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  1. Shields, are nice... But should have a capacitor draw. Right now you can just slap one on any ship it can physically fit on. It is not fixing anything.
  2. Ammo containers are small really small. And don't center well.
  3. There is no reason for us not to be able to connect the space radar and atmospheric radar to the same chair. If I want to sacrifice the points on the chair for both I should be able to.
  4. No, I believe he is saying that you should not be able to just float around outside of the ship immune to all damage and plop down new parts because you are "repairing". Repair is fine. Build mode is not repairing, it is building or refitting.
  5. So many great suggestions and feedback in this thread already. The issues with the voxel changes are the biggest thing that sticks out to me. Why would you make Tier 1 materials so much tougher than other materials. I mean in real life we dont hide behind lithium walls when someone shoots at us, and we sure as hell dont have have tanks made of Aluminum fighting on the battlefield. Why would we make space ships that would use that as armor? Shields... shields need to be limited to the core size or you need to come up with an amount of power that every core puts off. So you have to make choices... power a BIG shield on your little ship or power your engines.
  6. I believe there should be an ability to interdict warp drives. But I also think that system should be a large item that can only be placed on a large core space station outside of the safe zone.
  7. All of those things you mentioned were not the soul work of a single individual. The airplane, the Wright Brothers. Just for example.
  8. The answer is simple. Don't leave the safe zone or just utilize a warp drive to avoid PVP.
  9. So here is an example from two different games that I feel illustrate my point. Star Citizen, has NPCs which wonder around stations and landing zones, there is no NPC ship traffic outside of NPC mission targets. The NPCs in game often bug out and stand in chairs, t-posing or glitched halfway in the floor or wall. They don't add to the feeling of life, if anything they make it feel more like you are alone. Silent idiotic clones that mindlessly roam around. Elite Dangerous. Has NPC ships and soon NPCs walking around in stations. They follow pretty scripted routines and are mostly silent. They are a fair bit easier to figure out than players when online but they are not all that life like. They are more like borg drones that silently go about their task. The NPCs in missions are ok definitely better than Star Citizen but they are still pretty easy to tell from an actual person. I can also tell you both of those games have dedicated years of code work in getting those NPCs working as well as they do now.
  10. And this is why I really hope for upkeep costs soon. No offense but this level of grand planning should be the efforts of multiple people not a single person.
  11. Which is one of the things I have been pushing for for a while now. Every territory claimed should have upkeep.
  12. This last part... No offense but that is the nature of most true sandbox games. You are the content. You create it, your fellow gamers are also part of this experience. Lack of population means less content. Adding NPCs and PVE does not fix this. Sure for a short time players will come back to try out the new PVE content but will quickly leave after they have done it. Leaving the same issues again of lack of content. Tl;dr perhaps this is not the game for you.
  13. So you would also choose worse server performance, crashes, and massive desync issues.
  14. It depended on the amount of upkeep was in them. The upkeep was power I believe and on some of the auto miners you keep them up for weeks if not months.
  15. NPCs are not always the answer. Sometimes they create more issues than they fix. While it adds fake life it does not do much other than slow down the server which has to run all of these NPCs. And if done poorly they cause way more issues.
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