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  1. because it is simply tedious and boring game play
  2. More industry has stalled this morning and also transfer units Changing links does not clear it up, so only option is to replace the factory. But there is more this bug also hit newly placed industry and transfer units
  3. i have never had stuck machines, but i am getting this as well now. seems very random
  4. Just no . This is along the lines of survival games, which for me are amazingly boring, you just end um in a perceptual circle of repairing. Also no . to food, water, sleep and air
  5. It is a sandbox, end game is what ever you want it to be, don't be afraid to go off rail and try something new. (although NQ is doing there best to put rules in the sandbox or run away with the ball )
  6. Yeah, you should clearly make a Bugatti Veyron for coal transport.
  7. i would like to see less element, as it is now it's just a mess if you look at something like atmo engines with 13 type with each size group. It would be better with, say 3 engines with a slight performance/efficiency increase over the previous model and then 1 or 2 specialty model like military version that would be tougher against damage and a speed version.
  8. I like massive brakes and acceleration but imaging if they added G effects to our avatar GarbageKnight with his 46G brakes would die every time he touched them, people can only withstand 5g for a few minutes or 3g for around 1 hour. Or you could tap them for a fraction of a second and with would only be like a 100mph hour car accident
  9. remember the sanctuary territorial unit before you leave. are you forced to do the tutorial, can it actually be skipped?
  10. There are some many missing details and small errors all over the place It is like the company motto is "meeeh good enough" which would explain a good deal of the issues @NQ Brilliance is in the small details
  11. Maybe they where surprised, like so many other companies on how fast or to what level users can take things. EvE: there will only be 1 or 2 titans... Hosting providers: you can have unlimited space ... Retail: as much as you can carry...
  12. eeek, TP is the only thing of true value as it represent time spend and cannot be bough and sold else where.
  13. i did not sign up to play EvE but to claim EvE is dying seems false https://mmo-population.com/r/eve I mean with almost 500K daily logins and 8 million subscribers, which has to be an all time count and not active subscriptions. the game looks to be doing well What i wanted was an open skills/market/sandbox game where everyone could do what ever they want with out rules in the sandbox. Where the (start-middle-end) game and play style is what ever you want, and not dictated by some arbitrary class system or prefixed systems. p.s. no rules does not mean you can exploiting, cheating or be a complete ars
  14. You can blame NQ for a lot of things, but being a social platform is not one of them, that is just not their primary goal. Perhaps you should head over to the DU discord (or some other social network), hell there might even be a discord with voice chat.. teams/zoom ? as for the pandemic that well last until Q3 2021 perhaps even Q4. But don't worry you can do it, you do not disappear or evaporate just because you do not see other people, you silly extrovert
  15. What is wrong with giving players that have no interests in pvp a zone they can toy around in? Said zone being only 3 planets out of 12, the remaining 9 planets and perhaps other solar systems can be free for all, seems like a trade in pvp's favor
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