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  1. If you right click the construct Construct>Reapply talents on construct. It will apply handling buffs to any element attached to that construct https://dualuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Industry_Talent_Plans
  2. There is a section here on Container Operations https://dualuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Containers#Container_Operations Basically using Ctrl and Shift etc
  3. I have been running the FTUE with the new schematics and its a huge improvement. The groupings make it easier to produce indy elements without switching schematics. The low cost outlay, no schematics for parts and no travel for schematics makes progression much easier.
  4. I think the above comment from Deckard was in the context of "we have dates we have to hit" in the Q&A on schematics they sated "there is not enough time" for PTS. These are just facts and I am presuming they have chosen the most expedient option based on time. They know more that we do what is possible with the time and resources available. We are not qualified to comment on that, we simply do not know. Now we can go on and on about what NQ should have done but that is not helpful at this stage. They spent a lot of dev time trying to make holes in the ground work, apparently we like holes in the ground, apparently that does not work. Lets move on. What can we do? We can try to influence NQ to get as many QoL improvements in before release. We need more slots (not more alts) We need T1 product without schematics We need ... These are small dials that NQ can do easily. Lets focus on that
  5. That is true, but at a minimum they will wipe quanta on release. And we are left with a schematic system in place that works well on release but without the quanta obtained by exploits or missions. For me that kind of ties it together and gets a tick. Agree the tedium they got to minimise, if we have to have it then make it as easy as possible, its a task we do not do now, so give us the ability to automate with Lua. Or at a minimum 'Maintain 50' quanta comes out of your account if you have it... They still have the ability to restrict industry sprawl via time/talent gate at the same time not making the loop tedious
  6. I think there are some really good features in this; Easier for new players, post reset etc Wipes all the schematics obtained by exploits Removes parts schematics Allows NQ to modify schema costs/times to manage economy Adds another tradeable item, game loop (even if it seems boring some will like it) Some really horrible things that need to be minimised as much as possible Tedium of visiting every machine. (please, a central schematic bank) Ties solo industry players to multiple alt accounts (surely if a solo industrialist wants to train to level 20 we should enable that) Probably more here, changing stuff too close to release (what could possibly go wrong) etc Could be worse I guess, I am probably more inclined to specialise after this change, Just to cut out the awfulness of keeping track of multiple items. It would never work with parts schematics, the micromanagement would kill it. Even with out it, those with 500+ end products ... it will still be horrible. Perhaps if they opened it up to lua? I guess we will find out soon enough ....
  7. Unknown? But NQ surely would have qualified that statement if there was any doubt? Based on that clip I can go on my trek across the Andalusian mountains for three months safe in the knowledge that all my assets on Sanctuary will be available when I come back in November. So I am waiting for NQ to respond before I book my ticket to the Andes. My point here is that is was a tad unwise to include that question, and the unqualified answer, at this point... unless my assets are truly safe on Sanctuary ...???
  8. In the clip you gave the players the impression they could put all their assets on Sanctuary, take a break for 3months (from today), come back ( in November) and your assets are still there. Can you confirm that this is the case?
  9. Yep, some of the player created events of the past have been such good quality they would be hard to match. The exhibitions, air shows, some of the puzzles are still out there unsolved. But if NQ would like to do this there needs to be a backstory, they need to take us on a journey, wrap it up in lore. Otherwise its a lot of work building something someone will solve or complete in minimum time without creating meaningful memories for anyone. Its just a time filler. So 1. Give any event a meaningful backstory, leave the player satisfied but knowing there is next episode 2. Ensure the reward is not a winner take all 3. Make the prize exclusive, something that cannot be manufactured. 4. Continue the story every 2 or 3 months Even something simple like: Every three months a swarm of Alien Repair Drones try to take back the cores. Still sticks to the plan of "Every one you meet is a real player". As some of these drones wander into the safe zone Aphelia has unlocked weapons when targeting drones. This is something level designers would love to do I guess? But to be honest I don't think that's why people play DU. I think this game is at its best when its player created events. So perhaps we need to start another thread on what are the tools we need? Better chat, persistent messaging, shareable bookmarks, better notification system. etc.
  10. Absolutely, in our tests without schematic purchases it only takes 14 days from day zero to get DSAT, Territory Scanner and a production line of Territory Units. One month after that all the high yield tiles will be taken by the fastest first wave of players. A closed game loop four weeks after launch is in no ones interest.
  11. I like the idea, think it can work as an exhibition centre. It will be a good in-game visual representation of player content. "Oh, player x has this" walk 10 steps "This is cool, may VR our to that showroom" walk 10 steps " Cool a free BP dispenser, I will check out this players coords" At the moment we have luck of the draw VR, scratch around discord etc This is ideal for new players they can teleport, get free stuff from creators go back home try stuff. Its engaging.
  12. The infinite pool of ore on a tile currently stifles gameplay and prevents new player progression. Here are some suggestions that has the goal of separating two gameplay loops; strategic base (industry, shipbuilding, orgs etc) and short term mining leases. Change the current pools to a 6 month finite amount of ore per pool before random regeneration. This will keep the scanning game loop going and provide a chance for new players no matter when they start. Still keep the L/h gameplay and calibration if desired Keep the adjacency system if its easier but the above mechanic would move away from the idea that a cluster of mining leases are a valuable asset to fight over. It has been shown during the great purge that the most valuable resources to commandeer are the assets on a strategic base (elements, ships, industry). This, along with other changes of restricting high tier ores on planets would keep the conflict level for high tier gameplay, continue the scanning loop and provide a progression for new players
  13. As a non PvP player let me say that this was pretty amazing. Interestingly it seems, there is a lot of strategy, planning, logistics, subterfuge, all the elements that make combat quite compelling. Two things stood out, one was we all had a great time, lots of laughs interspersed with OMG nooooo.... Secondly the servers didn't seem to miss a beat with 150 ships on grid engaging each other. Sure there are bugs but pretty smooth gameplay. Still thinking about it two days later and cant wait to get back out there.
  14. Good to hear some open honest answers to community. I know its a big vague, but the reasons are quite reasonable. Top points for the response, lets keep the momentum. PTS is a great step in the right direction and a way the community can actively contribute to game future.
  15. On subject of warp, most space MMO's have warp interdiction, there needs to be a counter to every action. Should be easily implementable, then a few balance passes. Player markets need to be a priority, taxed on planets, zero tax on space stations. New player experience is difficult with all the trash around markets, if that was fixed we wouldn't wouldn't have to put pressure on changing screens. I hope NQ is listening to the Lua community, there are some exceptionally clever minds there with some sound solutions. That said NQ do not have a huge team of programmers, they are quite a small outfit. There are only so many hours in a day and they all have families to go home to after working long hours. So they get my support. Dual is a game like no other, I keep coming back to it as it has so much potential. Lets hope they can keep the community together and get the financial support they need.
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