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  1. @Zychov: Nice try, but you need more then 1 ship. Your Shipdesign is well for attacking aliencores.
  2. Instead of giving us a real system, we get another quickfix that only annoys everyone. Why buy Schematics at all? We should be able to find them on wrecks in space, explore & copy them. Then there would be real exploration.
  3. In general, there must be more reasons for people to fly out into the PVP zone, simply so that there is more destruction in this game and the market is stimulated. So something like a spontaneous fight for an object in the PVP zone, which is worth fighting for(Ship with Schematics,Plasma,T5 as Cargo?). The important thing is that it spawns randomly, both with place and time. So a large group cannot prepare for that and gives smaller groups a chance to get something. edit: and an Ongoing Mechanic, a bit like capture the flag. hold the ship for 30 minutes-1h and its you.rs
  4. We need more PVP events. Wrecks in Spaces with rare items visible on the map that spawns spontaneously.
  5. i totaly agree with Variety. Without Risk & Reward and more destruction the market will never be healthy.
  6. ok we manage to recover the most of the screens @Ninator i cannot upload pictures right now here, but we placed a surrogate "Easter Egg Screens" where you can take a look on them @NQ-Nyotamaybe you can give me a hint in which row/column your screen is 😅 some of the messages are super confusing 😅
  7. @NQ-Nyota tbh i dont know anymore 😕 i just tried to place the screens again, but the Lua Code is gone(but dynamic props still on) 😕
  8. @NQ-Nyota When is soon? Event is more then a week over now. 😅
  9. you need to pick the screen up and place it on one of your constructs, then you can edit the screen.
  10. Wasn't there something else on the PTS with times (UTC offset etc)?
  11. I think you can avoid a wipe quite easily: - Create a new Solarsystem - 75000 SU far away from Helios - Add the new FTUE to this Solarsystem, on release new players can decicde in which Solarsystem they want to spawn. - Add a longrange Warpbeacon/Jumpgates 3 Month after release to connect these both systems. The warping of assets would then be possible, but insanely expensive. - Slowboating would take nearly a month with the new speed changes. This should ensure that veterans cannot immediately flood the market in the new solar system. Pros: - No wipe needed - New players can enjoy a fresh world - Give you a reason to implement solarsystems - You can deploy new good looking planets without wiping something
  12. Why do they want to remove the schematics again? That is one of the only reasons why we got trading in this game <.<
  13. @Chorum Sorry, but you flew in the pipe. You should be prepared in advance before you fly into the PVP zone. Maybe this picture helps you for your next trip. btw: there are no territory taxes right now, so dont cry.
  14. The PVP zone is simply not intended for solo players. Find an organization, then you can mine there as well.
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