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APOLLO (0.26) - Discussion Thread


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43 minutes ago, SneakySnake said:

...it doesn't look pretty when there are 3. Railguns ...


it looks a bit asymmetrical - but to be honest, those "ideal" PVP cubes are ugly anyway



in general the graphics are much better with 0.26, to pay my 2cents

I'm glad there is a some progress in the game, looking forward to the Asteroid gameplay, so thanks @NQ

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2 hours ago, Aaron Cain said:

another crash bites the dust, at the moment i can log in, make one right turn walk 10 feet and die.  think we got a "kill Bill" Bug

Same problem, but to be fair the FPS seem to be much improved while the game is getting ready for the next crash.

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On 8/4/2021 at 3:23 PM, cobalt48 said:



Why has the "Scan results" colour changed from green to whatever this is? It makes it ridiculously difficult to keep track of where you've scanned.

What else do you expect from people who don't think about gamma and white vs light green

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Asteroids - Fun little mini game but the discover/broadcast needs tweaking or alternative method so if you discover the roid it is locked to you and not broadcast.  It should in turn be locked for anyone else to try to discover it until the time ends perhaps?  Ore numbers are nice and it is nice to see not too many are in safezone.  I do wish mining them were quicker ha :)


Weapons - You buffed weapon damage but reduced capacity why?  Is this to reduce lag/bugs?  All our ships needed extensive reworks as a result and with only a few guys doing it, its taking ages.  In addition as you reduced capacity it means the combos cannot be done like we used to.  Also weapons look UGLY its like a cartoon comic book with bright blue colours.  It feels i'm playing a game of Fortnite


Voxels/Shields - The sad fact is people are flying ships with stacked elements with zero voxels to get those 'G's' in.  They'll fight but flee when shields go down and of course if you have an armoured ship you cannot chase them.  It has zero logic to have ships or anything with zero voxels that tie them all together in a building game no?  You also need to remove the expliots reported in this area its ruining PvP


Core Exploit PvP - Reported a number of times where something is logged off on the ship the core keeps at the previous speed and is indestructible.   There are a few posts and I know bug reports mentioned on this bug plus videos.  If your going to let PVP in DU then least remove exploits fast.


Misses in PVP - Too many misses still.  Involves relog when server 'gunks out'

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