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  1. As they are unable to just take the items and give the owner what they paid (items do not have an ID, were trade on or are already in corp owned machines), they should do a rollback to before the accident. This will make some people angry but is at least fair. The longer they wait the worse it is. Instead they will just stay silent or talk about the vision and just let it roll on.
  2. A warp beacon costs 20-30M to make, it is sold for much more because it takes so long to make and because people want to make back the money they paid for the schematics. The same can be said for any t3+ item, the price is not dictated so much by the raw materials but the build time and schematic price. Now that plenty of people practically got the schematics for free, there is no way anybody who paid the normal price for it will ever make his money back. The issue may not hurt you, because you don’t do industry, but it does hurt a lot of other players.
  3. and I know this wasnt your idea, and that you will pass my point on. There are plenty nice ideas floating around how to deal with bugs or the general bug situation until they can be properly fixed (or until the bugged system gets replaced and there is no need to fix the bug). So far I and plenty of people I know have the feeling that posting them on the forums is pointless, if you continue to be active here that feeling will change. So, good work there.
  4. I totally agree with your number 1 and 3, but the risk vs reward does not have to be removed, just handled smarter. The problem with alt+f4 brake was that some people would abuse it to safe their ships when they would otherwise crash, some people used to to just decelerate after a long space trip. Sadly the removal meant that people with an honest game crash often crashed their ships, too. Especially if there was another person around. What they could do is to tokenize the ship the moment the pilot hat a DC (or alt+f4) and stop all speed. Once the pilot is on again, he is in the seat and gets the pop up tp press "y" to continue flight. The pilot can first change camera angle, go into 3rd person view, or just wait a few seconds for the surrounding terrain to be loaded, press his button and continue his journey. That way nobody is stranded in space with zero speed, nobody can emergency brake, using the non-moving ship’s cargo is not possible (tokenized) or remove valuable parts is not possible. It really just gets rid of any way to abuse the system, while still not causing the problems the normal current "return speed" mechanic has. Whenever a game mechanic sees too much abuse, it is not necessary to kill it with a hammer, just brainstorm a little, even ask the community for ideas, and make a decision that either gets rid of the exploit without damaging anybody or get rid of the reason people want to use certain exploits. Did getting rid of the fetch command, nerfing the maneuver tool and continuing speed after dc increase or decrease the number of inquiries?
  5. As a vegetarian, I think the voxels are nice enough, sadly unlike most other voxel based games I have played the flight physics are rather lacking, i wish they could improve that. The save zone includes 3 planets and their moons, there is enough space in the PvE zone, not just sanctuary.
  6. Don’t worry, it will get smaller again if not only support is scaled back, but also tools for the players to help themselves are removed. As long as the game is as unstable as it is, which is perfectly fine during early access, people should not get randomly set back due to bugs. So either fix at least some of them, scale support back up, or and this is my favourite, give the players the tools to help themselves back. Removing fetch, implementing a very undercooked "resume speed" feature and nerfing manuever tool was not helpful. It would also be nice if ships are immune to damage below 50kmh, so you can maneuver a craft out of another without risking utter destruction. Having bugs is easier to tolerate if NQ didnt put active effort into making the bugs worse by removing tools to circumvent them.
  7. If the player leaves the tile while still having a ship on it, or if the ship is on the tile for more than 30m, just despawn it and give the user a magic blueprint for it which can only be used on that specific tile (to avoid abuse). That way any normal everyday issues are no problem (like internet issues etc) because you can get your ship back free and easy, but there are no permanent ships anymore. Sooner or later NQ should implement some good way for people to make advertisements in a controlled way.
  8. What about the heavy and medium dispensers? I still have some heavy dispensers which used to sell for 2M and were turned into an error item.
  9. While the path to get there is pretty much blocked now (I mean, feel free to mine and save up money while learning industry talents), industry can get your "easy" money. Just do NOT think "what is easy to make and always needed? I should produce it!", because that road leads to basic engines and containers which can only be sold at a profit if you buy ore very cheap and have all refining talents. And even then it takes days to get your money back. Atmo engine M=12631 Atmo engine L= 73267 Container L=132668 Assuming you have all relevant talents (refining, smelting, intermediary parts) maxed and t1 ore prices are 24. If you go for "What is a bit annoying to make but is still an item a lot of players do want to buy" you can make a profit even without any talents, especially if it is an item people are unlikely to set up machines for. Like territory units, command seat controllers or elevators. The best investment to make even more profit is (sadly) to get another account dedicated to certain talents, like only refining. You only set up refiners one single time and tell them to maintain a certain number anyway, so get another account for that.
  10. Additionally, cruise control has more power compared to just holding brakes, assuming you are at a safe altitude just switch to cruise control (alt+r) and set speed to zero (middle mouse button), you will see speed will go down to 0-1km/h. Go back to normal controls and just hold brakes, you will start falling at ~8km/h. This is true for the most simple crafts and facing downwards, so it has nothing to do with cruise control activating any kind of backwards engines etc. It is also why auto-pilot LUA scripts are stronger than they should be, as they utilize this "feature" most players don’t know about. So if you are ever within gravity of a planet and wanted to land but have to go for a leak, Alt+r and MMB are your friend.
  11. -The devs did say they are not happy with how players don’t land like airplanes but instead hover over where they want to land and just hold brakes. -Easiest way to this would likely be change the formula for atmo brakes for force/speed (you know how space brakes still have full power at walking speed but atmo brakes have less force the slower you get?). Sadly this is super hard to test for a player now. -There are always plenty of things missing in the patchnotes In other words, it is likely there was a nerf but we will not know unless NQ answers.
  12. For any schematic you sold you get some reimbursement as they are made cheaper. Your customers do not. Imagine you bought a schematic for 100, sold it for 120, you made 20 bucks. As you did the market transaction, you get the price difference reimbursed, so if the schematic costs 60 in the future, you get another 40. The poor soul who bought it from you paid 120 and gets nothing back. Schematic trading prior to the patch, whenever that is, is a gold mine right now, and some guys who don’t read the discord day and night are screwed for buying stuff on the market by players like you. If NQ takes player2player trading into account when reimbursing, there will be 2 people who bet on it and just traded the same schematic for some item nobody ever looks up back and forth 1000 times for 1 quanta (no fees as schematic costs nothing to store), and those two guys are rich. Best way to avoid this would be if NQ just made the schematics void, let bots buy them for old price and sell new ones with the new price. Which means anybody with a large factory needs to set everything up again for a few hours, as there is no QoL feature like a central schematic storage for your base. And as QoL is the lowest priority, just after implementing flying pigs, this will not happen. One way or another, every patch currently has random winners and losers (less random for people who get the info first). And this time you are a winner OP.
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