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  1. I had 30 construct limit, yes, everything else on default. If you read below, I'm sure you will get a nice surprise On my second attempt I did increase power settings to maximum (33W TDP, 3A GPU), but couldn't feel much of a difference, the game still felt really slow, so I decided to go and disable every single graphic setting I could (no shadows, no volumetric clouds, no bloom, no chromatic aberration, etc) and THAT gave a quite massive improvement, with the framerates going up to around 30 fps average. It seems the main culprit on that case were dynamic shadows, since disabling it made the fps jump so much Also, though that didn't see to affect much (since initial framerate was still 10 fps), this time I ran the thing while connected to my 100W charger, along with keyboard and mouse from the previous test. While I agree with Deckard, this isn't a game meant to run in such small devices, it's quite nice to see it working! Tech has definitely gone a really long way. Here's an updated video showing it reaching the 30 fps mark: See you all in the verse!
  2. Well maybe I did get a bit overexcited about it, it didn't blow up the thing or crash, so it's a start... Depends on what games, actually. For example, there's a few tests around of that APU running GTA V at a nice 75-80 fps on 1920x1200 resolution and 28W TDP, I would say it comes near some older mid-range GPUs such as the Radeon RX 5500 XT, which is quite nice for such a small chip. Obviously it will never come close to the latest desktop GPUs, though you definitely can plug one into an encloser with the USB4 port if you really want to XD Personally, I've played a lot of Elite Dangerous yesterday on it and it was on a lower wattage, around 15W or so, and it ran really well, though I can't say a lot yet since I opted for the 1280x800 version as 1200p at 7" makes no sense for me (even 800p already makes text really tiny to see anyways). Maybe closer to the weekend I'll try running it again at some higher wattage, I think it goes up to 32W stock, maybe a bit more with other tools, but I don't think it will be a really big improvement...
  3. Hey folks! What's up? It's been a while Well, today I finally got my Ayaneo Geek delivered, a handheld very similar to the Steam Deck, but slightly more powerful and running Windows 11 natively, and as a first test, I decided to see how DU would run on it (obviously not expecting much): Zero issues with EAC or anything like that, since it's running fully natively. The only "different" thing I had to do was plug a keyboard into the USB-C port so I could type things faster and move around, since I couldn't get the joysticks to work. It's ridiculously laggy though, I couldn't measure it but I'll bet somewhere around 10 fps or so at 22W (I think I can get it up to almost twice that on charger, haven't tried though). Anyways, kudos to the DU development team, even though we all know the game is quite heavy, just the fact it somewhat runs on such small device already shows how much optimization happens behind the scenes. Well, that's mostly it! Now back to my small hideout, see you around someday!
  4. Oh look, yet another "balance" change from NQ that makes the game harder for casuals, solos and small groups, while also giving the larger groups much more power and profits now that they own all good tiles and pretty much have a monopoly on high tier ore, like happened with plasma over beta. Outstanding move! /s
  5. I don't think NQ even reads those posts here on forums, but anyways, if any NQ is reading this, please go back and fix the honeycomb masses, so they correlate to their component's masses again. I know most people in the PvP community will dislike it because dumbing down the whole thing made the game better for them, but hey, we also want things to feel realistic again. There's a reason planes are made out of Aluminum in real life instead of concrete.
  6. You don't need schematics for T1 pures, only for the products and end products. As for the whole schematic discussion, my biggest complaint is having to manually put schematics on every machine to keep them running, instead of having a central schematic bank on the Core Unit instead. That's probably the most annoying part. Copying the schematics honestly isn't a big deal, specially when you can do it overnight, just need to plan yourself first. The costs are a problem for larger elements, though, and sometimes I feel NQ should've made a few elements into separate categories, like decorative elements. Having the same schematic for a T2 Container/Engine L and a Vertical Light L makes no sense, makes the lamps ridiculously expensive for what they are.
  7. Well, like I said before over Discord, while I do agree building obstacles right on a quite common flight place and putting down scrap for sale right where players would crash is a very sketchy and a-hole move, that doesn't justify going after someone in real life or threatening. This is a game, after all. Did right by reporting them to Twitch and NQ. Other than that, my only opinion here is that since NQ already positioned themselves and decided that building on player tiles aren't subject to market rules, NQ should at least update the market screens with proper (hopefully clear) writing specifying what are the rules and when/how they apply. Being ambiguous is a terrible idea here.
