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  1. DU is still merely "potential" after this many years of development...IMO, "potential" isn't enough at this stage in the game's final months before release. I do see how this change improves early gameplay -- it isn't all bad. But...when viewed holistically alongside the last several changes, the game overall has become less engaging, less scaled, and less fun. After the early game, players have little to do other than reflect about how much "potential" the game has as they monitor auto miners, shovel paper into machines (up to the limit of their patience), and build mostly for the sake of it, since there's so little functional mechanics after these 6-8 years of development. You don't judge changes based on potential alone...especially in the final months before release where they don't have time to fully exploit that "potential". So to me, especially with the game nearing release, potential is another way to say "not good enough" or "not there yet".
  2. Agreed...it's kind of puzzling how there's some that have said really horrific, personal, childish things with impunity while others get the ban hammer. Other than an incident involving LinkedIn, Blaze hadn't done anything especially grievous... And what did it even get them? A more positive and constructive tone? A lot of people suddenly seeing how brilliant they are and how their game is so great...? You can't ban reality. I mean, I guess they can run it like a playground if they want. That would explain a thing or two about why they don't seem able to run it like a business...
  3. Yes...and no. Over $20 million in funding is way out of reach for a typical indie studio...NQ would be more like a "III" studio -- indie relative to big and established studios, but hardly a small shop. However, MMOs are a different beast. Commercial MMOs often involve 10x NQ's funding -- $200 million or more. A big part of that is marketing, sure, but the point is that NQ never really had the budget to make something as ambitious as DU...especially when they didn't roll their own servers or engine (throwing it all on AWS is vastly expensive as NQ eventually learned). We don't know how many employees NQ actually has or had, but even at 150...that still isn't a AAA level of development scale for an MMO, especially if there isn't a lot of experienced people. Their CTO hasn't had a job other than NQ (and a 4-month internship), so it isn't like they are overflowing with experienced technical minds. A team of mostly mid and junior devs isn't going to make quick progress...and when the most senior technical person at the company has only worked at NQ before, that's not a healthy sign. Their CTO hasn't likely released software before, and certainly hasn't released a game. Think about that for a moment. How is NQ planning for release when their technical leader has no experience about what's involved? This isn't a conspiracy; why do people think this is some secret...? NQ is very, abundantly clear that they are working on multiple projects. Their CEO has stated this more than once. Yes, NQ is working on more projects than DU. Yes, that does likely mean that DU is not getting 100% of NQ's development resources...although even when DU was their only known project dev was very slow.
  4. Yes, I know. It's the only form of emergent gameplay that DU has.
  5. You ruined it! Not a great sign when this game's only PR efforts gets a few hundred views -- the last few videos haven't even crossed 700 views ๐Ÿ˜• It's almost like people have given up on watching these videos because they know it won't be especially relevant or answer any real questions. Wouldn't be a huge deal if NQ engaged in other ways, but they don't. Their weekly "video" is really the only effort they make in talking at their customers.
  6. Still listed as: Founder Novaquark Jan 2014 - Present ยท 8 yrs 8 mos His hobbies include liking content posted by NovaQuark or its CEO. Otherwise, we'll likely never know how involved he is day-to-day...but I'd guess not very. And to be fair, JC's first job in game dev was also NovaQuark, so I wouldn't say he is more qualified.
  7. "Well...it's been 113 days since they started their internal discussion." ----- "That's only 30% of the year, it's fine." "That's only like 81 weekdays, don't be dramatic." (whispers) "...that's only 8 paychecks..."
  8. "only if humanity has solved other more pressing problems by then" is a really important point. The word "metaverse" was coined in the work "Snow Crash", a book by Neal Stephenson written in 1992. Some nerds like JC obsess over the metaverse itself and ignore the themes of the book, which explores in part how the digital landscape is merely a sour reflection of real life inequality and racism. It really isn't meant to be inspirational (which is sometimes a criticism of the work). Many of the same people obsessed with the metaverse embrace the scammy world of NFTs, where they don't see an issue with $200 digital sneakers. Indeed, that's a fundamental part of their dream. Digital worlds won't be paradises, they will reflect the ambition and inequity of their capitalist builders. Until we can learn to value people in real life, a metaverse will hardly be an improvement to society...or does someone out there honestly believe organization like Meta are the best people to create (and monetize) a digital world and its denizens? With how social media has impacted society, I would hope that people are more wary of how technological can shape society in negative ways...but sadly, I do see this concept continuing to move forward in the next few decades and expect it to be as greedy and evil as scifi authors imagine. I do think it's hilarious how web3/metaverse fanatics invariably seem to be nontechnical people that have a limited understanding of how technology actually works, yet have no issue claiming that blockchain or web3 is the inevitable future.
