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  1. Any EU members who are familiar with consumer law?
  2. At a minimum the localization issue is missing unless I missed that fix in prior patch notes. I think it is safe to say that the internal list of known issues is either much longer or periodically purged.
  3. "So even if everything we are using as a model is considered distopic we must press forward to ensure it happens and our hand is on the wheel." (Paraphrasing)
  4. Ha ha ha ha ha. 😂 The answer is probably hidden in a right click menu.
  5. No offense intended to OP but just two weeks ago this forum was almost as active as it ever was during 0.23+. Since then the majority of posts are people who enjoy the building and flight physics begging the devs to stop killing the game and proposing solutions. The type of posts since 1.1 morphed into betting on how much longer the meager momentum will keep the train rolling or if there will be a fiery derail event to spectate. IMO, this game died with JC's departure and has been coasting downhill since.
  6. This questionnaire in particular is tied to unsubbing. To be fair, it's optional but extremely poor optics. The pets have no value for me at this time (or at any prior time).
  7. Why are we still getting Beta questionnaires months after "Release" if confusion is a concern?
  8. I beg to differ. I came across a wreck and attempted to recycle it. It is at least 3 times faster up-front to trash broken parts with Alt-click in build mode and trying to find all the spots in a factory to sort the parts into use is a nightmare. If there were a market for parts there might be a silver lining here, but for the same reason I don't want to pick up the parts there's not much call to buy/sell/trade the parts either. You would have to design your factory around constant import of parts for this to be of ANY value. The implementation of recycling was the final nail in the coffin for my copium as well as my (misplaced) confidence that NQ can even keep the game functionally playable for another year even if funding were not a factor. Add in all the features still in the vision that will clearly drive off the players who do anything other than PvP... Let's just say I'm only still here because of what little community is left [self-redacted to avoid immediate ban].
  9. This was Archaegeo's last post and Arch HUD was archived over 20 days ago. If the HUD is broken then it's time to say goodbye to it as it is probably dead for good.
  10. I seem to recall seeing something about having some difficulties with getting all the core blueprints. I suggest you open a ticket if you have not already.
  11. That is a very serious allegation. Even if I had not seen some of the discussion myself I would have come to a similar conclusion based on how things have prior and continue to play out. To be frank, I don't care what the insiders have as long as it doesn't imbalance gamepla.... (Yes, I get that is the very definition of insider info) I love the building system in DU. I like the physics in flight. I (barely) tolerate some of the required "optional" gameplay systems. I am indifferent to PvP. I dislike much/most of the UI. I strongly dislike the game being tuned to the top tier of players. I loathe the lack of things to hook new players. But above all, I hate the rampant and seemingly encouraged cheating. If there is an ounce of truth to the allegations of insider info then NQ is on thin ice in legal terms and once the government(s) get involved the party may be over for everyone.
  12. 1) The unique, non-stacking item caused by dynamic properties is the bigger issue that I thought recycling would address. In a sense that is true and there will not be as much pressure to address the issue in the future, but please, please do not lose sight of this. I recommend a filter toggle at the least but would prefer that damage not be handled the exact same as objects that have added data such as control elements with DRM scripts installed. This could be as simple as having a different color or overlay for the icons. I suspect you will start getting tickets to un-recycle elements due to this overlap, hopefully not an overwhelming amount. 2) The returned items, while a vast improvement over nothing being returned, does not seem to be in line with expectations from anyone I have interacted with. As the previous post suggests; receiving scrap would be a welcome improvement. In my opinion it would be preferable to get a diminishing percentage of the entire pool of parts based on the number of remaining element lives.
  13. The last couple of hours of extended forum down time set loose a band of dancing doubt demons for me. Sure, we "whiners" (or so I've heard us called) balk at many things here but there have been improvements in the game that originated in the forums. Not a lot, but... aw Hel, there's that one photon's worth of ray of hope again.
  14. I have not been one for playing markets but I respect both the work you put into this and having clear data. Thank you.
