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  1. Question bundle from my organisation: 1. Energy Management is going to be much welcomed and needed balance. Since it was announced the big projects are just coming to an halt as we don't know the future implications, resulting in stagnation. Can you shed any light on how it will work? 2. Docking Mechanics: Since docking is pretty quirky in the current state. What are your plans on this feature? It currently fells clunky, unreliable and un-trustworthy. 3. Would you like to see a fully fledged working Internal Token system that has been testing for 4 months? We have an extensive one and would love to show it if it would help develop futher ingame features. 4. With the upcoming balance of industry. Will the amount of links (10/7/1) also be changed?
  2. Greetings fellow Noveans, I have been tracking this game for quite a while and now that alpha stage 2 is comming I pledged myself. Played more sandbox mmo's and space games. Im excited to get started! Kind regards, Pcfreak9
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