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  1. Publishing the game on Steam as a released game instead of beta or early access is one of the worst decisions I could imagine NQ doing. Even worse for using materials (trailers, screenshots) from alpha and early beta, of things that probably never will exist again. Not to mention that Steam alone is already going to eat through the $5 increase in subscription because they get to keep 30% of all sales anyways (which, if everyone ends up going to Steam, will mean NQ raising prices again to keep up). I really want DU to succeed and even bought 6 months for my alt as a way of trusting them, but in absolutely no way I agree with their current decision making and really hope the Steam reviews don't hit as bad as I predict them hitting...
  2. Is that a metric of every hour you're logged in afk waiting for stuff to complete or each hour where you actually play and do stuff? Because this is what enrages me so much about the latest updates, including the pricing change. Pretty much every mechanic is being changed to be based on just a timer, both slowing down your progression and artificially giving a sense of "so much to do" to the game. After you remove that from the equation what do you really have? It rapidly becomes clear how much the game lacks in the sense of content, events and lore. The timers will probably make a few newbie suckers believe there's lots to do on the "end game" on release, but pretty much anyone who played before and got to a point where you done/had everything will know that. The only thing that really remains for me nowadays (and I'm sure for many others) is building, scripting. Other than that? Not really, you don't have places to explore or rare things to come upon, and the last big lore event was that loose thing that lead to Thoramine. Sure, the Easter and today's bus events are cool, but for an MMO would be nice to have lore or at least have more planets/systems to explore.
  3. Dear NovaQuark and investors, There's absolutely no [filtered]ing way the game (Dual Universe) is worth that much on its current state. Everyone knows this release is being a rushed one and other than saying "we aren't in beta anymore" there's no valid reason to say this game isn't a beta. You don't even have a roadmap anymore, and even when you had, most of things that were promised/planned for the game haven't been delivered. For all it's worth, DU should never go past the $10 monthly mark unless you, NovaQuark, actually put work into bringing more content, lore, events and FUN into the game, instead of making it a big afk mess which feels more like those mobile money-grabbing games than a proper PC MMO. I really hope that with a 50% raise in subscription costs you also deliver AT LEAST 50% more content, fun and quality to justify this increase, because being very honest here, the game isn't worth that price, and if you don't trust/listen us from the player base, I really hope you brace yourselves for the Steam and independent reviews, because I'm sure they won't be good. And don't expect Dual Universe is going to live well enough to do a No Man's Sky turnaround, because the moment you release it charging $15 a month the expectations will be high, and everyone here who played the game in all it's phases knows it won't last. Good luck with your afk game, we tried supporting you with content, feedback and even wishlisting the game, but every announcement you give us gives an even worse impression on the outcome of this pseudo-release.
  4. Is there anywhere with more details about Tranquility's values, purpose and rules? I'm quite interested on it based on this post already!
  5. Yep, the functionality itself already exists, it's a matter of adapting it to work inside the crafting menu.
  6. If your stuff was under your character and not an org, specially the tiles, then you might still have them under an HQ, though there's a chance IAR did its job while you were unsubscribed. If you plan on coming back it might be worth getting a sub since you will get bonus stuff on release anyways.
