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  1. Well I agree L cores are end game really but some factions used L cores as tiny things compared to what I think people really want for L cores is huge beast of a ship for holding the line. I also dont think haulers especially mission haulers are getting killed frequently due to the silly 2SU radar range so billions of quanta is entering peoples pockets!
  2. Actually a number of people I do know have sold a lot of ore gained from calibrating high tier ore. Ore is something people hold onto it isnt always a case of selling it at least onto markets that is. Prices are rising more recently because the mining calibrations issue may have been resolved. Of course calibrations apply to more alts needed to sustain. Either way it was overused and abused IMO. I know of a number of people with a lot of T5's T4s (not in my org) who firmly used it. I did wonder why they dont armour their ships etc but they holding back until CCS/Voxels are worth it again
  3. Not friends but people do like to show off. Correct they have done so and even some prominent people have shown off how much of ores they have managed to grab via this bug/unintended issue. Cobalite is certainly 1 used in Rare stuff so it is in high demand. T5's not so much except fo hoarding or making honeycomb. Of course someone had to make the quanta to pay them and done via missions.
  4. Except it was highly abused. I know of multiple people who have billions made from high tier ore farms that had 1/2 l of T4/5. It was not intended gameplay and NQ had to do something to balance the economy before it was too late.
  5. Not too bad of an idea. Even 70l an hour would be sufficent of T2 for one players needs and that way they can fly to space by making space fuel.
  6. Territory Warefare on worlds apart from Alioth would help joking aside having a shifting ore mode like in Star Wars Galaxies would be great!
  7. When people were making BILLIONS on it, its no wonder they want it back in the game. It was and is gamebreaking to keep it in. Its a good change and one that has been requested to be fixed for sometime.
  8. Its a very good fix IMO. Its insane someone sitting on Billions of Quanta all from Safezone mining on a calibration charge bug/issue. Clearly NQ took feedback from beta and saw the economy numbers shoot up to a worrying/conserning level so early on that they had to fix it or make it a priority fix. High tier ores were supposed to be risk/reward and now we can still grab them from asteroids. Honestly did people think it is totally fine via gamey gameplay?
  9. Good Work I'll ask all my org to vote for it too. Hats off to your daughter! Honvik Leader of Dominion
  10. I'd like to know. It was great page to update, advertise too !
  11. Its not a bad idea but I think they had this the ATV Server if I recall and stuff ended up just being leaked or used to their advantage. You are correct that other MMO's do that it. I wouldnt be surprised if some groups do talk to NQ but we dont just know it! Honvik
  12. Little to no risk. Thus easy quanta as Radar limited to 2 SU range
  13. I'm honestly a bit sad. I REALLY am rooting for you here NQ but the presentation of this very important stream was dire. This was an opportunity to show case 'and upcoming in DU' with showing glimmers of the new content by actually showing it in game on your test bed or through a video. We need that WOW factor, we need that excitement. Stream turned into looking at IC's starport and random talk. Now if this stream was just a random one without tied to how important it was it would be fine. Anyway good luck some of the new stuff looks interesting and quality of life changes. I guess I'm used to other MMO's too much and how they get people onboard. Honvik Leader of the Dominion
  14. Perhaps but even in my org people can join one mission hauler and earn a lot of quanta. Yep my toon will be out of action for a bit but still easy quanta overall for little risk.
  15. Firstly I know it works both ways between factions but did NQ learn from the vast Quanta they can bring in? There are people literally making 50-60m per day. Yes they have alts and a system is in place so they can work out XYZ on optimising the route/packages. Whilst it is rarer to get the same 'special mission' it still happens and of course you can work out so similar packages from AtoB. Throw in 2 SU radar range the risk/reward comparable to physically mining is none existant. Thus we are pushing again so early on to billionaires once again. I kinda had hope NQ worked this out but seems sadly not! So now better to go missions as less risk than heading to an asteroid as an asteroid your on a fixed point for while mining so constantly in a risk. Alternative is more ways to track things in wider space is much needed! Honvik (note i've not yet started missions except on alioth)
  16. What is your timezone? i'm on now and there is about 30 people I quickly counted. There were also 6 ships taking off and flying.
  17. Is it me or is NQ so unusually quiet both in discord and announcements? This week a month of release will hit and to be fair the majority of MMO's I've played always showcase a 'whats coming' to entice people to re-sub and get excited about. We've seen nothing from NQ and its ashame to be honest. Add in that nothing major in updates has happened in sometime its a little concerning overall. So NQ whats going down ? let us know something to get the hook in! Honvik Leader of the Dominion
  18. Actually PvP isnt easy mode at all. Radar's need to be vastly increased in range or 'pings' added. The amount of missions quanta being made is ridcilous for the risk/reward. The reason I'm less keen is worlds need a purpose. A purpose that mean something than just mining units gathering dust.
  19. Not really as even before that it was dead as it was so spread out all over the place. Freeport a good example was dead over 14 months ago and they were based on Teoma. It just appears wasted system resources. I guess I'd really want planets to have a REAL bonus to migrate and be active (not mining unit wastelands). PvP content is spread out anyway now so its more from PvE perspective.
  20. Really? Now not including the org your in :). Generally Market 6 and tiles nearby are buzzing as are the moons.
  21. One thing i've noticed is it is so much busier now that we have less planets. I'm not sure the reason to replace them back in without any planet bonus system. its adding more dead worlds actually costing system resources! Just wondering what people think?
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