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  1. A bit late reaction, I do believe a good balance between accessible gameplay, but the schematics was a needed step in the right direction. - Gave quanta a purpose (Before my org was living off the grid and even installed our own token system) - Making industrialist a profession And the basic parts were still cheap. So in the end the amount of hate that it got I just unjustified. And progress is needs to be keep in check at the start. This part of the phase the game the progress gating is vital. As the game progresses the items are going to be acessible. So it wont be too long before most parts will be accesible and eventually with teamwork you are able to reach end game quicker by good teamwork. So eventually when everything is ramped up it has a high accesibility and the markets will be filled with a good a mount of products and if then also people think about cost efficient ships and keep the motto: Only fly what you can replace. Then we we will have a good balance between accessible gameplay.
  2. I would suggest for almost full wipe: Must: Schematics The schematics are here to stay or a similar mechanic needs to be in place to keep progress in check. They were crazy expensive and it should be like that. Without them you go from start to end game 1 - 2 weeks time. In that case it has no use to wipe otherwise the wipe will be an annoyance and no use at all. Bps: Keep the BPs so people can rebuild their crafts again. Mission randomization: Mission randomization can be the ultimate solution to keep the it from being abused and keeping it dynamic to see the rest of the galaxy aswell instead of several places. This will also make it less predictable where the missions runners are going and coming from. Only refreshable every 24h Also I would like to see a clear vision on planetary warfare so people can choose where they are going to live and if that would be subjective to a loss in the future. Nice things to have as a beta player: 5 - 10 % talents points tranfser: A bit of talent points tranfer would be a nice thing for the existing players. With this amount it would be only beneficial at the start and this will diminish to almost nothing in a year time. So the beta player wont be totally empty handed by being a tester. Extra starting money could be a thing, but it should be big enough to provide a bit of extra funds to get it going, but it shouldnt be too big to give a huge advantage. So if that would happen max 50k - 100k of T1 worth of ore should be the bonus. Otherwise leave us peasants struggling to get out of the dirt. I enjoyed the few days of the early game at the start of beta and I would enjoy it more if the systems now in place were there. Giving the game a better pace with the schematics and the ore extraction rates. With this the game / economy will be growing more organic.
  3. Question bundle from my organisation: 1. Energy Management is going to be much welcomed and needed balance. Since it was announced the big projects are just coming to an halt as we don't know the future implications, resulting in stagnation. Can you shed any light on how it will work? 2. Docking Mechanics: Since docking is pretty quirky in the current state. What are your plans on this feature? It currently fells clunky, unreliable and un-trustworthy. 3. Would you like to see a fully fledged working Internal Token system that has been testing for 4 months? We have an extensive one and would love to show it if it would help develop futher ingame features. 4. With the upcoming balance of industry. Will the amount of links (10/7/1) also be changed?
  4. Greetings fellow Noveans, I have been tracking this game for quite a while and now that alpha stage 2 is comming I pledged myself. Played more sandbox mmo's and space games. Im excited to get started! Kind regards, Pcfreak9
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