already caries with it significant risks and consequences. We need to be careful not to make it prohibitively difficult to engage in pvp. I think in the long run, I prefer a 1:1 approach to the cost of attacking vs defending. I know its not very appealing to those that want to avoid pvp but NQ has promised a safezone, if you want petition to have it bigger or ask that they have more of them but please we need to find solutions that still allow those of us who want the dangerous chaotic environment to still have it.
  13. Twelve pages ... I know this is a controversial topic but the actual discussion part is starting to degrade a bit. How about we take a minute look at the facts and approach this from a more constructive angle. This discussion seems to revolve mostly around freedom vs safety and how to balance the two. Right now DU is planning to operate under the risk vs reward concept where you can choose to live in safety if you wish, or go out and live wildly. Living wildly is going to be incentivized in DU just as it was in eve. This concept is what NQ advertised and what drew 95% of us to this game. The ability to play in a sandbox with the freedom to do what we want, and I don't think that is going to change. If however if you believe otherwise and think the devs have seriously missed their mark then I encourage you to start a poll on the topic, after all this community can speak for itself on what it wants. Now assuming I am correct and this is the kind of game we want to play then perhaps the point to be discussing is how much risk for how much reward? The details of the game are still a mystery. It is quite possible that NQ may implement a "standings/reputation" system to discourage senseless killing or incentivise it by flipping it around and granting bonuses to the best killers. It might be you lose everything on death or maybe you only have to suffer some minor losses and a respawn delay. You might need to take risky trips between safezones or maybe NQ will provide a safer means of doing so. Rather than voicing concerns over what you think DU will become, talk about what you want DU to be. What level of risk vs reward is right for you? What do you think they should or should not allow? How do you suggest they go about accomplishing this? Keep in mind that we want DU to appeal to as many people as possible so try to come up with solutions that includes both extreme ends of the spectrum (at least as much as you can).
  14. Although usually not very active on the forums, I just wanted to take a moment to send out my regards to the ATV team and NQ wishing you both the best of luck this weekend. This test marks a significant milestone in dual universe’s development, and the whole community is praying for your success. In particular to the ATV team, remember you represent all of us, the players. We share the same hopes and dreams for dual universe but the responsibility to help make them happen falls on your shoulders. How you conduct yourselves over the next two days and the months to come will influence both the quality and timeline of development. For every bug you find, for every concept you critic, you are paving the way forward towards our dream. To my surprise each and every ATV member I have interacted with has been a commendable individual worthy of respect, donating both their time and expertise towards promoting the game. The time has finally come for you to contribute in earnest and show us what you are really made of. I know you will make us all proud. I invite others to comment below and offer their words of encouragement to our first group of pioneers.
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