  9. I don't know why NQ has no sense of urgency. They keep changing things, but don't bother to engage their beta testers and give them a reason to play. By the time release comes around, there will be a ton of changes untested at any sort of scale or with any real context. As anyone with experience will know, release greatly magnifies the number of bugs and issues you'll find. Even a great beta test doesn't find everything, but it helps. This isn't a good beta test...it's probably one of the worst in the history of gaming between having to pay for a sub, NQ sabotaging the will to test by refusing to discuss persistence, lack of customer engagement, and saving the worst phase of beta testing until the most critical time that testing is needed. Of course, this is likely the CTO's first release of any software (NQ is their first engineering job other than a 4 month internship)...so it's possible that they literally don't understand how release will work.
  10. Funny how this comment came just before the honeycomb changes were announced ๐Ÿ‘€ How prophetic!
  11. Why has NQ's technical leadership apparently failed to push back against designs that were never, ever scalable...? Or have they done so, but NQ's pie-in-the-sky CEOs refused to listen...? Their CTO was (for a short period) Hรถgni Gylfason, an ex-CCP vet that has had a ton of experience going back into the late 90s. They lasted less than a year (11 months) and left in 2019. Now, it's someone whose only previous job was as a 4 month engineering intern. Please let that sink in for a bit... NQ's CTO is someone whose only real experience in engineering is with NQ itself. Their specialty is graphics rendering...hardly a simple field, but not someone that has experience building or scaling an MMO (or any online software for that matter - they've only had the 1 job at NQ and a 4 month internship lol). When it comes to scale, practical experience matters a lot. Someone with experience knows how even one tiny change can crash servers at scale...and knows why and where things break down at scale. Techniques that work with low pops or traffic simply won't work at scale. So when NQ talks about how much server costs they have, keep in mind that their technical leadership really doesn't have experience in this domain. Ultimately, this is the person responsible for making technical choices and no matter how bright, they will be severely limited by experience.
  12. It wouldn't be so bad if the premise of the rest of the lore was believable. A rogue neutron star hits earth, eh...? Forcing everyone to pack up and give their lives to an AI, which then unpacks the remnants of humanity into a lawless land with no government...but consistent taxes...? After it constructs a bunch of clone markets, of course. Why pick a neutron star? A rogue planet or brown dwarf is far more believable and likely...an asteroid or comet would work even better. The nearest neutron stars are somewhere between 200 and 400 light years away from us. The chances of a neutron star getting closer than Neptune (which by itself would probably be catastrophic) in the next million years are something like 1 in 48 million or less. The chance that a neutron star actually hits the Earth? So small it's essentially impossible (1 in 1.4 quintillion -- that's 1 in 1.4 million trillion). I know these things are unimportant...but if you're going to make sci-fi lore, it doesn't cost you anything to make it within the realm of plausibility. One of my pet peeves is sci fi lore that doesn't even try.
  13. There is one "Ask Aphelia" episode with less than 300 views. All the recent videos have less than 1,000 views. If you sum up all the views from all these stupid videos, it's like ~4000 views. Meanwhile, the wipe thread has 10x more views, but no replies for months. These videos are objectively a waste of time. No one is watching them -- more people watch videos like "Dual Universe: what the heck happened" than the official Q&A "podcasts" that cherry-pick questions submitted via a freakin' Google Form... Like...I know NQ craves "balanced" feedback to mollify their ego, but they can't even do Q&A right ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  14. I do love how the posts of arrogant people age so well... Ah, the guy with no literally no experience in this field has "incomparable knowledge" ๐Ÿ˜… Funny stuff.
  15. It wasn't designed to scale, and that's evidenced by endless refactors since 0.23 or before. From mining to PvP to building to LUA to schematics...everything has been tweaked because the original design wasn't scalable. They've said as much...that their changes are driven almost completely by cost. If you're doing refactors to scale the game in the months before release, that's not a working design. That's not scalable. I do know very well what working at scale means...if you're sure that I'm misunderstanding the definition of scale, please do define it rather than just implying that no one else knows what they're talking about. Scale is a lot more involved than just "server resources" being limited due to cost...that's only the hardware aspect, which matters very little if the software isn't designed to scale, which clearly it hasn't been (by their own repeated admissions and refactors). If you're suggesting they merely need to throw more hardware at the problem, I think you might be misunderstanding what "designing for scale" actually means. It certainly isn't just limited to the raw amount of hardware resources...that's only one facet of designing for scale, and arguably the least important facet.
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