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  1. Don't count your chickens before they hatch on the asteroid changes, those may not work as intended. I'm reserving judgement until I see it in game. I had a spark of copium when I read that until others pointed out that the image NQ used for the next segment was a poorly photoshopped rip from a website talking about Elite: Dangerous.
  2. ...it ran better in Beta. They had an extremely similar bug at launch that got fixed after a while. It came back much worse with 1.1.
  3. It requires an overly loose and generous definition for the R and the P to consider DU a Game at this point.
  4. If it functions the way they shopped the image it should be generic enough to avoid IP concerns.
  5. Some people count travel time from their home planet. So 2-4 hours travel and then 20 minutes search time is a reasonable estimate for direct travel. Avoiding the pipes in getting to the rock may add up to double the travel time.
  6. They said there will be a timer, they didn't say the timer would remain the same. How much ore can an org nom from a rock in 20 minutes? If they're not watching the timer they'll still be sitting and waiting for you to get your pew on. Everyone is full on T1, but that isn't what we'd be going into your turf to get now is it? Instead of jumping the instant it goes to rumored you'll have to be ready to jump to catch them before they leave. But you wouldn't want a whole bunch of ore would you?
  7. I was just looking at my Steam community list of games that I've played and there is a clear pattern. My #1 played game at 445 hours is Robocraft. I bring this up because I see DU's economy as breaking the PvP incentives for most. What is the incentive for the new solo player to take the risk? What is the incentive for the casual gamers in a loose knit org to seek out PvP gameplay? The economy is getting in the way of the play part of the word gameplay. I want to build ships that can challenge other builders to adapt. I want to dabble in messing with metas, but I'm stuck doing chores to keep the millstone rolling. What little equipment I have is far too precious to take unneeded risk with, much less to seek out combat intentionally. Perhaps it would help to put this in someone else's perspective:
  8. At this point NQ seems to have no choice in the matter. Running an MMO is one of the most expensive game formats possible. Deleting stuff keeps some people away but that isn't the only thing turning people off.
  9. Compare the number of bytes in a timestamp to the number of bytes in a 0 or 1 (unitCalibrated), multiply that difference by the number of MU being used in game. It my be a tiny difference but when you're shaving every coin already it seems counterproductive. Even Amazon owned properties are paying near full rate for AWS, though that is in part to protect their prices charged to external customers. Amazon discounts are typically a [filtered]-for-tat; so what value would NQ/DU bring to the table to warrant a price break? Edit: over simplistic auto-filter? The original text is a legit, non-offensive term.
  10. Building is one of the key components of the game yet the servers can't handle the amount we're building already? What happens when (though not likely at this point) the game becomes popular and triples in population from peak? If it can't handle it now then it never could and looking less likely by the day that it will be able to.
  11. 1) They are tracking how many thousands of individual MU timers? 2) They are doing so to reduce server and DB load? It isn't just us, the players, that are being hurt by the design choices. Poor design isn't the only issue here. The above questions clearly illustrate that NQ's apparent/stated goals do not match the actual results and MU nerfs are not alone in this.
  12. Ah. EU law is a tad more strict. Looks like it is just a matter of asking the right questions to find where corner cutting and relying on the services of other companies puts NQ into a bind.
  13. Prismic is a cloud hosting solution, meaning NQ is paying for the services of Prismic to host content. Depending on the reviews, they may be overpaying compared to similar middleware services. Edit: Anyone who tells you that your data is safe on the internet either doesn't understand the tech or is untrustworthy. I cannot speak for Prismic's track record for hacks and data exposure but rest assured that if someone actually wants that data there's not much that you or I could do about it. Once it's on the internet your data is only one to two steps away from being pubic knowledge.
  14. I don't know the code needed for this off hand but I bet transparent screens can fill this request already. It would be nice if a color picker with transparency slider were a part of the package here. If NQ is short of art staff I bet there's a few dozen builders in-game who would be willing to do the leg work on designing models for stuff like this in exchange for some in-game benefit and attribution. Attribution is easy, just include builder(s) in the details of the item as well as an in-game title. In-game benefit may be a longer discussion because it should not be something that would imbalance the economy or PvP even if a given object becomes insanely popular.
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