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  1. Large fleet battles are some of the best DU fun to be had.
  2. Awesome to see two pain points getting addressed.
  3. My tickets are being addressed. Not right away but reasonable. Many people having known issues or reporting known bugs are not going to see a lot of ticket activity. I currently have many Large Static Cores bugged out and I had to make BP's to test and lock further cores up doing so.
  4. They will not! We have had over 10 warp beacons in PvP space for 8 months now. None have ever been found.
  5. When an org is set to allow recruiting the only options legates have is accept or refuse. We cannot ask questions or even give a reason for refusal. Would like to send a message or communicate with a person who applied. Seems basic and needed.
  6. Would this be so bad? Maybe there are some bad things I'm not thinking about, although having a space capable compactable ship seems like a good idea. Assuming the limited rules apply around weight and number of certain elements.
  7. For when you think what you lost cannot be reobtained. I feel yea!
  8. Can someone maybe to a translation to help folks out.
  9. Good to see focus on this. Appears like everything is now only a few options over many.
  10. This all goes back to the basic question... Can NQ look at all new features and simply ask is this adding or subtracting fun from the game. Everything else a feature is trying to achieve means nothing. Bottom line if you take the fun out of a game no one will play.
  11. This is the future! You need one time use punch cards to load code in order to operate the highly complex machines of the future!
  12. This is all chatter about the same repeating matter. Call it whatever you want, say whatever you think is why it occurred. In the end it is the same over and over... game changes make all ship build invalid. This is wearing the player base for sure and we still have power around some corner that will do it all again. Go for it, rebuild all your ships for this so you can do it again soon. I'm at the point of doing the sixth rebuild of the same ships not because I want to or because I found a better way but because what I did and learned in game is no longer useful as the game changes how ships work all too often. At some point I really really hope NQ makes ship build stable so people do not need to be upset redoing things they do not want to...
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