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  1. As someone who played a lot with screens (even made a UI library around that), I understand the issues with updating them all the time, but I also feel the new tech is not the way to go and is definitely a step backwards instead. What I honestly think could be done is understand WHY people keep spamming the setHTML method instead: Currently, whenever we need to update any information on the screen, the only option we have is to update the entire thing, which indeed, costs lots of bandwidth and overhead, specially since sometimes all we need is to update one or other informatio
  2. I don't even know if you still have this issue, but well leaving here as may be useful for someone else: you can't do it with a Programming Board nor a Remote Control. You MUST use an PVP-capable controller, even a Hovercraft seat will work.
  3. BREAKING: Towers are annoying, but this one new business trick has gone too far
  4. Just made this topic to post The Howl so I don't make a ton of other posts 🤷‍♂️ BREAKING: Non-profit declares war against advertisers at Aitoth 6th
  5. I really can't understand the point of you guys on botting. In the current state, everyone is a bot, since they still get skill points without any effort, not even being online. Even botting still requires the person to actually run the bot. Also, botting is against the EULA and can result in bans, while having multiple accounts just to get an advantage on other players seems to be completely ignored by NQ, maybe because that's literally paying to win, I guess? The proposal I gave on this post was meant giving new players a chance to actually do something in the game be
  6. Well, if you have one account/character you'd probably take like 45-60 days just to max out the skills. If you break it down across 3 accounts/characters, you can get it all done in 15-20 days by queueing up talents in all of them, all you gotta do is pay for the extra subscriptions (or buy an beta code from anyone, which will pretty much let you play free for the entire Beta). Basically, you're paying RL money to get IG advantage, also known as pay to win. And regarding the second point, people who don't have a lot of time to play and also have one account get an even worse advant
  7. Having people getting accounts and actively farming skills in background without even being logged-in is already a form of botting, which aggravates as P2W since the person is literally getting benefits by doing so... In terms of having the skills, a single player could easily be ahead of an entire org if he have enough accounts. The same goes for orgs too, they can get extremely powerful by having many people do this, which is literally mass-botting. Also, having players actively play the game to gather skill points not only would would give them a chance to play, but also would b
  8. Currently, the skill points are generated in background with the queue, which leads people to having alt accounts trained to specialize in one thing in background, which is not optimal and ends up being P2W, as this clearly gives them advantage over players with only one account, specially players starting out. The proposal here is to complement the current system with skill-specific points, which are earned by doing these activities - being active in the game. This could apply to all skills or, at least, the most basic ones, such as Mining and Piloting. Firstly, let's do some math
  9. BREAKING: Alioth declares war on Madis! You saw it first here, on The Howl!
  10. Currently that option is under the Graphics settings on the menu, which doesn't make any sense and is actually harder to toggle on and off, maybe move it directly into the map screen, so we can toggle it on/off when we're seeing the map, as there are moments (like prospecting) where having the frontiers off is better but other moments where having it on is also better. Upvote link: https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/157302/move-hightlight-frontiers-on-the-map-option-to-map-screen
  11. I agree with @Arctic_fox on the idea of reducing Schematic prices, maybe for like 3 days or a week, just so it can be fair with other players and they can also get them for cheap... Less chance of a monopoly happening, no needs for rollback or doing stuff like bans or anything either
  12. I'm completely against rolling back, as people who actually played honestly would be losing their stuff, now it shouldn't be hard to track down people who bought like thousands of similar Schematics and/or resold them, in that case they deserve at least a warning and maybe to be charged the difference in Quanta from their own pockets
  13. Hello Noveans! I'm quite new to the game itself and MMOs too, but something that definitely caught my attention was how the Industry is pretty much blocked for new players. Even when getting smaller/starter machinery, you just can't go on and start progressing, or even refining/crafting things that are possible using the Nanocrafter. But yeah, there's the question of balancing stuff, as it would be ideal to people having specialized factories for goods, plus not getting to endgame too early, so I was thinking of creating some sort of mechanic like a Research menu, where
  14. This is something I consider valid. Warp just being like a really powerful engine and the cells being the fuel. But to keep that balanced some things that could make it more interesting: - Ships can move while warping, but add a warmup period proportional to the warp distance (maybe weight too), so they aren't going to be easy prey but still not completely protected. - Warping without enough fuel will result in the ship stopping at proportional distance covered of the jump related to consumed fuel. - Emergency jumps using the above mechanics become possible, if one is being chas
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