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  1. Some amazing entries! Only about two hours left to get yours in Lasersmith.
  2. Greetings Noveans! Welcome to Ask Aphelia, where we answer your Dual Universe questions. This is a special PvE dedicated episode, where we tackle many of the questions that were sent in by our community. Are you ready to hear all about PvE? Please listen/watch to our podcast here. Please let us know your feedback about this special PvE episode in the comments below. ❤️
  3. Hey folks! The bot entries we've gotten so far are all available to see near the Exchange: ::pos{0,2,24.7050,99.0905,147.7182} Go check'em out! If you submitted your bot to the build off but do not see it on the platform that means that it did not meet the requirements (Most of the errors have been using parts that are not nano-craftable) listed in the rules. You can go ahead and modify your bot so it meets the requirements and just resubmit it via the form and we'll review it again and place it when it qualifies. Get those bot entries in! 🤖
  4. If you can't craft it in your nanocrafter, then you cannot use that element - that is part of the challenge of this contest. Make sure to keep the checkbox in the crafting screen "Show nanocraftable only" is checked. Still a lot of elements to choose from!
  5. No, that would be a bit cruel saying you have to use exactly 100 nano-craftable items. You can use up to 100 items.
  6. Up to 100 elements total, including those 6 light sources. I will update the post to reflect that.
  7. Calling All Bot Builders! Do you like robots? How about a challenge to build a bot with specific material requirements? Then read on as this is the contest for you! Welcome to the DU BOT BUILD OFF CONTEST! We want you to feel the spark of inspiration, knock the rust off your imagination, and polish up your building skills. Show us your most amazing robot creations! Are you ready for this challenge? We hope so, because this is also a nanocrafter only challenge. This means that the materials you use can all be crafted in your nanocrafter (no industry objects/materials permitted). Also, because you like challenges right? We’re only allowing a certain amount of elements and honeycomb you can use on your robot creations. Are you ready? Bot on! Deadline: Friday June 2nd @ 20:00 UTC (4:00 PM New York/Toronto time) Please click this link for the Entry form Construct Rules & Specifications Please make sure to check your bot constructs so that they meet the requirements below to be eligible: One (1) XS Dynamic Core Unit Up to 100 Nano-craftable Elements - Including XS Dynamic Core Unit and the 6 light sources. Six (6) Light Sources - XS lighting elements only Up to 60m3 Nano-craftable Honeycomb material in total What can you win? First Prize - Your very own unique in-game title “Brilliant Bot Builder” and three months of game time. Two (2) runner ups will each receive one month of game time. Once your entry has been submitted and reviewed to make sure it meets all of the bot requirements, they will be put on display near the display at The Exchange located here: ::pos{0,2,24.7050,99.0905,147.7182} and you can also VR by searching for: DU Bot Build Off Display Area Happy building Noveans. we look forward to seeing what kind of bots you can create!
  8. We just need the details on the form.
  9. Hello, Noveans! During our most recent livestream, NQ-Deckard and NQ-Entropy joined us and answered questions about upcoming features in update 1.4, which will be coming soon to Dual Universe. We know you have many questions, and to make it easier for you to stay informed, we wanted to summarize what was shared. PvE Missions We are excited to add PvE Combat missions in update 1.4, where players participate in missions against NPCs using familiar PvP mechanics. Here's an overview of what to expect in PvE Missions: Difficulty Levels: Missions will have various difficulty levels, from very easy to very hard. Players can solo the lower tiers, but as the difficulty increases, players will need to team up to complete the missions using ships with a crew equipped with multiple sets of guns. Challenging Gameplay: Even for experienced players, the higher-difficulty missions will be tough. Players will need to strategize and optimize their ships to achieve victory. Customizable Mission Ships: Players must build their own mission ships within the parameters set by each mission. Restrictions may apply, such as not allowing large battleships in easy missions. Players can choose their preferred weapons, shields, and variants for their ships. Instanced Battles: Missions will be instanced, using similar technology as VR challenges. However, players can now bring their own ships and enter the same instance alongside multiple other players. You must also supply your own ammunition, scrap, and fuel; any lost elements during the mission will be your loss. Rewards: Completing missions will earn players quanta, addressing feedback requesting more ways to make in-game currency. PvE Combat provides an alternative method for players to fund their gameplay, similar to hauling missions. Scaling Difficulty: The intention is for very easy missions to be accessible to new players with a few days of talents without requiring perfect equipment. As players progress to higher difficulties, missions become more demanding and require precise strategies. Loss Consequences: We are currently finalizing what happens when players lose a mission, with the goal of