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    Russia, Novosibirsk (UTC+7).
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    In game: PvP, building... well, almost everything except mining.
    IRL: programming, valleyball, paintball / airsoft.
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  1. Yes, I've found it (https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/conglomerate-of-independent-corporations/). I'm looking for everything I think, but mostly for PvP and a good team with sense of humour .
  2. Just introducing myself : ) I've been playing EVE for almost 4 years. I was PvP fleet commander for at least 3 of them. But I like simulators of space life more than simulators of excel tables. SC is in alpha for 7 years - I just don't believe in it. Elite is too arcadic for me. A few month ago I heard about another game - Dual Universe. It looks realistic enough and gives you full freedom. So I'm here now and I'm glad to help by testing. (Looking for a corporation or alliance to join btw, it's hard to understand everything here. I need help xD) P.S. My nickname means Marine soldier Andreyno in Russian. Hello from Siberia! : )
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