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  1. Yes but dozens upon dozens....? With all the people leaving/getting canned, including JC himself, and with NQ trying to save money, how come none of the (mis)management got slashed? Who are all those managers managing?
  2. Then who are all the dozens of employees at NQ? Not software developers that's for sure.
  3. Excited for the next update. Where they tell us that they're still discussing it.
  4. Yes, the podcast answers all our questions too. What more could we possibly want? NQ has always said they're being transparent. Yes. Mmmmm podcast. I didn't see anything worth seeing in the DAC devblog, but I'm probably just blind. NQ said the devblog would answer all our questions, so... Glad that's settled then.
  5. Didn't you read the devblog? All our questions have been answered. Yes. And there's a podcast.
  6. No they should make it an in-game item with a duplication exploit, and then no rollback. And then a full wipe to fix the economy. 🤣
  7. Indeed, they did the same to scripting. Their choices in how Lua got "integrated" into the game were an attempt to make it accessible to non-scripters. But unlike with building, this attempt only made it more convoluted for everyone, newbie and veteran alike. Especially for non-trivial tasks. Anything more than switching a light in response to a button press... Not that anyone would use Lua for this, but this was their actual argument, I kid thee not. They wanted this to be possible with a single line of code, without having to explicitly register an event handler or even use the word "function". That was their guiding light, that's why we have slots and actions and separate event chunks, and configuration files with mixed scripting languages (YAML with Lua) to "hide" this pointless mess from the user. In other words completely useless. But that's the only reason we're stuck with the horrid in-game editor and Lua/YAML mashup, and no way to get around them. And of course it completely failed to simplify anything for anyone. (As if NQ could make Lua any simpler than it already is.)
  8. Don't worry folks, we will soon publish a devblog where we will answer all your questions about DACs. 1 month later: Hi folks, DACs are coming. Please comment. Bye.
  9. Ffs can't you just use my email, you have it anyway.
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