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  1. Do filters now work in svg? Eg: gausian blur, previously code that works in chrome would not work in game due to syntax issues
  2. Mucus

    Solar Panel

    There should be more Environmental elements, eg solar, wind , geo thermal generators , thermo dynamics etc
  3. these are great , What package you using to make them? would love one for Envoy Corps . See Link https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/profile/mucus or come up with one if you want. Some simple blue neon Signs for text if you like eg : Envoy Corps , Dystopia City and Dystopia Spaceport , just letters would be great.
  4. discordauth:c4k89kQk-IyoQL6V1iFqN1xu3DiF6OS9LUoVcT9LCX0=

  5. discordauth:c4k89kQk-IyoQL6V1iFqN1xu3DiF6OS9LUoVcT9LCX0=

  6. guys I really don't know what your talking about, go read all the other ideas and say the same please because this does not do anything any other idea post doesn't. Either get it deleted or post your responses to the question.
  7. if your a moderator , tell me where it should go to be helpful, if you can move it to the correct place or delete it do it, none of those things I can do. Not sure why the ideas subforum exists if you cant put ideas in it.
  8. Please see my suggestions for crafting queue interface and select what you like or suggest your own.
  9. Be great if there was some sort of bumper sticker you could get if you visit a planet with a vehicle, even if its a locations visited log or a bumper sticker of sorts
  10. Mucus


    It would be great but it would Introduce a question about copyright in the game . Who owns the copyright of a ship created in game? if I buy a Blueprint could I print it? What happens if I sell it ? Probably needs addressing specifically . It is probably already written down somewhere in the license .
  11. Provide an option to recycle elements & materials back to their sub components ore's. Each time would reduce the amounts returned as a cost of processing. Perhaps this might require equipment or skills to drive performance levels.
  12. wandering around is not gameplay is just tedious , blue LED are fun and cool. Update: Given I just spent 48hrs on mining this and that , 1 thing you scan do is use the scanner to find the tunnels when it pulses. But signposts is a real need. If you put them it alerts others to where the ores are, if you don't it means you have to find your way out. Or of course you could put false signs :).
  13. assuming of course that the real crew aren't all arguing about whose driving and whose security
  14. I don't see why crew bots would be a problem given we have LUA and if they were an element then perhaps they could be a commodity sold like an element for a ship or a blueprint. Maybe with a nano core , static or dynamic (really timy core for 2m x 1m wide) and some sort of screen for a Virtual presence device , video of a face of a human and hey presto. Zombie Bot crew, that would be cool emergent gameplay. Alternatively Maybe you could make stick figures out of voxels in the ship and screens with lua for interaction
  15. Be great if there was a mining scanner for a ship. Could work at low level and provide feedback as to if there is ore in the area and its direction. A General purpose scanner . or enable scanning from a ship
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