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  1. They will not! We have had over 10 warp beacons in PvP space for 8 months now. None have ever been found.
  2. When an org is set to allow recruiting the only options legates have is accept or refuse. We cannot ask questions or even give a reason for refusal. Would like to send a message or communicate with a person who applied. Seems basic and needed.
  3. Would this be so bad? Maybe there are some bad things I'm not thinking about, although having a space capable compactable ship seems like a good idea. Assuming the limited rules apply around weight and number of certain elements.
  4. For when you think what you lost cannot be reobtained. I feel yea!
  5. Can someone maybe to a translation to help folks out.
  6. Good to see focus on this. Appears like everything is now only a few options over many.
  7. This all goes back to the basic question... Can NQ look at all new features and simply ask is this adding or subtracting fun from the game. Everything else a feature is trying to achieve means nothing. Bottom line if you take the fun out of a game no one will play.
  8. This is the future! You need one time use punch cards to load code in order to operate the highly complex machines of the future!
  9. This is all chatter about the same repeating matter. Call it whatever you want, say whatever you think is why it occurred. In the end it is the same over and over... game changes make all ship build invalid. This is wearing the player base for sure and we still have power around some corner that will do it all again. Go for it, rebuild all your ships for this so you can do it again soon. I'm at the point of doing the sixth rebuild of the same ships not because I want to or because I found a better way but because what I did and learned in game is no longer useful as the game changes how ships work all too often. At some point I really really hope NQ makes ship build stable so people do not need to be upset redoing things they do not want to...
  10. Aligning DU as a metaverse company makes it more valuable.
  11. Take the ideas shared here and make game systems allowing the player base to create similar things. If the tools exist to empower players to create quests/treasure hunts/and other adventures the community will create events and content for as long as the game is online. While some of this is possible it takes a lot of advance means to achieve today. Give us better systems to create more player content and get out of the way! Please NQ take the time to empower the player base once and enjoy the benefit of players content for lifespan of the game. We need not be given fish; we need to be given the tools to fish.
  12. We do not need modding. We need more focus on elements or LUA that allow us to create more interactive playable content for other players. Think adventure mode in Minecraft sort of systems. With this NQ will never fall into the trap of having to create more and more MMO content to appease the player base. If players have more tools to do this themselves the game will always have fresh content churning out way faster than NQ could create themselves.
  13. A weekly series is great. All of them cannot be the best ones yet.
  14. Seems like what we asked for around the wipe... Give us a new system. Let players pick what system to start into. Give us a star gate tech to connect systems. Make that take 180 days to craft before players can move from system to system. New players get a new fair start, older players get to keep what we worked for, NQ honors the commitments before about not erasing all our progress and everyone is happy. Well almost everyone for the pure reason of complaining I'm sure someone will say we cannot split the community, although this is not a spilt it is a way to get new player experience while also allowing old players. Most of the highly dedicated players will create new accounts or have some alts in each system. Six months from that all is the same and we have a grand system to allow for NQ to make more and more systems over time. All the other stuff around why a wipe should happen overlooks the simple question of how that would be any different 18 months after a wipe. Take all the pro wipe reasons and ask that question.
  15. Seems like the pain and lack of fun around a ship repair is root here. If we could get a repair unit that did what the players want it would help with this as well.
  16. We need a communication system. We are wicked far into the future have warp drives, but we cannot relay a message ship to ship?
  17. Careful what you ask for... People asked for core to core transfer units and we got schematics when we asked about indy focused updates. We tried to ask for an all option for transfer units, really anything that would allow us to make sorting machines. There are too many item types to not have this. We even saw the large about of items stated by the Dev's on the last Ask Aphelia podcast as something they know needs some way to better manage. We do not need the Devs to sort this out for us, just give us some simple tools so we can automate item sorting systems ourselves. Overall this game could see huge rewards if the Devs focus more on giving us systems to create content and game play opportunities. The "D" in RDMS is a great start. Let us create quests or missions to do simple things for orgs and offer payment or permissions as a reward. Lastly indy focused people really really like to expand automation. Give them much more automation options.
  18. I liked the location in the video, although I'm bias. I hope others will post more great places to visit. Maybe after touring a few NQ can see what players want in large areas to sell voxels wares.
  19. Only until NQ comes along and replaces all the sand out from under us.
  20. XS cores... What player market had luck with that? Pretty sure most all of them (know a handful for sure) sorted out long ago L cores are the right size for player shops.
  21. Not sure I want to ask new players to join DU when I cannot tell them if their efforts will be retained or lost. Also, with the TP reset and not knowing about any wipe details I'm lost as to what to spec.
  22. DU has been removing fun for too long now. That exact element of fun was removed with update 0.23. Clearly stated NQ did not want us to have bigger, better factories.
  23. Glad others are seeing it. While I build ships, I do feel like keeping BP's is retaining the economic aspect for creative players while removing such completely from all non-creative players. Very unfair especially when the economy is listed as problem a wipe is targeted to address.
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