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  1. All these posts about what people are doing in game... Most all of it sounds like work, chores, and grind. Anyone playing DU for fun or just out of the fear of loss if you did not play?
  2. So what if a org ship? How would you friend a org? This seems like another game system or two would need to be added to simply color stuff. I very much want a FoE system just know it is much more than color changes.
  3. Tell me I'm wrong? NQ would want to wipe to slow the game down. Plain and simple. The management is smart as if you run any basic numbers they need at least 75,000 players and more like 150,000. For investors to make a good return on their very old investment your really looking at needing 200K +. What do games normally get? How many people play other MMO like games at the moment?
  4. How do you sort out a friend from a game design prospective? Pilots, ships, and orgs can all be intermixed. Pilots can get out of seat and trade with another pilot. Many many edge cases here. Makes sense to say friendly but how is that done?
  5. When repair crew became nearly useless is what killed cap ships or better crew based battled. Honestly we are the problem there... Too many people said "I want to pilot a battleship all myself" and now the game seems to focus on that. The older PvP crew game play was really really fun. I did all roles; pilots, gunners, and repair crew. Repair crew was actually the most fun. It was the most intense more so than piloting.
  6. Whatever NQ picks for rules I do agree the pocketable ship needs some rule adjustment. Be great to see talk about how things around pocket ships could be abused so NQ can address such. I thought unpacking a ship, slapping on the PvP elements you have in your nanopack and shooting a unarmed miner was not indented nor desired. If these rules expand we need to help NQ limit abuse.
  7. Changes like this that make most ships require rebuild is becoming common place. What gets me is that this is a reason NQ stated as a reason to wipe. Yes they used stacking element case but in the end it is just changes to constructs that make current ones outside the game rules (for good or bad).
  8. Again this loop gives PvP players hours of doing nothing in game for minutes of fun some of the time. Just fix that all these PvP changes are great but they keep missing the point... Hours of no fun to have minutes of fun is a super bad trade and not good for any game.
  9. Figure after endless anti-wipe comments I would practice empathy and try to see why we should wipe. I honestly think the below are valid reasons (like them or not) to wipe. The other stuff I have seen are not great reasons. The truth can help people, telling them stuff that lacks common sense like saying a bunch of stuff that will repeat wipe or not is problematic at best. Why Wipe: -To slow the game down. We were in beta and the game had to be paced quicker to allow us to test end game aspects that could not have been achieved or tested in the needed detail if the game was paced as indented. -Protect DAC as once that is in the game the game's economy has real world value. This makes many people abuse exploits in greater numbers while also incentivizing them to never say anything about them. If these are valid reasons tell us and tell us what or how your protecting or changing things to support these. If these are not the reasons and they are what was said thus far please, please help us understand how a wipe is not kicking the can. Exploits will emerge and wiping the game after release should not be a option... Unless that is option and the answer when exploits emerge post release... is to wipe and wipe again
  10. This feels like another wipe thread. Odd that NQ locks all other threads about wipes and ask we use the 40 page one until this new one NQ created emerged. I would rather see the 80 page thread over a two forty page ones but what do I know... All I do know is all these reasons for a wipe assume exploits will never again occur, players will never join the game after release, and there will never be another change that will make us have to redo ships. If all of that is true wipe. If not wiping is just filling in a hole in the ground with one shovel while digging it deeper with another.
  11. This reason fails 18 months post a wipe. Attracting other players a year after release is different than new player starting now how?
  12. We keep asking that they add Mega nodes to asteroids. Seems like a good balance.
  13. Weight changes was to slow down the alt mission running more than supporting PvP. PvP needed a means to bring a reason to field smaller ships these changes are to solve for both of these... If that works is another discussion.
  14. Need to justify the popcorn... I assume that tech has a cost.
  15. A game that takes hours and hours to get to minutes of fun needs some adjustment. The new cores should help here with this.
  16. So post release are we doing this again when power comes into the game? Based on the reasoning I saw for pros and cons about a wipe seems like the answer will be a wipe post release.
  17. Really upset when I hear "low priority" claims and see really pointless additions like virtual flies that add nothing but annoyance. We had a upvote site, what happened there? If the player base wants a feature and votes it as high priority via a majority it would be good to see how or why NQ thought other stuff no one wanted was higher priority. What we see is a lot of comments of how things must have the correct priority. I really do want to know why or how stuff that lowers the players fun, adds nothing to the game but an annoyance is prioritize above things that factually have majority vote for inclusion.
  18. Is it too much to ask NQ to display/inform how they improved this to date?
  19. Did you get that as a answer or is that your assumption?
  20. Pretty sure a DAO based game solves that. Well until it is hacked! lol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_DAO_(organization)
  21. lol - if they wipe why would it matter?
  22. Please NQ please give us mega nodes on asteroids! They only last a week and if small amount of asteroids have these there will be more content for explorers and PvP folks as there will be certain asteroids of higher value "not just ore tier wise". Many of us disliked the ore veins not having huge random sizes with jackpot ones we might get luckily and find. NQ dropped a hugely one more action/turn game loop when they removed these. That rush of maybe finding a huge ore vein was real fun and real immersion as many wanted to do just one more scan or track down one more node hoping for that big score.
  23. Keep saying it all the time... How do you win in DU? How can this game be pay to win if there is no actual win condition?
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