  15. Having recently re-read the letter from the creative director I want to come back to this topic. I see a critical flaw in how the creative director is placing emphasis on analytics. You can't ask a bean counter to quantify fun and it is an impossible task to figure out what the individual will react most to if they are already in a group. This appears to be a bias in the data based on the results I've seen so far. It also begs the question if they are giving alt accounts full weight in these analytics? I am torn because I see a sliver of dimming hope with what has been described. If they indeed bring in TW they will shed a portion of their community. If they indeed bring in power systems they will shed many of the building community. They've already sacrificed their one shot at getting a massive influx of new players. A small dedicated community has kept many other games open longer than expected but does that same effect work on an MMO?
  16. The economy is a vital component but it isn't the only component of the game that matters. From my perspective, NQ is stuck in their own mini-game of knobs and levers without realizing the machine is spitting out metal fragments and sparks. It is the players that matter; the economy is just a tool to ease non-pvp interactions between said players. If the brand-new day one player cannot play the game without being required to participate in a specific "optional" system then the design is a failure. You can't call it a sandbox if there is only one viable means to participate. If the situation were only the ore bots going away, with the community having been included in the plan, we could have weathered that without more than a few complaints. If the situation were only adjusting the way MU provided ore, again with open communication about why it needs to be adjusted, we would adapt quickly with only a few complaints. But in a dual wielded combo backstab? And how can we see the misinformation provided by NQ as anything other in this case? Even the sunk cost fallacy can only hold players in place for so long.
  17. Do you have HTML enabled in your settings? It causes problems with LUA screens.
  18. I can tell you anything I wish. Convincing you that what I'm saying is correct is another matter. This game ran out of fun a while back and is critically low on hope at this point.
  19. Funny, quoting someone but changing the comma to a period to make it look different than the person being quoted intended doesn't flow well with the conversation.
  20. Having thought about it just a little longer, I think the idea of Org sponsored missions could help with several issues. Since the org would be supplying elements and BP copies that would have an upfront sink in ore. The org leadership would accept a mission to supply a list of parts in a package placed in a mission container on their own tile. The package would generate a special mission that becomes available with the package and a small amount of quanta as the final reward. The mission system would still be entirely under Aphelia, but the player created rewards could be a huge boon for mission runners, factory players, and ship builders. For mission runners to start getting weapons and other niche items to improve their ships would give a sense of improvement for having run the mission. The ships are where it becomes a burden because we don't want to give prank (or inappropriate) ships out to new players who may not even know they can strip it for parts. This could also lead to regular ship building contests specific to designing mission reward ships. I suspect that this was the intention for player made missions but it didn't stick with only quanta being exchanged.
  21. If we look at Eve's mission system, you have to grind rep to unlock better item rewards, including ships. I dislike rep systems in general but it gives a more robust mission system in the example. A straightforward copy won't work for DU as all NPC missions are from a single source. Perhaps orgs could apply to become mission ambassadors and function as agents? Perhaps with a list of items and BP copies of NQ approved ships the org has to maintain for rewards, getting a fixed price compensation per item once collected and the mission collateral goes to the org when not returned to the player.
  22. The OP has not logged into the forums for a year. It is extremely unlikely that there will be any updates here. There is a chance someone may have a similar script on github.
  23. This is a genuine peril for DU at present. Most of the players I saw living on Haven were solo factory builders posting small sell orders. Then their ore to quanta exchange dried up. For these players, a mission system to stock T1 elements for Aphelia at various markets on Haven and other safe planets could replace ore bots while giving solo industry a foothold to grow from.
  24. The small org that I have spent all my time with since launch was keeping up with the large orgs in several regards. When I realized that I suggested that we cool our jets and take time to enjoy the gameplay, literally a day before the first nerf. We lost one player along the way but it wasn't related to the game. The building plans I had prior to launch were based on a slightly slower economy but survive even now. What initially looked like a 3 month project is now closer to an 18 month project. I personally have a stronger appreciation for permanent structures in DU. And I still have PTSD from space towers.
  25. Unless its from a cash shop that pays for an extra dev or two and that is how dancing avatars might actually save DU.
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