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  1. I though "player run economy" means just don't touch it and let it figure it out by itself. Even this seems too hard for NQ.
  2. Surprise my boy. DU is advertised as a PVP game.
  3. Lets drop the limits all apply them proportionally to all parts of the game. I am OK with either. ATM it's too selective, no L guns on XS cores but no prob with EXL containers on XS cores wtf.
  4. We did get a bit later, may be 5-10 min after the fight started. Entering first was suicide mission as we would be focused by everyone + I assumed it was at different direction so I had to burn a bit. Who were the HVC guys ?
  5. The blockade posts were better tbh. Stories etc. Where are the Sopranos. That one made me want to rewatch the series again.
  6. I didn't miss out, I was there piloting the laser array ship. Being against everybody makes live easier, when you are surrounded you can shoot at any direction ! Just kinda don't see what the bragging is about. I miss the blockade posts.
  7. This was flying left and right in Russian public discord with Sneaky saying that BOO approached him and asked for help. Sneaky started pulling everyone and their grand-ma out of the dig holes and putting on the ship to go fight for.... I still didn't get that part. I refused to join the gangbang and my alliance(CVA) went in alone shooting everyone (we had nothing to win/lose etc, just went in to shoot for fun). We don't pretend to be superpower or anything, we don't care about it. Like, it's ok that BOO had problems with numbers(game is boring for PVP folks) and I know they held the field but given that there were more RUSC REDA ships than BOO ships and definitely, combined they had much more than ATOM ships I really don't see any reason to create forum topic bragging about it. You could like at least do it with style and not this boring crap.
  8. ATM warp is a cheap mechanic to completely avoid PVP with 0 ways to counter it. It was already announced that warp bubbles will be in the game and it will be possible to get ship out of warp with it to intercept. For now, as a temporary solution we should make warp exits be close but not inside the safe zones.
  9. It's impossible, they just get stuck too quickly
  10. You know that I am not among the guys imposing the blockade but one that was actually fighting them right ?
  11. Maybe we should all ask for a server restart or something ? I am kinda replacing the transfers, by the time I finish with the last one, the first one stops again... Don't even know what am I supposed to do with the 3d assemblers.
  12. From the history, we can clearly see that most of the advances in the modern era were done at the time of war (WW2, cold war). There is no peace without war, there is no law without criminals, there is no civilization without villains. P.S: Yea, you can still warp back/forth completely avoiding any pvp using a cheap and NQ provided technique that will most likely drive the last actual content creators away leaving the game with people that are happy to play it in "creative" single player like mode. Definitely a good way to build an MMO lol.
  13. Same here, 30% of the machines suddenly got stuck. stop/start doesn't fixes it - they get to 100% and then get stuck again. Moreover, some stuff takes days to build and they you figure out it's stuck. WTF.
  14. During a trivia conversation with a bartender in the Crooked Vector bar, news spread that Telemai planet has been blockaded by some Greenpeace activists threatening Rum delivery and that supplies may soon run out. As Crooked Vector Alliance operation would be in danger of a complete standstill should Rum deliveries be halted, it was decided to dispatch a Tractor Pobeda(translation: Victory Tractor) class battleship named ANH Monstruoso to investigate. After numerous failures to start the ship, mechanic Vasili Petrov figured out to pull the reserve potatoes out of the exhaust pipes and applied 3kl of duct tape around the steam engine allowing the tractor to start up. Unexpected arrival of a pair of slippers thrown from the captain compartment accidentally hit the warp drive toggle and the battleship entered warp. On arrival, crew used last Rum reserves to dehibernate and manned the battle stations. Captain Ivanov was still busy watching his favorite exhaust-pipehub videos featuring a young lady yelling FRACK while looking at him from the screen. Unexpected and hard warp exit led to 3.5mm jack of Ivanov's headphones to be ejected from his PC and windows 95 switching sound output. The loud FRACK was broadcast on all ANH Monstruoso internal speakers. Crew, being less proficient with English, interpreted the word as a command to ATTACK and unleashed a vicious barrage with 42 lasers on everything in the vicinity. Once Captain Ivanov finally arrived to the bridge, investigation of the blockade could not be continued due to everyone shooting everything as well as presence of another large military force engaging the alleged Greenpeace activists. Ivanov decided that his mission is a success and he can try squeezing the last drops of the X2 kergon from the fuel tanks as Rum will probably be scarce anyway. Last information received includes broadcasts of uintepretable messages from the crew involving references to flying space skulls eating Greenpeace activists and lasers missing at point-blank range. Stay tuned. P.S: Props to ATOM for creating content. We need more folks like you.
  15. Anything that brings risk vs reward is welcome. Its sandbox not theme park.
  16. Maybe once we get the capacit... err, energy thingy we can have this too.
  17. This is all what is required without breaking economy. 2/3 = 60% of parts 1/3 = 30% of parts You still need schematics to rebuild. Yea and limit container sizes to core sizes. Wtf xs ships can carry megas but can't use guns.
  18. If there would be servers I wouldn't play at all.
  19. I do not defend NQ at any point. They don't play their own game and have no clue. Add lots of players that don't have clue about PVP because they think it's "dead" and their only PVP is being shot at while not having a radar to see where they are being shot from. They are still the most vocal ones on the forum and are advising on how to balance PVP... This is what we get. Now people ask to make an MMO game be like the ones with "To battle" button. So everything you have is meaningless and everything is cheap because they can't afford it.
  20. The problem is that the game not only doesn't provide motivation to fight anyone that can shoot back it ACTIVELY kicks you in the butt for doing it. (Doesn't matter who wins, both ships are screwed) On the other hand, killing that defenseless freighter is juicy. Pirate ? OK, I am a pirate who cares. Remove safezones all over outer planets or move the warp point out of the safe zone and here you go. Now you have a motivation to use force to occupy the orbit of the planet, blockade it and extort protection money. Fight others that want to do the same(and they bring guns too) etc. This creates drama, this creates content.
  21. I came here after seeing an ad saying it's a PVP game. I didn't come to create puzzles. Telemai camp ? The one that you go out of safezone, ruin your/enemy ship for no reason and the losing side just goes back to the safezone ? No thanks. Props to guys for trying to create content. They will probably get you killed if you try to escape in hauler.
  22. A space ship game with guns where you have no reason to shoot other spaceships a.k.a BORING.
  23. The former is cheap tactic that should be fixed by disabling container access and build mode while in combat and the later is perfectly fine tactic to sabotage enemy ships with my spies.
  24. Regarding the joystick: don't know, game has this settings but don't know if it works. Ship: You can surf https://du-creators.org/ and see the ships, prices etc. You have discord contact there to contact a person to purchase one or you can take ideas and build one yourself. If you are building one yourself, don't go for "that huge ship I always wanted" you will build it wrong first time around. Build something relatively small (S core). Try flying it etc, figure out the cons/pros, rebuild it or build new one etc. For the elements, the ones that you can craft in your nanopack you can craft yourself. Rest, it's much cheaper to buy from market than buying a schematics unless you have business plan to make that schematic work 24/7.
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