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  1. Well if I had to make a guess, I'd say the mass of each element depends on it's crafting recipe. Like, sure, it's completely unrealistic when compared to the real world, but would make a bit of sense. In any case, it could be nice if mass was a bit closer to real life. Maybe we would see better designed ships flying around...
  2. @Sethioz it seems like the ship is clipping into the ground. Have you tried making a landing pad there to see if it still happens?
  3. That's cool! Did any of you managed to loot it? Anything relevant there or just pew pew?
  4. Has anyone got any kind of footage or information on what happened during that final battle and what was the reward, if any? All I know is that a waypoint was visible to me a few days ago and now it's marked as complete...
  5. What I always noticed is that CPU seems to influence a lot on the DU experience. Played it both on a 3070 and 3080Ti, but with same CPU (5900X) and the fps almost never reached 60 on planets only in space. The only time I managed to become GPU bound was running it in 4K, but even then, if I enable DLSS, the same thing as before: lots of CPU usage and GPU isn't fully utilized. It gets worse when flying stuff around, too, as if the game was doing some kind of calculation for each element. Radar makes it even worse, sometimes I simply can't leave my flight seat when I go to some really dense area like the districts or The Dome.
  6. This is Horizon, it's a proprietary/closed-source HUD by Shadow Templar. They used to sell cores with it on their Alioth store. Contact @sysadrift for more information.
  7. I like the concept of DU, the way things are mostly seamless, specially regarding to flight (atmospheric and space), they do have good tech, made by really talented people here. The big mistake (that still happens), at least in my point of view, is that while the game was created with the intention of everything being player-made or player-driven, they still keep adding arbitrary limitations to the game, which goes completely against the sandbox concept (sometimes, even the concept of a game, which is being fun). For example, limitations regarding what's allowed via scripting or building hurt quite a lot, but timers also hurt as well. Plus, some things that would have made the whole experience much nicer haven't been implemented until today. Player markets could've been so nice, like, if we could add a Market Pod ourselves to a Container Hub and have a centralized place where we could add buy/sell orders in our construct, with that the number of districts and overall markets could be reduced per planet, which would give players a reason to make connections to get better offers. That's the kind of mechanic that is kind of implemented already, but is restricted and can't be implemented by players in any way. It gets even worse when we don't have reverse dispensers that buy stuff or don't have even the basic QoL to dispensers, which would be allowing to increase number of batch sizes at buy time... The game idea is good, and I'm sure there's lots of talented people working on it, but sadly, whoever is in charge of making decisions doesn't seem to understand that for emergent gameplay to properly flourish you need to offer players freedom and tools for that...
  8. Welcome back! Lots of things changed from Alpha, specifically when it comes to how Industry works, so I would recommend trying out the tutorials, just head to any Market and look for the tutorial booth, it will reward you money and talents! My personal advice is look for a group of players with similar interests and join them, things work much better in group, even if you don't work together on the same projects, you still can cooperate between each other.
