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  1. As someone that design ships, I would say I would rather they get it right. Cause I want my lighting to look right for everyone not just x% of people.
  2. I just want to focus on one part here that is highly important as to maybe a few reasons why this reaction exists. I don't think it is at all adversity to pvp or a pvp enabled environment. I believe it is centered around these three elements. 1. NQ refusing to allow us a mechanism for restoring sanctuary tiles to original state and move our tiles to more easily collaborate, organize, and build tax free community centers, shops, etc in the same location that you gather your resources. Something we couldn't do on Alioth with HQ tiles especially if safe zones were removed from that planet. 2. Camping of the player base around one single point, providing a leverage for established players to prevent progression of new players. It would be extremely difficult for a new player to enjoy the rest of the solar system, If safe zones were reduced to only Sanct. 3. As you stated inability to establish yourself or protect anything seriously within PVP space due to the inmaturity of game mechanics, and lack of systems which make it viable to have both SUSTAINABLE infrastructure and conflict within overlapping zones. I think in many ways we are all in violent agreement here, but are left to scrap amongst each other between what remains of the community due to the lack of transparency, lack of tools, and lack of enjoyment frankly of an ALPHA being labeled as a BETA, which will in just months be considered 1.0, despite still being in an ALPHA state, all due to the financial issues NQ is experiencing. It paints a grim picture, and the tactics of NQ in their update releases and tossing us shiny things, while the dark clouds of more vital core issues looming over the essential stability for gameplay continuity is itself a symptom of development going not as planned.
  3. Feedback for NQ: Positive: Hey the screenshots look nice, if/when they function like this live, it will be a nice visual improvement for the game. Negative: You added particle effects for explosions, and they look bad, it really doesn't deserve to be highlighted like a major feature. Better lighting will not make the game more fun or bring the community back to DU. Summary: Stop ignoring us, and offering things that aren't focal to game enjoyment. Not once have I said if the lighting in my ship was better would pvp be more fun.
  4. Yes this is what I mean by a failure of NQ in DU... it is fun to build ships, it is currently not that fun to pvp.
  5. If they wanted an innovative way to do Alioth Exchange, that had real utility. They would combine Second Life's marketplace (similar to Amazon for it's virtual world), with Sketchfab's ability to preview a 3D model or asset, and do this without ever leaving the in-game window of Dual Universe. Of course this won't happen cause it would take substantial resources, and they are too busy with internal discussions... 🤣
  6. It is the Elitist mentally of some unfortunate and misguided members that are subset of the PVP community, that hate on creative players. This is the subgroup that would say a fish is a noob cause it can't climb a tree, and thankfully they don't make up the whole PVP community. I think people enjoy PVP when the dynamic is correct. Right now the creative dynamic is better than the PVP dynamic, a failure of NQ in DU. Otherwise we would see more people participating actively in PVP if it was more rewarding and fun. As a primarily creative player, that enjoys pvp, I feel NQ has seriously let down PVP players, and thus a lot of PVP'ers blame the PVE players for it, Cause the creative side of gameplay is honestly way better done in DU than the PVP.
  7. 1. Define "complete". 2. So an empty world is better? Sounds like you would prefer one where only paid development team artist fill the world with their fodder? As a creative player of course I interact with others, otherwise I have no one to SHARE what I make with, which would completely negate a primary drive for creative players. 3. Define "better vision of the game". 4. Creative players are Racist? PvP is not a race. 🤣 (Kinda makes me giggle thinking about "PC MASTER RACE!!!! Bros...) Here I giggle again, for having been accused of being too negative and toxic when I criticize NQ, but I am not going around calling groups of people racist... 🤣 5. May I refer you to this thread... or the post right above mine... bwaahahaha! Brings to light that SOME pvp players actually do think the game needs to be fully pvp pretty much everywhere with no safe zones, and I have seen those posts stating exactly that. 6. I fully agree with this point, go ahead and turn on pvp for everywhere except for Haven, Sanct, and Alioth, their moons, and the space around the starting planets. You will not have any populated planets outside of Haven, Sanct, and Alioth, cause bases will be unsustainable. That said, we could fit the current player base only on Sanct and still have plenty of tiles left over with we with the number of players actually active in the last 6 months.
  8. I think @RugesV is exactly on point with imbalance of risk vs. reward. So maybe granualize vs. umbrella which part of the argument you disagree with? His arguments which you may disagree with are well articulated and I like them even if I don't agree with every point. There are so many times I fail at articulating in the way I would like then another forum member writes it out... and I am like [filtered] I wish I would have said it like that!
  9. Sadly it isn't a joke. NQ actually does think it will be an active hub. Never mind that nearly no one is logged in except to calibrate MU's / check skills and log. This would have been much much better left to the community to do instead back when there were active orgs online.
  10. Exactly rip off the bandaid, stop stringing us along.
  11. What makes a creative player so much more selfish than someone waiting to blow some one up for giggles?
  12. But hey, you still have access to the servers! 🤣I think this right here (your post) seriously highlights the point I am making in my thread about people paying for subscription. Some people think I am out to just be a negative nelly, but these are serious problems, and I don't feel they are being handled well or in a way that respects the community. I don't think giving people the option to pause their subscription so they can wait for the game to improve is really so unreasonable, especially given just how things are right now.
  13. I don't pay for one, so it doesn't impact me directly. While I respect what you are saying about paying for access to servers. NQ has effectively taken away any incentive for players to really access those servers. Unless I misunderstand how subscriptions work, once you pay for x amount of months then they continue to roll until the paid time has expired. I think those players should have a choice to pause their subscription until NQ is more forth coming. This way players can do exactly what you are suggesting, and utilize remaining subscription when conditions aren't such that the game is essentially dead right now.
  14. To get this topics back on the rails, I still feel NQ should suspend subscription charges until they announce wipe date and wipe details vs. milking it.
  15. This 100% exactly, right on point. I remember myself, and that is why I made the statement above. Msoul can white knight for them, and NQ can ignore and villify people like me all they like. That said, they do so at their own peril. Just cause someone says things you don't want to hear doesn't make that person a troll, disrespectful, or even want you to fail. That seems to be really lost with people in general these days. If NQ's critics really wanted Dual Universe to fail, then all we would have to do is walk away silently, and let them continue doing what they do. Way more effect than putting in our alleged *no effort posts* multiple times a days consistently.
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