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  1. EvE Online started this path after koreans bought it, slowly making new players road more harder and harder. Now that game is forcing everyone to join largest alliances to be able to do anything except free to play alpha clone stuff (which started after ownership chance too). This is the same thing and this is happening before game is even released. And with these updates DU will be soon free to play game too selling in-game purchases.
  2. How new players are suppose to make money after these changes?
  3. Industry elements are on the list, so that is probably illegal. Mullakin on pieni mutta tehokas tehas. niin tiä että noita romuja on välillä vaikee saada tungettua mihinkää Sorry about Finnish Part. Highlighting is surely most important part of the detection system. Note: I'm very badly color blinded and I can't see broken elements in repair mode for in example, even those are highlighted. So is there ETA for the color blind mode? I can help with that mode too if needed, since my color blindness is not limited to just 2 colors or 3. -Rav
  4. Mentors have been selected, and we are ready to take in all players who seek basic or generally more knowledge about the game or area of the game. Join our discord for more info! -Ravenis (Rav) - Founder and Super Legate of DUA
  5. Hello Noveans! Dual Universe Academy (DUA), is focusing to helping new players in DU and all players who seek knowledge about the game and/or some area of the game. DUA's idea is to provide help and guidance, in safe and troll free environment. If you are interested to join, please hop in DUA Discord @ official link https://discord.gg/qQ49W64VAF or more memorable link https://discord.link/dua. There will be instructions how to join the org too. DUA logo - and community page https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/14014/#tab-description Regards -Ravenis (Rav) - Founder and Super Legate of DUA
  6. Delete this please, accidently put it in wrong area!
  7. One, not so bad bug, but annoying sometimes. I lose my destination indicator sometimes. Relog helps tho.
  8. NQ GJ, you made only right decision by focusing purely to stability. Apollo update wasn't playable for me at the start, since I had AMD freeze problem. First stability update made it very stable but there was still some issues with menu and crashes by them. Second update seemed to fixed them also. Now I am one happy Novean again. -Rav
  9. Hi. I really like to fly my ships in 1st person view and not outside viewpoint. 1st person view is most certainly the view I get best touch to flying. But if you want to make armored ship and cover your core and chair, it is not possible, so I have an idea for that. What if there was some kind of camera or sensor unit what you can place outside of the ship and link it to the screen inside your bridge/control room? This way you can have Star Trek like bridge where you can have all crew positions and big screen what shows whatever camera view you want. Like this: It would add an option for people who like to fly in 1st person/cockpit view and would also add some realism. As far as I know, at the moment this is not possible with LUA either. Jean-Luc is asking what do you think?
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