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  1. I would like to thank NQ for being reverse-toxic enough to finally break through my DU addiction and make me quit! I can't thank you enough, another game/publisher will also really appreciate the €500/year that will go to them instead of NQ... I've been unhappy with DU (and specifically NQ) for a while now. The 180 degree turnarounds on things they announce/say in an official capacity, the wipe... My gawd the wipe! The wipe announcement! The 5+ months of 0 motivation due to the wipe announcement... The talent points after wipe. The 2.5 years of downgrading DU instead of introducing new interesting stuff... But even with the lack of actual enjoyment and the constant feeling that all I've build in DU will be taken away again, I was still here, probably because I was addicted enough to DU to keep coming back. I've done the asteroid mining thing again and that was kinda disappointing with the 5000L-6000L nodes, but maybe if I gitgut the experience might be more enjoyable (like in the old days)... Every time I need to extend my subscription I think more and more about the option of quitting, but I can't do that because reasons... (addict reasoning) But this morning I got a ticket from NQ support... But I didn't submit a ticket and the email I initially got wasn't clear about it either (system not designed for reverse tickets). So I log in and I see the claim that my Airdock at Alioth Market 6 is above the 1000m limit. And I get a REALLY negative feeling, not specifically because I need to move my airdock to a lower altitude, the person at NQ that submitted the ticket to me could probably do that for me (and they can, I just need to move the dynamic cores)... But because of, why the heck could I deploy that there in the first place? That 1000m height limit didn't feel correct, I thought it was 1000m above ground level (but that was wrong as well). Why didn't that 'feel' correct? Because we get blasted with a TON of conflicting information all over the place and I loose track of what the 'current' rules are... So I went digging, this is what I found: The 1000m height limit was posted during an Ask Aphelia sessions (by NQ-Deckard) and it was 1000m above sea level (5th of August): Then we have NQ-Deckard's announcement (23rd of November): "We will allow these constructs to remain for two weeks beyond the implementation of the new height restriction system." Patch notes (24th of November) state: https://www.dualuniverse.game/launcher/patch/release-1014 "Alioth: 1300m" The 'new height restriction system' hasn't been implemented yet, so structures placed should be OK (according to NQ-Deckard) two weeks after the 'new height restriction system' has been implemented, which again, it isn't. Even IF that did happen in the last two weeks, that was never mentioned in the patch notes, heck the whole issue was not mentioned in patch notes known issues section. The patch notes actually say that the limit is 1300m (which I'm still above) and not a 1000m as the support person mentions and wasn't changed in later patch notes, it's also the most recent height limit that NQ mentions and I could find. The issue for me is not the having to move the dynamic constructs so the support person can move it to the proper height. But that this isn't the issue, it's the issue that I have to dig through all kinds of NQ publiced information and even the lastest info there (1300m) doesn't conform with what the support person is saying (1000m). That says a couple of things to me: It's a mess internally at NQ as they can't even coordinate among themselves the proper values that things should be and they can't communicate with us correctly either (known issues), as I was under the assumption this issue was fixed a while back. So that was pretty much the straw that was breaking the camels back for me. But maybe I'll calm down before tonight, the deadline to extend the subscriptions for two of my accounts.... Then I get the support ticket back... Which it short, doesn't address my issues and pretty much states "Thank you for you detailed response, it's appreciated. Now you have 24 hours to move those dynamic constructs away or we have to delete (the static constructs?) as they violate the rules. Thank you."... Yeah, I'm out, no waiting for this evening. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
  2. Look at https://www.voxelfarm.com/index.html besides entertainment (games), they have an entire arm dedicated to "Geo-spatial and mining". It wouldn't surprise me at all if investors see the most revenue not coming from the entertainment arm, but from the mining arm. And not just on Earth, but imagine the moon, asteroids, Mars, etc. as new and profitable areas for using their tech. NQ might be using DU as a vessel for their tech in other industries, using DU for loadtesting and troubleshooting.
  3. Yes it's an MMO, but also a game, not a life sim... If we have food, the shitter we've got in DU then needs to actually work, you also want realistic plumbing in ships and bases? Because that would give you something 'to do'... If you want to look for a DU equivalent for food, then look no further then ORE. We can 'grow'/collect it in multiple ways, we 'consume' it, we can buy/trade it. Some tiles are richer then others... And while some people do (Asteroid) mining as a group activity, most certainly do not! Adding food to DU doesn't suddenly make it a more social game.
