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  1. Howdy! Did we address the need to enforce this on static constructs? Players with large factories are looking for clarification on this before they dump hours into fixing.
  2. Hope NQ lets us submit ships we created for consideration to be placed into the pool for salvage. That would be really cool and give the community further engagement.
  3. Just keep saying it: Prove me wrong please. In asking many people about this many said they would leave the game if a wipe happened. Not a single person said they would leave if NQ did not wipe.
  4. As long as I can remember rockets have been used for fun and fun alone in DU.
  5. Batch these types of updates. Change how you build ships less often please.
  6. Robots = UBI What happens next... Watch the movie Wall-E
  7. Honestly do not understand why this matters when it will not be the last time. Do not get me wrong I have more work to fix factories than I care to disclose due to this and there is no stacking advantages you're getting on static construct outside additional lag. We have been here so many times I lost count. The game changes and our ship designs are no longer viable, and everything needs to be re-worked. I cannot tell you how many PvP ships I have built to have them no longer even be useable. hundreds of hours lost and hundreds more to lose with this unless you want to not build. Never was anything done outside the rules. I just deal with it and hope they get to a point where this is no longer a common occurrence. We already know of a number of events like this that maybe coming and the PvP focused folks want another adjustment to add more to this list. Brake adjustment Power "Hopefully" Ship speed adjustments based on core size
  8. I really want to know who said taxation was a good idea? I mean a huge bit of this is the negative emotions tied to the word tax. If NQ simply called it a bonus you get for calibration and did give us a forever use even if at 1/L per hour ability a large amount of peoples negative impressions would have never occurred. Now there would still be some concern but please please NQ for the sake of the game focus on fun, think is or will this be fun? If there needs to be a grind make sure you market it in the most positive way possible. For example tax could have been a called a bonus and a large amount of negative emotion leaves with simple name. You did this right with the minigame. That is a grind and the simple naming of calling it a minigame helped a lot. People are people and people rarely know what they truly want until they experience it.
  9. For speed variations seems like if we get a core size to cross section relation this could help. A flat core to speed relation would limit building options and the push the game towards one common size. If you can use both aspects ship builders get more options and more variation.
  10. Just logging a vote for no API. JC got this right. If you open that up this game will become unbalanced towards programmers. It would hurt the game and lower the player counts. Would like to see people who cannot and will not code in this game say they support programmers getting automation advantages. Also, NQ what is the policy on deciphering the XML log file? Seen and reported a number of possible exploits from this. Many of the people asking about an API figure out you can get a lot of the stuff you want in a API via this. If NQ's intent is as JC once stated close this out or add further obfuscation. If the intent like JC's role has shifted, then give us a API.
  11. Take taxes away. Give us power. Make the fuel for power units obtainable only by Quanta. Make a lack of power on a construct = abandon state after some duration. The power unit fuel part I think should not be Quanta only, although NQ wants a way to remove Quanta so my proposal keeps that at the moment.
  12. After seeing and hearing the feedback about the recent changes I wanted to drop a note about an idea to help. 1st: This is game, we play for fun. There is nothing fun about taxes. This is a marketing problem. The idea and relation to tax makes it feel more burdensome than needed. How you name things matters. 2nd: While taxes stink there needs to be two functional aspects in the game around such; one to ensure there is not a forever AFK ore extraction capability and two to provide a means to allow inactive player creations to become claimable by active players. Considering these two items seems like power could help solve both pretty easily. How? Add power and make all core units require a power resource material. Think core fuel that is required. You put the fuel in you get X weeks/days of power. You leave a construct without power for X time it eventually becomes abandon and able to be found and claimed by other players.
  13. I would not mind a long range radar that gives basic info like there is a ship in that direction. It does not even need to give me extract distance just about X su. Nothing more. Something that offers a little go this way if you want an encounter without identification capabilities.
  14. I think staggering is a great idea. The below is not. • For players who haven’t set any headquarters, five headquarters have been automatically assigned based on the highest number of static constructs on the territory. There are inactive players owning key tiles preventing the expansion of huge community projects. These types of projects are what we were told is part of why we are here in DU. Not following why protecting inactive player hexes anywhere outside Sanctuary Moon is a good idea. We have always been told the only fully safe location is Sanctuary Moon. Please NQ - give us a means to remove or claim inactive player hexes. There are key locations preventing 100's of current players from expanding the building projects they are doing together due to players who left the game weeks into Beta.
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