  8. What people on Discord, this thread and the other thread clearly don't understand is that NQ literally created precedent for other people who have tiles connected to markets to do the same. It isn't about ArchHUD, autopilot or even missions, for that matter, it's just that accordingly to NQ-Rubicon's own words, the market rules are only enforced within Aphelia (market) tiles, nowhere else. So if players decide to build towers obstructing markets or spam screens with advertisements on their connected tiles, they are allowed to do it, based on what was said. The precedent is now set, it's NQ's "official" statement about the subject, and honestly, I'm tired of that subject already. I already got my punishment by NQ for talking on the subject and don't want to get into that rabbit hole again, just to get punished again. So much hassle. Anyways, let's see how long this holds up and this interpretation of the rule stays valid.
  9. It's really sad to see you go, Arch, but I can understand the feeling. After today's whole shit show on Discord and having an NQ employee running circles around the subject, making fun of my question and muting me for 4 hours instead of giving a final answer that addressed not only the 2km airspace rule, but the 2km screens rule one too, I also felt quite tired. I know I did my part trying to improve this game and having it succeed, but I also give up trying. I'll just keep playing until I can't afford the subscription anymore and leave, just like you, because there isn't point in trying to sympathise with a game developer that clearly has no respect to their player base and can't even follow their own rules. See you around the pond, Arch! I'm sure we'll meet again.
  10. "As mentioned, the Market rules are only enforced within Aphelia territory. This has always been the objective" Well, so according to NQ's official statement, those rules only ever apply to the market tile itself and we're clear for building our towers and putting screens too? If so, I kindly request NQ to properly fix their screens text to CLEARLY state those rules are ONLY VALID FOR APHELIA TILES, as I want to build my own stuff and don't want to be bothered in the future because of rules not applying for everyone. But honestly, this whole topic has been a shit show and following the whole "XXL and XXXL items not needing schematics is not an exploit" thing it really takes my trust from NQ. Feels like their rules only ever apply when convenient or that they are "partnering" with those players.
  11. This is actually a nice idea. Having a way to at least know which orders are from allies or same org would already make market experience much nicer. Other option is setting up dispensers at a common place, not as great, but still an option.
  12. This is actually a quite good idea. The main issue I can see with it though is how those UI elements are rendered at the moment, which seems to be HTML widgets rendered on top of the game. We'd need to be able to "extend" the whole game window into the two displays and at same time be able to move windows around. The latter is already possible in some level because we can already move the Windowed Codex, so it could be extended to the rest of the UI...
  13. We need to use a color that does not show anywhere on planets, or at least double strokes, like having yellow inside and a thin black outline outside, that way visibility isn't affected. This problem also affects normal and claimed tiles, it's hard to see them depending on planet.
  14. Publishing the game on Steam as a released game instead of beta or early access is one of the worst decisions I could imagine NQ doing. Even worse for using materials (trailers, screenshots) from alpha and early beta, of things that probably never will exist again. Not to mention that Steam alone is already going to eat through the $5 increase in subscription because they get to keep 30% of all sales anyways (which, if everyone ends up going to Steam, will mean NQ raising prices again to keep up). I really want DU to succeed and even bought 6 months for my alt as a way of trusting them, but in absolutely no way I agree with their current decision making and really hope the Steam reviews don't hit as bad as I predict them hitting...
  15. Is that a metric of every hour you're logged in afk waiting for stuff to complete or each hour where you actually play and do stuff? Because this is what enrages me so much about the latest updates, including the pricing change. Pretty much every mechanic is being changed to be based on just a timer, both slowing down your progression and artificially giving a sense of "so much to do" to the game. After you remove that from the equation what do you really have? It rapidly becomes clear how much the game lacks in the sense of content, events and lore. The timers will probably make a few newbie suckers believe there's lots to do on the "end game" on release, but pretty much anyone who played before and got to a point where you done/had everything will know that. The only thing that really remains for me nowadays (and I'm sure for many others) is building, scripting. Other than that? Not really, you don't have places to explore or rare things to come upon, and the last big lore event was that loose thing that lead to Thoramine. Sure, the Easter and today's bus events are cool, but for an MMO would be nice to have lore or at least have more planets/systems to explore.
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