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  1. I did, in the PTS event, after watching many videos of PVP. It was boring.
  2. I'm sure this will be the #1 thing happening, specially for players who are long gone such as the ones who left in 0.23... Oh yeah, definitely. That 1.75kt thing pretty much took most of the fun I had in the past. Physically it makes no sense, but even if they wanted to do a balance pass, having such a low threshold and a speed floor is ridiculous... And Idk exactly what you meant regarding the building, but even decorative is building isn't that great when elements don't mix well with the art style of voxels. Most of functional building revolves into making ugly ships that "just work" most of the time... Many players of the current player base came from something such as EVE, so I guess they are just used to it. For a game with simulator vibes such as DU it makes absolutely no sense. I don't think targeting is complex, it's just too shallow. You click a button and hope for the game's math to favor you, there isn't any other real skill involved like there is in PVP on competing games, such as Star Citizen or even Space Engineers... They want the game to be player-driven BUT as far it follows their model/way, which is absolutely annoying. I really had lots of hopes for DU when I joined, wanted to build big things and make cool stuff, but pretty much everything is getting more and more restricted, it isn't fun anymore. I pretty much migrated to other games for now and hoping to see what they come up with release.
  3. First things first, I don't hate DU, nor hate the devs and the GM/CMs, those always were quite friendly and open to talking with players. What I hate is how the management at NQ is going to end up killing DU in their pseudo-race to see how quickly they can release it. I don't care if the game takes ten years to release and they keep charging for it as a beta, I do care about getting a good game with nice mechanics, something actually enjoyable, in return. Like really, NQ is going to end up doing a paper release of DU with mechanics that are either half-finished or aren't even enjoyable and they are going to spend the only "hype" moment of release they can with it. This isn't the same as No Mans Sky that did a full 180 and became a cool game, it is an exception not a rule. If the game doesn't take off on release it might never make it. Anyways, here's what I feel about what NQ called the game "pillars" in their state today: - Building and scription, well I must reckon, the voxel and Lua tech on this game is amazing and you can clearly see the devs did a work of love there, building and scripting is very nice and can be a rabbit hole if you want! Kudos to the devs working on that! - Piloting is also quite good, I like the simulator feeling of DU and how we can fly in and out of space, even with autopilots it never gets old. As some people have mentioned before, it would be nice to have multi-role (rotating) engines though and maybe some passive wheels that behaved like landing gears. - Mining is now reduced to just machines spitting out infinite ore after you find your unicorn 600L flower and asteroids on the Saturdays. Yeah, because the lack of rolling release of asteroids makes them mostly useless during weeks, even the ones at PVP zone. The whole "discovered but not public" thing is also a really poor attempt at forcing players to cross each other's path instead of relying on "emergent gameplay". - Combat/PVP is a joke as it is right now. Clicking buttons to "target" and "fire at" someone and praying to the almighty RNG/talents instead of relying on actual skills might have worked for some early MMO in the 2000s, but definitely not for such a "big and innovative" game such as DU and in 2022. The issue gets even worse when atmospheric/planetary combat gets mentioned. - Trading is okay-ish, the markets definitely need an UI overhaul, but it works. Player markets are nowhere to be seen (other in Scoopy's lost inventory, that is) and I'm quite sure they won't show up for a long time. - Social, oh social. DU wants to be a metaverse and tries its best to push players to socialize, but does so by punishing those who want to play solo. There's orgs, sure, but what's the benefit of those other than maybe sharing some constructs or elements? You would assume that by having your tiles close to your org mates you would have benefits and all, but instead you actually lose the mining bonuses? Now this is inside an org. Try to scale this to something such as a nation, that was one of the things DU wanted to create (with politics, etc), why would people do that to themselves by living nearby just to create a pseudo-nation? That's not to say the really -really- bad communication system. Sometimes the only chat tabs I'll see is Lua and maybe General, and that's it. For the rest of time I won't even remember other chat channels exist. VoIP is also non-existant, which honestly makes no sense for a game who wants to be a metaverse or at least to have emphasis on social aspects. - Industry, well it's fun. It's really nice but schematics are quite meh and I've said a few times before it would work much better to have an unlockable tree system instead. But yeah, let's copy EVE on that. The whole linking concept is a bit meh, I really would like to see factories with conveyors (even if they were opaque like in SE), but I understand that limitation. Anyways, this is what I can say about the game in like the year and half I've been around. Please don't get me wrong, I really like DU and wouldn't have spent so many hours playing it if I didnt, but I also know there's a lot of room for improvement here and that releasing right now is a bit of a bad idea for everyone, except for management, but well, let's hope for the best... Also a quick extra note here regarding DACs. I think it's a really bad idea to release them without a proper way of trading them in-game. Not only scams will happen a lot, which will lead to lots of people complaining on NQ's support tickets, but also will probably be an open door to RWT to happen, more than the game already has. Please NQ, invest your time and get this stuff properly tradeable in-game before releasing it. Thanks.
  4. Absolutely. The worse part is knowing that we can't have any more expectations other than the whole wipe/no wipe thing for release. There won't be anything new, no new features, loops or systems coming, nor changes to what we currently have, like giving a better Lua API. It's a big disappointment.
