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  1. I have updated the treaty, and will be continuing to build this document as we discuss it. I will be proposing some solutions and welcome solutions, thoughts, feedback from others, as this won't work if it is only me. I also believe this could be significantly more effective than a series of forum threads raging about the issues. ( for which I am greatly guilty of much rage.)
  2. I respectfully do not approve of these stealthy approaches to censorship.
  3. I went to create a new poll for a document I am building to give feedback to NQ, and I have noticed my ability to create polls is now disabled.
  4. Was a joke... Hotel California by the Eagles. I agree with you, cause if they continue the way they are going the game will probably end up shutting down.
  5. Welcome back... Hotel DU, you can Log out but you can never leave... XD
  6. Based on the game changes direction NQ has done it seems like the impact of L-Cores & M-Cores is proportionally pretty large, and possibly the complexity of our constructs or/and number of them is significant even in comparison the active (vs. passive activities) actions of players on the server load. I feel the fact that you dodged even providing general answers confirms it. Definitely explains the choking of progress and resources gains we see in Dementor that would allow players to commonly build out these large scale builds.
  7. Happy I don't pay any taxes day to NQ, cause not going to give them the satisfaction or my time.
  8. @NQ-DeckardWasn't really the nature of my question, though I appreciate you responding. The real meat of my question is: How much would it benefit NQ's bottom line(monthly server cost) by removing L-Core/M-Core constructs from the game world that are left lying around by inactive players? Would it be very little, quiet a lot, or something in between? Does construct size matter in server costs to NQ or is it quantity of construct entities more important? Approximately what % of the server workload is dictated by voxel complexity, or number of constructs in game vs. player activity (doing things)?
  9. Not to mention, his operation is very well min/max optimized, which will not be the experience of most players, and if you don't want the game dictating when you play, then you will mostly be restricted to 1-3 tiles and the average player will be seeing a profit per week what he is getting per hour if lucky.
  10. @NQ-Deckard how much do dynamic core sizes impact server cost? Are static structures themselves an impact in server cost to NQ as well? Server cost being monthly cost in $$$ for NQ to run the servers.
  11. I doubt they will wipe right now, they want to wait and let the scavengers loot all the abandoned tiles. They are going to find though that the scavenging will not clean things up, people will just be looting the valuables as deconstructing L-Core structures are just as time consuming as building them almost. I think there is a good chance of a wipe in spring of 2022 though, all of this depends on how much these abandon constructs impact server cost and NQ's bottom line. They might also wipe if they believe it will bring subscribers back into the game if enough of us "bitter vets" have already left after fatiguing from baby sitting our mining units. I don't believe most of the changes that we saw in dementor really had anything to do with the best interest of the player base, as much trimming fat for server budget. I am also curious the impact of how size dynamic cores impact servers/latency etc. I can't help but feel that part of increase in grind/slowness is meant to reduce the number of L-Core dynamics flying around, either by making it cost prohibitive, or less people having the resources to have them after a wipe. I would be interested to see a wipe at this point, just to rip the band-aid off. If things went seriously sideways due to imbalances, progression gates, I would rather figure this out now vs. at launch which would surely kill this game. We are 100% going to have a wipe before launch.
  12. They just haven't figured out how, give them time... obviously more important than fixing bugs... lol
  13. I mean I have an alpha account, would still rather pay $7 to have my tiles, and budget as needed than sit here and waist time with MUs to get quanta in a wrecked economy for taxes.
  14. Honestly would pay $1 a month per tile tax cert, would have paid $20 a month to keep my resort. Honestly they should just move away from sub to access game and charge per tile to support the game. You get one tile free, then most people would buy at least 6 more to make their 7 tile flower. Would be way better than this tax system currently.
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