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  1. It depends on how you would bring that into play and make damage calculations. It should be believable, because simply an XS core with an engine and a tank on it doesn't cause as much damage as a fully developed xs core. So I don't think the kamikaze system is that simple. As for PvP in general, I don't find the PvP in DU to be fun content that would attract many. (Sure, there are always smaller groups who just like something like that) but to attract a large mass of players it needs much more dynamic fun and that's what I'm looking for how to increase the fun factor. because if I would play 1-2hours in the evening, I want to have fun, then I wouldn't care if I lose my ship, as long as it was a great evening. P.S. Great that you noticed my fancy green color,...👽
  2. Would it be possible to make PvP and calculations different in general? We have only differences of the core sizes (XS-S-M-L) that are "only" 4 variables. Secondly, we then have how a ship is equipped. This is divided into the voxel area and then into the area of the elements, such as wings, engines, weapons.... At the moment I miss the area where several small ships can dismantle a larger one, just because of the maneuverability and tactics of the players and not just because the values decided a victory before the battle. I also miss the possibility to steer with smaller ships directly into a ship to cause damage there. So a minifleet consisting of 6-7 ships could decide that 4-6 ships fly against the enemy and sacrifice themselves to bring the 7th ship to safety. (Numbers serve as an example only) It is currently missing (for me) the dynamics in PvP. Had it already in other posts I think written enough. But think that we turn as a community and with NQ rather in a circle.
  3. I assume that from NQ's perspective, an energy system should limit players in the first place. But since currently mining has already been removed and a fixed limit has been built in through the calibrations, you don't need an energy system to give further restrictions to the players. therefore, the system as such could simply be built in as a design element here, which could then also be used as a trade in energy for large industrialists on the side. It should not be another serious restriction. (Except for those with mega factories) but an interesting and fun content that brings some variety to the game. I think good games thrive on creating content that is fun, has creative elements, and connects players to each other in a positive way without getting too deep into the individual player's whole game. At the moment, DualUniverse still lacks variety for me. the energy system offers enormous design possibilities, new elements, a new demand on the market. At the same time, I would also bring more "housing elements" into the game. More, furniture, more plants, trees, flowers (By the way, there are over 500,000 different types of plants in the world, if you took those 1:1 into the game, it would be gigantic content, and everyone could grab a part of it as a player and build it up to provide for other players. There could be parks, forests, tropical forests, there's a tremendous amount of design possibilities because of that. Likewise, you can use that to build other systems of the game world on top of that, because you can create other things out of plants as well. You can make potions, medicine, buffffood or pigments for color designs and much more. I don't understand why there are so few creative possibilities in the game.... the possibilities are endless, as is the time players could spend on them.
  4. Since I am thinking about how to proceed with an "energy system", I have written down some ideas that I could imagine without such a system degenerating into a kind of permanent commitment. I would be in favor of an energy system if it were some sort of roleplay or design idea. As an example, one has an industrial plant and it needs (number) a lot of electricity, the bigger this plant, the more electricity I need. Now I can imagine, I need: - Solarpannel /blast furnaces/coal factories/atomic piles/wind turbines/water pumps/totally creative alien technology stuff. I then need to place these on the core or the area (? area would be better to build it more stylishly into the terrain) so that they generate electricity. After that I have to lead them with lines to substations or transformer stations or into energy storages ...... - and that's it. The energy is always generated, depending on the type of current, no calibration, no maintenance or any compulsory play. The setup for this has to be appropriately costly and the more industry you want to run, the more of the power stuff I need. You could also go and introduce some kind of overproduction, then offer it in an energy exchange menu and trade it. If someone wants only green power or others do not want any power generation at all for style reasons on the area.... I have translated the whole thing, since I am not sure if the translations are always correct, here is just my original.
  5. What damage do they mean? The few quanta and players who got some schematics at the wrong price? Or those who had copied various things through bugs? They are minorities that hardly play a role in the overall economy.
  6. What does unrealistic expectations mean? The game itself didn't want to offer rules per se, but to give players complete freedom in how to play DualUniverse. complete player-driven economy and co. There were no schematics or taxes, so you didn't need Quanta, but had to trade with players yourself. No matter if a ship or a voxel template, you just paid in ores. What was good about the system? Exactly, you could dig up ores whenever you wanted. There was no time limit neither in hours, days or weekly cycle. You could just log in and play. Currently, however, in order to play, you have to play some mandatory content, unless you mine your previous possessions and move back to Sanctuary. Alternatively, you mark your territories as HQs, but then you can't use the industry without owing taxes. Meaning, without these mandatory contents, one's game is slowed down tremendously, worse, once you enter the hamster wheel, you have to run, run, run or you go back for a break to recover. At the moment, if you want to play relaxed, just stay on sanctuary, set up your 4-5 MiningUnits there and build what you want with T1, you also manage to exchange T1 for other T-ore at the market. However, everything then in very slow play. I think a lot of players are now just bothered that a bit of that freedom has been taken away from them that drew you into the game in the beginning.
