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  1. @Archaegeo Thank you very much for all your work. I've used your script and I think it was FANTASTIC I'm sad you're done with it, but I fully understand. You gave me the controls, I never could code myself (and I say this as someone who cracked games in the early days using assembler) My biggest RESPECT to you and the guys with you for what you have created. Lots of respect .. a lot .. hell a lot sincerely THANK YOU
  2. sorry you, Kanamechan - especially since you like the update which I think is cool because very contrary to the majority BUT -> I dont think it is okey to raise judgements at other players and tell them, with other impressions then yours, to LEAVE DU and play some other shit. Most of us are adults, so please avoid such kindergardenslang. Makes me so aggro.
  3. LOL@Niemand, bringst Du armen Leuten dann wenigstens bisschen Kaffee vorbei wenn Du ihnen schon keine Kohle zechen willst ?
  4. Originally the Schematics have been introduced to free up some Server resources I guess. So I was not sure if a limitation of energy could help to limit excessive industry builds to work against it. I just hope this is still considered instead of those one-run schematics. It also would make a lot of sense for the market-system because some do this, some do other products, none does them all. I still believe that could have solved a lot of issues, if well thought out. It will never be possible to make anyone happy that's for sure.
  5. It's heartbreaking to see how hard NQ is trying to make it better, by implementing new and weird solutions.
  6. and this will be the final bullet if they have no smart counter measurement against uncontrolled growing massive factories ! maybe its their intention to get back all the players who didn't stand the grind to setup the factories again I'm not expecting many to return or even get knowledge of that change
  7. I'm now a bit confused my idealistic DUFriend. My english isn't the best I have to admit. So let me sort some words. I'm fully on your side. You possibly just didn't get em the way I've expressed myself, namely in a positive sense for ppl like you - spending so much. Meantime you've spend more then me obviously without having one char @livetime. And that's what I respect. Supporting the dream NQ once announced to us, the SciFi Nerds we are. From who did you get that info with the alcohol ? Not that it isn't true, but I never outed myself - me wonders. In the hope these words addresses the my correct standpoint @Cergorach You - having all those chars running - are one of the MOST affected players and I'm fully on YOUR side. I'm only on one char plus one beta-key I've spend to one of my friends ..
  8. I'm not fingerpointing. And I'm in the mid 50 if that helps. But there are some who played much longer and payed much more - the math is simple, they'll loose a lot - and you not that much. For the game, a full wipe possibly attracts more players you're right - but also respect the math for those who've spend much more cash and time then ppl like you, who threw the towel long time ago. BTW.: I'll only loose time with my pledgelevel - but I fully respect those running more the one account because this finally also helped NQ to this point where we're now. So, a WIPE is okey for me - but at least keep the TP because it stands in a direct proportion of what anyone has spend.
  9. may I ask you what you've spend since beta start ? pro wipers also have their reasons - no sub, no *losses & hate inequality *money&time
  10. Keeping the TP is a must thing. All the talent points are a very exponential thing when it comes to higher levels, still only giving minor benefits but taking so much longer. So to say, a new player can catch up to a vet within a year by only missing the last 5% of whatever. It shouldn't be the deal-breaker IMO. And I wonder, if NQ would divide the total spend money from each account by 100 and taking this as a factor for voting for/against the TP wipe discussion - what the picture would be. I guess all those calling for the TP wipe would be not visible on the chart, not even if you scale it with a decimal logarithm. Some calling for fairness, which is creditable, but didn't spend their dough in the beta-time. And for those, it isn't really a very idealistic behaviour to depreciate the others who payed.
  11. you're missing some info's here - but possibly you stumble over them if you do some reading here and there
  12. sadly but true - balancing things like that should be there already fair, if members spend their power to the org, its okey if the org can do more then the lonely wolf and also fair if someone pays multiple subs to be able to do more then another "single"player but you're right - that's all not gonna happen :\
  13. I think it will its probably difficult to check what's requested on the market - and sometimes players have to adapt and add some fabricators to produce something else - but there's a chance to sell something if big players simply wont produce all themselves because they loose time
  14. you may try to uninstall the newer .Net distribution via add/remove programs start - run - appwiz.cpl and then give it a try again, obviously thats the method ppl used facing this error in general (not realted to DU though)
  15. that could be achieved with "energy consumtion" in factories - a bigger factory is more focussed on WarpCells and WarpDrives plus some "Uncommon Military L-Atmospheric Engines" but then has no capacity anymore for some of the pipes /screws or even "uncommon burners" which are needed in the example above. Each Account has his Energy pool and he can also share some with his org (similar to the tile contrubution). Someone who wants to use 3 accounts to have enough for the full industrie also pays 3x subs. And anyone's happy. Otherwise its either T1 products or the fancy stuff, but not both at the same time (=longer production times). That way we could get rid of the schematics as well - otherwise we'll be back to the pending operation orgies. THE PERFECT SOLUTION for so many issues - but never ever seen or acknowledged by NQ.
  16. and you and the ones you mentioned do constantly pay the sub ? let me guess ... hmmm... NO !?¿ So don't blame others and call them exploiters while calling yourself to be an idealist - you're only looking for your own best cut. Wipe okey. But with a proportional return-value which can be best measured with your talent points.
  17. I fully understand the situation NQ is facing for their project. They want it to be successful at start. But they cant make it right for anyone. An elephant on the wire as I used to say Where is the common denominator ... to keep most of the vets and attract the potential new players ? I wish you @NQ to make some good choices there. If I'm loosing all my work, its a terrible thing - but if you give me some good motivation to start over again, I'm fine. Thumbs up @NQ
  18. I've got my PVE experience as well after taking off with a Player mission on board. A Player structure unfortunately popped up on screen just a few meters in front of me and I couldn't react and crashed. You have to know your surroundings much better now, especially when taking a mission with a collateral of 100M Quanta. iiiiiiiikk
  19. Yep. You're not the only one. And I'm curious how many players do not watch the forums and notice this discussion here. Even though "BETA" implies the necessity to pick up the news here from time to time. Some possibly just play and have no clue ... what's coming to them
  20. Absolutely. An unclaimed tile should be reseeded somehow after a month of no visit/digging there - also mix some few rare ore into it so anyone once has the chance to get some Goldnuggets too. That would be a nice addition to the PVP Asteroid Gameplay and Scanning-orgies and gives ppl who like(ed) the mining their sandbox back. For the time I'm playing I'd like to have a reward. Keep the MU's, why not. But also reseed the tiles all 3 months to kill that infinite lucky bastard rush.
  21. True. Mining always was a chilling drilling thingy. I'm really missing it. The Asteroid implementation was not very promising for me - I don't like to be a PVP gimp bait if I go on my own. The mining-drills are somehow okey, but any mill should return some higher tier ore as well. Otherwise I also struggle with that infinite thing for the lucky bastard. Its in the hands of NQ. They can not make it okey for anyone - but there's a chance to attract enough ppl to play, if they understand how to carefully tune what they already have.
  22. When they get rid of Schematics, energy distribution of some sort needs to be implemented anyways, not just for the drills but also for the Industry. We'll face a lot of "pending operations" otherwise. I like the idea to get rid of the taxes and use the old system but get a money sink because of the fuel for the drills.
  23. confirmed, elevator does not work under water I could go down, but up is not possible
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