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  1. You said based on player 'feedback' which players? Where what players? I can certainly say most of my Org never requested a slower warp!. Also you are literally helping people Warp Stop by slowing it down its easier not to overshoot your target thus easier to get attacked. mmmmm
  2. Just remember and I think people forget that newbies really struggle to make a lot of quanta fast. It is us vets that have it a bit easier as we are amassing assets. There has to be a happy middle point Honvik Premier of the Empire
  3. What org invests 500m into their L core? I presume your talking all exotic weapons 4 seater massive ship not the general single seater L cores people are flying? Also cost is subjective its only costing more due to ore prices. What I am suggesting is in a 'normal' space game the biggest ships are always vulnerable to smaller craft thats why they have a counter against it or forced to add flack weapon's to help combat it. I never said a bomber will be cheap. You mentioned M core's viable they are to a point (they still use L core shields or L shield) but if NQ goes down to limit shields to core size they suddenly are not viable. I dont envy NQ trying to balance all of this. It is just a shame PvP is so poor in DU it needs a complete overall. Lastly in the 'other game' PVP is a breath of fresh air, close action (so its not all via a periscope) and certainly more skilled. If only DU could move that way.... not 1SU out not 100's KM away etc but thats just my opinon.
  4. Core sizes seem pointless in PvP. Theres no mechanic for 'Fighters or bombers' that make an L carrier with lots of XS nor a 'flack weapon' to brush off those pesky XS cores. Everyone flies L cores for weapons and even saying it is 'endgame' is mute point as everyone has L cores for ages. They need to come up with viable smaller cores. O to have an XS core with 'Plasma Bomb' single gun swarm shop and that poor L needing 'flack weapons' to brush them off.
  5. Feedback. Asteroids - Fun little mini game but the discover/broadcast needs tweaking or alternative method so if you discover the roid it is locked to you and not broadcast. It should in turn be locked for anyone else to try to discover it until the time ends perhaps? Ore numbers are nice and it is nice to see not too many are in safezone. I do wish mining them were quicker ha Weapons - You buffed weapon damage but reduced capacity why? Is this to reduce lag/bugs? All our ships needed extensive reworks as a result and with only a few guys doing it, its taking ages. In addition as you reduced capacity it means the combos cannot be done like we used to. Also weapons look UGLY its like a cartoon comic book with bright blue colours. It feels i'm playing a game of Fortnite Voxels/Shields - The sad fact is people are flying ships with stacked elements with zero voxels to get those 'G's' in. They'll fight but flee when shields go down and of course if you have an armoured ship you cannot chase them. It has zero logic to have ships or anything with zero voxels that tie them all together in a building game no? You also need to remove the expliots reported in this area its ruining PvP Core Exploit PvP - Reported a number of times where something is logged off on the ship the core keeps at the previous speed and is indestructible. There are a few posts and I know bug reports mentioned on this bug plus videos. If your going to let PVP in DU then least remove exploits fast. Misses in PVP - Too many misses still. Involves relog when server 'gunks out'
  6. No wipe is planned. What you do now will be saved. Honvik
  7. Players are everywhere. I always get this from new people who join our org 'Empire'. As I tell them so many people are mining offworld, running around hunting asterioids or doing group mining operations its best to communicate via Discord to find where people are at. I avoid Alioth as much as possible as it lags (especially market 6). Sanctuary is defunct as originally Sanctuary was supposed to be the only SAFE zone out there. They may as well take that world out of the game. Honvik
  8. I think they can as they are tracking the same asteroid as you or perhaps more or less discovered it but were laying in wait. I noticed when doing some asteroids the tracking gets closer and closer to it and therefore narrows down to less than 1 SU away. That means someone could track to level 4 and 'wait' It's certainly a system that needs refining for sure.
  9. Slowly graphics have altered and improved. For example they did a pass at the terrain to make it more pretty and then noticing how much it loads up especially in space they reduced the load to help with FPS drops. I noticed every patch there are improvements in some areas.
