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  1. What he's asking for is an ability to prevent ships you own from stopping warp while in pvp space, isn't that right @WarrenOne ?
  2. This needs to be repeated over and over until it mixes with NQ's CEO's morning cereals.
  3. They already have it; I'm quite sure that I've used it pre-Mercury too. https://github.com/dual-universe/lua-examples/blob/main/api-mockup/manualswitch.lua#L31
  4. @NQ-Ligo Any chance to get functions to read how much space is used in a databank, as well as how much is left?
  5. I'd rather see the entire ore system be revamped such that you can get good at prospecting and mining, not just wait for a timer to count down, rinse and repeat until you get lucky. Let us build mining rigs that requires actual *player* skill and understanding of the system, not just a talent that needs to be trained. Add some randomness/variation into it so that there's no silver bullet to min/max without some thought and work. Utilize the building system that is in game and expand on that. A tile/area doesn't have to be equal to all players, depending on how you do your prospecting you might not find all things available in the tile, bit someone who does it at a later time and does it differently will, or maybe find different things. Let tiles change hands more often; limit the amount of ore available, like in the old days of mega nodes, but let tiles regenerate/reset such that there is always a possibility that a tile might yield something. I know this is asking for a lot, but we need more treasure hunts and game play that is engaging and rewards the time spent playing the game.
  6. Can you please share some details about that so we don't fall in the same trap? No need if it is fixed already though.
  7. Hm, really? I have 0% Dredger now and I know I had invested points there. You're 100% right about the frustration.
  8. They did refund the mining/dreger talents when MUs were introduced.
  9. Press G to unequip the tool, then interact with the screen. CTRL-C to copy, CTRL-V to paste.
  10. PvP:ers have the same access to planets that builders do, and you now have the space core with a large amount of T5 ore as well as the plasma. I don't see builders having more than PvPers.
  11. Fair enough, thanks for the quick answer.
  12. Hi, @NQ-Ligo Are there any plans to expose the entire keyboard to Lua? It seems a bit silly that we only can use a subset of the keys Br, Yoarii
  13. If they did, it'd be a big middle finger to the entire community. At this point I wouldn't be surprised though as our time doesn't seem to have any value to NQ.
  14. That was my thought too...but it might be that they magically are moved into the owner's inventory.
  15. Thank you for summing up my thoughts so well, Gottchar. NQ, you really need to listen to what this man has to say. The Alioth Exchange is a step away from player-driven content! How about you discuss and engage with the community to get feedback before you introduce major things?
  16. No no no no. This is all backwards. DU is supposed to be PLAYER-driven, not NQ-driven.
  17. I'm actually in favor of not having everything integrated into a system that is reachable from everywhere; it provides a reason to go eleswhere.
  18. My thoughts exactly. Also: Graphical upgrades - will this fix the issue introduced in Athena, namely that all thin voxels have shadows, esp when lit by the flashlight?
  19. Just adding my opinion... Talent points are the only thing we cannot rebuild or otherwise regain through playing the game, other than waiting for another two years to get back where we are today. If nothing else persists, talent points must.
  20. They are. Someone paid for their kick starter and got beta keys so NQ has been paid for them. If NQ treats beta accounts differently than any other in terms of talent points there will be a lot of (even more) upset people.
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