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  1. In order for DU to be an effective 3D blogging system, would require a more enhanced chat system I would imagine then the 90's era functionality present in current in game chat. If the future of the metaverse doesn't include copy paste of text, then I will have to opt out, if they don't drag you kicking and screaming to strap you to their vr headset.
  2. It may not be complicated, however, as an experienced player I myself didn't know where to access the information you listed @Msoul to check to see if I had gotten all the pets for my backer level. AKA you don't know what you don't know, which can include where to find that info, which wasn't present in the response by Nicodemus.
  3. The reply here, along with the link in no way addresses the original poster's, concern that they are missing pets from their reward package. The link doesn't show what pets who is supposed to get. @Daphne - pretty sure I am missing pets to, cause I only have level 1 & 2 of Anicham, nothing else.
  4. Step 1: Create A Standalone Client (Single Player): This needs to be local client, that requires no login server from Dual Universe in the case Novaquark fails as a company. This way players can continue to playing the game without having to stress on if their creative work and invested play time will evaporate. Remove your broken economy from Single Player. Enable Creative mode like NQ-Ripley had on stream. The fact that Ripley can access a stand isolated instance from test/live server, means a version of a stand alone client already exists. Step 2: Export/Import our Construct Files into Standalone from Live or Test Server: The files exist probably server side on your end, however, the ability to request the file if we have Core Blueprint would enable players to protect their past creations in single player client. Step 3: Make VR Compatible: Make the game work with VR headsets, or at least have the configuration points for players to make their headset work with Dual Universe. By this point you could market Dual Universe (Single Player) as a stand alone meditative 3D building experience. This could be packaged as a standalone product, given to anyone who has subbed to DU for more than 3 months by Jan 1st 2023. You could then sell it to new players, for another cash injection. I think it would do way better, and players would love it, without the FORCED, BROKEN, RAGEWORTHY GRIND! Step 4: Make Players Able to Host Small Servers: This way players can play with friends or find people DU discord to play with, a lot like RUST, Valheim, Space Engineers, etc. Step 5: Implement Cash Shop So you have a survivable injection of cash so you can pay contract artist to develop more cosmetics players can purchase monthly. Step 6: Create Modding Tools for Single Player Client: You have told a THOUSAND TIMES to give us tools! Get out of our way, you obviously no longer have the energy/gas in the tank to do better than weak right/click point systems. We can do better than that, give us the ability to prove it, show you what we as a community can do, and what could be done in this game in a fun way. Most of the people didn't lose their love of the actual game or it's concept, the lost faith in Novaquark to deliver what Dual Universe could be. This is probably my last post on these forums, and I doubt it will make a bit of difference or good, but YOU CAN'T SAY we didn't try to help you save yourself! P.S. in the meantime you can even keep your "MMO" server online until you manage to run it into the ground. Just give us a chance to save our time/work.
  5. Next update: servers will close. You can tell by their terrible attempts to implement systems that either they themselves haven given up, or no longer have the resources to continue. Either way GAME OVER
  6. Loving the new player section ❤️ 2 threads requesting help. 0 new player introductions in forums. Getting some transparency on how Dual Universe is doing.
  7. Borders on the political so I won't get deeper... I will say... things are pretty messed up RL, which is probably why we get so triggered about the economy in a game. we don't want real life problems being present during our free time.
  8. Makes the schematics fees even more painful, but I figure this is what NQ wants innit?
  9. NQ is kinda like the government stepping in and saying... hey you guys are saving too much money in your bank accounts! We need to fix this for you! Keep you grinding for that quanta!!! grind grind now! no saving money!
  10. Meanwhile Alt Mission runners in discord be defending themselves like:
  11. Maybe they mean careers, since DU is already like an unpaid job. 🤣 Definitely feels accurate given the grind to reward ratio here compared to even other tedious games. If it was any other company other than NovaQuark, both Territory War and Power Systems would excite me. Based on NQ's past performance it is the stuff of nightmares atm. Never been one to usually care about where I am at vs. others, having the most currency isn't winning to me. What does matter is NQ blaming their broken economy on casual players using mining units to make enough to sustain play, whilst allowing whales to alt mission run billions! I REMEMBER VERY SPECIFICALLY BEING TOLD IF YOU WANTED TO PLAY CASUAL AND JUST BE A BUILDER STAY ON SANCTUARY AND USE THE MINING UNITS... THIS IS WHEN THEY IMPLEMENTED TILE TAX TO "FIX THE ECONOMY" So we do that and now after launch they are saying... we never intended for you just to login and just enjoy building with the meager passive income from MUs! I am sorry 112 million quanta a month isn't that much for playing every day to calibrate 5 tiles of MU compared to BILLIONS from alt mission runners.
  12. People who aren't receiving whale support are already shedding tiles. A lot of hauls are going origin Address Anywhere to all points Haven. If they bring in TW or Power Systems in the first half of 2023, NQ will seal the tomb with Dual Universe inside of it, perma style. Not sure where you are seeing a sliver of hope, elaborate?
  13. This ^ and, when it only hurts a portion of players while others remain immune to the impacts, probably even laughing at everyone else for their misfortune all the way to the bank, or in this case should I say market.
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