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  1. +1 for changing up the market taxes. I'd like so much to see more life on other markets, more trade incentives such as pvp planets being seeded with select amounts of ore bots. In this hypothetical world, where we actually have a game loop for industry players, anther planet could be seeded with element buy orders, another planet seeded with buy and sell orders for industry parts. Since market 6 is the only market used we should also have some taxes based on how much stuff is already at the market, and lower the taxes on markets that don't see much activity. Most of all I want to see the devs participating in playing on market, as it feels like many quality of live things would exist once they realize how limited the experience feels, and how frustrating the interface is once your managing a billion in assets (a few hundred types of elements, which most solos can achieve within a few months). The new player experience also is rather slow without the ability to buy the basic elements (adjustors, xs cores, xs engines). When in beta, we could build a ship at any market with those basic parts, it seems like a negative change to now make the new players have to spend hours, if not a full day (without talents) of nanocrafting just to make a basic amto ship. Lastly, the tax on ammo is way to high.
  2. So when I have the same number of scanners as you mentioned, I'm back to one of seven setups with around 85 percent remaining so I will either fold laundry or pick rocks or do even more scanning. Step up your scanning game, go for 30-120 scanners if you've got a friend to help, in a line skipping every other, only falling back to a flower, when your in a hot area. The scanning should be done in a few days at most, so why would I want to waste talents.
  3. Sadly I don't see the forum getting attention anymore, the community has felt abandoned, and unresponsive.
  4. Please don't ever skip on the PTS again. I understand that your a small team with a small budget but it's a community favorite, as the PTS provides valuable testing and faster feedback; in addition the community will gather to test not only the new things but also valuable insight into talents, and a no cost way to build without limits, and many other things which may include testing how fast can I fly my ship into the market.
  5. Exactly. This is why I expect another bombshell from NQ, in the form of a tile reset or worst case another full wipe.
  6. I think your main point is you don't have enough space, my main counter argument is what's wrong with building in space where your not limited? The lighting kinda sucks but otherwise I prefer it. Secondly, the tiles cost money to host so if you want more than getting another account is basically what NQ wants.
  7. I disagree, we shouldnt have 5 hq tiles, we should have 5 hq tiles per planet. Also have to say that we definitely need more interesting mechanics for mining units bonus and taxes such as lowering the taxes and allowing orgs to declare alliances so that tiles can get bonuses or even negative affects, a better yield randomizer, and lastly territory warefare that makes sense, then the hq amount needs to be reconsidered.
  8. Will the tactical map work in atmo? It would be great if we could dial back radar from 10km, something less, given the thousands of constructs around high population areas.
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