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  1. Since you are going to make the wrong decision of not offering all the content from the launch, I would suggest you minimally implement it in a coherent way, I suppose it is evident how ridiculous it would be, if planets were appearing in the solar system, so if you have planned to take them out later, minimally be consistent, implementing them in new solar systems, where you have to travel through star gates, this also opens the possibility that these planets are in wilder star systems, with suns of different colors. And it will be much more attractive than the alternative of seeing planets appear as if they were mushrooms.
  2. Cant say well done, if they release a unfinished game, again. We acepted a unfinished release in the beta, but unfinished game in the release? The core mechanics are not in the game: -Territory Warfare -Atmosferic Combat -Alot planet rework pending -No energy system -No economy loop This is just push the game to another Wipe, once they finish all pending features, or close the project, wen steam bad coments doom it.
  3. This game is a Joke, the number just explain then shame, a total broke mechanic, or a total broke devs maths
  4. In the release of the Game, you plain no release the full game! Grats you archived clown king rank!
  5. basically your point of view only makes sense, if someone subscribes right now, and has to decide if he is going to subscribe for 1 month or 12 months, if he subscribes for 1 month he receives X and if he subscribes for 13 months he receives X3, but you don't take considering what is lost, while a player who subscribes for 1 month earns x2 his investment, who subscribes for 24 months loses x5 his investment, they are too basic mathematics to spend two hours discussing, if you feel satisfied, good for you, i feel robbed.
  6. I have a different view on it. If you have subscribed for 1 month, in exchange for losing the 3.8 million skills in the wipe, it will give you 6 million and 1.5x bost If you have subscribed for 2 years, in exchange for losing 96 million skills in the wipe, they will give you 18 million and 1.5x bost In both cases you will have to pay 6 months sub, to enjoy a gift in the first case, and suffer a robbery in the second.
  7. what I try to explain, without much success, is that in a fair world, someone who subscribes for a month, would not receive much more benefits in relation to what he invests, than players who have been paying for 2 years, and the The only logical reason I see for this decision is that NQ tries to capture subs from trial accounts, for players who want to have alters. And honestly it seems very dirty.
  8. You are exluding the 1.5x exp bost for 6 months, this bost is valuable, and you get this bonus equal, if you have 1 month sub or 13 months sub.
  9. > 12 months gets you 18M extra recive 1.5x exp bost, and 6M flat exp, just for 1 month of sub pre release, sems extreme reward, compared on what recive the guys whith 1+ year sub. Just my opinion for sure.
  10. F2P anounce, have sense to me. "To receive your Pioneer Packs, you’ll need an active subscription. Item rewards are also only available in the first month after release, and you’ll need to log into the game during this time to receive them. We’ll share more information soon on the server-wide talent point accelerator event, and the extra talent point awards for beta players and backers will be delivered on the last day of each month."
  11. NQ is pulling a big heist on veteran players. To analyze this robbery, let's express this in numbers. To access the basic pack of launch rewards, it is enough with 1 to 3 months of subscription, and with that, after 6 months of play you will have 16 million additional skill points, this translated into numbers means: 1 month of sub = 16 million/month 3 months of sub = 5.3 million/month To access the largest pack you require 13+ months of sub and with it at 6 months you earn 28.9 million additional skill points, this translated into numbers means: 13 months of sub = 2.2 million/month 24 months of sub = 1.2 million/month Any good thief would realize that they are trying to get some subs, before the launch, because the reward for having 1 month of sub is 7x greater than the minimal time for get the big pack, and 13x greater than the reward for 2 years of loyal sub.
  12. Metaverse is a main stream concept and dual universe is a niche game, with a poor engine. No try compete in the hi leagues with a flaw product.
  13. The PvE community will never allow a PvP server to exist, they don't like PvP, but they don't like creative servers either, these players like to live the illusion that they are preparing to be pvp players in the future, when they have more skills, when losses can be allowed, when the game works better, or any other excuse that allows them to postpone that decision in the future, staying on a PvE server when there is a PvP server would put them in an emotional situation that is difficult to accept. They just want to keep the illusion of a future with PvP.
  14. The Only way this can work, are create a price subaste for the plots, and make people coperate to own a plot for a limited timw, and then use this plot to show the different products owned by the asociates, and a VR station to visit the asoviates showroom.
