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  1. It is not an exaggeration to say that the game had more features, fun, and stability in the first half of Beta than any point from launch or beyond (so far).
  2. Patch notes appear to be unavailable at this time.
  3. There is a huge distinction between fudging the science for the sake of art (B movie breaking of science was typically a plot device for cheap popcorn flicks and/or lazy writers) and calling attention to the science for something but being inconsistent everywhere else that would apply. There isn't enough consistency in what little lore there is to call it Science. At best DU could be considered a post apocalyptical simulation with science-sounding elements. For a 'humanity's new start' with 'no rules,' there sure are a lot of central planning rules followed by chaotic reprisal for trying to distance from or overcome the repressive system.
  4. Thank you for making this known to everyone. In eight lines you proved me wrong and showed just how flawed the design is without name calling or hurt feelings. Bravo.
  5. Does this risk creating an espionage scoreboard?
  6. I have given this question way more time than it is worth. In my mind it boils down to the lore being overly generic to the point it barely qualifies as a garnish on a side of mash potatoes instead of the steak of a good RPG. Dying world, random company name sends cryostasis colony ship(s), FTUE, grind, grind, grind. There is such a small amount of lore that once you watch the cinematic you've covered all the lore. Generic end of world, generic you are here now and.... go.
  7. By increasing the distance between the two surfaces that gives more time to process collision with the second surface layer. My guess, anyway.
  8. At one point in the past the Unigen website featured DU/NQ. After my copium from the launch hype wore off I went to the Unigen site and couldn't find any meaningful mention or assets from DU/NQ. I don't know the story but that didn't help my confidence in NQ to be pulled from the engine's site.
  9. So Windows 10 will no longer run on a 7th generation core i3? What is this sorcery?
  10. If tile is owned assume digging is intended. If tile is not owned/abandoned AND distance under 1000m terrain data not requested by client(s) for 60 days, revert to seed. Not perfect, but not hard to work on edge cases from that point. The fact that I keep seeing patch notes that are very similar to off-hand and under thought suggestions I made leads me to agree. Do we have to hold NQ's hand and lead them in minor quick fixes? At least give credit for suggestions that led to a related patch.
  11. The game performed better with hardware at and slightly below minimum specifications during beta than now with any hardware. If this is a client issue then it is code related, not hardware.
  12. All of that plus: The original vision as stated was a group of disparate features that had not been tried in this combination before. Some of the intended features are in conflict with other features. It isn't impossible to get them balanced but that balance should have been achieved in the pre-alpha and alpha or the project scrapped then. To push into later stages without addressing the conflicting systems within the design was a recipe for disaster. It is also telling that there is so much finger pointing and blaming of groups. United we stand, divided we fall. There was a spectrum of players who wanted everything, but more were at one end or the other; squeezing out players all the while. All of that to say: Why should we build the game for a company that ignores and blames us? That's just a lose-lose scenario.
  13. Warp cells have a cost associated. The scenario I described was an entire fleet of scanning ships slow boated to nearby before the planet was loaded, at a much lower cost than anyone using warp would face. Two days notice isn't outside the realm of possible for this same thing to happen if you already have a fleet of scanners ready to go at a moment's notice but the ability to customize your equipment for the players confirmed to have the day off... On that note, I wonder how many stations are within 10su of other planets that are currently not there and if that should be the next focus for those still interested in what NQ is promising. Or would there be regular sweeps looking to blow up other people's stuff?
  14. I've had ships get trapped inside buildings. The most recent I hovered until I could see all the glass elements load in but I still clipped through a voxel floor/roof as soon as I landed.
  15. If you know when and roughly where with two weeks advance notice you could organize and stage enough equipment just out atmo range to log in and land with an entire fleet of scanners for your org to hit en masse well ahead of almost everyone else. When resources are scarce; knowledge is power.
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