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  1. Most piloting elements need independent physics processing. Your processing the physics 1,000 times this way over 10 larger elements. Works well for lifting and floating, although your CPU needs considerable power to attempt this.
  2. Just a thought as many players drop cores for storage at markets. NQ could offer a option for players to buy storage space like a market container but without the buy/sell order aspects to use them. Like a PO box of sorts. This would remove anyone needing to drop cores and clutter up markets so they can have some storage handy. Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Anything that makes the markets cleaner I think would help.
  3. Shields and power consumption could help here. For sure NQ wants cool looking ships not cube wars. We will see what they surprise us with.
  4. NQ - Wanted to suggest that all the icon graphics in game should be usable via NQ image url. We can do this ourselves and will, although having all the known element and material icons already usable via screens may lower the review burden and give NQ more time for other things. Just a helpful suggestion.
  5. If you have been given a ride/rescue and are now capable of providing one to someone else please give back! Many people that need a ride at the start of their gaming experience in DU leave the game once they crashed their first contruct. The purpose of this org has time and time again (over 100 times & counting) helped new players overcome this keeping them interested in the game. If you like DU, show it by helping a new player overcome a game ending experience by offering a ride!
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