  5. I'd rather have NQ postponing the release and focusing on actually fixing their game, making big changes to stuff such as better Lua APIs and stuff like that, instead of releasing DU in the current state. Even if they made everyone 100% sure that there would be a wipe on release or after a certain patch, but that's their last chance of actually doing anything like that before release. After releasing there's no going back and wiping or doing major changes, as it will make people much more angry than they already are.
  6. This whole wipe discussion and lack of decision/action is just killing the little that remains of the game in its actual state. Last time I logged into DU the game felt ridiculously dead, nobody around and even the market was dead, only buy orders for T1 in District 6 were bot orders. WTF? I had plans and wanted to do some more work but I simply gave up for the time being and went to play Star Citizen instead. If NQ goes for a wipe then there's no point in doing more grind and stuff, if they don't go for a wipe it will be fine and I can just come back later anyways. I'm sure other players are in the same boat too, and being really honest, the more the world feels dead, the more chances for a wipe to happen, since after all, why would NQ keep all stuff around costing them servers if nobody's playing? I don't care anymore whether you wipe or not, just ffs make a decision and go with it, if this keeps going for another month+ I'll just unsub and put my money somewhere else. The game tech is cool and all, but the lack of management decisions make NQ look so unprofessional...
  7. I want to add a small but important note here, that stuff you folks are suggesting, such as being able to change dispenser values or even charge/pay players directly would probably need a new kind of Control Unit that executed code on a safe environment, such as the server. The reason for that is that since all Lua runs on the client, in theory it could be possible to a malicious person to modify a Lua script in run-time and take over control, then do whatever they want with it (eg: changing prices on your dispensers or sending money to someone else). This sort of thing only works in MMOs such as Second Life because the scripts actually run on the server, which mean they are mostly safe (still, it asks for permission for the owner before doing it). Yes EQU8 would catch most cases but still, this will eventually be abused, since the scripts will always be on the client somewhere in memory. Something I really wish we had though were better dispenser UI, at least to be able to dispense larger quantities (like if I want to buy 10 batches of something). This could also come with a small setting where we could set bulk pricing options, so for example, we could have a setting where the base batch price is 100k quanta, but for 10+ batches it drops to 95k, then for 20+ it drops to 90k, etc. Reverse dispensers would also be very welcome too.
  8. I loved the new skybox and was very excited for the water, but as I mentioned on the PTS feedback thread, the water surface now seems to be very transparent, you can literally see the bottom ground instead of the water, with just a few ripples and foam above, which takes all depth feeling away. Would be nice if water had a second pass and was a bit more visible again.
  9. Well I guess it makes some sense then. I do understand NQ's vision of making stuff in large quantity and relying on player interactions, but sometimes I can't afford the time just to fly into a market or even to Honeycomb Central to pick up a small batch and come back while designing a ship, that's why I have a few basic stuff at home such as aluminium, steel and carbon fiber refineries. Anyways, I hope NQ fixes this description issue, at least to prevent others from getting screwed from it. For me it isn't a big deal putting out 3000L of something instead of 1800L, but I'm quite sure it will be for others.
  10. Yeah lol I didn't even realize I was necroing a thread, just saw it was in general and commented hahahaha Maybe some good mod can close it?
  11. Yeah I have to +1 both the RAM part and specially the SSD. The game will feel MUCH BETTER with an SSD for both game and cache, plus it's very common to get over 20GB of the game alone, so make sure you have like 32GB or so...
  12. Well, two things I'd like to talk about here, but it's all related to honeycomb refining. Basically, seems like the Honeycomb Efficiency talents are either broken or don't have correct descriptions. This is what honeycomb refining looks like if you don't have any talents put on, you put in 1800L of material and get 180m³ of honeycomb, every 3 minutes: Now, if you get the "Honeycomb Efficiency" talent, which says "-10% crafting time for XXXXXX Honeycomb Schematics", the batch size is increased, but the time is not changed - at level 3 I've got 2500L to 250m³, still 3 minutes: And this is what the talent description says: To make things worse, this talent is required at level 4 to be able to learn both honeycomb refining and productivity skills. For those who actively work producing honeycomb isn't too big of a deal, but I produce mostly to myself and barely used 180m³, can't even tell how I will use 250m³ or more. Please fix this. As a second note, would be nice if we could run fractional batches of certain stuff such as honeycomb. Like, if I could run just half or a quarter of it would be so much better, specially because there's stuff I simply won't need that much of (such as material used for small details, etc). Thanks!
  13. I used to run DU on my old laptop, which had a 1050Ti 4GB. It ran okay-ish at 720p though, just enough to get like 30 fps max. From your specs the two biggest issues I see might be the processor, as DU is quite intensive on CPU, and the VRAM. It should run though. In worse case scenario you can still play it over GeForce Now too.
  14. Yes please! Would be SO HELPFUL if there was a tool similar to replace voxel, but to replace elements... Would make life much easier for everyone!
  15. Here's an idea that might be quite useful for creators and also would help a lot in a possible wipe scenario: being able to edit Core Blueprints. Basically, if you have the Core Blueprint (and DRM on it), you would be able to "edit" that Core BP and replace or remove elements on it with variations of the same item. So for example, you could replace a Basic Space Engine XL with any other variation of that item, as far it's a Space Engine XL, and optionally you could also remove the elements from it, in case you don't want to deploy the BP with certain items.
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