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  1. If you're going to lose your stuff to pirates anyway, then at least you wouldn't want to add insult to injury by funding their operation. Giving them your stuff is just stupid. If you're a pirate then you are stealing their hard earned shit, why on earth would they want to cooperate with you? If you don't want them to destroy their cargo, then it's on you to make it worth their while. That's what smart pirates do. The smart thing for a pirate to do is to acknowledge their perspective, not dismiss it. Because acknowledging it allows you to come up with a better strategy. Nor would I bet on NQ "fixing" container access in combat, but not fix your ability to deploy more alts than players in your escapades. You can dismiss it, and you can keep telling yourself that you're right and got it all figured. But then you're the dumb strategist, and your targets the smart ones for giving you the finger. 🥳
  2. How does burying garbage that others dumped in your backyard make you a dick? Especially after first being forced to waste money on neutralizing the scent. Did any of them do any soul searching before saddling you with their shit? 🤷‍♂️
  3. +1 to this, sorry for the tangent but it seems appropriate to me that Lua scripts should ask my permission before being authorized to run on my client. Not only for performance reasons, but also because we already know for a fact that people will abuse everything in every possible way. Even just ostensibly harmless datalogging capabilities will be used in harmful ways, as we also know for a fact in the real world. Please do not give anyone Orwellian powers, especially in a PvP game, thank you very much.
  4. Not quite a holiday, but all in all pretty good 👍
  5. P.S. Hope you enjoyed your holiday Sorry about my mood in the other post yesterday 🙊
  6. No worries. Yeah it's just related in the sense that, apparently, the dispenser improvement from last big patch requires obtaining a different, newly introduced dispenser unit. Which wasn't mentioned anywhere as far as I know (not in the patch notes in any case). And which I assume is the reason for the old one being deprecated. So I guess that solves it, but I won't know until I actually get one of those new dispensers to try it out, and they aren't available on the market yet. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Not that we have elevator boxes, but yeah that just speaks to the fact that nearby objects should be rendered. Not sure that this is even in question 😄
  9. Hi Naunet, speaking for myself, schematics weren't my issue, all I wanted to know is how to make use of that new dispenser feature since the patch that introduced it. If it's just a simple matter of obtaining a different type of dispenser unit, and if it actually works, then that's all I needed to know. Although it turns out that they're not available on the market yet. And I'm not sure why the existing dispensers weren't simply converted, since apparently they are being deprecated now anyway and everyone will have to replace them to keep using them. But that's not a big deal I guess if this was the best way to get there (for me at least, I'm sure it may be for some).
  10. Not to mention it being prone to locking players inside, especially with DU's lag and loading delays. One would think that collision boxes should be decoupled from rendering and LOD.
  11. How did you even know that? All it said in the patch notes was that dispensers no longer need the actual items but create an "image" instead. It didn't say anything about old dispensers or new dispensers. I've been trying to get this shit to work without success, and I'm not the only one. Someone even made a thread about it right here on this forum where I pinged @NQ-Naunet in hopes of a response. Nobody said a word, not NQ, not you, or anyone else. I barely do anything in the game as it is, and even the two things I still do get fucked up. The blueprints I'm selling got DRM forced on them that can't be removed, and now this. Holy hell.
  12. I can't stay silent on this anymore.. Please stop calling schematics blueprints 📜👈
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