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  1. The number of people mission running with alt accounts will still never provide enough money coming into the game economy to compensate for the money going out from taxes. The amount of money being brought into the economy by a small number of mission runners will always be much smaller than the amount of money going out of the economy from taxing almost every person in the game millions per month. The majority of people I know that play the game refuse to run missions as do I. We either all have to start mission running to save economy or something else has to happen.
  2. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but after the taxes start, there will be much more money leaving the in game economy than entering it. Right now the only way money enters the DU economy is through market missions and the 150k login bonus every day. There are no longer bots buying low tier ore. Money leaves the economy through schematic sales and taxes. This will greatly outpace the money entering the system causing economic collapse. I can't see how the economy will survive unless we all start doing missions to inject more money into the economy or bots start buying low tier ore again. What does everyone else think?
  3. Dear NQ, If you are trying to fix the problem of too many players buying tiles and then leaving the game with all of their territory still claimed, taxes can be the answer. I even like the idea of taxes for this very reason but I think tax pricing is very wrong. Any amount of taxes even an insignificant amount of taxes would acomplish the goal. If all I had to do was pay 1000 quanta a month taxes per tile that would fix it. I'm not saying it should be that low either but as long as there is something I need to pay every month or I will lose my territories it will accomplish the goal of getting rid of abandoned players' territories. It needs to be a very small amount, and to prevent players owning 2000 territories easily, it should go up in price when buying a territory, like it currently does. Now lets talk about the economy. The economy will fail if more money is being removed from the economy than being put in. The way I see it right now the only money going into the economy is the 150k a day for each players daily login and the few players doing missions from the market. Your proposed taxes will subtract far more than this amount of money every day eventually causing an economic collapse in the game. Economics 101. If most of the player money gets subtracted from the game by taxes how does money reenter the game or get put back in the system? Missions and 150k a day? Hell no, do not force me to play your unfun and low profit missions. This is supposed to be a game about freedom and playing the way you want but after these changes I will be forced to spend many hours a week just to keep owning the tiles that I spent a lot of time earning money to own already. I don’t want to pay a monthly fee for that. I hope for the future of this game that the taxes will be adjusted to be much more reasonable.
  4. If there are massive changes to the mining mechanics we should all start new. Existing scans should not work for the new system of mining. The large orgs will claim all the available good tiles within the first day or two. They should have to go scan new like everyone else. Taxes on territories are way too high considering the cost to buy a tile is 140 000. Now I pay 7 times as much PER WEEK just to keep owning it. INSANE. Taxes need to be 1/4 of this or smaller. I like the direction that is being taken with auto miners but the taxes will ruin the game if they are left this high. Also, I think when you place a mining unit it should not start at 0% calibration. I have to use calibration charges just to start it?? Seems wrong. Minimum calibration needs to be bigger than 0%. Not much but just something even if its only 10 %, there needs to be a minimum that isn't 0.
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