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  1. some of it was indeed a chore. But it was also a break from the chores of real life where you have to deliver your best all day. The LUA I'm doing now is fun, it's just lots to figure out.
  2. Thankfully we can. If not our "space ships" would all look like regular aircrafts. We need more Sci-Fi elements!
  3. Right now it is just LUA and monitoring territories so we don't lose them and waiting for NQ to let us know if it is worth putting effort into the game. We used to: * Lots of space trucking from several planets * Run the SVEA shop (still open, but much less effort going into it) * Helping other players
  4. Yes, maybe separate the two. Though, if ejected is requisition needed? How far should a ship be ejected? This is a tricky one.... maybe a "tow service" should be introduced that tows ships to a central location after a certain time? Maybe even make this into a new game loop? Let players tow a ship for a reward once the timer is up, if it can be done without opening up for griefing ofc.
  5. I actually stumbled upon one of these wrecks last night on Ion. It was probably looted before the terrain reset, as there were only a few chairs and adjusters left on it as I found out after digging it out of the ground.
  6. Abandonment or requisition. It has to be a time much shorter than the two weeks though with proper notifications to the original owner of the ship.
  7. Yoarii

    V key

    I'd rather not have a static icon on top of my ship. A little indicator by the mini map would work though.
  8. Is this about the wrecks that are supposed exist somewhere on the planets, not the new space wrecks we're supposed to stumble upon?
  9. It's the XVX Chainsaw MK1 Imgur because NQ's forum never completes file uploads... https://imgur.com/a/grT7LKU
  10. Need something like the system they have in Eve (surprise!)
  11. Sure, it's on the bigger side, by why not? Even rescue ships should have some flair
  12. Just allowing space engines and tanks as well as increasing the allowed mass would do; NQ forgot to balance pocket rockets with the increased element mass introduced in Athena, As an example, I can't fill my fuel tank without going over the allowed 20T.
  13. NQ, There was one question the community wanted answered, and you failed to deliver on that yet again. At this point "we hear you" is not enough. An actual answer is long past due. The community - your customers - are suffering. Please, let us know what will happen going forward, in a detailed manner, so we can plan accordingly.
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