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  1. While I can’t help you I wanted to use the opportunity to say: Screw everybody who leaves his ship/constructs on the market, on purpose, for no reason. Nobody cares about your ship or corp, take it away.
  2. The high amount of crafts at markets which are not just parked for some shopping are a problem. They are unsightly and limit parking space on one hand, which can be seen as more of an RP issue for some, but they also reduce performance for players with low or mid range computers. There are plenty of people who said they had to skip the tutorial as their frame rate was far too low. I suggest something is done about. A few examples: - Parking fee. As you park on the parking deck a timer starts in the background. If you stay for 30m or more or leave the cell without taking all your cores with you, you get a pop up informing you of the parking fee. Should your craft stay for another hour or longer, the fee is taken from your account or taken of your next log in money. It would slowly increase, similar to the TU placement cost. Something like 10k for a full day, 40, 90, 160, 250 etc for the following. It could also be auto-impounded after 24h, and you can get it again at the ship store. - Have multiple parking decks close to the market, parking there automatically despawns your craft and teleports you to the market. Your containers are still available. If no advertisement crafts are visible when parking, hopefully the people will not try to leave their crafts at or close to the markets. The market itself gets a larger no-fly zone. Please only introduce this after a good amount of testing and if the several current container link bugs are fixed. - Make crafts not load anymore, if they have been standing still for long enough. So if I, as a player, arrive at the market, I only load and see ships that have landed withing the last 6 hours (or my own ships). I would not see the permanent advertisements etc. Any machine in the game has its own timer anyway, when a craft lands in a public tile (user exits control seat) the timer starts. For the owner of a craft nothing changes. I hope there can be some discussion about the issue and a solution can be found.
  3. First off, I can just give you stuff, like more atmo engines, just gives them back next time you are on Alioth. Chat me up on the DU discord for that if you are interested. How high did you get and how fast where you? Please tell me which sounds most like what happened: A. The stone is my spirit animal, I did not move at all. (need more vertical thrusters, maybe other things once you have that) B. Vertical thrusters lift me a little, but I do not have enough forward speed for my wings to do anything. (speed required for wings to lift you can be checked in build mode) C. Oh I am a wonderfull airplane, I just can’t get a lot of altitude. (need even more thrust, try to lift nose slowly. "X" displays current speed as a line, play around with that. Wings stall if angle between that displayed line and direction your nose points at have to great an angle, usually 9°) D. No issues gaining altitude, but as I get high enough my atmo thrusters don’t work anymore and I don’t get altitude anymore (you need a good speed to punch through the deadzone, where atmo does not work anymore, but space thrusters do not work yet. If you nose up like 45° you should still hit about 700 km/h before atmo stops working. E. I can almost leave, my space thrusters start up (orangy glow) but I still cannot leave. (not enough space thrust to leave gravity, need more space engines) Anyway, just tell me what you need. Remember you can slap whatever I give you on anywhere, no need to rebuild in any fancy way.
  4. The Problem: Currently almost everybody is a miner to some extend, but the tools and talents do not lead to a substantial growth in ore gain. While more machines lead to more machines, ore is gained at a rather static rate. This of course has a good side, as otherwise the whole planet would look like an advanced factorio world in a month. Still, the boringness and unscalability of mining not only hinders unlimited growth, which is good, it also limits trade and specialization, you may have noticed how ore usually sells for more than whatever you can build with the ore. Solution: Allow people to become dedicated miners, but in such a way that it needs constant dedication and effort to have a well working mining operation. Just like a factory always needs some tweaking, changing and expanding (hopefully even more in the future), a stripmine should not just be set up and generally and constantly generate ores when this is done, but need supervision. The idea: Enviromental changes: Instead of just useless dirt and high value ore, there should be something in between. Soil with a certain amount of minerals, or "low yield ore" if you like that better. Soil with a 1% hematite (iron) content would mean it is too tedious for normal mining, but if you had a more large scale operation it would be worth it. The following elements/items for a stripmine: - A static scanner - Static drills/extractors: These are set certain grid coordinates and just extract all minerals in those coordinates. Imagine seperating your land into cubes the size of a static core L, each drill would try to work a cube of that size. Selecting the drill gives you an interface that lets you choose a depth (in 100m steps) and a 2d grid of squares, pick on and go. You can not queue them up. Assuming you have a scanner, some or all of those grids were already scanned, so you can choose whatever you think is best currently. (sidenote, while I call them drills, they are not actually drills, they are more like your mining tool) - Oil: Oil is like fuel for drills, they always need a little, made in chem industry. Higher tier oils may lead to better yield/speed. - Soil seperator: Like a refinery, but for mineral rich soil. So for example "Hematite rich soil" goes in, "Hematite" comes out. Also, sooner or later (as there is currently no regeneration) you will have to pack it all in again, move it a mile and set it up again. Conclusion: I hope it is evident that I would not want to upset the whole economy and flood the markets with a huge supply of afk farmed raw materials. But I do think there should be a way for dedicated mining operations which on one hand lead to yield, but on the other are not too simple and can just be left alone for a week to come back and find 100 full L containers.
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