  10. I noticed this too Sneaky. It makes Market 6 even worse and I even upgraded to 32GB ram.........
  11. There is also a exploit that was reported with shields and no voxels hence why they are done that way and why some people are making ships like that. Its been reported but no fix. I always found it odd that you do not need voxels to make a craft. Well another nail in the coffin :). Although I hear without those voxels ships can go super fast before a shield dies
  12. Checking some people who recently quit playing they went to that 'other game' as they are fed up of exploiter's getting away with things. Between losing their ship and riding on their dead core to stop it being captured, element phasing to hide elements (stacking) to rumoured non-voxel ships with shields taking no damage the list grows. Some left because of Schematics but to be honest it is no big deal that one, it is just gated. Another few just posted today that there is 'no goal'. I dont think that goal will change anytime soon until territories are a thing (capture). However the 'other game' has a solid PVP but lacking elsewhere so it is all in context. Bug's for me are the priority and squishing expliots to make it more even.
  13. Welcome to the game!. I'd recommend joining an Org or checking out the discord as so much information can be requested. Honvik Premier of the Empire Org
  14. Do you mean now ships are being made with zero voxels and are just a bunch of elements? I did wonder why elements dont need voxels and vice versa to connect and provide a shell.
  15. Evening, I've been a alpha member for sometime just never pulled the trigger until Beta kicked in but from what was advertised to what we have gone is not quite what I expected. Now with another certain other space building MMO going live this week (one I'm trying) I felt perhaps some feedback maybe worth giving. Putting my Alpha/Beta hat on that I usually do for games. Organizations Originally said these would be the seeds to create alliances, civilization building etc but its been a long road to even get wallets. We recently had a potential 'lets limit them' on tiles etc and I wholly understand it was never intended for someone to create multiple orgs to circumvent costs to hold tiles. Orgs have asked for systems like taxation (thats down to orgs to use) to enable facilities for members and help encourage participation, orgs have asked for the ability to make, create alliances (tools to stop hitting each other in PvP or see assets/shared). What we have is wallets, constructs management RDMS and limited ranks so its a one solution system but ideally you want more ranks, last logged in etc. Ranks could limit access so 'static core', dymaic core etc or assign a core to a 'rank' therefore that rank can do its own RDMS etc. This certainly needs tuning up massively. Building I do not build anything big, I do some basic stuff and found parts frustrating but if you could have more abilities to rotate especially in space it would be fantastic but overall in DU from asking many people DU's building is good. The main things mentioned is the need for so many elements. Altering the strength and limiting the number makes for more dynamic designs and 0.26 was an opportunity to start 'power management' but requiring the shield to need 'fuel' of some sort to be recharge (like another similar MMO). That way your testing the waters on power management. Also as Sneakysnake said as well as other PvP'ers the nerf to Voxels and shields now lends itself to adding even more layers of armour, more elements to bulk out to defend those critical systems. At least 0.26 gives haulers and lightweight solution to add to their ships. For cities bigger cores! its a massive pain using multiple cores where are XL? Then again cities are ghost towns they need functionality, player driven markets etc. Flying Flying is not an issue and actually once you get used to knowing your ship and its limits its quite good. I tried another 'space themed game' and their's is better but DU it is not bad at all. Solar System - Space This is a big issue, you went for this 500SU away from each other or to the centre point, why? Space is empty its dead and only serves as a 'time sink' it would be far better to move planet distances much closer to gether like a true solar system and then fill it with asteroids. Who enjoys 5 hour hauling runs for missions (yes I know some are using 80 alts to make billions) but there are no legit mechanics to find anyone in that vast area. Other space game's populate it and you can 'find someone or something'. Remove time sink or reduce it and you'll have more inter planet activity. Also remove safe zone from high tiered planets. Original concept was Sanctuary and thats it! now we have safe zone bubbles everywhere. We can keep Alioth, Madis etc but remove all other safe zones. People can still use 'warp' to escape if they wish but with planets nearer more may move as normal then 'jump' if needed. The knock on effect is people may join orgs, pay for protection, or pirate more who knows!. Planets some are also so dull. Feli for example dull, Sinnen etc. Why not have planet buffs