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  1. saying is one thing , promises we have seen many , doing is something else.
  2. Therefore everyone should now receive the equivalent increase in DACS to equal promised value in the kickstarter shouldn't they, given the advertising.
  3. Damage API Events and improvements Currently we don't have a "currently damaged" api event or list that allow us to minimize calls (yes i know i can get all elements and interrogate) . If we had one it would be more efficient., I imagine we would have something like the following: 1. api (getDamagedElements) = list of elements currently damaged and % damaged 2. event(Newly damage) = list of newly damaged element id's and % damaged 3. event(no longer damaged) = list of elements that got recently repaired This could be extended to broken or non functioning elements. If you can't do all 3 then please do no 1
  4. if there isn't going to be a wipe they would say now , so clearly their is something going to happen. But if they told us they were wiping you would have no testers, so hence better not said.
  5. Please center the head position of the pilot in a chair!!!!! as part of the update. Then we wont get offcenter huds
  6. I have experienced the same with the new mining. In fact i have raised tickets , shared log files and provided evidence of both issues. I have received no response to the issues raised, or recovered any ore but finally i realized Demeter has finally led me consequently to lose interest in DU.
  7. Do you really think that a completely random mining calibration mini game grind is FUN ? Why, if this was a performance improvement do we still get pending ops when transforming the surface?
  8. firstly is this correct "These territory pools represent mining rates, not a total volume of available ore. For example, if a territory has a pool of 100 l/h of a given ore and each mining unit is capable of extracting 50 l/h, then you need four mining units to maximize your extraction capacity, " the scanning wipe is a fair decision but i, like others spent time scanning given your previous statements. I like the depth limit and may be you want to add a limit away from a territory you own or stop transforming if you don't own a territory So we can prepare properly i would like to know how much a territory tax is as i have a lot and would like to know if i can afford them initially.
  9. Good blog , lots of useful info. Many unanswered questions of course. My hope is that this will finally put the nail in the performance issues as i suspect this is whats at the heart of part of it. yes , you should compensate talents for mining . Its a game changer to have talents for something now that is high risk and unlikely for many planet dwellers and non pvp players. Your saving cost for operations so i think it would respect those who would like it to take talent points from mining and be allowed to reallocate them in exchange. Its sounds a reasonable exchange. If you like the mining talents you can then just re allocate them. Yes, you will need to dig out our mountain lair which we spent time terraforming in a mountain, and perhaps you can demonstrate on our base @NQ-deckard in PTS what it would be like . I tend to feel that removing build core space will destroy the base and we may spend as much time re- terraforming to fill the gaps created. But happy to lend our pts base for a before and after test for you. Welcome tax reductions and small territory costs although i think that you really need to think through cost profile , scaled costs will stop large land grabs. The abandoned territory / no payment scenarios. It could go to auction . Suggest that constructs fetch cool downs might need loosening for dynamics when it goes live for a while. Also i think all scans should be wiped. Clean sheet. But would ask scan can be sorted by tile number or size /rate per hour
  10. In addition to Evilteks point re: feedback , NQ, please test it properly before you release by building ships and checking that elements can be placed and don't collide outside their visible shapes. Don't assume it works test it thoroughly.
  11. When will all of the lua changes P1-3 be delivered - Target Date? Will you do comprehensive / robust testing before its released or will this be released into the community with your usual quality? Can we have the offline documentation back so we don't have to be logged into the game to read it?
  12. yes , next time keep it simple NQ or draw a diagram @NQ-Ligo , players interface point of view. center of the build zone is fine. thanks for the clarity
  13. IS center of construct the center of the core grid , the center of the ship or the center of mass or the center of the build construct(voxels) or a different center. Please clarify for all the functions as well as the player position
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