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  1. Now if only they were to some degree balanced, that would also be nice.
  2. open a thread that already has more than one page
  3. Aye, sorry, I rarely mix sizes. You are right on that one, whyever the fuel consumption per Nm is different for different sizes.
  4. clarification for mass reduction buff
  5. you can also just fly at half throttle? Bonus: If you use half military and half maneuver engines of same size, at half throttle it will prioritize the maneuver engines (generally the engines with the least power) meaning you use far less than half fuel at half throttle. No Lua needed.
  6. they are only useful to repair voxel damage. Any elements they try to replace, even if only 1 hp is missing. This is a pvp item, pointless in pve.
  7. plenty of industry talent issues fixed now, just annoying you cant apply them for the whole factory via rightclick.
  8. Either make the repair unit use scrap or have deco elements behave like voxels regaring damage. Ignore pve damage but take pvp damage. If the devs want us to decorate our ships with deco elements, just like they want to encourage us to use the (in pve pointless) voxels, make them easier to use.
  9. Just like we currently have 2 items required, the fuel tank and the engine, add a third item of signinficant mass and size (but not placement restriction/obstruction). That new items increases engine thrust by a large amount and could have other modifiers (like there are currently different engines). That way you are shifting the currently limiting factor, space in the back of the craft, to just generally lift and size. Now a craft that used to have 40 engines in the back only needs 15, but it also needs an engine room with the new items inside (anywhere on the craft), which are as bi
  10. What I read there is "I have no idea about it, but others do it and I guess it is easy, please make it harder"
  11. It already takes a lot more. Claiming it is easy to maintain a factory is just as wrong as the list of claims I made in my post above.
  12. I didnt exactly reinvent the wheel there, I know. Just wanted to throw it out because the other ideas are, at least tendency wise, more towards either some rather hard punishment, or something with a lot of dev time (make in impound, sell repo licenses...)
  13. As this topic pops up weekly by a new player, can we just make it sticky? And also my usual copy pasta for a solution that does not contain the words "bomb them all": No punishment.Turn crafts into a magic blueprint after a while*, which is stored in the market container and usable within 500m of the market container, similar to placing something via linked container. All the tech to do this is already there. As it is stored in the closest market, it would be easy to find. Cant find your ship? Check market containers via "J", which can be done from remote already.Want to abuse the
  14. I wonder if the people who say maintaining a factory is too easy actually maintain a factory. -It is so easy to get rich with building ships. You place a few elements, copy paste some voxels and place blueprints for 25k in a dispenser selling them for 5M. -It is so easy to get rich with coding LUA. You just write some lines, make them do something, put it on a ship. Rest as above. -It is so easy getting rich hauling. Warp to where it is cheap, buy, warp to where it is expensive, sell. Rich -It is so easy getting rich with pvp. Go to pvp zone, look for pve playe
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