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  1. > Fixed an issue when using multiple joysticks. What issue? Details are important!
  2. Would be cool if you could start distributing that with the game client prior to 1.4 so that we can start using it now.
  3. 1. Check atlas.lua in your game folder, I think that info is there. 2. Planets don't rotate. The skybox moves. 3. Spherical afaik.
  4. You're not wrong, but I think the smarter move would be to embrace existing code editors instead of doing their own, as well as other tooling that already exists in the community.
  5. > 100 Nano-craftable Elements - Including XS Dynamic Core Unit above > Six (6) Light Sources - XS lighting elements only Up to or exactly 100 elements and 6 light sources?
  6. Yeah, official documentation is needed. Also, NQ, could you please publish the specifications for the JSON and config formats used to load Lua onto our constructs?
  7. Now that this has been posted to the forum too, I'll just link my original question above, and add this: Please, provide an out-of-game codex. Until such a time that the in-game code editor can measure up to VSCode with Lua plugins, and use of du-luac, most larger projects will be coded outside the game while not even having DU running. You have a perfect place for this - your GitHub repository. You've made a good start with the API mockup, but it needs more work and up-to-date annotations, like in this PR that's been waiting review/approval since Sept 8, 2022.
  8. Yoarii

    Lua in 1.4

    Just read the devblog in the launcher on changes coming to 1.4. Awesome news, all of it. Just a small ask, @NQ-Ligo, please document the exact changes to the API so that we can determine what we need to change. > We've added a compatibility patch to prevent your existing scripts from breaking. Could you please elaborate on this a it? We're all dying to know more about the getInstructionCount and getInstructionLimit functions, could you please let us know more about those too and how they are intended to be used? Br, Yoarii
  9. This factually incorrect. Microsoft will never sign your software. The procedure is to get a Code Signing Certificate from a trusted vendor, then use that to sign your own software. This will make Windows see that there's a valid certificate chain to a common trusted Certificate Authority. It will then show the blue prompt instead of the yellow one when launching the executable. Even a virus creator can do this, though their certificate would (hopefully) be revoked pretty quick so Windows would once again show the yellow alert, or perhaps something else when it sees the certificate is revoked. There's no cost to do the actual signing once you have the certificate. And just to be clear on this point - a digital signature only establishes who signed it (i.e. put their stamp of approval on it), not that it is virus free.
  10. Fan art? Leaked image? Some context please.
  11. I could do that with my flight script on an ECU., it auto-holds on startup if no floor is detected on activation. It is not an open script and doesn't (yet) have a "normal" flight mode mode (primarily meant for elevators), nor is it free.
  12. The maintenance unit is not a replacement for the hand-tool. That said, the times are a bit too long and they should really be based on the actual amount that is to be repaired or deconstructed, not on core size imho. And yes, the "set schematics container" menu needs to be moved from its current place.
  13. Nope, same thing. Been like that since years.
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