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  1. I get that it isn't easy....but this isn't the point where they should be doing major performance fixes. Small optimizations? Sure...but even that is risky between the last major update and release. They've had 6 years to build their tech, but there's still major performance issues both client and server side...that isn't great. If the few players and their spread-out constructs aren't healthy for the server, I bet it'll do fine when thousands of outposts are spawned right next to each other then inevitably abandoned! 😅 I wonder if DU will ever "go gold" or if they will be pushing changes right up until the end. Everything seems to be in place for an exact repeat of public beta where performance implodes because nothing was tested at scale and where an ocean of abandoned constructs clog things for months until NQ realizes that their design doesn't scale. I am very skeptical that their core, fundamental tech will work at scale even with mining being ripped out.
  2. It's just bad business -- and I really wonder where their new CEO is and what they are doing because it seems like nothing has changed. If they believe release will be a smashing success when they've sabotaged their own beta testing at the moment it's needed most, they are more arrogant than I thought. Do the wipe. Use that opportunity to see how FTUE scales with beta players, because I'm not at all convinced that mass-spawning outposts was load tested. I mean, did they learn from beta? That ocean of abandoned speeders? Giving every new player a permanent hex and an outpost might be a better FTUE but surely they see that they're repeating the same issue, right...? Give betas this head start to turn this into a "soft release" -- attracting new players over time instead of all at once on release day 0 (which will implode their poorly tested and optimized infrastructure). It's like they've never released software before (well as a company they actually haven't).
  3. Not sure I agree with this idea -- when you make IRL money a factor it becomes inherently unfair as a game design. There's something a bit twisted about people grinding their butts off so they can (perhaps) trade their quanta to a rich person with a pile of DACs. Part of the allure of an MMO to me is the fact that it isn't like real life; you can become a top player with skill, smarts, and determination, which isn't how real life works. The tendency to bring IRL money into the game isn't a welcomed thing to me, especially for a sub-based game. DACs rewarded from KS are a different story because they are limited one-off rewards for early backing -- and considering that no one really expects that "lifetime sub" to matter much in a year or two, I think it's fair. The wipe isn't about a level playing field -- it's about presenting the game world as "new" because many, many MMO gamers like to join games on release day. That's part of the psychology of MMO gamers and is a reason many people joined the beta, too. Personally, I don't see this game staying online for more than a year post-launch, so I don't especially care if things are balanced -- and we all know that veteran players will quickly dominate, anyway.
  4. The Kyrium tier costs 7,000€ -- so definitely not "160 free DAC" 😀 These people get a lifetime sub, so the DAC are only for alts or selling. I fully expect "lifetime sub" to really mean "1 year of beta and less than 1 year of release"; I'm not optimistic release will go well enough to keep the lights on. There were 6 people that backed at this level...I wouldn't be surprised if some of them don't even play anymore. 🤷‍♂️ Very very curious to know if anyone at the higher levels got that 1 hour conference call with JC and what was discussed, lol!
  5. Based on NQ's linkedIn, there's definitely been turnover, but nothing akin to their entire dev team being laid off or quitting. NQ still has 6 job postings for permanent contract -- (which usually means full time employment with benefits AFAIK), not what you'd see from someone that laid off their whole team. The slow pace of development isn't a big surprise even with many full time devs -- it's an old codebase full of bugs and performance issues...and there's not a lot of devs that have experienced the entire 6-8 years of development with the project, which likely means corners of the code no wants to touch. Plus, we've seen how slow it is for their leadership to make choices...that filters down to devs, too. Hard to plan for the future from an engineering perspective when leadership refuses to plan the game's direction in a reasonable way. Finally, loss of morale is a huge thing -- if devs working on the game 8+ hours a day don't believe in it, they simply won't care. They'll do things in a sloppy half-assed way, not want to research or refactor legacy code, and just won't move as quickly in general. This is especially true if NQ feels the need to do crunch time -- oh you want me to work 10+ hours a day on a product that has an almost 0% chance of success...? Riiight, that's a sure way to make things slower and get even less than 8 hours of work out of people. TLDR: slow dev usually is a symptom of bigger issues, but doesn't mean NQ has sacked their entire dev team...
