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What kind of in-game events would you like to see in Dual Universe?


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Hot Potato


Event Description:


I am tentatively calling this idea Hot Potato but feel free to use whatever name you like and modify the specifics as you see fit. The focus is around transporting "bombs" between the district buildings as quickly as possible. These bombs are unmodifiable (DRM) constructs pre-programed by NQ to explode after being piloted for more than "X" minutes cumulatively. An NQ staff member is stationed at each district to distribute/collect the bombs. Players need to pilot their district's bombs to another district before they explode to earn points. However, every enemy bomb that successfully arrives at your district loses points. Will you be able to coordinate with your fellow team members to outperform the other districts? Will you be able to reach your destination before the fuse runs out? Or maybe you just want to pull up a chair and watch some fireworks!


Sample Ruleset:

  • NQ-staff at each district will spawn in and maintain a steady supply of their team's bomb constructs.
  • Participating players can freely choose the district they want to join and may defect to another district at any time.
  • Players earn 1 point for their team by getting their district's bomb within 1-2 tiles of an enemy district.
  • Teams also lose 1 point for every enemy bomb that arrives within 1-2 tiles of their district.
  • At the end of the event the district with the most points is declared the winner.
  • Developer mischief is permitted.

Implementation Requirements:

  1. Design the "bomb construct" and install/create the associated self-destruct/cleanup script.
    1. Include custom names/markings to allow players/staff to easily distinguish between each district's bombs (ie: BOMB District-1, BOMB District-2, etc)
    2. Ensure the bomb constructs are not modifiable or compactable and can be freely piloted by any player.
    3. (Optional) Further enhance the experience with variable fuse lengths or a variety of challenging construct types/configurations/control schemes.
  2. The NQ Staff member stationed at each district is responsible for:
    1. Spawning in their district's corresponding bomb constructs.
    2. Keeping track of arriving enemy bomb constructs and subsequently de-spawning/triggering them.
    3. Recruiting/rallying players to join their team and coordinating the attack on enemy districts.


Feedback and suggestions for improvement are appreciated. Part of the motivation for this event is to stress test the districts ahead of release so the more participants the better.

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3 hours ago, NQ-Nyota said:

That is a suggestion of things that you would like to see added to the game, which is acceptable for other discussions,

Sure, then no, I do not feel NQ should even consider creating in game events.


This game is promoted and pitched as "player made" and as such it is not for NQ to build in game events, and so, my first point remains not just fair, it becomes the expectation. NQ should not interfere in what happens in game unless it is to repair damage, NQ should build the tools that players can use to create the game's events. My suggestion just became more than that.

NQ should focus on attracting a playerbasse and offer that playerbase the tools to build the game content.

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English (Translator used)

The events of the players should support Aphelia by donating prizes.


I think the concept of powers in Elite Dangerous is very good. 
In DU, Aphelia is the first power and controls everything up to the jump range of the warp drive, starting from the warp beacons that are within range of her.


This can then be used to create missions that are used to construct Aphelia's buildings and facilities. All materials are obtained by the players and sold to Aphelia until the necessary items are available at the creation site. The possible profits should be attractive for all players. The top ten players will receive additional bonuses.


Players who are loyal to Aphelia can get a police license and hunt down players on whom Aphelia has placed a bounty.

In addition, missions can be launched to secure suppliers during the delivery event.


Each participation as a supplier, escort or rescue from pirates increases loyalty with Aphelia.
Attacking or shooting down police or suppliers will result in the imposition of a bounty from Aphelia, as well as a decrease in loyalty.


Outside the range of Aphelia (other solar system) new powers can form (also other KI's)





German (original)
Die Events der Spieler sollte Aphelia durch Spenden von Preisen unterstützen.


Ich finde das Konzept der Mächte in "Elite Dangerous" sehr gut. 

In DU ist Aphelia die erste Macht und kontrolliert alles bis zur Sprungreichweite des Warp-drives, ausgehend von den Warp-beacons die in Reichweite von ihr sind.


Damit lassen sich dann Missionen erstellen, die zum Bau von Aphelia's Gebäuden und Einrichtungen dienen. Alle Materialien werden von den Spielern besorgt und an Aphelia verkauft bis die nötigen Sachen  an dem Erstellungsort vorhanden sind. Die möglichen Gewinne sollten für alle Spieler attraktiv sein. Die zehn Besten bekommen Zusatzboni.


Spieler die loyal zu Aphelia stehen können eine Polizeilizenz erhalten und auf Spieler jagt machen, auf die Aphelia ein Kopfgeld ausgesetzt hat.

Außerdem können Mission zur Absicherung der Lieferanten während des Lieferevents gestartet werden.


