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  1. So in six days, it's going to be one month from the moment you made some of us stop playing, some of us leave. Whenever I check this page for any update, I imagine your "internal discussion" taking all the mental resources you possess in NQ; working nine hours a day for three weeks trying to "make a decision." But, of course, it is a joke; because you aren't surgeons whose decision could save someone's life, you aren't managing a company with millions of subscribers and thousands of employees, and you aren't engineering a rocket or nuclear submarine. This sort of decision shouldn't take so long, so what comes up to my mind is the word "disrespect." Disrespect is what you have for us.
  2. I can't believe I have to write all this stuff. We should always keep in mind that the decision we made was based on the information provided by the developers. After getting assured by the NQ that they would not wipe us, my friends and I decided to start playing. People I started playing with spread worldwide, which means they have different incomes in real life. Playing DU for some of them was worth 10 minutes of their work time in real life, and some had to work days to pay a yearly subscription. Money equals time and time equals money. The time equals your lifetime, your free time. Some of my mates decided to pay for the sub to benefit from having all this SP. These guys chose to pay for the game they are not playing to get something you won't take away. In other words, they believed you and decided to give you their time (as long as we got paid for the time we spent working in real life). Keeping that in mind, how would you describe your actions if you took their real-life assets from them? Because technically, the SP I have is a real-life asset. I can't believe I have to write this. You, guys, mentioned that's bad for new players. Okay, I decided to start playing EVE Online today. Should CCP wipe the whole server? There will always be new players who are in a position of weakness. In the end, we are paying to get SP and become stronger. Of course, you could say now, "EVE Online is not in betta," they could not wipe. In my opinion, if you said we're not going to wipe, you shouldn't. I said nothing about blueprints, and that's okay; feel free to wipe. However, if I should not take an advantage of other players, let's say, give us free playtime. I decided to play based on the number of skill points in-game and the number of skill points I acquired in a minute. I can foresee a scenario where you give us some free playtime, worth of how much we paid, but you still could decrease the number of SP we get a minute and the number of SP we need to level a skill. That's also won't be honest; the whole situation is absurd; this is simple as pie. You ask people to express their thoughts, but you can't measure how much these ppl brought to the DU. You already made a decision about wiping the day you said you wouldn't wipe anymore. I can't believe it's even a question. The situation with blueprints looks like this: "Okay, people don't like the blueprints, and it actually doesn't work as it is supposed to because NPC sells it. Hmmm, what could we do? Create an in-game mechanics to produce, research, explore the blueprints, or remove them so people won't ever have to use the markets? Yeah, let's kill the sandbox game". I have loads of things to say; probably, you won't even read this because it seems that you aim to fail the game. Or maybe you are looking for a way to stop the development legally; if you have no profits and you can't pay for the servers, that explains everything. But, as a person paying for Beta, it's okay for me if you stop the project by announcing it is over. Because now you want me to pay for your mistakes. Speaking about mistakes, telling people you are not going to wipe could be a mistake. But you are the one who should pay for it, not me. Likewise, the game design could be a mistake, but I shouldn't pay for this either. As a customer with a complete T123 factory capable of producing anything, I'm even okay with wiping all in-game assets but don't touch my talents. The best choice for me: okay, wipe it, but don't give me SP; give me the skills I had. I don't care how many skill points a minute we will have after the wipe or how much skills will be worth (in SP); I need my skills back. That would be honest to people who supported you. And that is not hurting the new players because when a person joins the game, he understands that he's new here. It's not like, "Okay, I'm buying the game. OMFG, I'M NEW HERE AND SOME PEOPLE HERE PREVIOUSLY PLAYED WHAT I'VE DONE?!". So please make a new player experience acceptable, don't make us pay for it. Upd: I forgot to mention that I'll stop playing DU with both of my accounts. I also would demand a refund.
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