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  1. Game offert a nice 3 weeks experience, first ship, first serius ship, first space fly, first no crash landing, first mega node, first industry, first lua code, first pvp encounter, but at some point, you feel you are just a hamster in a weel. And the game is just grind to make biggest hauler, bigger industry or big pvp ship and exploit pvp borders why lose this ship mean so much grind. The original problem are game no offert real end content, just a basic mechanics to interact with the game, and yes are all planned... But hell we are now here waiting this come, and we have no true objectives.
  2. L weapons just have to miss XS cores moving, not rocket cience. Do you have to balance the meta, making all ship sizes have a fuction. L ships win M ships M ships win S ships S ships win L ships
  3. Unfortunately these are not opinions, what is here trying to explain, they are facts, the video game industry is old enough for there to be experiences of successes and failures and we should not be ashamed of trying to copy the successes. Dual Universe is a copy of Space engineers, and EVE promisses features, it is a fact, and I think it is correct, because when we all play Space enginners we think "I wish this game was an MMO". If it is a copy, of a existent games, why not copy all the good aspects of the game and improve the weakest aspects? Because a copy of an old
  4. This you propose has a problem, because although the opinion of the people who continue to play is very important, really the opinion of the people who are no longer playing is what matters, because you have to correct what has pushed people to quit the game, not to focus on what the few people who are still in the game like. It may seem very unnatural to ignore people who think that the game is fine, but going down that path will end the project, because when you are only satisfying a very faithful minority, you are failing. We can try to complicate things to the extre
  5. The problem with this game: The developers who make decisions, make them thinking about how difficult they are to implement, rather than thinking about how important they are for the game to work. The game requires: Extreme consumption of materials, so all the mechanics of the game would have to consume materials, including industry, maintenance of territories, cores etc ... Use your own brain. Introduction to PvP through PvE, as it is implausible to think that the non-hardcore player is capable of introducing himself to PvP dominated by expert players, in a game where
  6. Mmmm, sems extrange do you have no idea how much time you need to deploy or adress vital updates of the game, but at same time speak about a release date. In my opinion , sems a dead end date, and i no feel are viable you succes in all what we are expecting, acording in the actual work in the last months. No release PvE content in a game before the release... To focus on player interaction, sems a poor excuse to avoid the leak of skill to implement it, why actualy we got just a Game engine, with a UI. To make this game full Players driven, you need redesign the full game concept
  7. This game is just not a game, and problem are they pretend balance the actual game before finish all the features this game to become a game, this is enter in a loop of fails, why every time they adding a new feature disbalance the old ones. At this point we need being realistics, we need a fast release of the new game features , accept they being released with fails, and once we get the full game loot balance, fix, and finaly wipe for a fresh start with the full game content. Keep in the idea heal the dead horse are just waste time, and waste the oportunity of succes.
  8. Pvp are the fuel for mining and industry have sense, why with no destruction you can fast fill the economy demands. And this colapse the economy, MMO with no pvp works why have systems like expansions what literal wipe all your items , releasing better ones to adquire. There are enought knloledge about how MMO and sand box works, to ignore it and try invent excuses, just copy the succes ones like EVE. And stop tink in utopic peaceful world, if you pretend a capitalism system works.
  9. I apreciate, this new objectives, but with no release dates are just smoke.
  10. You are making a mistake again, do not continue on the path of redesigning things that are already working, the game needs you to advance in those that are not introduced, how to make sense of the universe, and all our work creating endgame mechanics, such as fighting by territories, energy consumption, or PvE mechanics like introducing pirate bots. I am not saying that it is not necessary to improve mining, I am just saying that if it is not broken, do not fix it, when there is so much work pending.
  11. The game urgently needs to generate resource consumption. -You have to increase the cost of manufacturing fuel, warp cells and scraps. -We must prevent the parts of the ships from being used eternally, allowing the repair with scrap to only be able to repair the object to the minimum point of use, to allow it to fly to the base or market where it can be replaced. -It is also necessary to implement pirate NPCs in PVE environments so that players can learn to fight, design combat ships, without having to directly enter PvP, and at the same time create a quanta generation environ
  12. Just add a way to recicle thinks and get partial resources back, for this kind of situations were items become useless why, exists more than market going need in ages.
  13. The poll is a fail, at the monement i no like the pach, but i going stay in the game.
  14. Problem are people is still ussing the exploits why are not all fixeds and nothing happens, have this game any kind of logs? Are really devs interestet in invest time on find exploiters? The end of the road sems a wipe to every one, is alwais the easy way, punish every one for the crimes of a few. Exploiters non feel any dangerous on exploit and the fest have no end. Game need some kind of public punishment to fear people a bit about exploit.
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