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  1. Whatever this whole thread is about that is one smexy looking ship
  2. If you bought a stacked ship tough love. You knew and if you did not the fact only handful of ship builders have the ability to make haulers that can haul 2-5 times everyone else should have been a sign something is not right. Pled ignorance, complain all you want. In the end your just self justifying your cheating. I'm happy players that really know how to properly engineer and build ships now can again without everyone passing their ships by because they cannot haul insane amounts of cargo. Small unintentional or even slightly overlooked stacking is not the problem. Making a ship to haul insane amounts of cargo or having a PvP ship the size of a pea shooter with the elements you would normally find on a capital ship is what this is all about. This whole matter is around the intent to abuse over the OMG I have one single overlapping element I accidently somehow did. This is why NQ wants to do this via reporting.
  3. How do you make a game without grinding?
  4. A lot of good points here. One root cause many are overlooking is the fact you really should not be flying battleships solo nor having a mining ship that can handle millions of liters of ore. There would be no wall of engines or stacked elements if there were some limiting factor to stop me from trying to see just how many large engines I can fit on the backend of an L Core build box.
  5. I just like the ship in the corner! Go 1K !
  6. King of the hill type events that give static talent points for each hour/day they were held. Think old alien relics / constructs that appear in space. NQ think a great testing ground for the warfare systems in a event like context so they can be iterated without having huge impacts. Easier to remove an event location in space then undo org vs org war outcomes if the system needs adjustment.
  7. The old idea (a JC idea mind you) of using surrogate for sort of virtual PvP gunners could help here. It could also hurt depending on how you look at it.
  8. TLDR... Accounts are accounts. One person has 100 or 100 people have 100 and work together. Same net result for players.
  9. Simple is best. Still recall the old paper way of Shield>Armor>Hull. Not thinking you can do that here but basics born from tabletop gaming should not be overlooked. Again simple is easier to balance.
  10. Large DU groups use these three items below to help our member base understand what is or is not a exploit. While making the case by case determination is a lot more complex generally if your doing one of these things you are using a exploit and you should not. There is always interesting debate about what is a exploit or not along with how NQ should handle exploits. As a player community we tried to help NQ with this by creating some high level if you do these you most likely are using a exploit. With today's post reminding us all of this we may have to add one about missions soon. Transporting matter beyond the maximum linked container range in a near instant fashion. Moving third party constructs without the RDMS being provided to do so. Creating items/elements/parts in a way that does not consume the appropriate amount of materials.
  11. For the betterment of the game... Rip the band aid off all at once. Feeling the impact from just these three below items separately over all at once would hurt! Most of us will be fine and happy with the pain once. Slowly dripping it over many rebuild all your ships updates/events might overly frustrate. -Shields / Production ready PvP balance changes -Power management -Removal of stacked elements
  12. I would have the staff research NFT gaming and make the blue prints NFT's. I would partner with company that can also offer a way to monetize the out of game trading of these NFTs. We would see some amazing things if people knew they could without violation take their creations in game and sell them out of game for real money. It is like a cosmetic shop where NQ needs to create no art and only do the foundation. Then they take a small % from every transaction.
  13. This video actually gets into the reason you need P2W and F2P together. Just thought it was interesting as if NQ is having problems more than likely that is due to needing more revenue.
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