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  1. If pvp is the reason people stop playing, then it's not the player's fault, it's the fault of a poor implementation by the developer.
  2. Nothing for the boss fight, but your camera shaked a bit after the explosion
  3. https://i.gyazo.com/ffde011419bfe803cf523750fc9fc54f.mp4 - From Discord
  4. Looks like Sysdrift / Shadowtempler. (Horizon Discord) Had this HUD on a Starscream from him (pocketrocket)
  5. 1.) Front Page and click "play now". See attached file 2.) You are a Patron User. You should have DACs. One DAC is 30days gaming time worth. My Account Details\DACs "Convert my dacs into subscription time"
  6. On their website "https://www.dualuniverse.game/" you want to click on "PLAY NOW". There you can see the payment option. or Your 'Account\My Products' and push "auto-renewal" to on. If you have a payment in the past, the system would automatically extend your subscription on aug 30
  7. It is compatible. You have to drop the files from Github in your Dual Universe lua directory. (In my case F:\ProgramData\Dual Universe\Game\data\lua\autoconf\custom ) Restart your hole client or right click on the gunner chair and click "Update custom autoconf list". Then load your scripts in. https://du-creators.org/makers/Super Powerful Pro Army/ship/Gray Runner Basic The only thing i could imagine is, that the script in generel needs lvl 5 handling skills. But i dont want to believe that ^^
  8. Hmmm. You know, i dont use this script personally. I might not know specific problems, but i am selling one ship with SleimsHud and it worked well. You followed this: Download the 'SleimGunnerHUD.conf' and 'SleimRemoteHud.conf' file Place them in the DU custom folder inside the DU installation: 'Dual Universe\Game\data\lua\autoconf\custom' Ingame connect to Gunner Module: Space Radar Weapons (Optional and not recommended when using with the remote script) Shield generator (Optional and only after Space Radar!) Atmo Radar Make sure your ship has a shield and warp drive if you want to use the Remote script no manual connecting to remote needed Only after download of new config: Rightclick Gunner Module -> Advanced -> Update custom autoconf list Rightclick Gunner Module -> Advanced -> Run custom autoconfigure -> SleimGunneerHUD_v1.* Rightclick Remote Controller -> Advanced -> Run custom autoconfigure -> SleimRemoteHud Generell würde ich sagen auf die richtige Verlinkung zu achten. Also Radar,Shield und mindenstens eine Waffe anschließen. Danach erst die Scripts reinladen. Den GunnerHUD in den Stuhl reinladen und den RemoteHUD in den RemoteController reinladen. Ich frag mal die Jungs auf dem Discord ob ähnliche Probleme bekannt sind.
  9. If you need cannon, radar, capacity and engines skill. I can pimp your ship o.o
  10. You will probably fail the easy mission. 1.) Use one of the free PvP script. https://github.com/sleim22/Sleim-Hud https://github.com/Deadrank/DeadRank-DU (you will load a script in the gunner seat and a second script in an Remote Controller XS) 2.) You should use an s-core ship, because you want to use a gunner module s-size. There you can fit your s-sized weapons. (like my S-core fighter... S Rare Capacitor Shield; 1x S Rare phased-array radar, Gunner-module S, Remote controller XS, 6x Rare Cannons) 3.) You can survive the easy mission without a vent. Your choice of Inconel is very strong and with 2-3mio. CCS you will tank a lot in this fight. (To get a better understanding, you might want to visit Organisation and look at their ship.) Surrogate: SPPA Alioth Shop Surrogate: SNS Sentinels Main Base
  11. Great update for the keybindings. -I can cycle through enemies, identify and "engage target" with all weapons and that with shortcuts. Nice - The NPCs are an easy kind with no movement/pathfinding, but still lays a foundation for more pve combat in the future. More pf that please
  12. No PTS will be available, but they will rebalancing a lot things (including pvp elements). So yes, share more information or open a PTS server
  13. 1.) Hire a designer/modeler in the short term. 2.) In one content patch release the atmo xl engine and combine it with the release of an Cash Shop (real money) - Sell skins for engine's - Selll skins for avatar ( easter event skin, christmas skin, etc.) - Sell skins for pets Just milk us dry with your costly skins
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