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  1. sadly but true - balancing things like that should be there already fair, if members spend their power to the org, its okey if the org can do more then the lonely wolf and also fair if someone pays multiple subs to be able to do more then another "single"player but you're right - that's all not gonna happen :\
  2. I think it will its probably difficult to check what's requested on the market - and sometimes players have to adapt and add some fabricators to produce something else - but there's a chance to sell something if big players simply wont produce all themselves because they loose time
  3. you may try to uninstall the newer .Net distribution via add/remove programs start - run - appwiz.cpl and then give it a try again, obviously thats the method ppl used facing this error in general (not realted to DU though)
  4. that could be achieved with "energy consumtion" in factories - a bigger factory is more focussed on WarpCells and WarpDrives plus some "Uncommon Military L-Atmospheric Engines" but then has no capacity anymore for some of the pipes /screws or even "uncommon burners" which are needed in the example above. Each Account has his Energy pool and he can also share some with his org (similar to the tile contrubution). Someone who wants to use 3 accounts to have enough for the full industrie also pays 3x subs. And anyone's happy. Otherwise its either T1 products or the fancy stuff, but not both at the same time (=longer production times). That way we could get rid of the schematics as well - otherwise we'll be back to the pending operation orgies. THE PERFECT SOLUTION for so many issues - but never ever seen or acknowledged by NQ.
  5. and you and the ones you mentioned do constantly pay the sub ? let me guess ... hmmm... NO !?¿ So don't blame others and call them exploiters while calling yourself to be an idealist - you're only looking for your own best cut. Wipe okey. But with a proportional return-value which can be best measured with your talent points.
  6. I fully understand the situation NQ is facing for their project. They want it to be successful at start. But they cant make it right for anyone. An elephant on the wire as I used to say Where is the common denominator ... to keep most of the vets and attract the potential new players ? I wish you @NQ to make some good choices there. If I'm loosing all my work, its a terrible thing - but if you give me some good motivation to start over again, I'm fine. Thumbs up @NQ
  7. I've got my PVE experience as well after taking off with a Player mission on board. A Player structure unfortunately popped up on screen just a few meters in front of me and I couldn't react and crashed. You have to know your surroundings much better now, especially when taking a mission with a collateral of 100M Quanta. iiiiiiiikk
  8. Yep. You're not the only one. And I'm curious how many players do not watch the forums and notice this discussion here. Even though "BETA" implies the necessity to pick up the news here from time to time. Some possibly just play and have no clue ... what's coming to them
  9. Absolutely. An unclaimed tile should be reseeded somehow after a month of no visit/digging there - also mix some few rare ore into it so anyone once has the chance to get some Goldnuggets too. That would be a nice addition to the PVP Asteroid Gameplay and Scanning-orgies and gives ppl who like(ed) the mining their sandbox back. For the time I'm playing I'd like to have a reward. Keep the MU's, why not. But also reseed the tiles all 3 months to kill that infinite lucky bastard rush.
  10. True. Mining always was a chilling drilling thingy. I'm really missing it. The Asteroid implementation was not very promising for me - I don't like to be a PVP gimp bait if I go on my own. The mining-drills are somehow okey, but any mill should return some higher tier ore as well. Otherwise I also struggle with that infinite thing for the lucky bastard. Its in the hands of NQ. They can not make it okey for anyone - but there's a chance to attract enough ppl to play, if they understand how to carefully tune what they already have.
  11. When they get rid of Schematics, energy distribution of some sort needs to be implemented anyways, not just for the drills but also for the Industry. We'll face a lot of "pending operations" otherwise. I like the idea to get rid of the taxes and use the old system but get a money sink because of the fuel for the drills.
  12. confirmed, elevator does not work under water I could go down, but up is not possible
  13. didnt they already say that stacking elements will be fixed (they wont work any longer) ? I tested my ships and even the ones having a minimum setup, to lift a certain amount, still went up to space perfectly. The only thing I struggled was a custom script which has been purged out of the "custom" folder - but it worked again after reinstalling. Performance was better in general, but I had some few "pending operations". Nothing to complain from my side.
  14. nice video with some promising changes - good luck @NQ .. cant wait to check the server performance
  15. With my credits to the last posts from Blaze, Quaideluz and Pleione I did read the post from Quaideluz with no translation and I have to admit, it was hard for my poor francais but I did get most of it - the translate from Pleione told me the rest .. I well remember back to the days trying to leave Sanctuary to get to its moon to get some spice. It was hard - but this kindergarden helped me a lot to learn - and finally not just get to the moon but also coming back. This was a perfect lession for my and my buddies. Trial an error. So, I basically disagree @Quaideluz. Sanctuary was hard, but this was the way to learn. After Sanctuary - including the possibilities to craft all shit I needed using Nano or Industries - helped me to go to Alioth. Alioth was much easier for me after the Sancturary lessions. My conclusion. Let ppl find out how the things work on Sanctuary. No Schematics there please. It was such a good tutorial for my and my friends. No other Tutos needed. If you may lift of there, and bring back some ore, you're ready to stand as a DU rookie for anything further. TLTR; Sanctuary was important IMO. Learning hard. Better then any tutorial. If NQ WIPEs - please let have new players the chance to grow on Sanctuary and feel the pain. Its a hard challenge I know. But I think it was my best lession back in those days.
