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  1. Before they can change the rewards for achievements they need to fix how the achievements are recorded. As of now you can get an achievement without even doing anything. For example standing close to (within the construct I believe) an industry unit gives you industry achievements whether you touched the machine or not, you don't even need rights to the machines or construct at all.
  2. AIs was banned a long time ago but somehow they were allowed to run the ark ships. Maybe we need to find out how to use this Thoramine and fight back.
  3. I don't see the problem? I've copied several batches and got them all in my nanopack upon retrieve.
  4. I would like to be able to configurate the industry units even without any schematics available in the schematic bank. Of course the machine should not start to produce anything but be jammed because of missing schematics. So my org mates can come later and fill up the machine with the necessary schematics and then the machine will start produce as I configured it and with my talents.
  5. I don't get a notification in the notifications list when finished a batch of copied schematics. I've reported this with a ticket.
  6. Thank you @Gottchar for that insight and a good explanation! Then I hope NQ use the right data to group the right stuff together. And hopefully change the name accordingly so that it's easy to see in the name of the item what schematic should be used. And then I don't have any questions about it affect the same type of items differently. But what about how high or low the cost should be? Somehow I came up with the idea that a good number could be 10% of the average production cost for each group. But does it really matter?? At this point, with no affecting talents or differences, it will just add equally to the production cost. In the same way that inflation does. And would it be possible to have that cost change (for example every week) depending on the average ore prices? And for different tiers I still don't know how the different cost should be to balance correctly. What about the time it takes to copy? I don't have a clue what's reasonable... It's a cap for me how self-sufficient I can be and a cap for how much the player base as a whole can produce. The longer it takes the more we need to rely on other players selling their copies at markets. Schematics for what items? Does no one else have an idea what items should need schematics? Or do you just not care?
  7. The only questions I see NQ wants answers to is cost/balance for copying and what items should have schematics. Cost/balance The same schematic will be used for all elements of the same tier and size but the production cost for different elements can vary a lot. Here are some examples of Tier 1 Medium elements using the same schematic: Element Prod. Cost 1000 5000 Basic atmo engine M 27 733 4% 18% Basic space engine M 31 344 3% 16% Wing M 31 344 3% 16% Adjustor M 4 983 20% 100% Atmospheric airbrake M 5 706 18% 88% Atmospheric fuel tank M 27 733 4% 18% Basic container M 143 072 1% 3% Basic metalwork M 31 344 3% 16% Cockpit controller 30 165 3% 17% With a schematic cost of 1000 or 5000 quanta there are a huge difference between the cheap adjustor compared to the expensive container. The schematic cost affects the total production cost of the different elements very different. For now I can't compare between tiers because ore prices are not in balance for numerous reasons. I can't wrap my head around why it feels so wrong with these differences. I hope you all can help with further discussions about that! Schematics for what items The reason for the schematics in the first place is to achieve a means to level the production of items, and not having factories running constantly without a demand. Why would some items not need this level? Without this extra cost I can produce as many items I can, with the ore I get, to flood the market. The very reason this change is made. All items must have schematics. Parts have never been an item worth selling, though JC had the vision that most players would be small suppliers of parts to the bigger factories producing finished elements. So I can understand why those don't get schematics (for now). But furniture, plants, cables, pipes, antennas and other decorative elements do have a place on the market and a demand from players not interested in industry and therefor should have schematics. A historical note is that SVEA would not have been what it is today without the profits from decorative elements. The first factory, store and the whole organisation building a big base and a lot of ships was financed by only the production and selling of decorative elements.
  8. Thank you for sharing this solution with us! Ok, so now you want me to discuss the solution you presented. I've read your solution and I think I got a rather good grasp about how it would change the game play. I've also read the comments here and I think I could agree to most of them. But there's one big problem! If you have thought out a solution that you think fits the best and then ask me to discuss that, you also need to present the problem that solution is supposed to solve. In these comments I see a few problems mentioned and possible solutions to them. That's good, and I can relate to the problems and share my opinion if that is a good solution or not. I do see a few problems myself and could find, or at least share my idea of, possible solutions to them. But there's a lot of facts I don't know about. Facts that are necessary to know to be able to boil down what the problem really is about. And then, when you know for sure what the problem really is, then you can start to discuss how to solve it. So now I will patiently wait for you to present the problem. And then, I can share my thoughts how that could be solved.
  9. I would like to add something to the chat window. Change the font size. Move the window. Split tabs in to separate windows.
  10. The content was unfortunately as expected and I will not comment more about it. But I would like to comment about the quality of the audio. Neither all of you or all of us do have english as our native language. Therefore the quality of the audio must be better. It was very difficult to hear some of the participants over the music, and you should have some knowledge how to filter the audio so even a basic headset sounds alright. If you want us to believe that you understand what quality looks like, it must be noticeable when you communicate.
  11. Tone down or change the warp effect. I have to change to 1st person view (without windows) to block that cascade of light. I want to be able to play for hours, not just show a cool effect for 10 seconds to a friend.
  12. I'm in a really bad mood about this so I stopped playing now. I just don't know what to think anymore...
  13. What does this mean: "entirely built and driven by players..."? NQ dictates how we are supposed to play their game to a point that they take the fun out of it. What is fun? Creativity! So it be building ships or static constructs, finding the meta and tactics for victorious PVP, LUA programming to overcome "technical problems". What makes this fun? There is a challenge and when we succeed it triggers positive feelings so we learn and evolve. Aphelia markets is no fun. Most players use the market to turn stuff they have into quanta and back to stuff they want. No fun in that. But, a few players can find joy in doing good businesses buying and selling. But with no in game tools to analyze supply and demand that's not really a thing. And if you produce the stuff yourself it's merely just a place to throw your stuff to get quanta back to invest in your business. Player made markets can be fun. You can put an effort in building a construct that attracts players to come and visit. Either it's functional and/or esthetic. You can build relations with your customers to find out what their demand is. You can build relations with suppliers to meet the demand. You can interact with other players and make friends and socialize. I am part of an organization running one of these player made markets. We can offer our customers to: see all items before they buy because all items are at display in the store. Especially welcomed by new players who have not yet seen all things in the game. buy in VR and store it in their personal container to pick up later, or if they share it within an org, someone else from that org can get it. have their own parcel container to be able to create a hauling mission (player made!!) for someone else to get their stuff for them. The only way we can sell stuff is by using dispensers, one fore each item and batch size. So we have almost 400 dispensers in our store, plus a second store with almost the same amount of dispensers to sell the same items in a different batch size. We've built a system to automate updates to the screens with new prices, a lot of LUA coding and a lot of elements and linking. With an API for the dispensers we could have automated the whole process, but now we need to update each dispenser with a new price. All these display items, dispensers, back end system elements and links makes the place quite laggy, but it works. We don't have thousands of customers, but enough to make money to expand and keep working on new ideas. We've built a small part of the society, we succeed, and it's fun.
  14. From the trash to treasure forum post: So the cores or low tier stuff left after salvage will be removed from the game world nevertheless.
  15. For the player markets I would like to add our own SVEA Super Store (Alioth). And also Grand Bazaar, by Briggenti (and friends) GottMart, by Gottchar Don't know the name but Grixies market place above M6.
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