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  1. Look what I got I've got a jar of dirt
  2. Update 1.1 comes with 29/11 Update 1.2 brings: Looking further into the future, What’s in the 1.2 Update? - Tactical Map: a visual display providing a tactical view of surrounding constructs detected by your active radar. - New tools for finding wrecks and a minor revamp of the radar system. - Changes to the Deep Space Asteroid Tracker and the asteroid system. - Adding the ability for repair units to use scrap. - New Orbital Delivery Challenge. Maybe the planets coming back with 1.3 in february or march? (But NQ will not enter the chat here, we will not know it for a long period)
  3. (NQ) Ignoring everything in several threads isn't really very good practice on Forums... Certainly doesn't help the player which seeking help and answers.
  4. Facing the consequencens of their own action is not their strenght.
  5. Nach einer Woche kannst du die TCU mit dem Deploy Tool wieder einsammeln. Eine Ausnahme bildet die Starter-TCU der Planten Haven + Sanctuary, die kannst meines Wissens nach nicht wieder aufheben.
  6. The only thing I desire is more honesty and more communication. It doesn't have to be 10 pages full of information, but tell us smaller pieces of that. Even of your "roadmap" 1.1 and 1.2. Give us a little inside of your world. What is hard in your development right now? What are the current challenges you are trying to get fixed up to December? @Anderson Williams In my eyes a community-manager should be the bridge between the community and the company, and not a player based council. “Ask Apehlia '' was a good start, but we clearly need more…
  7. Guess they avoid interactions with us and can't take criticism/feedback. Why I am saying this?: Every few weeks a NQ-employee is sticking out his head and interacting with the players (discord), receives backslashes and starts to ghost the players again. And I guess they learned we would use their words after month or years against them..
  8. MU's kannst du nur auf einen statischen Kern setzen und somit musst du zuvor die Territoriale Wabe beanspruchen (claimen). Zudem muss deine beanspruchte Wabe mit Steuern bezahlt sein, damit auch Erz abgebaut wird (--> Sanctuary, Haven bilden als Starterplaneten eine Ausnahme und hier müssen meines Wissens nach keine Steuern gezahlt werden)
  9. I agree. In one hand the new balance system of max. speed and mass is interesting and have created new opportunities. On the other hand i am not interested in a 7 hours mission trip. I dont see this as an amazing gameplay mechanic and in the meanwhile i have to play other games or watch videos.
  10. Haha. I checked the time stamps. Guess I'm being a little unfair to the mods. It was not 3 weeks Event Started April 16th ; end April 25th we had to wait 2 weeks and not three
  11. Reminds me about the easter egg event, where the winner will be announced soon. After some week a Mod told us they will release the information "very soon". Unfortunately, we had to be patient for 3-4 weeks.
  12. This is also one of my favorites ^^
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