  7. A wipe will not solve any problems in the economy. The only thing that will happen is that you start again from 0 and then the broken economic cycle starts all over again and heads exactly where we are now. As in real life, there is no healthy and functioning economic cycle.
  8. This is not quite true. Explanation: The ore on the moons and planets was "theoretically" finite before Demeter, but due to recurring surface ore it was already infinite at that time. The ore to dig out was also only partially infinite, because the total ore in the solar system was so much that we players can still mine years of it, it would not have been temporally possible to let it become "empty", the same applies to the information that one could bring new planets / moons or if necessary a complete solar system into the game at any time by NQ, so that there would have been no ore shortage. The only thing that limited ore was the number of players times the available time per player. Now hardly anything has changed in this respect. Whoever wants to set up MiningUnits and then receives depending on calibration and care every hour ore or every 24 hours surface ore. At the same time, each player can also visit the asteroids to mine ore there, whether safe zone or PvP area, currently there are many asteroids with a lot of ore deposits. At the same time, this deposit is replenished every week. Conclusion: Neither then nor now is ore infinite, because there is a natural limit. (Number of players and time per player)
  9. I think it would be better if PvP was structured differently in general. You build a ship and the design itself doesn't matter. (Appearance = all) Only then come PvP values to it, these result from the core size, number of weapons, number of shields, number of "placeholders, if I think of something". In itself a ship can be equipped with passive and active weapons: - there are automatic weapons (controllable by the pilot, can only shoot in flight direction) - there are usable weapons for players (to put in, aim, load, reload, shoot,....) Each core (depending on its size) has a maximum number of active elements that can be included. As an example: 5 containers, 5 ammo containers, 5 weapons, 5 batteries, 3 shields = 23 slots. Accordingly, you can also swap the occupancy of the number, more containers or more energy and more shields, but something else less. The larger the core, the higher the number of slots. A weapon can only be operated by one player (the only exception is the pilot weapon (automatic)). Means: A ship with 5 usable weapons, needs 6 players to operate all weapons and the ship. (5 weapon players + pilots) Likewise, you could bring additional radars into the game, which also need to be manned by a player. An additional radar gives the player more range and more targets. Likewise, special ailerons could be introduced for faster turns, these must also be activated and held by players if you want to use them. (Especially useful for large heavy battleships, which would otherwise have an enormous turning radius. So far understood where the journey is going? Means, a solo player would sit down optimally in a xs-core or in a s-core, would, the larger the core is, but then several slot possibly not "meaningfully" solo occupy, eg, because he can operate as a pilot no weapons / radars / rudder. The firing itself then goes according to the principle. put in the cannon, load the cannon with ammunition, unlock and shoot, by thread circle and in the direction where you want to shoot. However, this also means that players sitting in weapons on the left side of the ship cannot hit a ship passing by on the right side, unless the pilot turns or steers the ship in the direction of firing. The weapons themselves then have a maximum turning radius (<) to the direction. Means: away from tab-target (click-click-wait), towards real shooting and treamplay. At the same time, I would drastically reduce all the distances at which you can attack ships, so no more 2su, but rather a maximum of 0m - 800m (except, of course, the radar range, which can remain as it is, otherwise you fly blindly through the vast space). I hope the translator reflects what I want to express. Of course I don't know if this is technically feasible in DualUniverse, maybe someone knows it better).
  10. ⚠️ Maybe sarcasm in general should be urgently marked with many smileys or a sarcasm warning, otherwise NQ might actually implement some ideas to him false belief. ⚠️
  11. It plays a significant role, as those who were interested in DualUniverse have long been in the game, or at least have been before. The wipe issue is a very complex one, as there are currently a lot of players who are already paying for the game in beta form and there were various purchase arguments that a wipe in general could also result in refund claims. (Unless it would be technically impossible to release the game without a wipe). Why should players from solar system 1 be forbidden to create accounts for solar system 2 and to pay for them constantly via subscription? I have also not talked about 2 different servers, but on the same server, if I understood it correctly, everything runs for us players anyway in the same room.
  12. A wipe will not change anything. There will always be players who get very rich very quickly. There will always be players who, because of the knowledge/experience/time/money in many accounts/...achieve more than the normal standard player. There will also always be players who achieve more because they work together than many who try solo. Currently, a wipe aims purely nothing. The conditions that prevail now will be the same in a few weeks. I think NQ can't afford to do a wipe and lose a lot of players in the hope that it will attract new players. It remains a lottery game. As a real solution for new players, you can insert a second solar system for new players at release and protect it with a barrier until the society there has worked its way up to a development point. The solar systems must then each build a stargate so that this barrier is removed and the solar systems are connected. This would be good for old and new players. Depending on the interest of new players, more solar systems could be activated this way, should there really be an increased player request. At the moment, however, I see little demand for the product, as it simply appeals to a small potential minority in this category of games on the market.
