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  1. If Lua wasn’t client side they could do both, but being client side it’s really limited to ships, which is a real shame as the possibility could be fantastic! I wish there was an option to run my computer in a non-GUI mode where Imcan have it log in and run assigned constructs, rather than having to run the full game. I’d probably have an account for a headless server just to run my factories 😂
  2. Still got to accelerate and break. As I said nice non linear curve, probably exponential. A four or five hour trip isn’t fun game play, they are probably afk doing something else just sucking up game bandwidth and server time.
  3. I like taxi missions... a few changes I would request you consider... When I order a taxi, I get a txt when it is close by, how about we get a message when our taxi is nearly there? If you arrive at the pickup point and the customer isn’t within 2km the job is considered completed and you get the pay when you get within 2km of your passenger you can select to pick them up like any other package. A menu comes up,for them, if they select ignore the mission is complete and you are paid, if they select ok then they are teleported onto the ship. If a player is of
  4. With Lua I assume you are running many transfer units in parallel. The bottle neck would naturally be the storage container as you can only have ten transfer units feeding into it at once. Otherwise you have a three level of TU’s pulling and pushing the stock somthe ten feeding the final hub are always working at full. be fun to play with, sure 24hr Sou dis to long still though.
  5. My fault, flew to Symeon for first time, I was way heavy and crashed, destroyed every single element in my ship. Rez back to Madis as no base on Symeon yet. Posted a million for a taxi ride back. High price for quick uptake. got to planet, placed a TCU a xs core and a Rez node in case I need it on Symeon again (hint, I did) Return to my ship, using surface gathering and nanopack to make scrap I repaired my entire ship from red to just yellow with T1 scrap. Took two hrs. Took off. Nope, i’m Two heavy. Try to land, didn’t go well. Walk
  6. 1. Work on my CV trying to work out how to explain my time at NQ without mentioning it as I may need it soon 2. Take every bit of left over budget from every department and sink it all into a good PR company to come up with a way to sell this as a viable product to investors to get a new rush of cash for development as there isn’t enough subs in its current state to fund development, possibly even servers 3. Get rid of no industry on dynamic core decision 4. Get rid of current space speed limit, but make the acceleration curve non linear requiring more force
  7. A few things... A day to package a ship using transfer units and LUA, that must sounds wrong. Though the major problem with Lua us that it is client side. This makes it great for ships but terrible for factory management as sitting in a factory just so your scripts run isn’t fun Second, yes having delivery box’s on dynamic constructs would be a problem is not done correctly. But it would be easy for NQ to say if the construct moves the mission is canceled. If somebody has taken the mission and you move the construct, then the mission is complete, they get the reward AN
  8. They aren’t really winning at DU anyway. They may be rich but their entire game play is either cycling through characters loading and unloading, or travelling through deep space, probably afk. They should do away with the speed limit, move it up to the speed of light with extra power needed the closer you get naturally. Then how fast you travel between planets is how big a ship and fuel you have vs load etc. Much better than being afk watching Netflix for five hrs.
  9. Correct. This is why I can’t do lots of call stuff managing my factory as Lua only works when it’s running on a client. This is why my ship stops in space when I log off, rather than letting me log back on later and have travelled all that distance.
  10. BAD NQ bad bad bad! Don’t do it. Not sure what problem you are trying to solve as you didn’t tell us, but you are causing two much collateral damage! Determine the problem you are having. Work out your preferred solution. Engage the community in case there are unforeseen problems with the issue. Refine, repeat until your not messing up more than you are fixing. Then code. Is your problem nested orgs are getting to many cheat territories rather than paying the increasing price? Make the price based on the number of TCU’s deployed by the super. If the super is
  11. First a disclaimer, I have 2 paid and 3 beta accounts... This issue I don’t really have an issue with. With my five accounts I could do this I suppose, but at my level I could probably do megas for just as much (my case, not the 20 guy). They are still playing, they have to cycle through all those accounts. They are still taking risk as I don’t see 180 mil a day without leaving the safe zone. While they currently have advantage, they most probably are using beta accounts. I brought my three accounts for about 20 million each at the time. When the game goes r
  12. Some people are really rich. i have about five million quanta to my name. There are lots of schematics I’d like to have for my factory, there are a few ships I’d like as I only have two haulers. Also there aren’t many, but there are new players still entering the game. Follow the help channel, there are people asking should they leave Sanctuary. There are players needing help with their speeder. We’re not all rich. I’d never go into PvP space, I don’t have the budget . I always warp as I couldn’t afford the loss, and it would be a loss, I wo
  13. Cool, for you; but if nobody minded they wouldn’t have the quanta to buys your goods. So your business is reliant on mining and making it as efficient and pleasant as possible.
  14. We need folders. under map, the bookmarks section needs folders we can create and move things into Under map, the constructs section we need folders Under RDMS, the tags need folders Under RDMS, the profiles need folders. Would make things look so much more tidy and be easy to find.
  15. Would be nice to be able to set the contents of a dispenser by Lua, but as a min at least let us set the price
  16. I see it every now and then when browsing with the iPad (landscape) but it usually only narrows the first couple of messages and doesn’t scroll down. The real issue I have is I go to unread messages, find one, but it takes me to the top,of the first page. I have to scroll down until I find the new messages line. There must be a button or something to hop,right there but I haven’t figured it out yet and it bugs the heck out of me when deal Ng with multiple page threads. Edit: my bad, it does keep the narrower width. Guess I’m just used to that width.
  17. This is pretty obvious. Have you looked at the amount of data this game uses, it’s nuts. The hardcore players putting in serious serious hours will be using way more data than their sub covers, that’s if they are even paying subs rather than alpha supporters or using beta keys. The causal player, well what is in it for them? You cant have a cool ship with causal mining hours. You can’t afford the schematics for a sweet industry playing causally. You can’t be anything but a victor playing PvP casually. So there is the problem, nothing
  18. Not supported in New Zealand so there goes that idea 😩
  19. But is a good example of what happens when you don’t communicate or listen to your fan base. Also a good example of what happens when you move the status of the game based on finical decisions rather than is it ready.
  20. Do you want us to keep doing them and keep sending in reports, or should we give them a rest until you guys have had a chance to rework them? Its a beta but you guys don’t seem to give direction on which areas you want tested at any particular time.
  21. I want to roleplay a manager running a huge factory, but have to settle for a medium one as I can’t afford the schematics for a huge one. Maybe if I find FP’s asteroid and it’s full with gold I’ll be able to 😃 But if you keep working on it I’ll probably keep playing on it. As for roleplay, my toon would like more items for his apartment!
  22. Firstly, you guys are fantastic. This is a beta and you are treating it that way. You found a problem, you worked out how to make it repeatable, and you even determined what you believe is making it worst. I think PvP has a long way to go, and NQ has said they are working on it, but making ng the current experience better while they work on a long term PvP overhaul would definitely help. As for your research, I really really hope you are right; because if you are then a solution is already in the development chain. Shields! Now if we had shields,
  23. Mid 2022 was last I heard; me I’m hopping for a beta by then and release 2024.
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