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  1. refining coal shouldn't make wood either, but its what you need to do to get wood.
  2. While I don't disagree that the default hud is trash especially when many elements are aded, player made lua is a massive part of the game.
  3. don't make so much. you also don't need to make hydrogen.
  4. I was hoping we could change element tier out too, since not every ship is made with Rare Freight Engines, but I'll take the ability to make <every-ship-ever> purple.
  5. +1 Plasma shouldn't be warp-able. Core lockout also needs to be less OP.
  6. Technically, if this really matters to you, write a script. You can pull all elements from the core, sort them by class, name, etc. The ID's are a B* to parse, but still a viable option to make a tool that does exactly what your asking for.
  7. No, but there needs to be some sort of pre/post PVP communication. So many times I've been chased down by Legion and gotten away. Would love a bit of PvP banter, since they don't accept friend requests.
  8. The repair unit seems like it's really only for pvp, is there anything planned to make it useful for PvE, meaning can it be redesigned to use scrap instead of elements.
  9. Why, this is what happens, pretty much every time. Players> The first iteration is simply just not good enough. Could you rebalance this? NQ> Rebalances unrelated thing. Players> Hey, that isn't what we really wanted. NQ> Already working on the next game breaking update. Players> 50 forum post later.... still talking about the wipe NQ> Hey, look, our next game breaking update is ready, who's going to help us find bugs, you guys! Wow! Players> Hey that first iteration is still needing a massive update, its really bad.
  10. How many elements? Spoiler it gets worse the higher the element count goes.
  11. Assume a element, and quanta wipe, not sure what they'll do with paid accounts (credit game time ideally) and talents is the major question in the room. Given everything has it's cost and NQ is tight with how they allocate resource, it's very obvious they going to reset the world, but the talents and game time are up in the air.
  12. Yeah, would be nice if NQ stopped being so tight with everything, especially the updates, it makes it feel like two steps back for every small step forward.
  13. I think the prices are to force more cooperation, and specialization, so I would like to see them higher. The mega factories will not be relevant unless there are dozens of players to run them. Alts will spoil NQs intentions once again, but once beta keys are toast I don't have much of an issue with somebody who's paying for multiple accounts to have a leg up on somebody whos just paying for one. The rebalance is not for the current instance, its for the release. It also makes sense to put your feedback where NQ (maybe) reading it, under the pinned thread.
  14. Exactly... an update should be hyped, instead they drop these bombs and everyone freaks out at the change.... all because they want to keep us in the dark.
  15. So what I like: * Simplified the schematics. good. great. Was originally confused by the interface but now I get it. * Called stuff by tier rather than the verbose name of basic, uncommon, advanced, rare, exotic. * New notification are verbose and work well * No more pointless warping around to get a schematic * Prices are balanced well for now * Sell orders were fixed What could be better: * Understanding what schematic can make what, and the odd ball sizes (such as small/medium containers, or medium adjustors). * Remove tier 1 products + honeycomb. This tier should be free. * Make space all the same type. * Make honeycomb easier to buy and sell. * Tools for orgs, such as a way to say what schematics are needed in what machine, or since these are data items a way to send them to the org. The whole point of this update was to make it more engaging for more players, yet I fail to see anything that has been done for larger orgs. Smaller orgs or alt-heavy players love this update... which is a sign that it isn't balanced. * Buffs for org-locations, such as a 15% uncommon schematic research speed bonus when your Feli, but 15% for an advanced schematic if your on Symeon (planets with out T1 ore). The org would set their home planet, and whenever your within 2 SU the bonus is applied. Some carrot needs to be added back to the game to drive stuff off of Alioth M6, otherwise this will continue to be the only used market. * When loading the schematic bank, having a filter to show what schematics can work in a machine would be soooo freaking cool. What is terrible: * Knowing that this update was coming today. And what's coming next. Please tell us when the release is going to happen... is it a month away, or is it a year away. * What are we going to spend money on now... schematics are cheap, ore is cheap, and infinite. We need some RGN on mining units and astroids for this to not feel like a dull grind.
  16. So I've sold a few billion, with the lastest update driving about 50x more volume than a typical day due to the dumptrucks worth of quanta coming in. I suspect the weekend will be interesting too, but long term, yeah, its dead jim. Till they wipe/release, the game is coasting. For fun I listed a ton of the middle products while Aegis had a tax-bug (which acted as a tax-free feature). Nothing moves there, as you really need a lot of those items and its doesn't make sense to do all of the extra work. Its all either ore, or end products. Sometimes pures can be found for good deals but its in very small volumes.
  17. ah none taken, its like watching a slow motion train wreck. I wonder what magical thing they'll come up with next.
  18. Please make pures and products generic, its too annoying to have to deal with each type. Thanks!
  19. Bug listed updated on my forum post. Very annoyed that they're essentially breaking the game for market players, so I've gone back to harvesting rocks.
  20. This was on my wish list too, to have volume trends, but they first need to have the averages to be weighted.
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