Jede Teilnahme als Lieferant, Eskorte oder Rettung vor Piraten steigert die Loyalität bei Aphelia.
Angriff oder Abschuss von Polizei oder Lieferanten führt zu Verhängung eines Kopfgeldes von Aphelia, sowie Verminderung der Loyalität.


Außerhalb der Reichweite von Aphelia (anderes Sonnensystem) können sich neue Mächte bilden (auch andere KI's)




Die Waldfee

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The station is running out of oxygen. Players need to donate or sell oxygen to the station. If enough oxygen is donated all players will recieve a small reduction on tax on future sales for x amount of time, the top donater will not be taxed for x amount of time.  If more oxygen is sold then donated then sakes tax will increase for everyone at the station. If not enough oxygen is donated or sold all market transactions are timed out at that station.

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I would like to see small asteroids or moons scattered all over space that a player can "capture and claim" permanently. There, with the help of resources and a series of quests, you can build up and charge a protective shield that is permanent and cannot be broken, a kind of "mini-safe zone".

By the way, the quest starts on Alioth and you first have to build a spaceship that can transport various materials and goods for such a journey in order to build such a shield on site. You can also make this quest series relatively long, so that you also then have to suck off fog nearby as an example to generate energy or fight small alien plants or destroy alien beetles living there....a end you could even build a warp point through the quests, but for this the player must complete weeks of tasks....

This special area has of course also restrictions, e.g. each player can claim only one such area for himself. If you don't have your subscription active for a longer period of time (6 months) you will lose the claim to this area. The further the area is from the solar system center, the more interesting bonuses could be waiting there for the players, which could be unlocked little by little.


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Plenty of players have created things like this. It is just hard to advertise them. 
And even if advertised them, any prize money would have to come from the player himself.

And even if we handed out free money for people who do their things, you can not prevent people from just taking the stuff.


Instead of giving us the tools to do it, you now ask for ideas for NQ impemented, NQ advertised events, which you have to tools to reward? 


Sure, do a riddle ship, like the one I made, with a little story and set up, like mine, and little riddles, like in an escape room. Like mine. Use the in game elements, like operators and pressure plates so that codes and clues can be input and checked, like I did.
Or just exactly copy any of the other sweet riddles and escape rooms that other player made, but could not advertise, reward or make abuse-proof.

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15 hours ago, NQ-Nyota said:

As in to practice your PvP skills? (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) 

Very kind of you to pay attention 😀 Yes, and adding:

 - to make life more complicated flying out to space out of any planet;

 - to bring life to empty space;

 - practice an easy and hard enemies;

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12 hours ago, Jake Arver said:

NQ should focus on attracting a playerbasse and offer that playerbase the tools to build the game content.


Maybe make an event not inside the game environment but outside with a grand price like a pet/collectable/special design/etcetera


This event players can sent in 3 or 5 "tools" they think are needed to be able to build ingame events perfectly by players.

-Sent in "tools" need descriptions and as detailed as possible so it is indeed possible by the development dep. to actually deliver on this.

-"tools" need to be introduced ingame and should be free of charge and require no building materials to make it easier to players to actually create events

- If tools need special promotion or effects the form should be added, like wav/lua/bpm

-If tools need to represent special parts like partial race tracks or flags a graphical representation should be added.

-any tool should not be able to be used as exploid and thus should have a statement "individual block can be removed by NQ discretion at any moment"


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Have an overarching story arc that progresses when the game launches/wipes. What was hinted at in the past with mysterious objects found, clues, etc. With an eventual big reveal that imho should have ingame effects/features that can be influenced by players. Use some storytelling, because as far as I know the introduction of the Alien Cores was very lackluster story and introduction wise, from my perception they were just suddenly there....



After many searches/hints, stories, the building plans for a big gate ring to travel to another system are revealed and available to all. Only problem, there are only a handful of locations that they can be build. And I'm not talking about a week or a month long build process, I'm talking about a year long build process. Where ownership can change, massive, massive amounts of components and building materials are needed, etc. Wars are fought for control of that gate (building).


At some point it's finished for small one way trips, where pilots can enter a small specially build pod that they can shoot through the portal. Only things you can take are BPs and Schematics (if they are still ingame at that point, imho this would work better without Schematics). You will crashland on one new alien planet or moon (also functions as your first random claimed tile) and you will have to start over, building up stuff, on planet, off planet, to build the other side of that ring. On one hand you'll have less folks working/fighting on the Alioth side of the gate, making the gate project on that side of the gate more interesting. But having folks working on the other side to get more/safer time to work on the gate. Might lead to interesting social alliances, those recruiting non-affiliated pilots to send through the portal to kickstart the economy, to get that gate build...


An interesting variant would be that there are a handful of those sites around the Alioth system that can be used to build a gate. Each site going to a different system or all go to the same system, but only one gate can be active, forcing Alliances to take out other gates for theirs to start working...