to encourage settlement on certain worlds? Territory Warfare I guess this is the big one that has been asked countless times. This links to Civ building, alliances, orgs etc but this has to be meaningful and the buffs obtain worth it. Again Civ building is key as well as alliances. I do not know how you intend to do it but in other games tiles are locked before you can attack the main timed centre. If you are doing space only this can of course be a station of sort with a timer (another game coming soon has this mechanic). This would encourage more co-operation too!. PvP I have certainly enjoyed some PvP it has its plus's and a lot of 'misses' well literally misses. I know your looking at the 'misses' issue. PvP is hard and its now down to 'planned fights' and I dont mean hauler hunting and piracy as that tool some used has now been removed or will be. The radar's are so limited but having a way similar to your new mechanic for asteroids may help a ping for rough direction for people to enable them with a wider range may help in hauler hunting as now if you go 20SU away then move to the planet getting caught is very difficult. Also you need literally a reason to fight in PvP its all great to arrange a fight but it also comes down to Civ building, alliances etc. If you can improve on that and have PvP with a true goal that will have a knock on effect all the way around!. Shields will help as will voxel nerfing but the potential (as above) may see even more layered armoured ships so the reverse of what perhaps you were thinking? Industry and mining This is an area probably I've done a lot. Mining, scanning are just time sinks to get the end product. Asteroids with materials are great little addon but faster rates to mine it out? I dont know. Mining is just dull. In other games they have 'mining ships' with giant lasers to mine asteroids and it is far quicker. Of course now with less minerals going around prices are skyrocketing which has a knock on effect for industry. I have seen in industry selling sometimes ends up in hours to be worth less than the stuff you mined a few hours before!. Equally not everyone has the quanta to buy stuff as there are people using multiple alts to gain Quanta (compared to a newbie) so have millions earned a day. Somehow you need to find that balance so industry is profitable. As for schematics I've got used to it now and agree in part its here to 'stay'. It is now a case you need to narrow what your making then doing everything which can be logical. Last thing is perhaps elements should have 'decay' similar to Star Wars Galaxies so as they are used they slowly decay after repair too, this removes the 3 hits, 5 hits on elements and an alternative so eventually you'll need to go for replacements. Lastly Missions Missions originally a planned idea to get people to create missions but literally NO ONE DOES! it is because the NPC's ones pay far better (alt loading). No idea how you'll fix this at all but its gone from what you originally planned I feel. Anyway just thoughts. I am hopeful one day YOU CAN DO IT! but now its not quite what a lot expected. Honvik
  16. Doubt they would really say. One can assume there is a large PvP group so the PvP'ers banding without the rest. No real change from it being AC tbh. Honvik
  17. Me? I have so dont know where your coming from with that one lol
  18. Nowhere near 90% chance to be hit in PVP space. I've been caught 2 times and guess what I had an armoured hauler and escaped (even fired back). Its made of steel not Carbon. Rest of the time not been hit at all...
  19. Did I read shady 'orgs'. Probably not the best word to use. Anyway good luck on your PvP
  20. Evening, So as by far the largest Org in-game (yes I know actual numbers playing are far less) i'm a bit concerned with assets all over the place as well as sub orgs for different wings of how we run the org. For example a lot of this was done to avoid 'theft' which of course many know we had but ironically as a result we split stuff up to make this more difficult to do!. So now we are looking at trying to find every core item to visit it to transfer it into one org and trying to find ever tile claimed. There is NO list of who owns what core, there is NO list of every tile owned and by whom. If this change is to happen at least give us the tools! Thanks Honvik Premier of the Empire
  21. Buffing engines yes but you need 'decay' thus more you use something and then repair it. Eventually it slowly loves HP permamently and thus need to go buy a new one. This would help the economy massively. Likewise remove 'safe zones' that are excessive and bring that element of 'risk' back into the game. In regards to doubling engines speed etc it would help with making more shapes/ships etc and reduce lag too. They need to buff adjusters too and brakes. ultimatley what we are asking for is buff components, reduce need for components, add decay and maybe just maybe you'll have more of a Civ game.
  22. exactly but at least there was an upkeep system unlike in DU
  23. Except they got removed due to decay if left too long out there?
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