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  1. Very kind of you to pay attention 😀 Yes, and adding: - to make life more complicated flying out to space out of any planet; - to bring life to empty space; - practice an easy and hard enemies;
  2. I believe it is better to share my opinion here, than create a new the same topic: 1. Stop endless ore in tiles. (newbies will never occupy rich tiles, if powerful orgs already hold them, TW won't solve it ) 2. change the MU game, I am tired of clicking 50 MUs every week in that game 😢
  3. I am a bit confused... Did we build our own Showrooms, where we can sell constructs bigger than XS, and did we have a marker on map to invite players to visit our shops, didn't we? It looks like with the Alioth Exchange we will have to abandon our showrooms and stick to this one, as this one will be surely visited by a huge number of players... Why do you want us to stop using our own showrooms, or I understand this concept incorrectly? Best regards
  4. Question: when & will we have a proper need in voxels to support elements? - as of now, voxels are just for eye and for pvp reasons, no other reasons as for voxels to exist...
  5. HOW DO I GET DACs? 1. some DACs are already bought; 2. you can get it from another player. That is all? Imagine all kickstarter DACs are sold to players and used. HOW TO GET DAC???? - no answer.
  6. 1) I am not very familiar with 'pod-cast' style of answering questions, but I watched a lot of youTube videos, - I definitely wish the answers were prepared in advanced, re-read, re-written, scripted on paper, and recorded nice&clear sentences. 2) As for wipe, - we know it is the hot topic, and we want answers or info about it, we don't want reminders about you knowing it and saying nothing about it. 3) more questions, more answers please. Thank you.
  7. Yes, the cost is the topic, - That is why it is so good to just fill the tunnels with soil a week after tunnels were made ... At the moment we are in the same situation, -- if everyone goes to ground and dig tunnels, they will stay there forever. that is consuming space. But if tunnels are get filled with soil authomatically once a week ( if a player don't "mark" them as "in use" ), - that will solve the issues with ore and tunnels.
  8. I would like to have the old mining on planets. I believe the average size of ore-nodes should be bigger, and maybe amount of ore-nodes should be less than one year ago. However, the feature is great, and, since we have asteroids, why can't we have the same on planets? -- I mean, to have mining with closing tunnels automatically after some time ( the same, how asteroids just get refreshed ). If player wants to have the cave, - make a game-mechanic that will "mark" the soil modifications to exist for some extra time (+1week, next time +2 weeks, next time + another time..) That is how cave and tunnels can remain active, - by player maintenance), else it will be refreshed automatically. Best regards, m0rrty
  9. I know exactly what I want, 1. to make global market infrastructure to pick and show the prices in dispensers on user's land. 2. make market be able to sell custom things, - ships, for example. if player cannot explain what player wants, how player can demand it? I have read the article, it tells about Informer and Market units, which are the same thing as of now on existing markets, about taxes controlled by players, and about a trade zone, auction. But you do not ask for the "trade zone, auction", so, it is only taxes, that you want to control and collect.
  10. part of this description is implemented in the Dispensers, exactly how it is explained (with a link to a container). Part of this is market unit that is used by Aphelia, this one does not have a link or a container, it is just connected to a global market system. So, your answer to "how player is to manage the market" is the way how dispenser work? There is organization, who has 90% of all elements in their big ship - SVEA. They manage it as you want. However, they also wish some more improvements to Dispensers, as they are not very comfy. I do not think this all explains how player should manage market... sorry... I really wish you could share your own vision on it
  11. Can anyone explain in details, how the player should manage the market? Is it only take tax to player, is that all? I wish someone could explain all the details
  12. I got a lot of stuff, I want to clear it and start over again, that should be fun!
  13. I love having people like you. I do totally agree we need an instrument, - We have seen industry without limits ( result: everyone do it for themselves, market trades only ore ). P.S. I by numbers were not bad: you don't want spending 20k points for growing your industry? - ok, go trade with others. That is the plan. I totally agree, we need to have a feedback to not-beneficial option, ONLY in case, you can offer/observe an alternative solution. So, let's accumulate negative feedback to the moment, when we have a list of options, and we choose the best one?
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