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  1. J'adore lire des torchons pareil, dommage de l'avoir raté tiens
  2. Clearly not, DU was a really ambitious game but when JC left we lost all of it, NQ focused on easiest way to add things without ever trying to deepen their gameplay. The main issue here was how NQ never communicate about the state of the game or anything around it before players themself find many clues about the entire dev team who got ejected from DU for their other project at the start of 2023. They keep a high cost sub and this "unsub and you lost everything except 10 core and 1 tile" just for help them on those projects, and it's disgusting.
  3. I was here since the start of the WorldBoss fight, piloting the ship where Debrin/Ch3w8a/Mastuga/Sekhmet and Barbecue were and I'm not in the list. It's hilarious. How can you not reward EVERY players involved on the boss fight... A joke as usual.
  4. Thank you for the message, here is my feedback on the experience. Positive Aspects of the Event: In a PVP zone, potentially transitioning from PVE to PVEVP, but much more interesting and risky than an AlienCore event. Randomly massive damage dealt by the boss, capable of destroying an L core in 3 or 4 hit. (that was our real challenge here...) A sufficiently powerful shield that requires a lot of time and ammunition, increasing the chances of player interactions. The server held up well with the entire Legion fleet present. Negative Aspects of the Event: Not announced by NQ or in-game through a message in the general chat or notifications in the middle of the screen. Timing too focused on Europe. (but it's hard to accommodate everyone) Randomly massive damage dealt by the boss, capable of destroying an L core in 3 or 4 hit. (... but Legion pilots are experienced and ship optimized and still died really fast, can be an issue for other players if involved) No damage on voxels, just CCS. Only a static core, random appearances of alien ships similar to PVE missions that follow a ship could have added excitement to the battle. A known coordinate in advance and therefore stations already in place, making surveillance and combat easier. No traces of the battle afterward, an Aphelia Core from the Boss in its final state could have added some interest. (instant despawn was a bit frustrating) I remain very disappointed not to have had the chance to encounter opponents or even curious players coming to challenge us. With the boss's damage, our capital ships often had very low shields, forcing us to flee the combat to regenerate them... a perfect situation for the type of operations our adversaries like to conduct. Events like this should simply not be missed in terms of communication; that's the fundamental aspect. The more people are aware and prepared, the more there will be at stake, stories to tell, salt to sprinkle, and good moments to share among allies and enemies. About the rewards; I maintain my opinion, even when some of my allies/mates will receive these rewards, that rewarding players with craftable items and resources/quantas is a real mistake; the economy is at a critical stage, and we really don't need that. On the other side, offering a title is a good idea and a step in the right direction. Our only concern, I believe, is that you may not be able to reward all participants in the missions or the boss due to a lack of tools; many players have played in groups, some only as pilot, or performed other roles, and from what I see and think, they won't be traceable (no point awarded/no shoot fired...). We've been discussing this issue for a while now, not giving points/quantas to all players instead of just the one who takes the mission; please consider the game as an MMO. In short, the missions and the boss event have had many shortcomings, but the improvements are easy to see and aim for in order to make such features interesting and fun. Everything is and has always been in your hands, NQ; it's up to you to decide what you want to do with it.
  5. Good luck NQ for dev all of this, DU really need that! Hope is back.
  6. That's what makes all the difference between your pitch and mine, yes we have to do everything you do, maybe even more in addition to PVP, so when I talk about Safezone gameplay, I know my stuff. You talk about things you don't know, imagining the wrong things and thinking that PVP players can live off their catch and do nothing else. It's just sad in a debate not to know when a subject is beyond us. PVP don't need to be the only gameplay possible, just the end game. Like in all other games. If you want T4/T5 you will have to take some risk. Acutally, MU can provide those ore, new planets will grant more and more of them. How can you see the future of this game with unlimited ressources and so poor sink system? Or do you want another wipe? Common... If only Entropy listenned a single post, I will agree with your doubt, but man, just read each patchnote x'D
  7. I laughed and I stop reading this delusional post. Btw you think we don’t have life and co, stay behind the red line of the game please, I didn’t judge your IRL, just your gameplay. (Even more when you know exactly nothing about the person behind the avatar, his job, kids and co)
  8. Because it's not all non PVP players who are carebears, but those who push NQ to nerf or patch the game for remove some risk or tool for PVP players. Those players, who cry for don't be forced to PVP, force PVP players to lost their content. Stop thinking about a problem just by your eyes, check the problem from all angles.
  9. Just read my previous message, we didn't kill with impunity, players just don't protect their asset because it's not needed. It's a sandbox, use your brain, your hands, your quantas for don't let pirates kill with impunity or YOU are the problem, not us. We are a solution to your laziness, NQ just needs to stop locking you too much into your world where doing nothing or never interacting with another player is the main gameplay of a MMO. You asked for joining my org on reddit, for start some PVP, and now, just cuz I didn't saw it you are angry against us? 😕
  10. Well then kills in PVP zone are only miner ship? And when you core a ship, you have to repair some parts/core it and come back with it. Why the miner itself don't have weapons? Why he don't have some mates ready for help him? Why he don't call for help another group? Why he don't have a S PVP core dock on his ship? Miners on pipe are just afk, they don't care about the risk. They will win more quanta/ore with all their other run without getting catch. It's exactly why players don't try to protect themself. Any organized group can trap pirates, some pirates roam or camp alone. You are clearly the type of player who are just useless for DU. Stay a forum warrior, I prefer try to push this game in something better for everyone, not only my wallet.
  11. I totally disagree and I principally kills players on pipes those day (no time for roaming for nothing due to my job) The DU unofficial killboard talk by itself, or internal killboards are clear, roids kills are mainly throwaway ship. Adding more tool for dodge PVP players or protect more miners will just help them to continue this. On a MMO, I prefer push the players for regroup or pay some mercenary or any other way than just allow a free farm for everyone and annhilate the utility of trying to defend your stuff.
  12. Except I was the first one to report each broken mechanic to Deckard and co. But you can see my DM better than me obviously. It's nice to be judged by a guy who has no experience on the subject and who attributes random things to his interlocutor to make his arguments more valid. Just test PVP and we will talk after, for real, you will understand that your broken mechanic don't exist and you will just find a huge time sink.
  13. Please don't talk about something you never experienced. I did some piracy and PVP, not just ganking random on roid. So please, move your hands for craft or buy a PVP ship and try what is really a roaming on roids, you will see what is our real content. Players with at least some functionnal parts in their brain can easily dodge a gank on roid, or they can trap on it, or simply just take the information and come back later. This game is perfect for carebears, they can do everything without a single risk, some of the roids rare/exo still spawn at 2SU of the safezone, so please, stop cry when you don't understand anything else than what your wallet want. We are here for push this game in something better, not killing it.
  14. Time sink and less risk in PVP, it's NQ after all... Listen players who don't just think with their wallet seems hard.
  15. Salvage changes are cool. Asteroids change are really oriented around carebears... Why people still need more no risk in PVP? Do you even listen NQ what we need and how people are full of ressources? - No more discovered tab = nerf for piracy even if it's hard to find a roid with just a random first coords (can be in a circle of 14SU+) - No more timed spawn + random tier of roid = a PVP player will have to randomly pick a roid, go for it and find sometimes just a basic one, without interest or content... How can you think it will be a good thing for us? It will just add more time lost to PVP gameplay, we REALLY need that thx! Just check how miners and safezone players are happy, you give them a real free farm pass. We need a good patch for PVP asap please.
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