  9. Honestly, I would suggest skipping Very Easy (XS) and going straight away to Easy (S) mission, the payout is better and you can work better. Rockets aren't that important, ships in PvE are mostly static and will teleport right behind you if you try to flee away. You're better off spending the money on getting lighter engines (Freights) and better weapons/ammo. Shield AND honeycomb do play a big role on PvE. Shield will be your primary source of protection, as far you balance it correctly to incoming damage, which varies depending on the ship that's attacking you. Honeycomb are your second line of defense, whenever you vent or run out of shields, that's what's going to protect you, it is a MUST, without it all elements are put to risk and you *will* die very fast after the shield goes down. Don't use Arch HUD for the PvE missions, use a HUD specifically designed for combat, preferably one you can use with a Remote Controller (you will need that so you can both pilot and shoot). I'm currently using the FOX HUD, which come installed on the ship I bought, it's really nice, lightweight and has shield balancing/venting shortcuts that make life much easier. If you're interested, reach out to fridaywitch @ Kosmos, she's selling that ship with all boosts applied, it pays for itself after a few runs! As for being easy or hard, it takes coordination. Easy one is easly to solo, as far you keep your shields up. A few tips: - Balance your shield based on incoming damage. HUDs play a big role on this, since they can show you what kind of damage you take; - Avoid rotating your ship while firing, this reduces your hit chance down to 0%; - Unless it's really necessary, you don't need to make complex maneuvers on PvE, most ships are static, just keep them within range; - Keep in mind what's the optimal range for your weapons, for the Cannon S I'm using it's between 10-20km; - Bring as much ammo as you can, if possible, mix between Thermic and Kinetic ammo types (I usually bring 750 Kinetic and 750 Thermic, but only use like 400 of each); - If you're building your own ship, make it space-only, it will save a ton of mass and allow for more ammo/weapons/honeycomb;
  10. Hello there, Noveans! Today I'd like to present you with two online tools (possibly more coming soon) I've been recently working on, that aim to make the Dual Universe life easier! Item Database Explorer Link: https://dual.wolfe.science/tools/item-database-explorer An online database containing useful information related to DU items and their recipes. It has a search bar where you can search for any item or resource, and by selecting one from the list you can see the following set of information: Basic data such as ID, category, tier, volume, mass and density; All available crafting recipes for that item, including when it is a by-product of something else; All recipes that use that item as an ingredient; All honeycomb types that can be produced using it; All resources, parts and items where that resource is required as part of the chain (except when it's part of a Catalyst); As a starting example, you can check out Pure Iron and see how many parts and items use it There's also a new section in the works that will list all planets, moons and moonlets where a certain resource can be found, but it's still a WIP, due to some divergence I found when comparing in-game ore lists with the Atlas file. Celestial Body Calculator Link: https://dual.wolfe.science/tools/calculators This one is more like a general-purpose visualization of the Atlas, but also supports few calculations on things based on altitude. At the moment it offers: Gravity information, including the altitude where gravity is 0.01g; Atmosphere information, including the altitude where atmosphere density is 10%; Surface minimum, average and maximum altitudes; Construct build limit altitude; Total surface area and number of territories; Calculation of gravity, atmospheric density and total circumference length at desired altitude; I hope that information is somehow helpful for the community and I'm completely open to suggestions on what could be improved or added!
  11. Which HUD are you using? From what I understand, the controller support depends on each HUD implementing support to it.
  12. The wiki information is wrong. The `atlas.lua` file has the radius for each planet, in meters. Alioth has 126km of radius, around 1.26su total. Earth is somewhere around 12k km IIRC.
  13. Those are actually really good news! Glad to see Lua receiving some love, and specially, now being able to track down how many instructions have been used, as this will allow for much more optimized code to be made! @Yoarii from what I recall, there's this codex available online, but an official one would definitely do wonders!
  14. Really happy to see all the improvements on the Lua side, specially regarding the updated runtime, joystick support and faster JSON. For the JSON part, I'd really suggest looking at the possibility of using some native C/C++ library for that and adding the bindings to the Lua runtime, since it allows that kind of thing. It should work way faster than anything built using just Lua... Also nice seeing the work being done towards PvE and fixing the PvP meta, definitely very welcome changes! While I haven't been around in a while (mostly due to personal issues), all those changes make me want to eventually come back for a bit
  15. I had 30 construct limit, yes, everything else on default. If you read below, I'm sure you will get a nice surprise On my second attempt I did increase power settings to maximum (33W TDP, 3A GPU), but couldn't feel much of a difference, the game still felt really slow, so I decided to go and disable every single graphic setting I could (no shadows, no volumetric clouds, no bloom, no chromatic aberration, etc) and THAT gave a quite massive improvement, with the framerates going up to around 30 fps average. It seems the main culprit on that case were dynamic shadows, since disabling it made the fps jump so much Also, though that didn't see to affect much (since initial framerate was still 10 fps), this time I ran the thing while connected to my 100W charger, along with keyboard and mouse from the previous test. While I agree with Deckard, this isn't a game meant to run in such small devices, it's quite nice to see it working! Tech has definitely gone a really long way. Here's an updated video showing it reaching the 30 fps mark: See you all in the verse!
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