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  1. Agreed on this. Please, NQ, this cannot be an open question. I'm certain that most of us don't want to put more years into this only to have it wiped again. Please clarify this point for us.
  2. Yes. It's obviously my PC and internet connection. But only when I'm playing DU. And my hardware and ISP are SO bad they affect not only me, but others who live far away from me. I owe the entire community a YUGE apology! You da best!
  3. Hey guys. Sometimes my base (and everything else) just straight up isn't there. Literally happening as I type this. Too often I fly somewhere and then my ship teleports itself home leaving me stranded. It takes 10 steps (in the exact right order) to target and fire at a ship in pvp, and... My adversaries ship is likely to desynch teleport itself 1 su away while I'm shooting at it. I landed on a stationary ship in space today and then exited my ship and the formerly stationary ship was suddenly going 20,000 kph. I can't run a mission with a friend because we almost certainly will not have the same one. When I turn on my radar, all I can see is a sea of construct names stretching to the horizon, usually obscuring my destination. The game is in the most unplayable state I've ever seen it, and you guys are going to have us invite people to play. That's like taking a giant sh!t on your coffee table and then inviting the neighbors over to watch television. Kudos on the foliage makeover tho... I hope this feedback helped. ❤️
  4. Things have regressed from 'maybe' beta to 'definite' alpha. The game today is not nearly as much fun as the game we had 6-8 months ago. I just pray that there are things happening behind the scenes that are going to make sense at some point. And then there's the continued lack of news on the potential / probable wipe. Are they planning to do anything to address the Great Wipe Depression they triggered? Can the collective ego handle admitting such a massive fcuk up?
  5. I wonder if they'll tell us what they're going to do while there are still people here to hear it.
  6. HEY NQ: Please tell us what you're going to do with the inevitable wipe so we can work through it and move on. The rest is filler. Now is not the time for filler. Rip off the f***ing band-aid and get it over with.
  7. This change doesn't make my soul die. More of this please. I love you guys. But only as a friend - settle down.
  8. 100% Nothing in this life is fair. Unless there's a legit technical reason to start fresh (there isn't or they would just say so) there's no good/fair/logical/reasonable excuse for any kind of wipe. BTW, I'm also a Gen X'r with 4 accounts. I say we make our own game, with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the game - and the blackjack!
  9. You make a good point. My only thought on this is that mining isn't a creative pursuit. Players who spend 100 hours, or 1000 hours in a few amazing cases, are valuable to the community in a unique way that we wouldn't want to lose. Mining on the other hand is now almost entirely automated compared to how it was when we were all scooping a mega for hours on end. Literally anyone can be a miner - relatively few can build the beautiful ships that come from the creative few. For the record, I'm not one of those gifted few. I understand your argument completely and I don't disagree. In the end... none of what's about to happen is fair. I just want to lose as few good players as possible.
  10. This is another great point. If you're going to take away the profit from selling the blueprint, also take away the blueprint that was purchased. 👉 Allow us only to retain the core blueprints. 👈
  11. I'm not against a wipe as long as we keep our blueprints and talent points. Starting over is fine, but the time and money (paid accounts) that went into designing ships and training talents - not willing to start over on that. It just wouldn't be fun and it wouldn't be worth it - in time and money - to have to do that again.
  12. This is a very reasonable compromise and I thank all of you at NQ for listening to us. Another good idea that came up last night in the roundtable discussion hosted by Seripis was being able to deconstruct small, medium and large dynamic constructs for storage, similar to how a pocket ship is compacted. Perhaps an option to deconstruct a ship into a package that could be reconstituted later. This would remove active cores from the game, while not forcing us to get rid of them. If the goal is to increase performance of the server, this must surely be a helpful measure and one that I hope will be considered and explored at some point in the near future.
  13. I'm operating under the assumption that the developers want the game to continue so they can continue to receive paychecks. If that's not the case, there is no point. They may be leashed by corporate masters and have no say in it, in which case we're pretty much done and you're all invited to join my minecraft server. LOL
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