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  1. That sandbox properly also has a functioning open market system and (un)wanted pvp plus over powered parental police to enforce rules the bucket is OP
  2. Personally I have no intention on playing as i dont know when or if they plan to wipe. Not going to play if they wipe in a week or 2 kinda deal. So my plan i to just set +300day of training an leave the +80mill xp in the bank
  3. @NQ-Ligo thanks for looking in to and reporting back on issues to the community, much appriciated. More of that please
  4. No it is not, it is an impassable barriers that stop players in there tracks, hence the great exodus of 0.23. Sure it fits with NQ stick and no reward mentality + survivalist grind fest, but if they want more customers they need to bring out the carrots and rewards. as only die hard fans seems willing to play and that in a niche game.
  5. that is assuming the managers are actually working! badadum-tish...
  6. eeeeh, set a forest on fire and it will burn for some days, all it takes is 1 match. But regrowing it naturally will take decades. even planting trees will take month to years depending on size
  7. It's a sandbox , it should be easy for pvp people to come up with a reason to pewpew :):)
  8. not really, fairly straight forward actually. parse constructs > move bp to /dev/nul /nanopack
  9. Supressing and censoring would be yet another nail in DU coffin, do you really want to hammer that in? The game is death because - NQ have managed to lose almost all active players -The game has been stuck in beta for years -The dev have no managed to produce any meaning full updates in years -NQ kickstarter claims have been thrown out the window (openworld, market, freebuild) -NQ complete and uther disregard for feedback - At the rate that NQ is adding, upgrading or fixing things the game will need years more in beta before going live the list goes on and on
  10. I have to agree bad management is a global issue, but there is nuances. for France that is to discussion everything to death. My country is often see seen as rude and abrasive, because we can be a VERY direct and dont mind telling people incl ze boss
  11. The vids of the battle looked very boring though, even more boring then EvE vids . never the less glad you had fun - can you disable the shield effect (looks ugly as f...) - can you change ammo effect - does everyone have modded huds - how possible is it to battle with a standard ship/lua/hud
  12. I am curious in what you expect to gain in a wipe that would be better then no wipe?
  13. go to https://board.dualthegame.com/ to see what dumpster has caught on fire, a bit morbid i know
  14. It seems many of you are more interested in keeping BP then skill points, i find that a little strange. bp's can be recreate, the time spend on skill points cannot. That makes skill point the only item with true value.
  15. But it is the same, only difference is PVP players are there willingly suggestions from previous similar threat - do not fly what you cannot lose - be better prepared - bring more friends Oh, and Yes the radar change sounds stupid but, hey, it is DU
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