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  1. I am from the "make money and destroy things" group. I quit too.
  2. If NQ gonna play, ping me plz. Gonna resub and intercept them on their first flight to any outer planet. This should be hilarious.
  3. That's the exact point why NQ will not tell you if there will be one, they need you to test the game and pay them the sub. Once they decide they are ready(or once they run out of money) they will release and wipe everything(leaving talents maybe) as no new players will be interested in joining a game where economy is already in ruins and is in hands of the few beta nolifers. Will the "beta players" leave ? Common, there are like what 200 people playing max ? Even if 100 leaves it doesn't change a picture in a grand scale of things. German(with Google translate): Das ist genau der Punkt, warum NQ Ihnen nicht sagen wird, ob es eines geben wird. Sie müssen das Spiel testen und ihnen das Sub bezahlen. Sobald sie entscheiden, dass sie bereit sind (oder sobald ihnen das Geld ausgeht), werden sie alles veröffentlichen und löschen (vielleicht bleiben Talente zurück), da keine neuen Spieler daran interessiert sein werden, an einem Spiel teilzunehmen, bei dem die Wirtschaft bereits in Trümmern liegt und sich in den Händen einiger weniger befindet Beta-Nolifer. Werden die "Beta-Spieler" gehen? Üblich, es gibt etwa 200 Leute, die maximal spielen? Selbst wenn 100 Blätter es im Großen und Ganzen nicht ändern.
  4. About 300 ppl (300*6 = 1,800$ per month for subs). Don't matter. It's a pocket change.
  5. Can I have your stuff ? I mean, you can't pay taxes so it gets abandoned and probably torn apart by scavangers. I can put it into a box !
  6. You get to keep your talent points and blueprints(non-magic). Wealth is wiped. You still have "advantage". It doesn't matter what currently "paying" players think about it. They can't make the game sustainable anyway. Their task is to QA-test the game while it's in development so NQ doesn't need to hire QA. As a bonus they pay sub.
  7. Game design ? Why you need it if you can just DU it.
  8. Yea because I am sure people will be so happy to jump into a "fresh game on release" that already has all the wealth concentrated in the hands of few dedicated beta-testers that bought 30 warp beacon schematics for pennies during the "sales" period... Right ?
  9. Another poor soul figured out that NQ pvp ad videos are complete fake. I feel you.
  10. Alpha stage, beta stage, blabla stage. Just be honest and advertise it as "shitty stage".
  11. They will wipe at release. You will keep your talent points and (non-magic) blueprints so you can recreate them. Wealth, mats and constructs will go poof. What 100 people that are still playing DU think about this is irrelevant. They are not enough to make the game sustainable anyway.
  12. I can see like same 5 people posting on the forums/discord. And you talk about 50k sub levels. Comparing this to eve... Imagination is good for DU I hear. In eve, it's a megalpolis. Some huge dramas can happen and you may not notice them as there is just too many people and it can be you are not involved there. In DU, it's more like provincial isolated 3-buildings neighborhood. 3 girls, 2 carebears and 1 bully. All know each other.
  13. If you make it only for "active" accounts. 1) You will feel very lonely. 2) I will need to relogin from the beta key acc.
  14. Don't bother, by the time you finish making a list and drawing the boxes to fill with V - all good hexes will already be claimed and no way to capture them.
  15. When you have a game with DU quality levels. Any development power is welcome. Money ? No one is ready to pay for DU, at least not on any meaningful level so you get what you get.
  16. Yea, let's erase everything in space and be done with it. It's not like we are building a civilization right ?
  17. NQ says removing the holes boosts the performance. NQ says making the ships go boom due to stress instead of seeing long voxel damage boosts performance. NQ says having many constructs in 1 place reduces performance so they should be moved/whatever. You know what has high performance ? Checkers. But for some reason people don't pay sub to play it and it's popularity is in kind of decline for last decades.
  18. So NQ needs a way to dump all this crap so when you fly over alioth the old crap is not loaded from DB and they don't pay AWS. So they make taxes as 99% of playerbase already left and will just lose their "civilization building mark" as their terris will abandon. Ok. I just usually see companies doing more than erasing people stuff to get players back. It should just be French logic that I don't get.
  19. That ship has no-where near 14 gunners. The most efficient ship is piloted by a pilot using a remote control to control the ship and sitting in the gunner seat. So 1 Gunner seat per ship. This is due to limitation of 1 shield per core. Therefore it's more efficient to have "1 seaters" (in some cases 2 max) as ANY ship has same tank (1L shield gen). Want more? bring more ships, not more guns on single ship. + game can't handle more than 4 gunner seats on 1 ship, all kinds of weirdness starts to happen. Sneaky does a good job if people look at CVA for meta now lol. Edit: I read your post again, yea 14 L nano cores is best. (14 small L core ships that are very fast)
  20. 14 gunner seats... yea. I see you speak from experience and therefore you should definitely have some bright ideas on how to balance PVP. /sarcasm off
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