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  1. we are in beta-test server. I do not expect any perks for the test server. The released game might have such.
  2. The Repair Unit does not repair elements, dear. It repairs only voxels, and it replaces elements with 1hp with new elements from your inventory, after pvp. It does repair the broken after crash elements
  3. exist? - Then... why people build ships, replacing deco elements with voxel alternative, and there are a lot of people on the game chat is writing about the same issue, - don't want to spend a lot of time on manual repair, - why no one is saying we have the alternative? Would you be so kind to rephrase the " but for some reason it works nothing like that. ", so not native english speaker (newbie, like me) can understand you? - Do you mean, the existing element works differently? - how does it work? and what is that?
  4. I thought about some kind an Automatic-Repair-Mechanism element for the ship, which can work similar to Territory Scanner, - occupy the ship ("do not move it while process") for 5-10-30 min (for 1+ hours for 1000++ elements , maybe), and automatically repair the ship, while you are free to do what you want, dig or build, or watch utube, etc. The mechanism can have a need in a Link to container with scrap, - the better scrap - the faster repair.
  5. Hi guys, When you build the ship, you want tot have windows, lights, all those wires and wire-corners, right? BUTT!!1111!!1 But if you crash, most of the elements will be broken, and require repair. I have 250 elements on my M-ship, I am not talking about L-ship....... I have to walk around and fix every 50 hp point, 200 point, etc, elements, and it takes big part of my life, JUST to CLICK and fix red element, then click fix yellow, and wait of the fix.... What do you do? - You just don't place that much of elements?! Right? ----> we are loosing the esthetics, we are loosing part of the game without elements. I have this problem. It is not a bug. But I wand a feature request. My suggestion: to have a Construction >> Right Mouse button >> Command "Repair", which may repair your ship for you, spending time, which you do whatever you want. My Suggestion: Admin, make the glass and other small elements not breakable 🙂 Your ideas?
  6. The initial topic was started last year. As of now, the elements already are obstructed by other elements, AND by voxels. Should this topic be closed?
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