  15. All sounds good, and im happy more updates come before the release. We expect alot more, Du it.
  16. The theme in this post is to promote building just for the pleasure of building? I don't know if I missed something, but right now that's probably the most powered mechanic in the game, and I don't see the game as overflowing with builders, you don't need any kind of exotic material to build creatively, and there are in the game immense safe areas where to build for the pleasure of building. The issue is that building for the pleasure of building has two problems, the first is that the builders need to show others their works, and the majority of large works built, never they will not be appreciated by anyone, that is why many builders left their ships parked in the markets so that the rest of the players could see them, or put VR stations in the hope that someone would visit their works, the second problem is that when there are no a practical reason to build something, and improve designs, the game ends when the artist's aesthetic inspiration runs out. Honestly, I think it's having a very narrow vision, not realizing that what you're claiming for the game is precisely the only thing that it offers right now, with solvency, and that precisely what the game needs to offer is what attracts another type of players, with an interest in acquiring and admiring the designs of the builders for practical reasons, such as logistics and combat. One of the few things that worked in Starbase were the ship shops designed by other players, and despite the fact that people bought aesthetically beautiful ships, they also chose them for their technical capabilities, I would even dare to say that the technical part weighed more in the decision If the game requires no technical ability of the ships, why is it a sand box, what is the point of building a ship? or buy a ship? enjoy the views? take a screenshot? We are not talking about a minecraft server, where you build on a plot of a city and the rest of the players are dedicated to walking admiring your creation, the game is on a scale too large, so that it can be a creative sand box.
  17. The release is ongoing, now sems more major paches are in the way, this is the only good new. Why game is not actualy rdy for a release.
  18. I have some experience in what happens in a similar game, life is feudal also had a subscription and they wiped the world and the talents, the only compensation was to give an initial bost of double training speed to the players before the wipe, and nothing else , basically we don't own anything, and although we pay for the skills to continue training, legally we only pay for access to the game. So they are within their rights to take away what they want On the other hand there is the moral factor, which in my point of view, would be extremely immoral to erase talent points, especially when they have been used several times as a reason for compensation or reward. regardless of what we have earned by paying the monthly fee.
  19. Energy = power grid / core size, this mean limited number of combined engines, and sounds perfect in dinamic engines , and also in static engines, to limit the mega factories size. Recicling also sounds really nice, is just a mew way to sink the overflow stocks of items. Territory warfare, sems a bait, i no belive you du it before the launch. New biomas, celestial objects, etc... Sounds nice. PvE missions need include instanced combat missions. And my final touch, NQ be brave and stop the lies in the ongoing discussion excuse, just say, wipe is comming and we are discussing the details.
  20. Sems a nice roadmap, but not sems game is rdy to launch until you introduce this features.
  21. Waste of time, the agenda is ongoing. And this game is just the next early acces fail project. Some nice ideas, in bad hands, like specialized ships in PvP with no way to identify a ship? What flaw base design. NQ is not Hello Games, deal with it.
  22. In my personal case, I have lost faith, in this community there is a lot of talent, and they have been given many good ideas, both in game development and in communication with the community, but they are deliberately trying to ignore any idea that does not follow an agenda that they already have defined, unfortunately it seems that the project surpasses them, despite the fact that they have shown genius in some aspects, they lack sufficient critical capacity to admit errors in basic concepts of the game, they are copying mechanics from other games, without analyzing In depth how these mechanics work in the other games, to give a simple example, the mechanic of the alien cores is a mechanic copied from the moon mine of eve online, but in eve online the resources mined on the moons are resources of mass use In the T2 module manufacturing industry, while in DU the resources extracted from the alien cores are exotic resources with very residual use and little demand. This type of feedback that another company would appreciate, is probably taken as something negative by them, a pity that they do not appreciate the gift that their community offers them and take action on the matter, the game needs a rework, the game is not bad as a game , it's just poorly designed and easily fixable, you just need to sit down and design a Game Loop, where everything is staggered after an achievement / effort. To give an example of a simple loop: T1/T2 (open to everyone in safe zone, fuel consumption for industry use T1 and T2) T3 (Minable on surface of permanent asteroid belts outside safe zone) T4 (Scannable asteroids in unsafe zone with respawn) T5 (Alloys that consume a large amount of T1+T2+T3+T4) Plasma (Extracted from the alien cores and used for the operation of the industry of refining and production of T3+ "This loop creates a relationship between the needs of the players in the safe zone and the players in the non-safe zone, it also fosters interest in controlling resources, it opens 3 hot spots in the non-safe zone, generating a resource creation and destruction loop" But unfortunately, something like this is not going to happen, they already decided to ignore all the feedback.
  23. The questions are quite far from the recurring discussion topics, so I'm going to assume that everything is scripted with some pretension to inform about topics that you want to deal with. The only point of the podcast that has dealt with a topic of interest, has been that of the alien cores, since you touch on the subject, I will once again offer you a constructive and productive opinion. T5 resources and plasma are residual resources that have a scarce and circumstantial demand, you have the opportunity to turn that mechanic into something really relevant, plasma should be a fuel used by any T3+ product factory, I could develop this much more, but I think you would have to be smart enough to understand why T1 products and some T2 like fuel and basic weapons , have to be able to be made with safezone resources and all T3 T4 and T5 have to be involved with the pvp and resource destruction cycle.
  24. This is why Poses and citadels in EVE online have auto turret defenses, and a huge shield HP.
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