not being overly punishing. One possibility is allowing players to salvage their ships if they fail a mission. Mission Retreat: If players find a mission too difficult, they can retreat to the entry point to save their ship and resources. Completing the mission isn’t needed to escape. More information about PvE Missions, including specifics on the consequences of losing a mission, will be provided as we develop and refine the feature. PvP Changes We are implementing significant changes to our PvP mechanics, including: We’re changing the tracking formula that runs hit or miss calculations, especially the impact of ship cross-sections on the formula. We expect this to shift the meta away from lighter ships with small cross-sections by removing the protection they currently enjoy from the low probability of being hit by medium and large guns. We’re also adjusting most parts of PvP, with changes to systems such as base weapon stats and removing debuffs from weapon variants. Shield venting is also being changed, and stasis weapons are being buffed to make them more powerful and relevant to their role, for instance, in tackling small ships that get caught. We are also investigating server issues and lag in PvP. To help us address these problems, please submit detailed reports with player names, ship names, times, and any other relevant information when lag occurs. These issues are difficult for us to replicate on our end, and being specific in your reports will enable us to analyze our logs better. Planets In Update 1.4, we aim to reintroduce two planets, each with exciting new features and locations: Sicari: Retaining its original feel but visually enhanced with more interesting elements and a new location. Sinnen: Completely reworked from the ground up and placed in a new location. Following player feedback, we are experimenting with closer positioning for the new planets. Stay tuned for upcoming images showcasing these planets in the coming weeks. Additionally, Update 1.4 will introduce three new Alien Core Units, enabling access to all types of plasma in the game. LUA Changes We are implementing several updates to the Lua system, which may cause temporary disruptions but are essential for long-term improvements. Some changes include: Update Lua version to 5.4.4 Slightly improve the syntax highlighting Fixed the boolean type to return 'true' or 'false' instead of 1 or 0. Seeking faster solutions for JSON encoding and decoding. We've taken the opportunity to introduce some minor changes to radar to help filter signals. We will have more detailed information coming on the Lua changes soon. Joystick Support This feature has taken significantly more resources than we had anticipated, but it does look like we’ll have full joystick support in update 1.4. Thanks for reading, Noveans. If you have any questions about the PVE Mission System, you can submit them to our upcoming PvE special episode of Ask Aphelia using this form and we’ll do our best to answer them. The Novaquark Team
  10. It doesn't need to be a new ship. If you already have one that fits within the requirements, you're welcome to submit it.
  11. If you know what VR challenge ships roughly look like, and their sizes. Building a ship in line with those can increase your chances of selection. But, we're also looking for standout designs. Ships that grab our attention and make us pause. We don't have an upper limit for submissions. That's a design choice that is up to you. Good luck!
  12. Correct. I adjusted the post to make it more specific.
  13. Hello, Noveans! We’re thrilled to announce our latest build contest! We’re looking for exceptional ship designs to include in an upcoming feature of update 1.4. This would be for a VR challenge that is like the current atmospheric and space piloting challenges available in the VR network, that will take players to an orbital installation above Alioth. We want to invite every Novean to have a chance to get their ship included in this new mission. This is a very quick draw type shipbuilding competition, and to participate, you must submit your ship design using our form by May 8th, 2023, @ 16:00 UTC. To be eligible, your ship must meet these requirements: Be able to fly in both atmosphere and space. Be an S-core hauler capable of carrying a minimum of 33 tons of cargo out of Alioth's atmosphere without any piloting talents, with at least seven (7) thousand liters of cargo volume. No weapons. Have a stand-out design! Send us your most unique and interesting builds. All shipwrights chosen will have their ship included in the upcoming orbital mission and will also win three months of game time. Good luck, Noveans! We look forward to seeing your designs!
  14. Greetings Noveans! We understand that many of you are eager to learn more about the upcoming PvE missions in our next update (1.4). That's why we're excited to announce a special PvE edition of Ask Aphelia, where we'll address some of your questions directly! To submit your question(s), please follow this link to our form, choose "PvE Missions" from the list, and hit submit. It's as easy as that! Since this is a special edition of Ask Aphelia, we ask that you submit your PvE-related questions by Monday, May 8th, 2023. We can't wait to hear from you and share insights on PvE!
  15. Thanks for streaming Sethioz. ❤️ Why yes there might be a few gifts in that egg. Maybe. Let me know if you plan on streaming any of the remaining tours!
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