When both gates are active and in good repair, you can travel to and from the other system(s). But running those gates will cost fuel or energy, which needs to be collected. Each jump costs fuel/energy, so the owner of the gate can set tarifs (to pay for the fuel/energy and make a profit). If/when the tarifs are to high, alliances of other players might form and take that gate for themselves (infighting after victory)...


Or other ancient alien relics are found, after much messing around and building experimental stuff we accidentally long dormant AI drone hives that provide PVE activity. Or wormholes are found to instanced PVE content, etc. Better to steal some good ideas from the competition then think up bad ones yourself! 😉

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3 hours ago, Gottchar said:

Plenty of players have created things like this. It is just hard to advertise them. 
And even if advertised them, any prize money would have to come from the player himself.

And even if we handed out free money for people who do their things, you can not prevent people from just taking the stuff.


Instead of giving us the tools to do it, you now ask for ideas for NQ impemented, NQ advertised events, which you have to tools to reward? 


Sure, do a riddle ship, like the one I made, with a little story and set up, like mine, and little riddles, like in an escape room. Like mine. Use the in game elements, like operators and pressure plates so that codes and clues can be input and checked, like I did.
Or just exactly copy any of the other sweet riddles and escape rooms that other player made, but could not advertise, reward or make abuse-proof.



Yep, some of the player created events of the past have been such good quality they would be hard to match. The exhibitions, air shows, some of the puzzles are still out there unsolved.  But if NQ would like to do this there needs to be a backstory, they need to take us on a journey, wrap it up in lore. Otherwise its a lot of work building something someone will solve or complete in minimum time without creating meaningful memories for anyone. Its just a time filler. So

1. Give any event a meaningful backstory, leave the player satisfied but knowing there is next episode 

2. Ensure the reward is not a winner take all

3. Make the prize exclusive, something that cannot be manufactured.

4. Continue the story every 2 or 3 months 


Even something simple like: Every three months a swarm of Alien Repair Drones try to take back the cores. Still sticks to the plan of "Every one you meet is a real player". As some of these drones wander into the safe zone Aphelia has unlocked weapons when targeting drones. This is something level designers would love to do I guess? 


But to be honest I don't think that's why people play DU. 

I think this game is at its best when its player created events. So perhaps we need to start another thread on what are the tools we need? Better chat, persistent messaging, shareable bookmarks, better notification system. etc. 


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Duration 1-6 months 


Sized as large moon/Sanctuary/Heaven 

Moving slowly. 


No initial coordinates or exact date. Can be first visually observed. It can be seen as a very large and bright comet. Can be seen way before entering our solar system. This allows scouts to be sent to see "what is out there". Scouts can trhaen hael other players to calculate comet's speed and direction and estimate when it is near enough to start mining ops. Speed and direction can change.


Then Comet enter Solar system in pvp – zone. Moving slowly into safe zone triangle and passing Alioth very close. 

Then leaving safe zone and moving further either to the sun or just into space. 


Comet contains ores only. All tiers. No dirt

Has no tiles but accepts static constructs for building bases/defenses. 

Ore distribution is very rich. So rich that it is not possible to mine out during the event (1-6 months) 


Rich ore distribution with no “dirt” makes mining very lucrative, even in pvp zone. 

Mining yield must be high for couple of reasons: 

High reward when in pvp zone 

Ore must last whole event even if large number of players participate. 

If static constructs are allowed, they should reserve small volume (maybe 10x of constructs build zone. Next construct would not be allowed within 1 km radius. 


If reward is high it attracts both pvp players and miners, even before Comet enters safe zone. 


If duration in safe zone is long enough and reward stays high pvp:ers have time to build mining outposts and defense systems before Comet leaves safe zone. 


Even with large voxel modifications due mining database will eventually be cleared if comet “disintegrates due collision into sun or just because of [“some scifi explanation”] 

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Personally......I don't think there should be events until the game is live. Anything you earn from an event will probably be lost, anyway. 


Many of these event ideas are great, but would require development to work, which is a non-starter because they are supposed to be 100% focused on performance and bugs prior to release. 


I agree that NQ should work with players where possible -- players have made race tracks and puzzles, an event that features these actual examples of emergent gameplay would make a lot of sense. 

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Take the ideas shared here and make game systems allowing the player base to create similar things. If the tools exist to empower players to create quests/treasure hunts/and other adventures the community will create events and content for as long as the game is online. While some of this is possible it takes a lot of advance means to achieve today. Give us better systems to create more player content and get out of the way! 


Please NQ take the time to empower the player base once and enjoy the benefit of players content for lifespan of the game. We need not be given fish; we need to be given the tools to fish. ;)

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5 minutes ago, Endstar said:

Please NQ take the time to empower the player base once and enjoy the benefit of players content for lifespan of the game. We need not be given fish; we need to be given the tools to fish.

