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  1. Indeed no reason not to have purple voxels or XS space fuel tanks. That's why people have been asking for them for years, just like they've been asking for many other things for years. It's bad enough that it had to take this long. The real problem is when purple voxels are the highlight of new features, introduced with much fanfare and the only positive thing of note in recent memory, in an otherwise barren wasteland of a crippled "game" that nobody wants to play.
  2. Clear airspace that isn't limited by compensatory phallic towers is a nice addition imo. If I had a reason to fly, anyway.
  3. There have been threads like that before too.
  4. I've seen posts like this before. All reasonable, nuanced and mature. They were written by the same people who have since changed their tune. It's just a matter of time. Sooner or later the nut fog lifts. P.S. I've written replies like this before too. And they came true before too.
  5. Deckard and Entropy aren't just messengers, they are actually the ones designing and implementing the "game".
  6. It's even worse than that. They actually posted to say that the calibration thing was not an exploit and was intended behavior of the mining unit. So they actually eased people's suspicions about it and told them it was fine. NQ doesn't post often, but boy when they do....
  7. In under two months! NQ is laughably slow at almost everything, but the one thing they do unbelievably fast is run a game into the ground. They got some mad skillz.
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