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  1. I've been screaming this for the 3 months since the wipe talk. I mean WTF? We have to wait 3 damn months (a whole business quarter) to get a decision that effects the player base in such a way that the game is going to die because everyone has left because of indecision. I mean I just found starship evo and it has one guy developing it and it already has everything this game has including better voxel tech with moving parts like hinges and rotation.( land vehicles and mechs) and you get to scale engines and thrusters to the ship. The map is thousands of systems almost in the vein of elite dangerous. And it has some pve and has online pvp. Yes it's in VERY EARLY access but it shows how far up their ass these Devs heads are. To have a whole group of Devs that can't beat a one man show. Embarrassing.
  2. And what about those of us that bought schematics before the price drop, are they going to return at the same rate or are we going to get screwed again by only actually getting half our money back? Not that it matters if they wipe the money anyway, it's all semantics. I still don't understand how we're trying to do final economic balance things before instilling very basic gameplay loops. This is madness to me. Just seems like they're going to have to do all this again. I mean every time we've complained about a decision they've made, they tell us we're wrong and then months later they do exactly what we suggested in the first place. Happened with schematics with taxes with collision and obstruction. It's almost as if they are doing things under the veil of their customers are dummies and they know better. Then a few months down the line analytics tell them they we're idiots and we we're right and they finally do something that's inline with the game we actually want to play. Frustrating when they could just skip the stupidity and make the game people actually want to have fun playing and not treat like a second job.
  3. that's why I included ship elements. Can't slowboat without a ship either.
  4. Not if you can't make enough warp cells or ship elements to go get the stuff.
  5. With all the talk about how we will react to it one would think they might actually change some of this crap. But, knowing NQ for what they are this is coming Tuesday and we can all get bent. Because it's their game and we just pay for the right to be told we're wrong and don't see the game dying around us every day from garbage development. They're trying to balance an economy when the elements and gameplay loops aren't even established. They can't get away with telling us we didn't say anything either. The whole post they tried to bury when they opened this one says we were loud and clear. but we will be ignored yet again.
  6. Some of this imbalance in the economy could also be remedied with actually adopting lives for elements like it's supposed to be. But the game being poorly optimized and crashes happening randomly and frequently this can't be used to actually get the market moving to replace the loses, because there are never losses. The elements live forever. Element balance could also be addressed to limit the necessity for placing walls of elements on a construct. Leaving us the ability to use less of them to achieve a goal. electricity, heat, and fluid (which were added in the Lua in the mercury patch) could also go very far toward balancing the need for the economy to produce massive quantities of elements (limiting the ability for a ship to use an engine wall)
  7. I get what you're saying and agree we need sinks and for the economy to get some balance. NQ also dropped the ball on countless occasions with many exploits that they blatantly ignored for months letting the economy get this way in the first place. Schematic shenanigans on .23 release and many other factory bugs that made people trillionaires and jacked up the whole thing. They also have the logs and could have squashed it then, but didn't. Now they're trying to fix issues they created by being lax on punishing exploits. Doing so by stealing every game mechanic they can from eve and calling it some new thing. Where's the creativity? Who in that meeting said yeah cool lets copy everything CCP does and play it off like someone actually thought of it. Where's the damn integrity?
  8. So you decided to rip off Eve directly once more. Not inventing a gameplay loop of your own but directly copying an existing one and not even trying to hide it. If I wanted to play eve I would go play that. But the way you guys keep going you might as well go back and work for CCP.
  9. So basically they listed all the things they should be working on instead of wasting time on this. But yeah we're almost ready for release they say.
  10. Really? I could fill that joint up by myself. Thanks but no thanks. You're going to have to do better considering your showroom would be like a small shed compared to the actual showrooms we already have. But thanks for giving us something no one asked for as opposed to making those elements you said you didn't have time to make.
  11. Here we go again, maybe they think if they keep kicking the can down the road we will forget about the only question we give a crap about. I'm just about at the end of my patience for this mess. Every decision made in the last two months has been poor at best. Now they're just going to ignore the only question that matters and go on trying to act like the forum isn't burning down around them. What a joke Also EVE is already a game, why are you just ripping mechanics out of eve and just sticking them in your game? No one creative enough to think up some new stuff to do? Or are you just trying to make 1st person EVE?
  12. Nothing to see here. Didn't answer pretty much anything while avoiding the only thing people actually care about. This feels repetitive to the point of not mattering.
  13. With all these changes leading to having to have every element exposed, why not do another pass on elements. They are ugly AF. That's why everyone covers them with voxal. So the art department must be complaining that no one is using their oversized terrible looking elements. So "let's force them to expose them so everyone is forced to look at my work and I can be validated"
  14. Not sure why we are even talking about the build mode grid. It has always been an issue, anyone who has ever built a ship knows what a pain this is. Just DU it and get to something important. While you're at it can I get some of my screen back from my hand and the popcorn FX obstructing my view in build mode. Just as much of an issue. The only question everyone wants answered is if the wipe is coming. But I'm pretty sure you don't want to announce because you are scared we all will piss off. Then who will test your game for you.
  15. We already have people making spreadsheets and max efficiency charts to smash after a wipe, just in case. We can make the org even better and more streamline. Just the people resource we have makes us ahead of any new player and most orgs that would ever come into game. Even day one. An wipe isn't going to solve a thing except putting a big speed bump in the road and pissing people off in the process. unless more interesting and investing gameplay loops are introduced or flushed out. (Looking at you salvage wrecks) Also can you explain to me how a wipe will make everyone on a level playing field. I can play 60 hours a week, I read every forum post, discord chat and website concerned with DU. I watch every video and chat with every DU player I can to learn everything I can to better myself. The gap will always exist for those that don't (not my problem) I help everyone I can in game. I give away quanta and spend countless hours helping people learn to voxal and teaching them how game mechanics work. Which is more valuable than any new player experience imo. These issues that you would like to wipe away because people exploited are really annoying yes but it's all self inflicted. Not to mention you have the logs and could discipline those people at will and you haven't. You have a test server and those items never got fully tested because the PTS. The window was always so small and it's a pain to get people to test when on the PTS you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to even begin to test. Should just have all the SP and the PTS markets should have everything for 1 quanta. Maybe ingame incentives to get people to log into the PTS?
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