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  1. Fly biggest space peener, and attract e-girls if the game had any that weren't guys behind the female avatar... 不
  2. Though it will be against TOS, how many DACs will end up on gold farming websites or resold by players as they abandon DU like it is the Titanic?
  3. Nah and they want you to fly that hideous house sized DSAT on an S Core I bet so you can try to build around it while the devs laugh at us.
  4. The truest words I ever did hear!
  5. Actually they have done several dev vlogs with video and audio. They want to make it appear that they are doing something new, but in all honestly I don't think they liked the community seeing their body language as they laughed at our frustrations before when NQ-Pann was around. To me it seems they want to control just how much info we can see, in their format of communication. It didn't even really seem like actual dialog, more pre-scripted/recorded answers spliced together to make it seem like a conversation. Just red flag after red flag.
  6. I agree with blaze, I think it is a scheme to milk customers for as long as possible, and I find the dishonesty repulsive.
  7. Sorry blaze, NQ isn't capable of being organized enough to actually follow the plan you have laid out. It is 50/50 we will see Starfield (which has been delayed) released before we get an answer on wipe.
  8. Coming... September 30th, 2022. 不 I am super angry about this we will have you an answer soon, and then of course in regular NQ style, nothing. Respectfully this stringing along of the community is child's behavior, GIVE YOURSELF A SHORT DEADLINE WITHIN THE NEXT 30 DAYS, AND DELIVER ON TIME A CONCRETE ANSWER YOU WILL STICK TO!
  9. I wish there was a way to downvote (In a way that is publicly visible) NQ's rushed and half baked communications. Especially when they don't provide the critical info the community is looking for on a very critical decision that impacts gameplay. The act of "Quick Look Busy" for the community is seriously eroding the morale of what little remains of the active community.
  10. Feedback: Doesn't sound like Aphelia at all. 不 (Bad NQ devs!) I feel like 90% of the podcast is stuff that doesn't really matter to us when we are waiting on wipe news, which is of course... THE NEWS IS NO NEWS... which isn't anything new, just another Tuesday in DU. (I know it is Friday, just a figure of speech.)
  11. DU has less gameplay than SL (Second Life), with no real ability to customize your character, and an even worse social interface/system. Second Life was never even really "a game" as much as a seamless grid of chat rooms inside a 3D environment. The failing of DU among many is the top heavy complex technical systems vs. actual stuff to do that is enjoyable outside of building/flying.
  12. "Next week / today" as in ya know like 2032 - 2033'ish. 不
  13. Oh boy, some roleplay attempt they will probably have their account banned for impersonating NQ staff or something silly. Player run content.. XD
  14. With current state of game if they release they will have an influx of probably 50,000 players in one month, servers will tank, game will be review bombed on game review sites, and the population will fall to around 5k players probably, that will taper back to a little more than what we have over a 6 month period. I don't care what the dev's say about how many players they supposedly have. What I care about it what I see. Which is usually the same 20 some people in chat, and then Me, Myself, and I in my area. Regardless of wipe or no wipe, there is a ton of grind and not a lot of reason for grinding.
  15. DU Development Roadmap: June 1st - Come out with a podcast ignoring questions, promising answers in the future. July 1st - Make another forum post stating how much they have learned based on our feedback. August 1st - Make a news letter repeating the difficulty of making this decision. September 1st - Make another podcast talking in more circles about upcoming due date to make a decision. December 1st - Decide to wipe. Feb 1st of 2023 - Actually do the wipe and take the servers down for 2-3 weeks. March 1st - Talk about the difficulty of resetting the servers. June 1st of 2023 - Open the servers post wipe... P.S. Charge for subscriptions the whole time. 不
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