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  1. Well, before they lock this thread, because it's just another duplicate, I have to say, NQ has lost a lot of the positive community, many for a long or even indefinite amount of time. They know this, they just can't say it. Now not only do they have to get ready for release, they have to figure out how to rebuild the community. Which means, give us a roadmap, and stuff to look forward to... like DAC (oh hey Blazemonger).
  2. I log in. Check ore in factory, 10 seconds later. I check for a decision on the wipe. I log out.
  3. I feel no optism here. Maybe you should find something to look forward to. I want the goal of collecting the materials, quanta for the schematics, designing the ships to fight over the resources, pvping to get the materials, having to group up to grow a larger stake in the market or make connections to trade the end game materials. That gets me excited to play the game again, but that means there needs to be a full game loop, and without DAC I don't see it happening. The simple game loops that exist will not drive more growth, the game is getting stale for many. In good part by NQs own fault of not communicating that well. But back to game loops. For many of the players, there is no major game loop, to date. Sure there are npc missions, and sure there are/were many builders, and sure some people like PvE mining in the safe zone, but what's the point? To pay taxes? To have more ships? As a solo, the game is limited. It ends up being just a simple version of space engineers, a crappy Factorio, and a terrible econ grinder. After you blow past a billion, there isn't much left to the game. It turns into a grind, a daily calibration grind. Before you know it, the entire game is just one or two simple loops, and sure, maybe this DAC will turn into another simple little loop, but I feel like NQ has tried and tried and tried but yet failed to bring that masses into pvp space. The risk vs reward options are limited. The big carrot needs to be added, and I'm sticking to it. We need to have a player craftable DAC, so that some industry people will need to work with some pvpers, who then work with ship designers, Lua coders, more industry players to source their elements, all who need to work with PvE players to get the fundamentals. A major game loop opportunity lays before NQ. Maybe it's not a big enough carrot, but I think with a good implementation it could be a turn around point for the game. I'm sorry if you don't believe in their original ideas, I get it, they haven't really stuck to many of the original ideas. And NQ have made plenty of features that have had rough edges for way to long. That is a given. But I'm still holding on for the game to have some success. And yes that probably means a wipe. But that doesn't mean you have to nit pick every single detail. It's a game, if your not having fun or getting enough entertainment out of it, there are plenty of other options.
  4. Thinking about this again, they should actually require every type of plasma to make one DAC so that there is more trade, and less possibly of some org owning everything.
  5. Player driven economy vs Just NQ cashing out, I don't see how thats funny?
  6. @NQ-Deckard for the podcast: * will DACs be craftable by the players the high tier ores and plasma?
  7. * how are DACs added to the game? Do players need to purchase them or will they be sold for quanta? * Unlimited transfer from player to player? What could go wrong, there are no bugs. * What will happen with players who go a month or 90 days without using a DAC? Will constructs be abandoned once they go inactive? Will talents pause or reset in anyway?
  8. Didn't mean to quote... Idk what happened to the forum that made it impossible to edit anything.
  9. @NQ-Wanderer * If I current have a paid account, will my account be converted to DAC. For example I purchased 12 months of game time, activated 3 months ago, then I do I now have one active DAC, and 8 remaining DACs?
  10. You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill I will choose a path that's clear, I will choose Freewill
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