  7. Hello, noveans! รต/ Today I bring you a project I've been working on for a while now, that intends on making Lua development quicker and more organized! About: This tool was initially built as a wrapper around hdparm's excellent wrap.lua script, which among many things allowed developing scripts outside DU, automating the creation of JSON config files, making events easier to work with, etc, and eventually evolved into a tool on its own. Basically, the CLI is a small command-line that allows you to create Lua projects from all sizes and shapes, be it a simple greeting script up or a multi-project system. Main Features: - Support for Lua scrpts with code distributed over multiple files, accessible via require statements, also supports multiple entry-points per project (multiple PBs or render scripts) - Support for importing of external packages via the CLI or from LUA_PATH - Support for render scripts - Support for minification and (experimental) compression - Support for code completion (intellisense) on Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ Idea, requires EmmyLua installed in both cases - Element link management built-in, allows you to indicate what each of the linked elements should be named as and its type - Autoconfig export in JSON, YAML and CONF formats - Syntax checks at compilation time - Optional helpers for linked element management, etc Website / Documentation / Source-code: https://github.com/wolfe-labs/du-luac Requisites and Installation: - You will need to have the Node.js runtime installed! Version 16 LTS is recommended. - For some functions to work, it's ideal to have Git installed too. Lua is optional. - Install via the command: npm i -g @wolfe-labs/du-luac - After installing, you should be able to run the CLI via the command: du-lua
  8. As far as I understand, Sanctuary will be your "forever safe" area where you can be certain nothing will be lost, as a reward for backer status, while Haven is the place everyone (including backers) will only have a single tile and will be used for getting started. I can imagine NQ in the future unclaiming tiles from Haven, though, as a way of opening space for new players, so I wouldn't risk leaving important stuff there.
  9. Well, we don't really need a raytrace here, to be honest. One very simple and probably not efficient approach I can imagine is querying any constructs and asteroids within a certain range and then doing some math to filter out anything outside a certain search "cone". What you suggested is quite possible too, like could have one "long-distance" radar search use a much more narrow cone but with larger distance, or the opposite (shorter distance but with a wider cone). This would save us from raytracing BUT would probably get a ton of constructs on first pass, so that radar shouldn't be something you use all the time (maybe have a cooldown or something). I didn't understando the mushroom idea though.
  10. How do you even dare suggesting something as cool and immersive as that! I know it's not very technically possible, but at least the part of having something to "detect" and ping us about that scan would be quite cool. As I said, there's so much potential for cool mechanics, but I'm not sure if they will ever consider adding them ๐Ÿ˜•
  11. I think this could be done originally with voxel reactors, no? But yeah, regarding the storage space it would definitely screw some things up, could even reduce voxel precision...
  12. The idea of a deep space radar would be awesome to have, having it ping ship locations would add to all kind of new mechanics and meta too, not just into asteroid hunting but to PVP, hauling, pretty much everything, since one could use that radar to find asteroids, players on pipes, detect blockades, etc. I guess everyone would have a more active gameplay, too. For example, the hunters would need to monitor that radar to find prey, the miners or haulers would have to monitor it to detect any pirates, etc. I really wish oneone at NQ had a look at this and gave us some feedback Exploration and active gameplay is what lacks so much on DU and that will be a bummer upon release. Like, most things pretty much only sum up to afk travelling from point A to B, both if you have some kind of autopilot or not. It's boring. Would be nice if we had more things to do, even if it was some kind of minigame to "scan" space with our radar. There aren't too many asteroids to do this and usually they aren't close to each other. If you take 40 minutes to go from one asteroid to another you only have 3 asteroids on the "middle column" before their location starts becoming public, and even so one can still track you since they can see which was most recently discovered. I do agree with the scanner idea, though, it would be MUCH better to just have that, even better if we could equip ships with some kind of jammer element that would require you to be much closer to properly scan that ship. There's so many possibilities here, but Idk if we'll ever get to that, sadly ๐Ÿ˜•
  13. It's a fair thing, you all got to play the beta completely for free, while others paid for it. You can still get the rewards by getting a subscription, no big deal, you can get the first reward just by paying a single month at $10. Also, since many of the free beta keys were used in alts, it could end up messing with the balance at launch or leading to people selling those accounts. A big no-no.
  14. @NQ-Sesch when will I be able to wishlist it on my Steam? It keeps saying I'm region blocked (South America/Brazil). Just let me wishlist it!
  15. Are you insane? The middle column is good only for 120 minutes, which then goes to the completely public list of asteroids. Each asteroid takes like 40 minutes or more just to reach the area and be scanned. Well that's the whole point of risk-reward. If a player is spending 2 hours scanning and going to an asteroid, why should their interceptors be allowed to magically know where they are? The moment they get ganked by some random player who waited until a middle-column asteroid to show up they also lost their 2 hours of work, if not more, because they were mining.
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