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  1. Just adding my vote to an improvement in this area.....it's been asked since start of beta, at least.
  2. Make the enter/return key default to pressing the OK button in dialogs. Likewise, ESC should be the cancel button. Please.
  3. Ugh, they still haven't fixed this? It's been reported so many times by now.....
  4. Fun, isn't it? And welcome to DU, hope to see you after launch too!
  5. Confirmed, been using that method for a long time.
  6. Larger planets would be great for the exploration game loop.
  7. I'm the biggest fan of this tool I've been using it for quite a while now and it makes things so much easier; you can concentrate on your code instead of fighting the tooling required to make the code run in DU. Thank you so much @Wolfram for making this tool.
  8. Does that also mean that the atmospheric brake obstruction will be active on release?
  9. I like this idea as long as: - We need to be able to build, or at least modify constructs, within some limits - not all constructs are alike (think VTOL, vs. angled engines, vs.regular airplane configs), Having NQ provide a few defaults is nice, but not enough I think. - We are *not* allowed to create blue prints from the constructs within that environment; it should not become DU in pure creative mode. - The environment is semi-volatile, meaning modified constructs remain modified, including scripts, until the player resets it. This is needed to prevent loss of work due to network errors etc.
  10. With all due respect, do you think the servers are using tape drives to store information or are you just trolling? If adding a date/time to a blue print would be too much, then adding another element would be too much too.
  11. It was meant as a friendly jab, but as that didn't come through - I'm sorry. ❤️ I too did change my ships to follow the "new rules", for no reason it seems now. This *is* a topic NQ needs to address and you're completely right in asking the question.
  12. DU is ready for launch, what are you complaining about? /s On a serious note, you're completely correct, @loaded. This has been postponed for such a long time now.
  13. Perhaps, or it was the simplest, most low-cost alternative they could come up with. Throwing TW into the mix takes the whole thing in a different direction entirely. Adding TW to existing planets after release is probably going to be pretty hard on the builder community that have no interested in pvp - unless they publish a roadmap clearly stating that planets outside the current safe zone *will* become TW-enabled.
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