  4. Please jump through these hoops, with these spinning plates, failure to do so will result in the shock-collar activating... From my perspective: The amount of forced systems and imposed limits is already at a dangerously high level. It wouldn't surprise me at all if it bores away new players. People like me, who've been here since beta launch have seen a massively different DU, that has been reduced to a collection of limits, less flexibility, everything just less. I'm still here due to a certain level of DU addiction... Adding more 'make do' stuff without any purpose is just not going to make DU any more fun... IF food was a bonus mechanic for ALL aspects of DU gameplay, then maybe it could be an interesting addition. We still have the 'power' system somewhere on the horizon to further limit us...
  5. I have kinda missed mining, not the automining or the harvesting, but what is now asteroid mining. Haven't done it for at least 9+ months, maybe even (far) longer and this weekend I finally got everything ready to do some asteroid mining... Then I realized mining totally sucks with low or no talents, I was able to quickly fix that. But I miss my (perfect) talents from beta for asteroid mining! I kinda forgot which talents affected which mining tools, I noticed that the DU atlas also isn't exactly clear on that. But eventually I flew a mining ship out into saves-pace found myself a 9 hour old uncommon asteroid and started doing some mining. I found some T2 Natron (30kL) and the rest T1 Quartz (350kL), still finding Quartz there in 5000L-6000L nodes. It's fine for now, as I need to get back into the mining groove and get used to the iffy asteroid gravity physics... The Natron is now long gone, the only thing left is the Quartz, no other asteroid miners show up anymore for that quartz. Hence the title of the topic... For gawds sake! Clean up your asteroids! 😉 I can understand why Quartz is as unpopular as it is, buy orders at Alioth Market 6 are just above 5 quanta, while Coal and Hematite are more then twice that. And no, asteroid mining any of the T1 ores isn't an efficient use of my time (quanta per hour). I'm asteroid mining because I want to experience the 'zen' of it again. But getting at just small nodes of 5000L-6000L of ore is disappointing and a bit de-motivational... I'll clean up this asteroid of all the unwanted Quartz and will see what I can get from other asteroids (outside the weekend) in the save-zone, I need to learn a bit more regarding finding new asteroids, mining speed, and speedy scanning ships before going into pvp-space... So who else is asteroid mining? What do you pickup and what do you leave? Etc.
  6. Did Hell just freeze over? 😉 I see a lot of interesting things listed, but you'll have to pardon me if I'm currently not ecstatic... We'll see what happens. Also, Mark van den Heuvel sound awfully Dutch...
  7. The most important part is actually getting it fixed, no communication about it is... Well, let's not go down that road. Yeah, GFN isn't great for slowboating space ships. But to be honest, I would suggest you do that locally on your PC. GFN is great (when it works) if you need a bit more power then your local PC will give you. I'm currently running the priority subscription, that effectively gives me a RTX 2080, while my local computer only draws 17W-27W. I'll eventually go for a RTX 4080 subscription when I'm more comfortable with using GFN...
  8. After the update of today, I'm not getting an error in GFN anymore, but I still can't play as I now just get a grey window!
  9. It appears that DU on Geforce Now (GFN) is now completely F-ed up. With the previous patch we got an error and then the client quit. After this patch we just get a grey screen when we start DU via GFN...
  10. I think it's NOT a design problem or even a population problem. I actually think that there's enough people for this to not be an issue. BUT: It's not even four months since launch, relatively few people see any real NEED for T5 stuff, it would be nice, but certainly not necessary. That means there is very little real motivation among the DU 'masses' to gang up and kick the 'ruling' corp from their perch. I suspect it might take 6-12 months for that to actually/structurally change. There's currently a single Plasma being auctioned at the DU Auction House on Discord for more then 400 million quanta (EDIT: it sold for 718.5 million quanta!), I suspect that this will eventually go down drastically. Because Big Corp X can only stockpile so much, they can actually use it, but then if they loose a ship in pvp, T5 stuff will get onto the market... People might even risk reprocessing those things to get that Plasma back and build other things... See it as a House in control of Dune, the Spice must flow (if there is enough demand for it) or people will get motivated to kick you out (or they might get motivated anyway, because it's their nature)...
  11. Favorite thing about DU: I have none, I'm addicted! 😉 Most hated thing about DU: NQ... 🤬
  12. Reread their announcements, they already left the door open in their wording for a future wipe.
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