  13. Robots will be better workers than humans are. More effective, faster, cheaper and neutral. Humans are too vulnerable to many factors. The problem will be, what do you want to do with so many people when they are no longer needed or have no use? I cannot think of any work that could not be replaced by a robot. (Of course, it depends on the state of the art, currently many things are not generally due to the implementation, but to horrendous prices).
  14. Give us a wall-e for each area, which can then pick up the ores in the area and link to a container. It would be great to see tiny little robots moving around on the ground, like busy little bees. Alternatively, I also take mini Borg drones.
  15. It would be much more interesting if the asteroids were replaced by a whole asteroid belt, constantly moving in an elliptical orbit through the solar system, without any timer or respawn times. If most players play on weekends, why don't the asteroids respawn already on Fridays, to have no waiting time on Saturdays, when where which asteroid could appear? The whole Saturday is only a waiting loop
  16. On the point of organizations and their constructs slots (did I get that right?). I think you could delete a lot of organizations or players don't need their own organizations if the character itself had more construct slots, which would allow a player to build according to his ideas without reaching construction limits too quickly. At the same time, the construct slots for organizations should be drastically reduced. I would go so far as to swap the skill trees of the characters with that of the organizations. For the organizations, there is then a passive bonus that allows 2-5 more cores per additional player.
  17. Meaning, which games had triggered some experiential or positive/negative events or were generally some kind of memorable experience? Especially with our developers, I would be very interested to know which games they played and which of them they found good/bad and why. So, I'll start. I got my start "back then" with Baldur's Gate. It wasn't the first game (that was Tetris) but it had more to it than just being a game. I found it very atmospheric to walk around in a cozy tavern, explore the world and collect things. However, I noticed that over time the game no longer appealed to me, as it was pre-set and you only had one choice, but it didn't always match what I had in mind. After that, I quickly moved on to world of Warcraft (again, there were many games in between, but WoW is the only one worth mentioning here). It fascinated me that the world had been so big, it had taken a really long time to travel from a to B, to look at the world, to distribute skill points, equipment, to be able to improve constantly, to be able to defeat gradually also stronger and stronger opponents. For lack of alternatives, I even remained a loyal player there for more than 10 years, although I partly did not agree with many decisions at all, I built up a kind of bond with friends that you then also met in real life. In between I tried to find other games, from Aion, Gw1+2, BlackDessert, Neverwinter, StarTrek Online, Rift, Wildstar, mincecraft, Sims, SimCity, ...., but I was not really satisfied. At some point I came across ArcheAge, where I really liked the trade, economy and class system. I found the free housing system most exhilarating and of course the PvP possibilities there in raids and with your own ships on the sea to fight against others. The variety of your own group, tanks, healers, ranged fighters, spellcasters and many supporters in harmony with the ship, the ship's equipment and the tasks on board, whether the lookout, to set the sails correctly, the operation of the cannons and the steering of the ship required teamwork to the smallest detail and was extremely fun. Many great evenings passed on the high seas, whether you had lost or won a battle, the enemy factions were after the battle in Teamspeak/Discord one exchanged his experiences and helped each other in repairing the ships. The game itself had extremely great potential, but was destroyed by many bad decisions to the point that there are hardly any players left in the game. After that there was a break from games, I stumbled in here and there, browsed an alpha beta or other projects and then the last games that interested me were StarCitizen (will it ever be finished?), Starbase (I don't like the Lego technology style at all) and now DualUniverse. Otherwise, there seems to be more of a gaming lull, although I would like to tie myself to a game for decades again, because it offers just what I hope for, whereby the demands have been set higher and higher over the years and you would like to see a lot of game content from many games united in one game. Oh what I wouldn't give for that feeling from archeage with the ships to be transferable to DualUniverse with spaceships. It would be an incredibly vivid PvP experience. At the same time I would have taken the sheer mass of housing elements from archeage or the arenas and dungeons and raids from WoW. i think something like that should be created under Metaverse then.
  18. I rather think that these wrecks are some kind of random candy, because searching for them separately would be much more effort and costly, out of reasonable proportion to the reward. What's a shame currently is that you can't randomly stumble upon them anymore because you're collecting ores in the ground, since statistically it's much more likely to find something while digging and scanning areas than it is now. There is simply no reason to "explore" a planet.
