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  1. Good to hear some open honest answers to community. I know its a big vague, but the reasons are quite reasonable. Top points for the response, lets keep the momentum. PTS is a great step in the right direction and a way the community can actively contribute to game future.
  2. On subject of warp, most space MMO's have warp interdiction, there needs to be a counter to every action. Should be easily implementable, then a few balance passes. Player markets need to be a priority, taxed on planets, zero tax on space stations. New player experience is difficult with all the trash around markets, if that was fixed we wouldn't wouldn't have to put pressure on changing screens. I hope NQ is listening to the Lua community, there are some exceptionally clever minds there with some sound solutions. That said NQ do not have a huge team of programmers, they are quite a small outfit. There are only so many hours in a day and they all have families to go home to after working long hours. So they get my support. Dual is a game like no other, I keep coming back to it as it has so much potential. Lets hope they can keep the community together and get the financial support they need.
  3. Certainly needs to be addressed, D3 has had 4 large ships abandoned on deck for three weeks. Agreed that after 2 days in storage its a 5k per day (or whatever) fine, you pay the fine your ship gets TP'd to you (or reclaimed in your market container) Don't pay the fine for a month, your ships gone, you obviously don't need it.
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