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  1. Good update, looking forward to the KS reward's and recycling is a nice feature to look forward to!
  2. The removal of some planets makes sense since you want to give new players a smaller staring ground. Smart! Just hope to get an estimate on when we can expect them back Added the game on my Wishlist (even tough I'm a ruby founder) hope that helps! Only negative thing is that I'm still hoping to get all my talent points back instead of 20%... That the only 'negative feedback' I got to be honest. Looking forward to playing the new FTUE and settle on haven!
  3. Fout me this means I Will just go back to 1 account. If I was able to keep the headstart with talent points I have made it would be worth of to have multiple accounts. Think I just go back to one and work with that. Question, do I keep my life time sub as a ruby founder? Question 2: do I het the 52k talent points after 6 months and 3k per month? So 18+52k= 70k?
  4. it can be a shortcut to your city? Its just a convenient place for new players to see what is around like cities, stores, etc
  5. On a positive note I LIKE THIS! Its like the shop window to the real store, park, city or other point of interest! I think it is a nice place to drop a waypoint maker and mabey some decoration to draw people to the actual location where you have your themepark, shop or city! By making it small you make sure people don't use it for something else then just that, a shortcut or promotional piece! Well done!
  6. THE ALIOTH EXCHANGE sounds interesting! Looking forward to how this will work. Do you pay rent or it there another way to make sure only active players are using it? CONTINUED GRAPHICAL UPGRADES, sounds good! Seems like it will improve the vissibility! SUMMER DACs Can they be exchanged in game as well? How will it work for us ruby founders and above? NOVEAN OVERVIEW Nice addition! I think skins are a nice income model as well. LUA API Don't know enough about lua, one day... TALENT POINT RESET Super! WIPE (no info) Still waiting on this, please at least let us know that IF a wipe happens that we at least get to keep our talent points and blueprints but that other things like money are still on the table. As a miner most of my wealth is gathered by spending hours mining and running around calibrating so a money wipe would not be preferred. But I understand a materials and stuff wipe might be needed to reset the economy.
  7. Thx for the update! I understand that it's a diffecult topic and I understand that it takes time to get it right. But I do notice that I am not having fun at the moment because of the uncertainty and so stop playing for now.
  8. With the terrain wipe you put a lot of effort in to keep underground bases like mine, with a wipe can I still keep my underground base or do I have to dig it out again if I have a BP to replace it? Wiping talent points seems like a bad idea, I am a miner and an industrialist so a economy wipe would hit me pretty hard. If my talent points from the last couple of years are removed as well I might just lose my will to play :S I understand that you need to remove the bugs and the riches gotten trough bugs. But do they really brake the game in its current state? I don;'t think a wipe is the best thing for new players, now they come into a game and have the space to experiment. If everyone has to start over the starting zone would be swamped in the first week(s) with existing players and make it unplayable for new players. Now you have the player base nicely spread across the system. A full wipe feels wrong since it feels like punishing players like myself who have spend countless hours logging in to calibrate my miners. I waited until beta to start playing because there would be no wipe anymore and my efforts would actually account for something. The same reason why I backed Star Citizen but are still not playing it, there might still be a wipe and all would be for notthing.
  9. I kind of lke the schematics, dont mind them staying. And please let me at least keep my talent points!
  10. Haha challenge accepted. Now where is my pvp ship? Wait.. I have none... let's build (and prolly lose) one! Ps love this!
  11. Btw please NQ first tell us the plan in a dev post and ask for our feedback. Use the feedback to fine tune the chanhe and only then implement it next time.
  12. Ooof tips might actualy be the first time I dislike the choice made! As a single player I use 34 slots for myself that I actualy use... my personal space station with industry (8 L cores) 7 for ships: 3 warp shuttles 1 atmo L hauler 1 atmo M hauler 1 L core fighter 1 L core space hauler Plus 4 flying carpets And 15 for MUs Plus I would like to colect ships and build a bigger stationto expand my industry in the next couple of years. Mabey have a wayyy bigget limit but add taxes like with terriories? Do the more you own the more you must be able to pay and earn?
  13. A message for NQ's design team to take into consideration. I don't think taxes are the problem, the 1M quanta is a good price since you can make 2M a week when you keep your MUs at 100% and are able to sell it. I do run into a couple of other problems: I need a "add 1M" button instead I understand the choice but a "add 1.000.000 button" would make it much easier to add funds to the territories. I think the wallet per territory is good and I hope that other org members can add funds in the future as well. I want to save more calibrations Since I have LVL 4 I can save up to 9 calibrations (1 every 4 hours) so I need to come back to the game at least every 36 hours or I lose calibrations. I would like this pool to be bigger so I don't feel the need to come back every day just to use my calibrations. So I can at least save up to a week (or more) worth of calibrations that I can then use every weekend. 48 hours VS a week at 100% I would like the MU's to keep at 100% for at least a week before they go under 100%, to balance this you can make the time to generate 1 calibration longer so you can save up 10 in a week or so? The perfect solution: The perfect solution for me would be that after the initial calibration the MU never goes under a 100% calibration so even if I go on a X week holyday the MU keeps producing (until the container is full). This amount or ore should be enough that if you sell it to bots you would get a bit more then 1.000.000, just enough to cover the cost of the tile (and taxes and fuel). When a MU is calibrated the amount goes up to 200% (or more?) so you can still increase your profit margin if you actively maintain your MU's Even better would be if the whole MU is automated/passive mining and I just need to pickup the ore (or generate a missions for it) This also fulfills the promise that a MU is an automated/passive way to generate ore and income so i can focus on (losing money while trying for big prizes with) building, asteroid mining, PVP, missions or exploration (aka the fun parts of the game when the rist is big but the reward as well) and the territory mining is a nice passive income. The territories as money sink I get that you need a money sink in the game, but if people have resources to lose in PVP (elements that cannot be fixed anymore, voxels that are lost) then you don't need the territories to be one so much. So lowering or removing the tax
  14. I don't think the weekly tax is the problem, you can pay for up to 18 weeks so moneywise you could just ignore the tile for 18 weeks. But you can't because the problem is the necessity to come back every 2-5 days to calibrate the mining unit and the fact that you can only "save" up to 10 calibrations which actually means that you have to come back every 40 hours (or 1,5 day) to make sure you don't lose calibrations. So in reality you have to come back every 40 hours (or sooner if you have less then lvl 5) which means that all you do in DU these days is calibrate mining units, fly ore back and sell it just to pay for upkeep. in my experience you can make a pretty profit (my bank account is growing) but the need to calibrate every 40 hours means that is all I do in my game time.
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