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  1. Would it help or hurt to put DAC into the game from all the backers before it is needed? Would guess at the least it would create some market action and activity.
  2. @XKentX How do you think NQ should handle the amount of time it takes a player to make enough quanta to buy a DAC in game?
  3. How much quanta do we think a DAC will cost? It has been stated DAC will be a in game item so there will be a correlation soon between real money and quanta. How do you think NQ should handle the amount of time it takes a player to make enough quanta to buy a DAC in game? The answer to these questions could help address the divided views about the recent game progression adjustments.
  4. Hoping they come back with scrap usage over element replacement and for those that may not know they repair any selected construct within a good size area.
  5. LOL - No we tested blockade running and it was a lot of fun!
  6. This is easily summed up... This was a test, a test of the a event/puzzle/exploration system, this was only a test.
  7. Over and over there are useless debates about a wipe/reset. More people will leave when losing all their progress than will leave because a few people might have a bigger pile of stuff then them and they are salty there was no wipe.
  8. In using the in game organization and RDMS mechanics I have come to a conclusion that I would like to be incorrect about. It appears there is not a current way to make a equal partnership organization with full transparency. The super legate appears to have rights and abilities beyond legates. Be interesting to see how players are setting up organizations where the model intent is equal partnership.
  9. Picture tells a 1,000 words. If you think PvP should be this or that see where it ranks among the other players and what we collectively want next.
  10. Most piloting elements need independent physics processing. Your processing the physics 1,000 times this way over 10 larger elements. Works well for lifting and floating, although your CPU needs considerable power to attempt this.
  11. Just a thought as many players drop cores for storage at markets. NQ could offer a option for players to buy storage space like a market container but without the buy/sell order aspects to use them. Like a PO box of sorts. This would remove anyone needing to drop cores and clutter up markets so they can have some storage handy. Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Anything that makes the markets cleaner I think would help.
  12. Shields and power consumption could help here. For sure NQ wants cool looking ships not cube wars. We will see what they surprise us with.
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