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  1. That answers my question of scripting an atmosphere radar to one screen and a space radar to the other so I can have them both on one ship.
  2. For me DU is a true sandbox and it is what you make it.
  3. Hmm if I recall they weren't going to start charging those of us who got in during the alpha till the game goes "live". And seeing it is in beta still I think we have some time. Now those who jumped on the bandwagon at the launch of beta they had to pay monthly during beta... At least that is the way I understood it.
  4. Wasn't directly meant for you... But for those from the before time.
  5. Hmm so the early strip mining is starting to come back and bite in the rear... Do continue telling me about your hardships.
  6. I guess I should leave the planet sometimes... Never knew there was a blockade.
  7. LOL I have patience. I am sitting and waiting. Logging in adjusting my skills que.
  8. True. But docking can be done. I have done it for a org mate who can't wrap his head around orbital mechanics. As for the other part . Well that is a nature of DU currently.
  9. Didn't realize you were leaving the ship to traverse down to the surface. I thought it was just to walk around inside the ship.
  10. You had to quote yourself why? Multiple personalities having a public discussion again?
  11. This is one of the reasons why he was in the EVE online CSM. More or less what he has said is correct.
  12. This makes me happy in ways I cannot express. And makes me want to login again. Now the question is when will these go live?
  13. They are pretty useful for seeing those who are camping just inside of the safe zone to gank you.
  14. To me PVP is so much more than combat. It is any action that puts my skills or talents against another player. Be it in combat or in marketing.
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