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  1. You added and fixed all these problems! -I use balanced setting on DLSS like always in games, Quality setting drops FPS quite a lot, and quality improvement compared to balanced is almost undetectable. -Also performance setting works nicely. -Ultra performance does what name says, sacrifices filtering quality to improve FPS. Causes some shaky effect to element textures especially. GJ
  2. -Exposed NVIDIA DLSS quality modes in the graphics menu ('performance' is the recommended mode) On 0.31.7 update. Thank you!
  3. Jesus. Decision! Don't really care it is total reset.
  4. Finally! Decision. Now I can whack all my shit on PvP.
  5. I'm quite new in DU circles, but impression about NQ I have had from start is that they are like too important to be part of conversations on discord for example, or here mostly too. They just let rumors and tales to live without cutting wings right away( it would need one short post) but no. MMO can be ran like business (WOW for example) but when dev team is part of the community its highly beneficial for both parties. Devs get feedback and players are feeling they are heard and even cared about. That is how players stay. I can't see any intelligent reason to cut whole Dev team from players, talking on discord just would help all. Why not hire like Carter to be community manager or something. Or someone else who have showed their value there. But I have asked this question on feedback 3 times already, and I still don't know answer to question Why. P.S There is not much else than Why's left, hope they answer even some of them soon. -Rav
  6. Really?! Being blunt is not bannable behavior. Like 30% of DU players are blunt and crumpy old men. This is/was case on EvE too. Very rude behavior from them... And that ignore part is so NQ. I have appealed like 3 times to assign some active NQ staff member in to Discord server. Or even someone active who is directly in contact with devs. They could even hire someone from Discord. And I got always same stupid robot answer: "We have greatly improved Discord interaction". Bullshit, there is like once a month some dev/staff members saying something what doesn't help anything or just speculating possible scenarios to happen. Talking like real politicians, much talk and still saying nothing. I'm on my fellow countrymen same scale and same ambition space building game's Discord server. Devs are interacting directly with their community like every second. Atmosphere is totally different there, and they really listen their players. SB was launched way too early, but they are very busy bees and content is coming together fast. And that is because they do and change game a lot by community feedback. But this grunting is pointless, they wont read or listen any of this shit we type here anyway. TBH I saw so much potential in this game but unfortunately devs are just driving ppl off by their behavior. And I'm pretty much losing hope about this game too. -Rav
  7. I found the truth! And it was full of: no content and absence of a decisions... it was a real downer -Rav
  8. Yes, you realized that, but just couldn't not to press that big red blinking annnoying Submit Reply button.
  9. Oh yeah, sorry forgot all about that core setting But logic behind lowering causing better performance is what i call processor throttling(dont know official word for it) when all cores are at 100% usage for example, there is no room for process anything else. so keeping some of them free allows stuff at least do something and not just halt compeletely. It probably lowers max possible performance but it wont do total freezes and shit. I have it at 4-6 (8 cores).
  10. @blazemonger I feel you, my only income ingame is what i get from LUA scripts, and i have been idling and not selling anything because i don't know for sure what will happen on release, WIPE? or NO WIPE, maybe semi WIPE?, if they wipe quantas, then i get nothing for selling scripts now and buyer still have a script. Frustration is now what i get even by logging in the game, and i haven't logged in a week now. I have decent PvP suite HUD, and there is ppl willing to buy it, but its on hold, until i know and i have been waiting for like 2 months now, so paying sub is getting more and more appealing to pay. I have been playing No Man's Sky meanwhile, and im quite impressed by that game, universe is very alive, random events all around, its generating content when you play, and there is somekind of HUB now where all online players can go, group, do missions, explore or just hang around together. Also you can play it in VR too which turns immersion knob even more on. I have Oculus S and game feels great. Hello Games progress with NMS has been absolutely amazing compared to NQ's with DU. When i logged in DU last time, i felt there is nothing there....anywhere, just dead. We really need more content. I'm not leaving DU yet, but months with paying for nothing is starting to getting old... -Rav
  11. I recommend to check Nvidia control panel and global settings, maybe you have Super Sampling on and maybe maxed, or DSR even, that is real performance eater. Yeah, i think it came with the Mercury update. Must be they lowered LOD distance too much or something. Well i hope they make setting for that too at launch or before. One option to try is to disable DLSS and try to boost performance with general image scaling for GPU, easiest way to do this is to use Nvidia Experience or Nvidia Control panel and enable scaling there, this is very good way to improve the FPS, and quality hit is almost undetectable. Again, worth of shot. DLSS is doing the same thing but with full hardware support and would be odd if this image scaling method is better solution. But you never know... Nvidia Experience Nvidia Control Panel -Rav
  12. I have no problems with it, you can tune a lot on Nvidia Control panel, there is many settings for aliasing and other performance/quality settings. Crashing issue ofc can be unrelated to any of these, but worth of shot.
  13. Quality settings would be nice at some point. Currently it is making some elements very blurry and textures on them are looking like 90' quality voodoo level. Could be also DU's current way to handle texture filtering and DLSS is just making blurry effect worse. -Rav
  14. Thanks for making support for DLSS, it has been working great and pretty much doubled my FPS on Ultra settings. I had about 35 FPS without it on Ultra, and after enabling DLSS, it's around 60, these are without any OC on GPU. My specs: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X RTX 2060 6GB VRAM (Very first models) RAM 16,0 GB DDR 4 SSD WIN 11 -Rav
  15. EvE Online started this path after koreans bought it, slowly making new players road more harder and harder. Now that game is forcing everyone to join largest alliances to be able to do anything except free to play alpha clone stuff (which started after ownership chance too). This is the same thing and this is happening before game is even released. And with these updates DU will be soon free to play game too selling in-game purchases.
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