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  1. Just add a way to recicle thinks and get partial resources back, for this kind of situations were items become useless why, exists more than market going need in ages.
  2. The poll is a fail, at the monement i no like the pach, but i going stay in the game.
  3. Problem are people is still ussing the exploits why are not all fixeds and nothing happens, have this game any kind of logs? Are really devs interestet in invest time on find exploiters? The end of the road sems a wipe to every one, is alwais the easy way, punish every one for the crimes of a few. Exploiters non feel any dangerous on exploit and the fest have no end. Game need some kind of public punishment to fear people a bit about exploit.
  4. Sems is a waste of time discuss with you, the exploits are public, and posted in pach notes, i cant open speak about its why violate the eula, but use your own brain to find the information.
  5. Better you read the post of NQ about know exploits i no discovered nothing, i just expect a big punish to hims. Actualy NQ are so much soft to punish exploiters.
  6. This game need grind to get so much stuff, exploiters just teleport stuff from other planets to main base, bipassing all transport issues, this is why some people is in more advance state, no counting experience on the knoledge of the mechanics, if you have to no pay fuel or warp cells to move Ore all become so fast.
  7. Then delete your accound and make a new one every time you get bored, other people have no played 3 years and request wipe every 3 days
  8. No wipe the game, just wipe exploiters assets, legit players are not in endgame. Are not rich, and are not bored of the game.
  9. Please add triangular glass plannels, is a easy feature and increase the creativity alot.
  10. There are a huge diference in ask to combat balance vs ask for combat removal.
  11. I can't understand the arguments against pvp, all those factories and economy that you want to set up, what do you want to use? to create more economy and bigger factories? In real life, the economy is based on which people have the need to cover their needs, but this is a video game, there comes a time when it no longer makes sense to accumulate resources, and since the game is designed so that things do not are eternal, because that destroys the economy, trying to think of pvp as something negative, is like thinking that the game would not have to have admospheres or gravity, because it is evil and is only destined to destroy our ships, all the mechanics that destroy what the players create, it is positive, because it generates demand and gives you the opportunity to remain motivated to play. something that is not incompatible, with having areas for newbies where pvp is restricted to allow them to learn to play, but if these protected areas have all the resources available in the game, the only thing you get is that even the pvp players, use these areas such as safe factories, and that the unprotected area is only an arena where you can measure yourself with other players, which completely removes the concept of sand box
  12. Thanks for solving my doubts, I was thinking of buying the game, but if this sand box is going to become another boring game where you only build a ship for the rest of the people to contemplate on reddit, I don't see the point in paying a monthly fee For that, I have other games for this purpose, when I play an mmo, I hope to compete in some way with the rest of the players, and if a game that includes the creation of armed ships, who do you want to shoot with those weapons that the game implements? The pacifist PVE community is ruining all the sand boxes, full pvp games do not die because of the pvp players, but because of the crying community that causes the developers to nerf the pvp. And make PvP players leave, and with no pvp playets the fun is over, include for the PvE people, why there are no one who can contemplate his perfect ship, or build resources on the market.
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