This. So much this. We're already trying, but imagine what can be done if NQ actually starts supporting the "player driven" pitch!

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17 hours ago, NQ-Nyota said:

you have to have the "key" from the previous puzzle


"Have to have" would be mean, but handy clue from previous puzzle would be cool.


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Players can start a quest that leads to a commitment to help build a giant stargate.
You have to fly various materials (ores of all animal levels) and a lot of elements to the construction area accordingly.
This event should take place over weeks or months, and all players should help in order to accomplish this project. Do not only accept missions, but really fly the ore there and store it in appropriate delivery containers, the same applies to products, elements such as pipes, processors,...

At the end of the quest series, the Stargate could then be a way to:
- get to another star system
- from the Stargate could come alien invasions, which would have to be fought 1x in the week
- The stargate offers place for very many players to set up a kind of "dwelling" there. (If one would like it, thus no obligation)
- the stargate is huge, in order to pass also coming XL-expanded ships through there - also in (Borg)cube form.
- The stargate can later be linked with other stargates to connect new players on distant planetary systems as needed. (So that there is also a kind of catch-up mechanic there without burdening the existing players).
- You could also use it to connect other alien factions to it and possibly allow players to join these factions via quest series. (Trade, wars, dipolmacy systems should be expanded here as well).
- The stargate must be maintained with energy, which should be a community project, which does not overtax the solo player or bring him into a Spielzwang, but lets it be earned by a few "volunteers". (As an example: Bring me 10 energy cells, as a thank you you get 250,000 quanta, in total the stargate needs 250 energy cells every week).

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First off thanks for opening this up to the community. Many have felt like your not listening so maybe we can repair this. Second these requests are more for the developers and designers.


1. Meganode Astroids


This doesn't need to be part of the normal spawn or even a DSAT thing, but some sort of incoming transmission that tells us the POS (please make it 500+ SU away ), and it would need to last a couple of weeks, so basically the size of a planet. Bonus points of it moves in and out of the system.


Hopefully more variety can be added to roid mining indefinitely, and more of the old days of meganode mining can be felt again.


2. A pvp arena or pvp planet.


Lets see how atmo pvp will work. 😃


3. Bigger salvage 


Please give us something besides broken and basic elements. It's not fun having to repair and dig out these low value constructs. It was fun the first few times, but ya missed the risk vs reward concepts completely.


4. New Territories to scan and mine


There is an obvious need more planets now that that RNG seeding has made it super easy for old players to find the good spots in a matter of a few weeks. 


So maybe we need something between a astroid and planet, where we can mine and shoot each other but not setup anything permanent?






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Since NQ titles itself as a metaverse company, I would like to know to what extent you can explain metaverse, so what exactly does NQ mean by metaverse?
The directions seem to diverge worldwide, if you look at the expectations of Meta/Facebook as an example. Is DualUniverse supposed to be a point in the direction of a Metaverse already there, if so, is this point from the game or just from the technology behind it?
If DualUniverse itself wants to be a kind of Metaverse once in many years, aren't many things missing that are already there in "normal games"? Dungeons, quests, main quests, raids, arenas, battlegrounds, achievement systems, mounts, pets, mount fights, pet fights, openworld bosses, treasures, jump&run puzzles, housing, professions, economy, trading systems, guild content, faction fights, castle fights, battles on land and water with machines or ships,...

Or will dualUniverse concentrate on the pure voxel construction kit, so that it works with the performance for years, once the planets or the universe are densely built? (How densely can players build planets, is there a vision on the part of NQ?)

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  • 1 month later...

Some economic synergy competitive events that rewards both the org and the player their performance. This can be a mix of singleplayer activities or group activities


Goal: To gain as much points as possible as a group and player

Example tasks to fulfill:

- Amount of money gathered with aphelia missions

- Ore gathered on the surface

- Ore gathered by MU

- Amount of ore mined on Asteroids

- Amount of schematics used


The amount of points you can gather scales per tier offcourse. So using a higher tier should be more rewarding.



- The amount of reward a player can get is how good their alliance is doing in the event. So the better you work together and scoring points will benefit all of them. With some end game ultimate prices as one of the highest rewards.

- Reward can be in materials / elements / schematics / quanta


Then we can break this down in certain ranks that will pool similar org with each other. So a smaller highly active group can attain a better ranking then their bigger counterparts. This can also be tied to better rewards.


This should encourage teamplay and getting a bit competitive in the mix to get better rewards as a group and as player

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I would love to see a regular (as in repeating cycle; annual, quarterly, etc.) building competition where the winning constructs become a permanent part of Aphelia's assets.  This could be as mission rewards, modular/procedural static additions to market tiles, random unclaimed spawns for exploration/salvage, PvE drones for Asteroids, etc.  This would give NQ a 'player driven' library of constructs to use in many ways going forward.

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