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  1. This makes me happy in ways I cannot express. And makes me want to login again. Now the question is when will these go live?
  2. They are pretty useful for seeing those who are camping just inside of the safe zone to gank you.
  3. To me PVP is so much more than combat. It is any action that puts my skills or talents against another player. Be it in combat or in marketing.
  4. I would be fine with other design options. But currently there is zero benefits to anything other than a cube. Even the sphere is less useful than the cube.
  5. Don't get it twisted kid. I am not saying that what those kids did to 15 was wrong. I am saying how they went about doing it and "reporting" it was. Had they had just left the sign or a random xs fuel tank and reported it through the PROPER channels instead of posting a brag post on Reddit or a half hearted PM on discord which has n very been the correct way to report any bug. To quote CCP HTFU. And don't try and come at me sideways again because I will verbally slap you back to your adolescence and make you think I am your long absent father.
  6. Pretty much what artic_fox said. The cube is currently a race to see who can slap the most densely packed voxels and still manage to clip a player into it. With no thought to how to get in or out. The most engines and guns as you can get. It is not good, fun or diverse. It doesn't lead to individual design styles or thought
  7. I love when alts come to post. Fact is you CAN scam in game you just have to do it within the confines of the games mechanics. Not by exploiting or finding bugs to use.
  8. While this was probably posted by an alt. Here is a news flash for you. Most of that already happens in game. There is already murder, scams, robbery, ship theft, destruction and all of the fun of bad things. Laws are made by the largest organization in that area... So don't expect one over arching set of laws for the whole universe.
  9. Exactly. It is pretty cut and dry. Break the EULA and brag about it on reddit get hit with banhammer.
  10. No.. Punishing players with a permanent for breaking the EULA.
  11. Any or all of this would be good and go a long way to improve the current situation.
  12. Pretty much. Also depends on the intended role for that vessel. Like my work truck in atmosphere is made of carbon fiber or plastic and it is not meant to get shot.
  13. You don't even have to have items connected with honeycomb if you don't want to. But yes less mass means less power required to achieve the same velocity. But most things with low mass have low Hit points.
  14. Different shaped engines of all types would be nice. Just a cosmetic detail.
  15. This is what myself and dozens of others have said. Time to lock this down and say good riddance to trash.
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