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  1. Yes, we definitely need a visual separation between element lives and regular dynamic properties as well as the proposed inventory stacking based on lives left.
  2. Yes, several sizes and designs would be awesome, but size of the element shouldn't be a factor in how far it can take you imho, it should be purely a cosmetic thing.
  3. Haha, oh god. Elevators the size of DSATs. Hillarious.
  4. I think what @NQ-Deckard wrote was positive news, so thank you for that. Please keep posting such tidbits of information so we know things are being addressed.
  5. Wait, what? Did the RNG of missions brake or what?
  6. Inspect the item. For example, it says "100L(+80)" at lvl 4 atmo/space fuel tank handling.
  7. They added the info to containers/tanks...only NQ knows why they didn't add it to all elements. Having it accessible in a single menu would be better though.
  8. Yes! Saves you a full 0.0001 seconds.
  9. I don't know, I don't engage in that part of the game and won't until something changes to make it fun.
  10. No. And you can shoot through asteroids. Line of Sight is not a concept in PvP afaik.
  11. Indeed. Elements with lost lives should also still be allowed to use when spawning a ship; they have the new deploy-UI; expand on that and let us choose if we want to use only fresh elements or a mix.
  12. Same. I was really disappointed in the the "announcement". And I felt sorry for Shamsie for being thrown under the buss by NQ like this. He did his best with what he was given, but as that was next to nothing, it was all just "meh". NQ really has to step up their game and show that they are committed and willing to improve DU or players will just give up. I play this game every day, but I have to be honest and say that it is disheartening to see how bad NQ is at managing player expectations and generally how little they interact with the community. We all get it, they can't share detailed roadmaps with dates, but they can share the general direction and they *need to*, otherwise the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they have no direction or goals.
  13. Yep. I'm sure it was stated when the mechanics was introduced and the first boxes where put up.
  14. The fact that this is even a thing show just how bad a design it is; you play games to have fun, not to do other things. Yes, space is big etc., etc., but this is a game. It is supposed to be entertaining and relaxing/exhilarating, not something you sit around and just wait for....or as is the case, do other things than playing the game.
  15. Can we please get a roadmap, or something that at least gives us a general idea as to what comes next in different parts of the game? I'd like to know is if render script will be introduced for HUDs so that we don't have to do double work to support HUD and screen interfaces in our scripts.
  16. Lots of activity on the DU OSI discord. https://discord.gg/Q8UvB4yC
  17. You need a Lua script to do that. Should be an existing one, search bit or ask in the Lua channel on discord.
  18. Utilizing the awesome build system we have in the game for things like this has been asked for a long time, but afaik never has had any response from NQ. It's a great idea and would enable players to not only design ships, but also the parts of those ships. It does cut into the element production side of the game, but engine elements and the like could be remade into parts that are needed to make these special element-honeycombs, or they are kept as-is. While it sounds "easy", there are likely many considerations to this though; how will PvE and PvP damage be applied to such elements, repairs etc... That said, I fully support something that opens up for more creative possibilities.
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