  16. The map looks good. I think its wrong to take this as an implication of celestial body movements ? Hopefully the distances now have their correct proportions. For the first impression, good work@NQ.
  17. That is true in the very beginning but stagnates over time. I wasn't there when the system has changed to MU but I scanned a lot before and after that has changed - and I don't like the system as it is now. If you are one of the first running scans and you have multiple Accounts THEN that's a cool thing for sure. Constant supply is okey if anyone at least gets a little bit. And I'm really talking about that little bit. Bringing those little bits to the market will not pay out. Its a "save this bit" to once run some Gold-Honeycombs or whatever. It will not hurt the market but gives the feeling to get a bit from the cake. I have 150 KL Columbite/Niobium and there is nobody selling any on the market. With or without MUs. With the MU mechanic as it is now, there is too much monopolism with this infinite-flag. But thank you for your contribution.
  18. not just this - they have to carefully rethink the whole thing .. really carefully - there is only one chance
  19. I'm not sure if I have the power to restart the Game in case of a wipe. I'd like to share a possible motivation for me and maybe some others. Scanning can be very frustrating, guessing that all fancy tiles are gone anyway, probably. There is too much pressure running for this. Instead of Gems and whatnot once was planned ... What about spread a little extra to all the MU gameplay. a pure T1 Node also spits 10% T2 ore (random ore each time), plus 1% T3 ore (yep, random ore) - plus 0.1% T4 ore - and guess what, also 0.01% T5 ore .. while a T2 Node spits 10% T3, 1% T4 and 0.1% T5 - and a T3/T4 Node just follows that row the same way e.g. working with a Malachite T2 Node means you get tons of Malachite plus all sorts of ore in addition, but just those tiny portions in the time it takes to extract 200L Malachite, you'll also get the sum of 0.2L T5 ore and 2L fancy T4 ore Not being able to get all sorts of ore, even in very low amounts was my personal frustration. Especially after tri-scanning a total time of ~200h since the MU gameplay.
  20. I knew of some exploits happened during beta and many ppl got mad about it. I actually didn't care much. With the mission introduction, another mechanic has been abused to get rich in a unproportional dimension obviously. Isn't that sad ? That is why your question quoted is the biggest to me: WHY did that happen & CAN it be avoided & WHY was "role back" within "beta" no option ? Where are the tuners with the brains ? Is it possible to setup a fair game ? Thinking of the MU gameplay and rare T4/T5 tiles ? You can give it a try sure, tri-scanning for 200h before throwing in the towel. Too many things are not well thought out. The plan to revoke Schematics is a brilliant example. IMO, NQ only has one option left. WIPE & Release - squeeze all out - prepare the grounding.
  21. One word for the new Players: If new Players could find into the game the way we did, they possibly gonna like it and stay. NQ isn't good at brainstorming and I'm sure they wont think of an easy way to achieve that. But its simple. Let them craft ANY T1-parts on Sanctuary without any Schematics - same way we did. Those Items cant be sold on a market, et voila ! There will be no 95% happy new Players otherwise - but probably 80% less then now if they wipe. Anyway, the game will not work with a wipe nor without one - because too many Players have been lost already. Wipe or not, the majority WONT COME BACK.
  22. @BlindingBright, did you ever gave a try playing counterstrike ? Thats probably the thing you're looking for. No brain needed, only reflects. EDIT: I have to add ... I loved it I was too drunk to understand the substantial message. And I didn't watch the vid. I'm sorry.
  23. the wrong way to tweak things c'est le freestyle de NQ
  24. that all is just a one way road it wont succeed with a wipe nor without one to many fellows lost on the road :\
  25. I fully understand all those pro-wipe callers. If you want to attract new players to stay long time, I call it a necessity. Otherwise they come into a game being brutally overwhelmed with tons of questions and heavy disadvantages comparing to the early birds. But I dont think they could rise the "long-time" player-base two times by what was there already. All SpaceEngineers, Empyrionouts and whatnotsimilar scifi fans were there already. NQ may rise a peak at release but this just for a short time I guess. our past: I've seen crowded places - everywhere, once in time. Now its a graveyard. The leftover of our cooperation is 1/6 of what once was there. Nobody online. All gone. I consider this to be the real problem of NQ. The SpaceEngineers++ are there no more. Thats why they need to wipe and swallow the tasty peak as a final *bonus before the grounding. Performance. No holes anymore, less buildings, clean markets - but still very choppy sometimes. If this is not because of a cluster-downsize to reduce running costs, then NQ did anything wrong to establish a persistent long term EVElike success game. conclusion (my personal) Too many heavy changes with huge surprising effects, because of weak NQ brainstorming, is what has caused this situation. @NQ, take that last last *bonus, you've deserved it for the sake of taking the risk and giving it a try - of - your single shard persistent Universe
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