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  1. According to NQ in the latest stream you will be able to substitute one voxel type for another when placing a blueprint but I think that is not coming until after launch. As for substituting elements they mention that you will be able to exclude elements when placing a BP. It seems that you would have to add the t1 engines manually after excluding the higher tier engines when deploying the BP. It looks like you will get most of what you are wishing for but not until after launch
  2. Now the only question I have is "When is Launch"? I really hope we don't have to wait 3 more months to get an answer.
  3. Hey NQ just wondering if you guys are ever going to participate in these forums anymore. It would be great if you guys could respond to some of the things we talk about here once in a while. It seems the only questions you guys want to answer are the ones submitted through the ask Aphelia form. What is the point of these forums if none of the things we talk about in here get addressed or commented on by NQ? There are dozens of valid questions in the forums that never get answered. As always, we would like some real answers. There seem to be a large number of people unhappy with the pitch/roll/yaw speed nerfs. I am fine with these changes if you make them only active in space or PVP space. Can you guys please make the pitch roll and yaw speed nerfs only active in PVP space since they were done to balance PVP? Or do I have to ask that question through the Ask Aphelia form for you guys to read and respond to it?
  4. I agree, I want to use the 0 key for a tool slot too. I have 10 tools I use all the time but only 9 slots. Mildly frustrating
  5. I agree we need some more glass options. All the options listed above would be great although I know some would be hard to implement. I for one would like some curved glass pieces so I can make a nice cockpit. Or some really large glass plates to cut down on element usage. I like making glass floors on sections of space stations but find it extremely tedious and lag generating to place 500 large glass plates to make a floor. I want some XXXXXXL glass plates please.
  6. This new schematic system is just Taxes with extra steps. Now I will pay a fee for every single item I make in the factory. Sounds like taxes Why not just auto deduct some of my money every time I finish crafting an item instead. Copying schematics for money and waiting for them to copy is not anyone's idea of fun or engaging gameplay The new schematics seem like an extremely tedious way of taxing us for industry. NOBODY WANTS MORE TEDIOUS GAMEPLAY
  7. If I heard correctly there are going to be schematics for the pures. I do not think this is a good idea. I think the schematics should only be for finished products.
  8. I agree with you that a 40kt freighter shouldn't turn quickly. But I do think that adding more adjusters should help instead of hindering the performance. Many of us agree with larger ships turning slower but feel that the nerfing of the rotation speeds starts too early. Even my ships under 1 kiloton are significantly slower turning than they used to be.
  9. Can you please make the pitch/yaw/roll speed nerfs only active in space or pvp space? There is already a check in the game to see if you are in atmosphere or space or even pvp space. Maybe I am wrong here but I was led to believe that the pitch/yaw/roll speed nerfs were done for PVP balancing reasons. It seems wrong to apply this nerf when flying in atmosphere where there is no PVP. Now all of the non PVP players have to deal with a nerf not intended for them but now ruins their gameplay. I speak for many of us when I say that this nerf ruins my fun of flying anything even approaching 1 kt. I used to enjoy flying and building large ships but now all large ships fly like a cow no matter how many adjusters. Please NQ, can you make the pitch/yaw/roll speed nerfs only active in PVP space if they were done for PVP balancing reasons?
  10. There are several elements that seem to be lacking from the current game and several elements that could use a tweak. Large wings - come on, why don't we have these already? reduce element count and lag Colored luminescent voxel - game would become cyberpunk universe, I'm totally in xl brakes and xl space brakes - some of us like very large ships and this would reduce element count, lag, and would be a win for everyone different shapes of engines such as long skinny engines so that we don't have to always have a giant engine wall for huge haulers xl atmo engines - again, why don't we have these already different warp drive sizes for different core size ships - the current warp drive size and weight i believe is appropriate for s core ships, there needs to be a smaller one for xs cores and medium and large ones for M and L core ships L cores that are not a cube shape, L cores that are twice as long but half as tall, would contain same volume but allow more variety of large ships There are many more but these are my first choices if they were to add some more elements to the game. Post your suggestions here for new elements that you think we need or new elements that would add more interesting gameplay.
  11. Yes NQ, we are all wondering how the ongoing discussion is going and you aren't communicating at all with us. You guys tells us to post in the forums if we want to be heard and we are. But you guys are not responding to anything we say. We have been asking questions in the forums and wondering for 8 weeks and still no news. You say you want to be transparent with us so be transparent. Are you making any progress?? Are any of the wipe details confirmed yet? Which things can you say are certain? Do you have any idea when you ARE going to tell us any news? Is there a proposed launch date yet? All of these questions and more need to be answered. In case you guys can't tell, the game is dying and the only thing that can save it is wipe news. Player numbers are at an all time low. Most people I talk to have put the game on hold or abandoned it entirely. We would all like to play again but we need to know what is happening with the wipe/no wipe before we can justify spending any more time on it.
  12. I honestly think that the fighting over alien cores is what NQ means when they talk about space territory warfare. I doubt there will ever be any "ownable" or "claimable" space territory but I could be wrong. Cross your fingers.
  13. It used to be warp to Lacobus, calibrate miners and pick up ore, warp back to Alioth then sell the ore to afford parts for my main hobby, ship building. Spend remaining time building and testing ships. Now I have abandoned doing any calibrating or automining because in the event of anything being wiped quanta is for sure getting wiped. I have no reason to keep trying to earn money. I occasionally pop on to do some ship building in the hopes that we get to keep blueprints. But I no longer work on my base or large projects like another race track because its likely to get wiped. My current gameplay loop is not so much a loop as a time killer until the wipe happens or we get some real good news about the wipe.
  14. This summarizes my feelings about what NQ just told us.
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