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  1. They need to do the obstruction pass to everything at the same time. Not this willy nilly one at a time when we see an issue mess. If we follow this as a guide wings will be coming and look how many of those are stuck inside ships as of now with no way for air to pass over them. among other issues. This issue for me should all be addressed in a future pass where all flight mechanics are looked at as a whole. This whole thing could be solved with power management. Which needs to be done before release. So we can scrap all the ships we've made so far because they ALL will need reworks. The element lag issue could be solved at the same time by adding XL atmo engines (which are close, I saw the schematics when you messed up and dropped them on the live server the first day of .23, and they have dispensers in the tower already. And adding L wings, which cant be that hard if you are creating whole minigames for mining. We were asked about this in a devblog 6 months ago about balance. I made this assessment then and it still stands. What's taking so long? 6 months to create 2 elements that would help server stress and help builders eliminate the walls of engines and super high airfoil counts. Guess I just can't get my head around this whole thing. Seems like someone is a little too happy with their box of band-aids.
  2. I hope this doesn't mean we're getting the monetization scheme of the Ghost Recon games. While the game is fun at times the amount of stuff for sale for real money is sickening. New CEO being the "business" person and the need to save money on server usage, seems like it's likely to have some new things to buy. But hey there already here honestly with being able to buy skins through the friend system.
  3. His body language when asked the question from my experience says this is getting put out just like this. Or they would have made the adjustment for this weekend to quench the flames.
  4. Nothing to see here. Just push it. We've been asking since forever..... but what are we building for if the element balance can't get hashed out?
  5. Yup, no room for delusional people to abuse it whatsoever. Especially with what people can get away with calling offensive today.
  6. Is that the spot I'm supposed to smash my face to try and understand where this is going. I got more and more confused as I went and now I'm lost. Maybe shorten it up and get to the point of what it is you want exactly. ex. "Better terraforming tools" or "Larger terraforming area" With a suggestion for getting there.
  7. If NQ wanted to help players out a bit they would update the handling skills on the U.E.C. store ships. I had the same issue as a new player, those ships aren't very good because the handling skills are basically zero from what I've seen. They actually become pretty good for newer players after I slap max handling skills on them. But it shouldn't really take that. Maybe not max skills, but lvl 3 handling on those ships would go far for newer players. Especially because they are guided to the store so early. Or add some more stuff to that store like a monthly featured ship or three. 😁
  8. Xl Atmo and large wings by themselves would shake up the whole build game. The imbalance of large atmo engines against having the XL space engines puts us in a weird spot. Needing walls of atmos and wings for larger ships also doesn't make sense when there are large and xl variants of other ship modules. Just not those two. After adding the xl atmo and the variants of it with the large wing you could then balance or add variants of brakes wings and adjustors then balance. Just feels like we are missing items before we go talking about buffing or nerfing things. Especially when those two items count as engines and cause a large portion of the lag created on ships. Lowering the number by adding those items or buffing existing engines and wings would help either way. Just don't make XL atmo look llike medium atmos please, those things are the ugly duckling of this game I.M.O.
  9. I just made an org for warp beacon access. Lets you manage it without having any other rdms issues. But I am with you on this. Should be able to give rights to it, you can everything else
  10. Could we get the option to stop the general chat notifications? Because I couldn't really care less what's going on in that channel, never have.
  11. I got a wonkavator that I've had to strap a space engine and a brake on. gets the job done though. and you can use it to rescue a ship with the hover. best half a mil you can spend IMO.
  12. Check Trog#5105 on discord. It is his script originally. He was selling it for 7 million. Not sure if he is still.
  13. Thank you very much. Sorry if I sound salty, but I'm fixing 8 L space cores of voxal corruption and this thing is driving me batty. 😁
  14. Can we get a toggle for this annoying notification? In build mode it just goes on and off and on and off constantly. Especially living on a space station. Why have a jetpack button if when you turn it off it just comes back on by itself whenever it wants?
  15. Yeah this is pretty much crap. My station is all jacked up also. But they seem to be more worried about ships around the districts. When they could just let us salvage the ships left there for over a month and just about solve the whole thing. But honestly what is going on over there? No one is even getting pissed on enough to get mad and moderate.... sad.
  16. So basically it's a cheap rip off of the eve contract system. Let's stop calling them missions. Many of us do this already. Without a game mechanic. It's called discord trade channel.
  17. It could be in the lua. But the open source hud developers have fixed it. Why can't the actual code be fixed? Funny because the real Devs can't seem to be bothered to fix the adjustor spin and it's been well over a week. Hilarious how the fans can fix things faster and better than the devs.
  18. On that note I wonder what replacement will look like on alpha blueprinted ships with interference issues. Without a direct replace tool or something of the sort.
  19. I have a hangar that is 2 large cores. as it is now I have to move something 7 to 10 times even with skilled move tool to get across the hangar. Some of my ships are more than 50m tall. To move something on top of it now is a pain. Moving libraries and other tools to where I'm working is important because it's efficient. I don't rly know about any exploiting but I'm not sure what benefit a distance limitation would have serverside. Why 50m is the real question. Why not 200m. Is there a technical limitation? But it seems one of the patches broke the move tool and every time you move something it's a crap shoot if it's going to explode and fly off. Hence the large amount of port requests.
  20. but at least you will be at a market to replace the modules that exploded because of game issues
  21. So why put anything on a dynamic anymore? All my libraries are on dynamics because tiles are really big and if I'm working on something 500m away I don't really want to run back and forth to get shapes. And then what about that thing that happens when you move something and it goes drifting back to the original location. Does that apply to my 50m limitation? Then what about when your buggy code causes my core to explode and it goes flying off into space? I've had that happen dozens of times. Seems like shutting it down instead of working on it is the play. The optimization of the game should be prioritized above all else because it would alleviate some of the issues you are having with people asking for ports and repairs. Not nerfing the tools we use to work around broken code.
  22. Before this is implemented there needs to be some work done on the bugs that make you crash. Lag spin is rediculous and right now the only way to fix it is to use the lua hud. Pretty angry when my medium core spun out of control and pancaked. If it happens to my large core for a reason out of my control and then I have to replace everything through no fault of my own. Something like that might just make me log out and keep my money until the issues get ironed out. Know what I mean. I take a lot of time testing my ships so they fly without any issues. I still have disconnects and game issues that cause my ship to go boom. Optimization before Implementation please.
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