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Ask Aphelia Episode #2 - Discussion Thread.


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About the T5 on alien core, the only problem is about the MU who allow to farm it in safezone, who mean 0 interactions and no risk. RISK AND REWARD are the key for creating content without any efforts from devs.

We still wait for a lot of important questions, DU got a lack of content/gameplay loop and with the wipe question still not replied, you just create more and more frustration.

If you don't want talk about your wipe decision, then talk about really important things who can motivate people to wait and keep their faith in your game. Don't just focus easiest questions.

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Putting a basic transcript in place so that people don't need to listen to the whole thing to see if a relevant question was asked. Hint: probably not. 


#1 - "Will LUA API change?"
Yeah LUA will change and break stuff, but we don't have details. 

#2 - "What is griefing?" 

Who asked this...lol


#3 - "Are we getting different colored lumi voxels?" 

Don't know (e.g. probably not), but you can use screens...


#4 - "If new FTUE is meant to improve starting zones, why shuttles to Alioth?" 

So people don't have to build ships if they don't want to (lol)


#5 - "Is T5 output on alien cores too high?"
Maybe. It's 'first iteration' which means trial and error. 


#6 -- oh there's no number 6. That's actually it. 


This time not even acknowledging the "discussion" they are having about a wipe. Hmmm.  


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Hmm, I think YouTube has a built in transcript function already, but I do agree that it would be great to get non-auto-generated transcriptions in place for those that are HoH. 

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2 minutes ago, Ghangi said:

Hmm, I think YouTube has a built in transcript function already, but I do agree that it would be great to get non-auto-generated transcriptions in place for those that are HoH. 


Yeah, definitely helps to have text transcripts for that reason, but also because it takes like 1 minute to read the answers to the 5 questions...but 6 minutes to listen.


It's nice to know if a relevant question was asked without having to listen to the whole thing.


At the very least, it wouldn't be hard to list the questions being discussed in the post description instead of just "here go listen to this". Just my opinion, but doesn't seem like it would take much time to do that. 

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I think this whole podcast concept is hilarious.


If only there was some place people could go to ask NQ questions and they could answer in detail with text...it would be like a public forum of opinion. 


Too bad such a thing doesn't exist and answering select questions from a google form is the only way. Maybe someday this "forum" technology will exist, but until then we'll wait until next week's Youtube not-video for more deep answers to deep questions! 😁

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So to be productiv, not depressive :

Voice quality of answering ppl is lousy.


T5 Ores are to much, all ores are to much. Pls NQ find something that uses more ore, expecially T5.


One Idea was to go to player driven Schematics, and i you want to produce a t3 schematic, you have to destroy x t2 schematics, that uses ores. And if schematics are not permanantly

e.x. only for xxxxxxx uses you have to craft them again, and it uses ores again.


Other solution : Take out t4 and t5 ores from planets, so players have a reason to fly to asteroids or to aliencores.


there are many ideas but do something for the econmy!

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Another underwhelming episode, pretty much showing how bare and unfinished DU still is. While the reasons for that are entirely understandable and by themselves not an issue, seeing NQ storming towards a "release" with a blatantly unfinished product which not even deserves a "beta" label is really concerning.


My overal impression is that NQ plans to just keep going as long as they can on the path they have been on since pre-alpha and cal lit a release in a few months not because the game is ready, but because they need to start generating reveue (or drop the game if they can't). And IMO that is a very wrong reasoning, but I fear NQ has no choice anymore.



LUA changes

Post release - will disrupt existing constructs

Pretty much defining this as another Alpha feature still and also implying that NQ sees no issue with knwoingly breaking the game post release.




Very vague and frankly dangerous definition presented



Lumi Voxels

Should have been in already, this feels like whoever did the white lumi voxels has left and no one knows how to expand on the code. At the same time, how difficult can this really be?

Obviously, again, post release.

Mention of better BP system.. also post release




Great that NQ thinks mission are a good follow up from the introduction. The FTUE should cover this though, not just "see the planning board"

Also, something "may not be interesting to a player" should not be a reason to NOT include it in FTUE as not including it would also mean not getting it in front of those who may like it. What NQ calls the FTUE is really just what woudl be a "how to get started" part of the FTUE.. 



Alien cores

Another "in progress" story.. Seems like NQ intends to just slap a release label on a game which is really still in Alpha.. By the time Beta rolls around game mechanics and features should be complete and only need polish, bug fixing and some tweaking.


Alien cores are also of no value to anyone but PVP groups as there is no real benefit to them that justifies the risk involved, the answer given really implies these cores are there to promote combat for the sake of promoting combat, not be a part of the production/industry cycle of the game.



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The questions are quite far from the recurring discussion topics, so I'm going to assume that everything is scripted with some pretension to inform about topics that you want to deal with.


The only point of the podcast that has dealt with a topic of interest, has been that of the alien cores, since you touch on the subject, I will once again offer you a constructive and productive opinion. 


T5 resources and plasma are residual resources that have a scarce and circumstantial demand, you have the opportunity to turn that mechanic into something really relevant, plasma should be a fuel used by any T3+ product factory, I could develop this much more, but I think you would have to be smart enough to understand why T1 products and some T2 like fuel and basic weapons , have to be able to be made with safezone resources and all T3 T4 and T5 have to be involved with the pvp and resource destruction cycle.

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9 hours ago, Thunderblaze said:

@NQ-NyotaPlease listen to your playerbase, we really do not care for your dev blogs/podcasts until the question is answered as to wipe/no wipe.


Respectfully, Just stop. It's tone deaf and ridiculous.

If you actually pay attention, you already have your answer and frankly, knwoing what NQ knows about their playerbase they have everyreason to only announce the wipe they have certainly planned at the very last moment. Several reasons actually and each of them valid ones.

While I would agree that NQ has handled the situation around the coming wipe terribly, and the pretence they are still "disscussion this internally", the fact it's coming only really makes sense and the #1 reason why you can easily deduct that it's happening is that IF NQ were to NOT have the wipe planned there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to not have made that clear already. 

Mind you NQ has not once said "we have not made a decision on whether to wipe or not", everything they say is that they have ongoing discussion on it, which IMO means the HOW and WHEN, not the WHETHER..

NQ knows when they plan to release, the debate will likely be about the headstart period between the wipe and "release" and the commercial exploitation of that period as well as possibly the details of the actual wipe, although I'd expect that to be decided on by now as well since the wipe is probably little over 2 months away..

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