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  1. Two months, two weeks, and two named updates later... This has to be some kind of record.
  2. Logged in to check out graphics improvements. Night time in-game, can't see a damn thing. Logged out.
  3. Also please for the love of god make slots and events available programmatically from Lua, so we don't have to choose between the in-game editor or YAML for hooking up a script. Just allow the script to hook itself up please thank you.
  4. Imo you'd do well to get rid of Lua binding libraries while you have the chance. The whole point of Lua is that it's not C++ and doesn't map 1-to-1. Trying to shoehorn it into the same regime is the biggest mistake. Binding to Lua using its native API is as simple as it gets, using automatic binding libraries only creates headaches for everyone, devs and players, as you must have found out by know. You don't need to maintain multiple versions, just have the html files available on local drive instead of hidden away in some game pack file. And then those can be used both inside and outside of the game. (Does this really need explaining)
  5. Google didn't show it, just other peoples' repositories. I also tried dualuniverse and dualthegame on github directly, neither worked. I don't think they ever used the hyphen before. It should be listed somewhere regardless. Anyway thanks for sparing me the pointless quest. Now where is that mock API repo?
  6. Add the Alt-0 (option0) action while you're at it. Allows users to input numbers while pressing Alt. We already have Alt-1 through Alt-9, only 0 is (still!!!) missing. P.S. There is an official DU github?? Where is it??
  7. Good point. We only had @NQ-Naunet , she was as authentic and engaged as they come. Unsurprisingly, she didn't last long. What a shame.
  8. Yeah but we were running out of available tiles, man! Too many players, not enough space! Badum tish...
  9. That's because NQ's countless managers are all locked in a room to discuss the wipe! badum-tish...
  10. I hate pvp, and I feel no need to be apologetic about it. I don't hate it in theory, just in practice. In theory it could be great. But in practice it always amounts to a toxic, sociopathic environment of ganking and griefing and no regard for anything or anyone. Sure not all PVP-ers are like that. But it attracts the wrong crowd, and those are the ones who ruin it for everyone else. The theoretical PVP where this isn't an issue, doesn't exist. The only thing you can do about it is put rules and restrictions in place to keep things somewhat civilized and workable. The PVP where you stick a bunch of juvenile chimps in a room together with some sledge hammers and catapults and a banana, and call it player-driven content or emergent gameplay, isn't.
  11. Burning down a forest is also more activity than growing one.
  12. Im bored with the game now and I'll still be bored with it after a wipe, so... 🤷‍♂️ Can't even bother to complain about the fact that the launcher times out and crashes now when trying to check for today's update.
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