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  1. That is an excellent side product idea. Give some of these talented programmers access to a few dev and engine tools so that we might see custom realms for many different games, possibly even a better, non-copyright infringing, version of EQ Next.
  2. WoW is probably one of the worst examples. They had a rabid fanbase long before that game launched, and very little competition when they started it. Balance is a polish step and sometimes for troubleshooting. It should never be the lead action in designing part of a product.
  3. This is perhaps one of the simplest, yet most important statements I've come across on this forum since I started grinding my forum xp (i.e. literally unable to play in client). I acknowledge upfront that I have a bias toward prior descriptions of what DU was aiming to become mixed with what it had available at the beginning of Beta. I wouldn't be grouching it up on the forums if I didn't intend to give the latest and greatest a fair shot. I do this knowing full well what loops are available to me compared to what I had even a month ago. I do so with the knowledge that most of what I found fun has been gutted from the project.
  4. I suspect that JC leaving just happened to coincide with some of the delayed effects of 0.23. I meant it as a time marker more so than a cause.
  5. I was counting on that. I still have some T1 elements at market 15 but sales have fallen off a cliff since JC left. It also helped some that market 6 is a nightmare for lag and/or parking.
  6. You don't balance before you get at least 80% of intended features working most of the time. Yet another sign of working without a clear goal I guess?
  7. I had finally gotten enough basic industry units to make my own fuels and start tinkering with production of ship parts. The 0.23 patch set me back so far that I still had not recovered before I decided to take a break. Now that Demeter has nuked mining and replaced it with buggy auto-mining chores I'm barely above new player start point and not looking forward to grinding to keep playing. TBH, I'm most likely to go beta test a different game until NQ gets a clue (or folds).
  8. My total pool of quanta between two accounts has never gone over 15,000,000 quanta at any point and I have been commuting back and forth to close out my tiles outside of Sanctuary. My main account wallet was stuck below 3 million quanta for a very long time. I (finally) own one (1) lightly used warp drive but it isn't installed on anything for lack of many schematics and probably a few industry units needed to produce my own cells. As I stated elsewhere, I went above and beyond to avoid using the central markets for most things but with Demeter I feel that I no longer have that choice. I have run a handful of safezone missions to see the process. I planned to only use missions to offset a specific trip's cost going forward. Having intentionally gone the hardcore solo route I can say that option is no longer viable. The majority of my skill points were put into mining on my main and element boosts on my alt for ship building. Now I have next to no incoming ore to work with meaning my entire way of playing the game has been yanked out from under me whole cloth. All of that to respond by saying that there will always be edge cases. Some by accident, others by choice. Due to a small amount of accumulated materials and elements (12-13 large containers full total) I can't say that I have gone bust yet but I can no longer play the way I used to.
  9. That is why we have 3 planets and their moons in a safe zone. It was going to be 99.999% PvP at one point.
  10. This! So this. There are some player run markets but our tools for doing so pale in comparison to the centralized markets. If we could set up our own market terminals in addition to dispensers it could be so much better.
  11. On release for sure. If it fixes many (or even just a choice one or two big) of the issues that we are experiencing I would be on board for and maybe even encourage a clean slate and give it a fair shot. But this line of thinking is also where the new grind on top of a wipe, even for release, significantly risks killing the game. I'll have to disagree with you there too. I actually enjoyed mining. Being solo with only one alt account had already been too much labor and time investment for me to get out of the game enough, but I was willing to chip away at it over the long term on my own terms. I did everything I could to avoid selling ore to the bots and keep out of the main markets for selling my extras as I fiddled with the industry changes. I've had tons of problems, of which I'm sure at least 80% were entirely my own fault, but I kept pressing on because I could see potential realized in chunks. Having to babysit a game is exactly why I don't install mobile games. It is a major turn-off to pay for something that feels like a chore. I quit playing WoW for the same reason, but I never bothered to tell them or interact with their forum community because I wasn't creatively involved. This project is different in many ways. I came in knowing full well that I would have to start from scratch many times, even as a solo player. I'm also bothering to interact on the forums, with the hope that NQ will address at least some of the issues. I may also attempt some mirth along the way, so mind where you step.
  12. NQ has been struggling with cleaning up (and preventing more of) the hordes of constructs left rusting. They even gave us pocket ships as a direct response to the problem. One of the ideas I wanted to use on my bar/market was to salvage ships and turn them into decoration. I would take all elements and sell/reuse. The honeycomb shell would be cut/paste onto the static construct with some weathering done and honeycomb cinder blocks under it.
  13. If taxation is a requirement to keep the economy balanced then it would make more sense (logically and technically) to apply the taxes directly to units that produce (industry included); tiny amount on a per cycle basis rather than a blanket tax on property without regard for any other activity. Even from a lore perspective this could be called an electric bill.
  14. I never said they had the tech working. Until it does work it would be correct in stating that it isn't of value. If the server tech is no longer being developed then this project is barely more than a graphics intense space clone of Minecraft with vague aspirations of being compared to other games.
  15. Oh yeah, that would entice new players to grind more quanta. If NQ even discussed that prospect in earnest publicly the project would be all but dead in a matter of minutes. I may complain on the forums, but it is because I still (foolishly) want this project to be a success.
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