  6. It isn't likely, but it happens. My former boss headed a mobile game company where their top customer spent millions on mindless micro-transactions. They bought so many that they had their servant spamming the buy button. For real. $10,000 worth of DAC might seem absurd (and it is) but wealthy people buy absurd things all the time. The DACs they don't give out they'd probably sell for quanta -- not a huge fan of the idea of people grinding quanta so that rich people can trade them game time...but that's how this works sometimes.
  7. Just throwing it out there....but the "actual" value of DACs seems like a minor thing considering that they'll all become worthless if the game goes dark a few months after release. Won't be able to trade them early on because no one will have enough quanta, yet there's little point in holding them to use for subscriptions, since I'm doubting they have 40 months of post-release runway left. A lawyer would argue that a DAC isn't equivalent to game time, so their value is not simply equal to the value of a sub. NQ can easily argue that the "value" of a DAC is 18€ because they aren't available for sale and they can be traded in-game for quanta. That makes them distinct from subscriptions and the value far less defined. Granted...that idea does fall apart if NQ puts DACs for sale for less than 18€... Also, lawyers will cost a lost more than the €240 paid for the KS...
  8. Someone around here will think that's actually a brilliant idea... 🤮 "Just put DU on the blockchain and the problem is solved" lol
  9. Which is yet another odd choice by NQ, to be honest. NQ pays a third party for this forum that they rarely use...anything from $1k/year to $6.5k/year depending on their package -- which means they've paid at least $6,000 for this forum over the last six years...which they don't use for customer interaction and really never have. Almost all their interaction has been through videos or podcasts with very rare replies here...so what's the point? I strongly suspect these forums won't live forever -- wouldn't be surprised if they are shut down for release.
  10. The only part of DU that will come back from the dead is old posts like these 😁
  11. I think this whole podcast concept is hilarious. If only there was some place people could go to ask NQ questions and they could answer in detail with text...it would be like a public forum of opinion. Too bad such a thing doesn't exist and answering select questions from a google form is the only way. Maybe someday this "forum" technology will exist, but until then we'll wait until next week's Youtube not-video for more deep answers to deep questions! 😁
  12. Yeah, definitely helps to have text transcripts for that reason, but also because it takes like 1 minute to read the answers to the 5 questions...but 6 minutes to listen. It's nice to know if a relevant question was asked without having to listen to the whole thing. At the very least, it wouldn't be hard to list the questions being discussed in the post description instead of just "here go listen to this". Just my opinion, but doesn't seem like it would take much time to do that.
  13. Putting a basic transcript in place so that people don't need to listen to the whole thing to see if a relevant question was asked. Hint: probably not. #1 - "Will LUA API change?" Yeah LUA will change and break stuff, but we don't have details. #2 - "What is griefing?" Who asked this...lol #3 - "Are we getting different colored lumi voxels?" Don't know (e.g. probably not), but you can use screens... #4 - "If new FTUE is meant to improve starting zones, why shuttles to Alioth?" So people don't have to build ships if they don't want to (lol) #5 - "Is T5 output on alien cores too high?" Maybe. It's 'first iteration' which means trial and error. #6 -- oh there's no number 6. That's actually it. This time not even acknowledging the "discussion" they are having about a wipe. Hmmm.
  14. You probably aren't wrong, but IMO $20/month is way too high. That said....I kind of doubt NQ could keep that many players subscribed even for free 😬 IMO, the majority would churn after <90 days even without a charge. Subscription MMOs are all about being a time sink, and while some people could spend forever crafting ships and constructs, most get bored without more structure and content depth...which DU lacks (to an extreme) compared to other MMOs. So...doubling the sub price kind of makes sense because they aren't going to win retention with gameplay or updates at their usual cadence. If the vast majority are going to churn anyway, I suppose it's best to collect as much as possible.
  15. I'm not saying you're wrong Blaze, but they'd be..."bold" for releasing it that quick. It isn't even clear if they've feature-locked the game at this point (still considering removing schematics...?)...and clearly they haven't tested it enough to optimize and fix bugs. I don't know what sort of traffic they'll get for release...but if they try to push it that quickly, I'd wager that new players will be greeted with the familiar "pending operation" just like beta. Did they even load test the new FTUE...? I wonder how robust the server will be spawning 10,000 outposts a day...I actually expected the wipe in part to test this, but they clearly don't feel the need to rush. Beta saw an ocean of abandoned speeders. I wonder how they'll handle the sea of supposedly permanent abandoned outposts... 🤔 🤷‍♂️
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