  19. So will you be able to warp with the mission packs soon? That would make a lot of things easier, great.
  20. I think the low ore prices are great at the moment, some could go down even further, since the products on the market can be offered much cheaper, at the same time the entry into the PvP area becomes more interesting, since a ship loss there is no longer an insurmountable disaster. What is currently missing would be more market bots for T2-T5 ore purchase, they are set relatively low, but still allow an increase in value per tier level. Just as positive, lower ore purchases also make it more interesting to fly missions, as the rewards now feel more meaningful compared to the time invested. What could be done about the tax, either drastically lower it or do away with it altogether and tie player and organization territories to an active subscription. Alternatively, you could introduce a maximum number of unlockable areas in the skill tree, just like with constructs. For example: without skill: 3 tiles per skill level (T1-T5) additional 2 tiles ____ What I would be much more interested in, though, is how should players behave in their building behavior from a developer perspective? I have had several bases on Alioth, Thades and Madis, Jago, Talemei and Ion and have had to abandon them due to taxes and upcoming safezone changes on the outer planets. I then moved everything to two bases on Alioth and was building there for a very long time because I like building. Created a mine and many "Borg style" buildings. In the meantime, however, these have also become less and less due to the construct number restrictions. So now I'm left with a space station, a smaller station on Alioth and the dead field on Sanctuary, where I don't like to fly to because of the atmosphere, I also don't like the enormous orange light ratio. The area taxes have then ensured that even fewer of the areas are built on. So purely from the play style I have over the last changes very reduced and limited... What would interest me further, how do the developers see DualUniverse currently? Should it no longer be a sandbox building game? Do I have to be afraid that my space station will have to be deleted, too, because there might be space taxes soon or current safezones will be dropped? Ich liebe es zu bauen, ich interessiere mich im Moment nicht fßr PvP, weil mich die Implementierung von PvP in DualUniverse ßberhaupt nicht interessiert (ich stehe mehr auf PvP wie in ArcheAge oder WoW /Gw2), aber es verringert meine Lust zu bauen, wenn ich nicht abschätzen kann, was man wirklich mit DualUniverse und dem Gebäudeinhalt machen will und welche anderen Einschränkungen es gibt. @NQ-Deckard Not against asteroids themselves, for that I also fly through space much too rarely, since it is not interesting for me, who only wants to build, to fly through empty space. My teammates in the organization, however, have already experienced many near-collisions. Whereby it is probably also partly to blame that some simply go AFK during a 4-5 hour mission flight and watch a series or start cooking lunch during this time. This immediately raises the question - is such Afk game content really wanted by NQ? Having a game open for hours, burning power even though you're not even playing? in this day and age, that's honestly sickening behavior and I don't understand how you can encourage such things.
  21. I don't need a tax system, as the meaning behind it could also be linked to an active subscription. Taking Quanta out of the game can also be done with market bots that offer goods that no other player offers in the market, likewise schematics are expensive enough. A player-driven game looks different.
  22. There have been so many replies to such requests in forums, Discord and Facebook: "I can't provide a link right now, but it's something like this: We still have no intention to reset everything at this time, and will avoid doing so if we can.
  23. Interesting interim update. I hope not too many players have dropped out during this time, so that the positive changes, if they come, will make for smiling and happy faces. The space wrecks, will these be found directly in space and thus be considered a source of danger? So I like to travel through space, mostly with the 30,000km/h. Question: If such a wreck then comes towards me and I can't avoid it because of the distance, the speed or simply because I'm AFK on a 5 hour mission flight, will it therefore kill me and destroy my ship "somewhere in space"? Will space then be just as dangerous as all those hemlines of constructs or voxel libraries in the air? Is it possible to make such constructs simply transparent to "fly through" from 1,000 km/h and only active when approaching slower? Please take taxes out of the equation completely, thank you. Cleaning up" constructs so that they don't clutter up the game can also be tied to an active subscription without any problems. The taxes only make the game feel like a chore and not a relaxing game. It should be game-driven and the player free in his decisions, or has the approach been revised in the meantime? I really hope that the new roadmap will be full to bursting, in the meantime there have been a lot of suggestions on how to design the game to make the different player interests happy. Also remember, happy players stay in the game, then investors will also be happy...
  24. I've honestly thought for a while that what players want and what NQ wants to implement are something fundamentally different. Then there is also whether it is even possible to be implemented. Maybe I expected too much from NQ's website and the promotional videos for DualUniverse and cling to little things that are important to me, even though reality is already smacking me in the face and telling me what will really be. At the moment, I'm honestly tired of putting even more time into suggestions, improvements and ideas so that a currently boring game could become something better, more successful. My goodness, I must have been extremely naive when I soaked up all the blah blah blah covers of NQ and thought that you could work together with developers on a game and the different points of view would show pro and con aspects.
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