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  1. can this be a ship we already have or does it need to be a new build just for this mission?
  2. I managed to get a response from NQ and they said that BP's will stay with the character. I'm going to take their info on this one instead of yours if thats ok this time. Based on what you are saying the game might not even launch on 27th September, so going with that kind of mindset is pretty self defeating.
  3. If we decide not to subscribe at launch, do our characters sit dormant with their BPs? Is there a time limit before our BPs will be wiped or could we come back in a year or so and they will still be there? Are there plans to give us a roadmap setting out the development plans for the game after launch? With only a couple of weeks before the reset we don't have much time to decide if we are on this journey or not so some kind of roadmap would be very helpful.
  4. If we decide not to subscribe at launch, do our characters sit dormant with their BPs? Is there a time limit before our BPs will be wiped or could we come back in a year or so and they will still be there? Are there plans to give us a roadmap setting out the development plans for the game after launch?
  5. I agree the game needs a reset. so much is broken..so many redundant assets. I agree everyone should start on the same footing... unfortunately that's not what NQ are doing...they are saying 'if you pay us more you can have a bigger headstart ' That's the only bit about all of this I struggle with. They could have 'rewarded' players without it including talent points.
  6. Oh I didn't think you were disagreeing with me (it's ok if you do by the way!) ...sorry I was talking generally about what I had been trying to get out of the debate...the discussion with you has been a very welcome change. I hope the game survives..I had hoped to go into launch not feeling so bitter about the game but if they manage to make a success of it then it will have been worth it.
  7. as far as i know an alpha is where they add all the features and a beta is the testing, balancing and polishing phase? They went into 'beta' not feature complete and are about to launch without the features tested and polished? not sure what to say.. Anyway... i get blasted for sharing my views on this.. so going to end it here.. thank you for being civil... its more than i get from the DU discord. You know....its sounds trivial but all I really wanted from this 'debate' was an acceptance that yes its about the cash....instead I had people talking to me like this was always the plan... maybe im a bit OCD... like many others ive put a lot of time into DU and to be degraded into nothing (i get a lot of 'if you don't like it leave') is a hard pill to swallow.
  8. The game is not feature complete therefore its not ready. PVP is a shadow of what it was meant to be. Most game mechanics are implemented at a very basic level. Its not even beta at this moment. As for putting your money where your mouth is, that's not what this is about for me. for me it is a total disagreement with the practise of taking away everyones TP's (which was NEVER talked about before or even hinted at and please don't use the 'its a beta' argument...DU had bypassed the traditional alpha and beta rules) and then giving it back based on cash spent. NOWHERE in the game was that ever mentioned as a possibility. Im not talking about what people are comfortable with or happy to accept.... im talking about the principle. You agree above that its a financially motivated move.. thats all i have been saying... If some are happy with it great!!! but it means I lose one of my alts and NQ lose a sub, no big deal to them.... i can't spare the cash to sub for 26 months between 2 accounts, so im glad you can, but for the rest of us we get screwed. simple as that.
  9. Oh i agree with you. They have been cutting costs and trying to make the game financially viable for ages.. now they are forced to release despite the game not being ready. The things i have a problem with is hidding that behind a 'reward' and the loads of people in this community defending it. loads of people played and helped build this game for 2+ years... they will have all of their stuff deleted and then handed back based on how much they pay.... i know you get it....i understand it's a business.... but when people defend and pretend its not a thing i find it triggering. NQ dont want long term (more than 13 months) subs.... they want short term money... that should worry people..
  10. I understand how it works... As i have an alpha account i dont have an active sub... so for me to continue as i have been for the last 2+ years I have to give them 2 x 13 months of sub. I can't do that... so i'll sub my main, and that character will get the rare pack and i'll have to accept the downgrade.. as for my alt, he used the beta key from my alpha pack... so is locked behind a pay wall unless i want to pay 13 months in advance. My point is that im very happy to pay for 2 monthly subs.... but thats not good enough for NQ.. they want me to pre-pay for 13 months to get as much back as i already had as possible.
  11. yes i can. if i want to give them a 13 month sub for that character... no thanks... this is my issue .. everything we already had is now locked behind a pay wall. Im happy to sub 2 accounts.... why is that not enough?
  12. the TP thing was my big issue too.... 2 + years in beta, building our characters, adding assets to the game to bring it alive.. then NQ wipe it all and say 'if you want it back you'll have to pay us more money, the more you want back the more you'll have to pay us'. It also means my alt that i built up for pvp that i used my beta key on gets nothing... so there is no point in me subbing that account.. NQ have lost a lot of long term subs in favour of short term cash.... makes you wonder how long they think this is going to last.
  13. totally agree. They are so desperate to get long subs in at launch that they are burning subs at the same time. I had 2 accounts I wanted to sub, but to not be screwed for 6m TP i need to sub both of those for 13 months...Thats 26 months of sub time in advance or forever be worst off on TP's.... I know its not a massive amount, but im a very principle driven person. I'd forever feel like my contribution wasn't good enough and worth less than a new beta player that subbed.(and like many others i've built a LOT of assets for DU). I just can't do it so i won't be continuing with DU at all if this happens. I appreciate they don't care about my 2 subs....but its all I can do.
  14. I agree.. something about this doesnt feel right... it will be interesting to hear whats in the big announcement on the live stream
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