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  1. Best Part: https://clips.twitch.tv/WildYummyOkapiWoofer-Ni6EqNLbhF58G21G
  2. Now, what we need it counter the nerfed warp is an unnerf of the rocket engines power. They need to be more powerful than rare engines, otherwise what's the point.
  3. So when can we reset pvp talents or get a talent rebalance. The big ones being weapon types that are not effective, HP buffs, and all of the honeycomb that's now worthless.
  4. GFN when it launched was ok, but as of late is it totally trash for doing anything interesting in game. Technically it works but good luck flying a ship with 75 active elements, digging, scanning, etc. I'm super disappointed in NQs response to tickets I've opened, as they often take a week plus to reply, are closed without a dialog, or are ignored all together.
  5. Same here. My old Intel rig can start up the game however its too old to be useful enough to play with a large core ship. I've made a support ticket, reinstalled, cried myself to sleep, and exhausted all other opinions. I'm not giving Intel anymore money till they have a better product. I feel even more like they need to wipe after this.
  6. I'd second this idea, if we had DU classic. Basically revert all of the stupid stuff like missions and roids, wipe the ground monthly, and let use just play the game before it became a shit show.
  7. lol winner of what contest, who can spend 50m on a junk scanner?
  8. This game is going to be dead if this isn't fixed immediately.
  9. Here's what we need for pvp to be better. * A progressive way to work up to large cores and large weapons. There needs to be more reasons to use small and medium ships. * NPC targets to practice on, or a mission to fight them. The current missions are a joke. * A better weapons interface. The cockpit should be reworked so that we can use it in small pvp ships. What we don't need: * Overpriced weapons and ammo (this is more because we don't have a healthy economy or large player bases) * desync issues * 2 SU limited radar * 5 km atmo radar * Years of talents to master a weapon. * Stacked element ships
  10. In industry we need large, and xl or even small, if your not a crazy industry player. The small machines could work without needing schematics which would be great for new players. Large or extra large transfer units should have 5x the bandwidth for each size up, and 2 more links per machine. A large refinery, metalworker, or other industry machine could follow these features as well which should help with the element lag. Also... The xs space tank would be great if they allowed those ships to be compactable since only atmo ships can be compactable.
  11. I'd rather see a core power system or some bonus to run industry off of Alioth to encourage hauling, which encourages pvp (and ever other part of the game). If your running a mega factory your keeping the mining crowd busy otherwise what's the point... make a million engines for yourself?
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